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Inbox: And now it begins

We’re going to get that answer in a few short hours

QB Jordan Love
QB Jordan Love

Mike from Orange City, IA

Who will be the QB this year?

You and Bette have been asking Spoff and me this question on a daily basis for three months. Presumably, it's to get your Packers Perks points but I can finally tell you this definitively: Jordan Love.

Zach from Glen Ellyn, IL

So, when can Jordan Love step up to the podium to address the nation and what he's looking forward to, now that he will be QB1?

It'll be soon. Love reported for the first day of the offseason program last week, so I'd imagine we'll talk with him in the coming weeks now that Aaron Rodgers' trade to New York has been made official.

Tyler from Mobile, AL

How would Jordan Love's scouting report from the draft compare to the top quarterbacks in this year's class? Would he be in the conversation for that No. 1 pick?

Favorably. There are four, maybe five quarterbacks who'll be taken in the first round, but there doesn't seem to be an Andrew Luck or Joe Burrow in there – and that's OK. It takes time to adapt to the speed of the game and Love has had three years to acclimate behind Rodgers. We've talked for three years about the young man's potential…and, well, now it begins.

Josh from Philadelphia, PA

My buddy is a lifelong Jets fan, and I of course am a lifelong Packer fan. Based on the amount of trash talking and banter that came my way during this whole Rodgers trade spectacle, I fear I'm in for a long season – wish me grace and patience!

You're not going to be able to judge this trade on one season, bub. While the media always wants to crown a winner and loser of these type of trades, these are two franchises at different stages. The Packers had a legendary, but aging, quarterback and a first-round pick in waiting. The Jets have spent three first-rounders on the position over the last 15 years but haven't been to the playoffs in 13. I see a lot of scenarios where both teams can "win" from this deal.

Brendan from Warren, MI

A poster yesterday, and I'm sure plenty of other fans, stated that they will be rooting against Rodgers as a Jet so that we can net a higher draft pick in 2024. I get the logic in this. However, I can't fathom cheering against "12" (or "8"). He gave this franchise so much, and after the dust settled, he left with grace and expressed immense gratitude. Would fans be misguided to let feelings get in the way of the "well-being" of the franchise and a potentially higher pick in '24?

I'm not concerned about where the Packers are picking next April. My focus is solely on how Love performs in his first year as a starter in Green Bay. Whatever happens in New York will happen. I'll circle back at the end of next season to see how the chips, and percentages, fell.

Bill from San Antonio, TX

I'm not an emotional guy but watching the “Thank you” video got me a little verklempt. Thanks for the memories 12.

A shout out to our broadcast, digital and social department for the bang-up job they did on our "Thank you, 12" content. It was quite the trip down memory lane. You can relive more of Rodgers’ iconic career here.

Ron from Bellaire, MI

The Packers are sitting on the 13th pick. With the strong possibility of four quarterbacks being drafted prior to the 13th pick, it will be like the Packers will be sitting at the ninth pick for the selection of an offensive or defensive weapon. That is not a bad position in which to be. Yes, No?

It reminds me of how the board looked when Green Bay drafted Rashan Gary at No. 12 in 2019. Whether they sit or trade, the Packers are going to get a very good prospect with their first draft choice tonight. Check or raise, Brian Gutekunst holds the cards.

Mike from Charlotte, NC

Maybe I just remember Cam Newton when I think of the Panthers and so I feel like a guy the size of Anthony Richardson is a fit for them. I almost feel like he's the guy they should pick but have to admit I am not really that knowledgeable on all of the QB prospects. I also feel like being a top pick at times can force a team into a consensus pick that isn't their actual consensus (a good GM would never be forced). Who do you think is the "true" No. 1 this year?

If the year is 1998, the true No. 1 is Bijan Robinson…but the game has changed and so have team's priorities. I have C.J. Stroud as the top QB in this year's draft, but it seems likely the Carolina Panthers will draft Bryce Young.

William from Dallas, TX

Thanks for all you do, guys. Buckle up. What time do you expect the Pack to pick if they stay at 13? Who ya got? I see them taking the best lineman available, since God only makes so many of them.

I have it down to Jaxon Smith-Njigba or Broderick Jones. Paris Johnson also could be a possibility, though I have my doubts whether he'll still be there at No. 13. My brain is fighting my heart on this pick. JSN is a personal favorite, but Jones probably makes more sense based on how the Packers have approached the first round over the years. Either way, I don't think you can go wrong, and the depth is good enough at tight end and edge rusher to get an impact player in Round 2.

Mark from Eureka, IL

It seems like a top-level tight end who is also an excellent blocker would be a bigger boost to this offense than a top wide receiver. One can boost running and passing and avoid predictability with a one-tool-only tight end. Wide receiver help can be found in later rounds. I'm looking at Mayer as the GBP No. 1 pick.

My guy, Billy Schmid, loves Mayer and sold me on the Notre Dame tight end during the Speaker Series event I did with him, Mike Heller and Wayne Larrivee in Milwaukee on Tuesday afternoon. Listen, I won't be mad if the Packers take a tight end tonight. I'm simply saying there should still be elite tight ends on the board on Day 2, but there's also something to be said for getting the best player from a loaded positional group.

Al from Green Bay, WI

The Packers do so well in later rounds on the O-line, and I believe more impact can be made with a stud edge guy or another game-changing WR. Is my field of vision too narrow?

Not necessarily. If you keep an open mind, the most exciting thing about this year's draft is there are realistically five or six players who could make sense for the Packers where they're picking. The question none of us knows is where do Brian Gutekunst and his staff draw that line of demarcation between "need" and "value"? We're going to get that answer in a few short hours.

Doug from Neenah, WI

Good morning, Wes. While researching potential Day 3 running backs it was apparent that none of them had an acceptable pass-blocking grade. Rookies can learn this skill (see Jones, Aaron) so is it as important this weekend as speed, balance and pass-catching? Thanks.

For the past 15 years, the Packers have asked their running backs to do two things: hold onto the football and protect the quarterback. If a back proves he can do those two things, Matt LaFleur and Ben Sirmans will figure out how to best utilize him in this offense. Over the past decade, Gutekunst has been part of front offices that saw a power back like Eddie Lacy be named NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year and a perceived scat-back like Aaron Jones reach prominence. If you draft them, they will develop.

Jonnie from Garden City, MI

Good morning, II! Thank you for your level-headed guidance during times of uncertainty. The draft is about as uncertain as it gets for me since I have very little knowledge about any specific college prospects. I appreciate the Prospect Primers and look forward to seeing if any of those players become Packers in the next few days. Do you recall being surprised by how far a draft prospect falls in the draft vs. where they were originally projected to be taken?

You mean other than Aaron Rodgers? I kid. Former Packers defensive lineman Kenny Peterson had a precipitous fall in 2003. A few beat writers had him coming to Green Bay in the first round and he was still there in the third. Leaguewide, other names that spring to mind are DeSean Jackson in 2008, Jimmy Clausen in 2010, Justin Houston in 2011 and Janoris Jenkins in 2012.

John from Superior, WI

In 2006, the Packers made the trek up to Superior for the Tailgate Tour. I was deployed overseas in a little town call Haditha at the time, so I told my mother to please get the autograph of my favorite player at the time: Nick Barnett. Not only did she get his, but I also got an autograph from our lowly backup quarterback. My mom told him I was in Iraq, so he signed "To John, you are my hero, Aaron Rodgers." It is in a plaque now, and one of my most prized possessions. Thank you, Aaron.

What an awesome memory…and mother. Thank you for your service.

Bob from Fisher, IL

Gentlemen, I am not quite ready to "move on," but I will at some point. My comment: I have always enjoyed how open and honest Aaron was about who he is. Yes, I also was tired of the drama, but Rodgers always showed us the real dude. He was never fake, and I will always appreciate that about him. I could name drop some other sports stars who were not as genuine, but I will not. Thanks for all the memories, on the field and off, Mr. Rodgers! Oh, and he could play a little football as well!

That's what I'll forever appreciate about my time covering Rodgers. He was who he was regardless of whether the camera lights were on. From Day 1, Rodgers was genuine in how he presented himself.

Bill from Bloomfield Hills, MI

It's not just two HOF QBs in a row, it's 31 years of having a HOF starter at a premium position. The Red Sox had 40 years of HOF left fielders with Williams, Yaz and Rice. The Celtics had Russell, Cowens and Parish for close to 40 years (but with a one-year gap and Parish starting at Golden State for four years). Can you think of any other comparable streaks in professional sports? Interestingly, the Celtics won multiple titles with all, the Red Sox none and the Packers just a couple.

"Just a couple" made me laugh. Rodgers was traded to a team that hasn't won a Super Bowl in 50 years and you're throwing "just a couple" at me. Regardless, I put Montana and Young, and Favre and Rodgers into a category unto themselves. Those pairings stand alone in my mind when it comes to teams unearthing back-to-back legends. Because it's not just about how many wins the Packers collected over the past 31 years, it's the everlasting impact those two men had on this team and surrounding communities.

Logan from Tribune, KS

Good morning and happy draft week. What was it about the 2008 New York Jets (coming off a 4-12 season) that intrigued Brett to play for them? And what do you think convinced the Jets to make that move based on the state of their franchise at the time?

It's pretty simple. Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum needed to make a splash and swooped in at the right time. I'm sure Favre would've preferred to have been with Jon Gruden in Tampa, but that wasn't his decision to make. Favre already said he wanted to play again, and this was the opportunity presented to him.

Gary from Davenport, IA

Will the No. 8 jersey for the Jets be the best-selling NFL jersey during the coming season?

That's a bit presumptuous. The Jets haven't even announced which number Tim Boyle is wearing yet.

Don from Kansasville, WI

Good morning II, assuming we hold tight to No. 13, approximately what time tomorrow night will the Pack be picking?

Somewhere in the range of 8:20-8:30 p.m. CT.

Robert from Hawkins, TX

How does this sound. Trade No. 13 to someone picking late in the first round (e.g. Saints) for their No. 1 and No. 2 pick? Still should be able to get a TE or DE.

It depends. If the Packers are only moving back a few spots, then a second-rounder is fine. But if Green Bay is going back into the late 20s like it did in 2018, then I'd want the same future first-rounder the Packers received from New Orleans in 2018.

Aaron from Brooklyn, NY

Regarding Keisean Nixon, I believe K9 is a reference to his Twitter handle. As for why Nixon chose that, your guess is as good as mine, but perhaps Wes knows better?

Nixon wore No. 9 at South Carolina and he's adopted "K9" as his brand title. You might have noticed Nixon wearing his "K9" logo on a hat during a few locker-room interviews last season.

Jay from Altoona, WI

"K9 has the dawg in him," per Wes. Given his famous uncle, would it not be more appropriate to say "K9 has the DOGG in him"?

That's not his uncle. This is why accuracy matters. Fiction quickly turns to fact in this business if a journalist isn't careful.

Dar from Mansfield, TX

Wes, you alluded to Brock Purdy at the beginning of "Unscripted," and thus the idea that late draft picks can be quite valuable. In the Super Bowl era, how many times have the Packers drafted Mr. Irrelevant? Since the advent of compensatory picks, it seems it's not as simple as the Super Bowl champ picking last in the seventh round.

The Packers have drafted "Mr. Irrelevant" five times: Army quarterback Ronnie McAda (1997), LSU defensive back Norman Jefferson (1987), Houston back Bobby Brezina (1963), Western Michigan center Mike Snodgrass (1962) and Oklahoma State back Billy Joe Aldridge (1945).

Craig from Milwaukee, WI

Do you think this team can be about a .500 team at least?

Why abso-tootle-lutely. With no expectation comes no limitations, but I'm also not pegging the Packers as a pushover in 2023.

Dan from Northfield, MN

My calendar looks open for today, thinking of watching Kevin and Jennifer in "Draft Day!" How about you?

I couldn't think of a better way to start NFL Draft weekend.

Dave from Edina, MN

Happy draft day, Wes! Time to finish those pancakes and find out who attended Bryce Young's birthday party. Are you more excited for tonight or dreading the amount of work to follow?

I always look forward to the NFL Draft, though I kind of feel like I've already been hit by a Mack truck this year. Remarkably, this will be No. 14 for me. Time flies.

Brian from Sussex, WI

Oh boy! We get to go to the toy store today! You promised! There are so many things I want, can I get more than one?

It has been an offseason for the ages, but Christmas morning is finally here. Enjoy Round 1, everyone.

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