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Inbox: Each player's path is different

Tuesday gave us a closer look at the Packers’ incoming rookies

TE Tyler Davis
TE Tyler Davis

Margeaux from Tallahassee , FL

And the headline for the first practice of OTAs is?

It's the spring of Love (again).

Keith from La Pine, OR

How was that first open practice?

Enlightening. With most veterans sitting out or not present, it gave us a closer look at the incoming rookies. It was great to see how those new players integrated themselves into practice. I thought Jordan Love had a good day. He wasn't perfect, but the arm talent is so apparent. When Love steps into his throws, he can deliver a ball with the best of them.

Joe from Swansea, IL

All of a sudden, Wes, it's silly season again. Doesn't everyone realize that A-Rod, if he'd been at OTAs the last two years, could have won four MVP Awards instead of only two? Clearly, he needs the work trying to master this offense, don't ya think? We hope he can catch up when he arrives.

Let me put it this way – these practice reps mean a lot more to Love in Year 3 than they do Aaron Rodgers in Year 18. I'm confident Rodgers will be his same MVP self whenever he returns. For now, let the young guy run the show.

Tim from Midland, MI

In response to Monty from Hazen, ND's question about position changes, Frank Zombo played defensive end at Central Michigan, was moved to tight end in Packers' training camp in 2010, and ended up at outside linebacker. He started eight games and won a ring that year, and ended up playing nine years for the Packers and the Chiefs.

Sometimes that's how it goes. Each player's path is different. Talking with Tyler Davis yesterday, he mentioned how he started as a quarterback at UConn before his coaches felt he was too athletic and valuable to be on the bench. They talked about possibly moving him to outside linebacker before finally settling on tight end. It's a near-identical story to Robert Tonyan, who went from QB to receiver at Indiana State. Based on what I've seen, the Packers might have something in Davis.

George from North Mankato, MN

Good morning, Wes. Seeing how far up Rashan Gary's arrow is pointing, I wish we could revisit some of the II posts about his pick at No. 12. I think many would be surprised to see just how fickle some fans are in their instant reaction to draft picks and player development. Does his situation remind you of Davante Adams at all?

There was a myriad of reasons Gary's selection was thrown under the microscope, but I think much of it was the lofty expectations that get placed on the Packers' highest draft pick in a decade. To Gary's credit, he didn't shy away from them. He walked in, picked Clay Matthews' number, went to work and hasn't stopped. Gary has had all eyes on him since he was a teenager, so this is nothing new.

Dan from Toledo, OH

Fun fact that I saw on the internet, that has little to no significance: The Packers employ the only two players left from the 2005 and 2006 NFL Drafts, Aaron Rodgers and… Marcedes Lewis. Kind of cool, no?

That's very cool, but don't forget about Matt Prater quite yet. He wasn't drafted in 2006, but he's still alive and kicking (pardon the pun).

Tony from Cedarburg, WI

I hope all fans read what Wes wrote on May 19, from Adam Stenavich. "Speed and physicality. I think that's the biggest thing. You want to see physicality up front, you want to see guys coming across the ball, you want to see us attacking the defense across the entire field." No click bait article and from a source that knows and influences the offense. I like what he says and look forward to this offense this year. I like the idea of an offensive line coach running the offense. Power football.

Like I said before the NFL Draft, the most fascinating part of this process for me is seeing who the Packers pick and then reading the tea leaves afterwards. That's what popped into my head when Stenavich said what you wrote. Just look at Sean Rhyan and Zach Tom, whose verticals led all offensive linemen at the NFL Scouting Combine. Both also rated high in RAS. And you know what Ted Thompson always used to say about athletic big men. The good lord only made so many of them.

Laura from Pittsburgh, PA

Which new player are you most excited for?

It's a tie between Christian Watson and Quay Walker. Not only because of their elite pedigrees but also the fact it's been eight years since the Packers drafted a receiver as high as Watson (and that turned out OK) and 16 years since they've taken an inside linebacker in the first round. The storyline kind of writes itself at those two positions.

Stan from Jupiter, FL

Phonetically speaking, is it KWAY, KAY, KEE or KI?


Rob from Vernon Center, NY

Do you know if the Packers create cutups of Ta's releases off the line of scrimmage and give them to all their young receivers to study and practice? I know I would encourage them to practice these moves during their summer break. It's kind of like getting a reading list from your teachers back in the day!

I'm not sure whether that's part of the daily curriculum but Jason Vrable and the coaches have definitely rolled Davante's film. He's one of the greatest receivers in team history. You'd be foolish not to pass on some of Adams' lessons to the next generation of Packers receivers. That's why I harped for months about the need to add more prospects to that room to study under his learning tree.

Gordon from Newport Beach, CA

Wes, where do you stand on interception priority? Intercept to possess the ball or intercept and score the ball (pick-six).

It wasn't a quote about defense, but I loved what Rich Bisaccia said last week when he was asked about punt returners – "Does the guy want to go back there and do something with it special, or does he want to go back there and get us to offense?" I think the same rule applies with interceptions. Now, you gotta be smart and protect the football but I'd rather go for the fast-break bucket than reset the offense and let the momentum dissipate.

The Green Bay Packers held practice on Tuesday, May 24 at Ray Nitschke Field for the start of Organized Team Activities.

David from Janesville, WI

Insiders, would you mind summarizing the changes to the practice squad rules from last year to this year in layman's terms? Still 16 players, but less veteran eligibility? Any game day active changes?

We're still waiting for final word on whether the NFL will extend (or make permanent) the expanded practice-squad rules the league put in place during the pandemic. ESPN's Jeremy Fowler reported Tuesday it looks like the 16-player practice squads are likely to stay. What I'm unsure about is the other changes put in place: the option to elevate a practice-squad player to the gameday roster (up to two times), unlimited eligibility for two players and the ability to protect up to four players each week. That may be decided during the spring meetings this week.

Sam from La Mesa, CA

So, is it pronounced "Dubs" or "Dobbs"?

DOBBS on the jersey. DUBs in the end zone.

Dave from Sparta, WI

This is the first year with Coach Matt that I feel he has the appropriate staff around him. Listening to each coach's interview has me excited, even with great coaches exiting. Which coach would you work well under (regardless of position), and who would you like to peel a few more layers from to get to know better? Coach Bisaccia hasn't been around Green Bay long, but my goodness, he's the real deal.

The Packers have had some great coaches during LaFleur's three years, but the credentials of this staff are unparalleled. Personally, I'd love to work with Jason Vrable. He's a great communicator, super-detailed and dedicated to every player in his room. I don't think Vrable gets nearly enough credit for how he's calmed the waters at receiver after a stretch where the Packers had four different people leading that room in as many years from 2017-20.

Gary from Davenport, IA

Wes, I liked your choice of Super Bowl XXXI to watch as a first game. That team is very underrated, in my opinion. Did you know they are one of only two teams since the merger to lead the league in scoring and in giving up the fewest points? The other team was the 1972 Dolphins and I think everyone knows how well they did that season. The 16-0 Patriots were only 12 defensive points away from joining that club.

When you're only eight years old, you don't realize all the statistical anomalies baked into the Packers' 1996 season. I knew the Packers won a lot of games that year and were the favorites to capture the Super Bowl title that eluded the franchise for nearly 30 years. It's only when I got older that I realized how special that entire team was – and it's one of the big reasons I stumped as hard as I did for LeRoy Butler's Hall of Fame candidacy.

Bruce from Los Angeles, CA

For joint practices, where does the visiting team do their classroom? Where do they reside?

They'll conduct their meetings in conference rooms at their hotel – no different than what they do before road games.

Mark from Carmel, IN

Are you both excited to have at least two more years of St. Elmo's shrimp cocktail? It's nice to see the combine will stay in Indy a bit longer.

I'm just thankful common sense prevailed. The folks in Indy do a fantastic job with the event and I see no reason to reinvent the wheel. Let the NFL GMs and scouts do their jobs in Indy, and the media will fill in the rest. The combine is not the NFL Draft. It doesn't need to travel.

Aaron from Monroe, MI

Another Pro Bowl question…Have you experienced a Pro Bowl game, personally? What differences should I expect between regular games and a Pro Bowl game? Should I be compelled to attend a game for fan interaction? Average cost of tickets? Now I'm curious!

No…and good lord willing I'll never have to.

Matt from Fort Worth, TX

Regarding the Pro Bowl and the skill competitions, what event would you like to see the NFL add? I'd vote for the kickers playing a game of field goal horse.

Nothing. Just get rid of the game. There are better ways to grow the sport. It's not worth whatever ratings it draws.

Brian from Columbia, MO

I think this may have been touched upon in a previous II, but I'm going to be curious what the UK Packer Backers are going to establish as their tailgating culture... Seriously. I'd love to see a sidebar or feature piece on that after the dust has settled.

We joked about this, but that's a good question for our UK friends. If you're planning to go, will you tailgate? Is that a thing? If so, what would you eat/consume?

Paul from the United Kingdom

Is it worth a divorce? Firstly, it will definitely be like a home game for the Pack in London. Alas, it looks like I won't be going due to my dear lady wife booking a "Surprise 30th Wedding Anniversary" trip to Barbados! Thank you my sweet, but really no, no thank you! Should I tell her we're not going and risk it all or should I ask the great people of the II to tell me of a Packers Bar in Barbados that will fill the void? Or use this as ammo to go to a Packers home game at a later date? GPG

Invest in the marriage…but buy the right stocks. I'd find that Packers bar, enjoy the trip and begin building your case for an eventual trip to Lambeau.

Gary from Engadine, MI

Wes, are you doing any special physical activities this week to burn off the extra calories you're accumulating by being able to eat an intact lunch?

I ran an extra mile Monday night to prepare for the week.

Paul from Ellensburg, WA

Can Wes be the top dog when he's the only dog? Does the lion become any less the king when he roams away from the pride?

I appreciate that, Paul, but I think of myself more as the lord of the flies than king of the pride.

Charles from Ripon, WI

I just have a comment to the poster that asked about not wearing any sort of corrective lenses. When someone with glasses like myself takes them off it's not like we have just some small fuzz of the world, it's like a completely different world. The handful of mornings I've lost my glasses off my nightstand are just a bumbling fumbling patting of everything until I stumble on them. I couldn't imagine trying to walk an empty sideline let alone play football sans glasses.

That's why I stopped playing football. As someone who's legally blind, I will tell you there is no more helpless feeling than when you don't know where you put your glasses. It's like feeling around in the dark.

Craig from Port Charlotte, FL

It is apparent NO one has read the II manual. Page 1, article 1, paragraph 1 states: The II membership in convention assembled declare and affirm the following principals: 1A (1) In order to protect the sanctity of the II the existence of the II manual shall not be disclosed. As you can see, the framers of the II constitution were wise enough to know that revelation of its existence and content would fill the Inbox with non-football malarkey for weeks on end.

And we can't have that. We have more important matters to discuss…like laser goalposts.