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Inbox: Enjoy this night. You've earned it.

The Packers will still have a lot of solid options if they stay at No. 29

Green Bay Packers fans cheer during the NFL Draft
Green Bay Packers fans cheer during the NFL Draft

David from Rockford, IL

"Any other comments from which you'd like to draw false equivalencies, misrepresent, or pull horribly out of context to fit your narrative of frustration?" Mike, I just wanted to say bravo for this response you had. Thank you for making me laugh. I'd rather think positively about the Packers and the joy they bring me rather than always being negative because it didn't go the way I wanted it to. Last year was a blast to watch and I can't wait for this year!

Spoff pulled out the old Billy Baroo on that response. It was the perfect start to my Wednesday.

Al from Pueblo West, CO

Thanks for this site. It keeps us going all year. I marvel that talking heads think they know what's going to happen in the Packers' war room. I have no problem with speculating as long as you know you don't know squat about the mindset of the Packers' brain trust and accept that they are in the best position to pick the (insert name) they feel best suited for the Packers. You can't get every pick right. You keep saying that name. I don't think it means what you think it means applies here.

Only one man's voice counts on the subject and that's Brian Gutekunst's. Until the pick is in, everything else is just talk.

Bill from Wilmington, DE

Wes, the baloney stops tonight! I thought we had a deal for the Inbox to make our first two picks?

I tried but Brian left my text on read.

Ray from Phoenix, AZ

The draft is such a crap shoot. In my opinion, if you have your franchise QB, then the next obvious for me is a BIG GUY. There are so few of those that if you land one, if healthy, he could be a 10-12-year guy. For my money, if we can get Teven Jenkins, a true tackle, that is the pick. Then you do not have to move Elgton Jenkins. Your thoughts please?

A repeat question, so I can repeat I like Jenkins a lot, but the problem is he seems to be the only sure thing as far as college tackles who could go in that 20-30 range. He plays like a Packers person and talks like a Packers person. Green Bay has traded up quite a bit over the past three years, but what's interesting is this year's draft has more "that would be a solid pick" options available at No. 29 than I can ever recall picking near the end of the first round. Jenkins, Greg Newsome, maybe Caleb Farley, Christian Barmore, Rashod Bateman, Kadarius Toney, Jamin Davis, Zaven Collins and Elijah Moore would all be strong picks if one of those guys fall.

Bob from San Diego, CA

I am glad the Packers look to the future and don't always go "all in." If the BAP drops and Packers can get them, you never regret taking them. Ask all the other teams about letting Aaron Rodgers go … I am all in for a strong team AND a strong future!

I witnessed that firsthand with the mock draft I do every year with a radio station down in Florida. My pick was Jenkins or Bateman. Neither player was available past No. 22. So then, I wanted Newsome or Farley. Both went off the board. I finally went on the clock at No. 29 and Barmore was available, and I was smiling from ear-to-ear.

TK from Grafton, WI

Just what is it that makes the NFL Draft superior to all the others? The complexity of the various positions? The fact that the players selected can contribute so much sooner (especially when compared to baseball)? The fact that players chosen in the late rounds can become meaningful members of the roster?

For starters, football is the most popular sport in North America. It's the three days when the NFL and college are in the same orbit. College fans want to see where their favorite players will end up, while NFL fans hope to hit on a potential superstar. It also helps it's a very viewer-friendly event during another otherwise dead time in the calendar year.

Miguel from Monument, CO

In the last three drafts, Matt LaFleur teams have traded all their fourth-rounders to move up in the first round (Titans, 2018, Packers 2019 and 2020). This year the Packers have two No. 4's. Last time they had that going into the draft was in 2019, when they traded the two No. 4's to move up from 30 to 21 and drafted Darnell Savage. Repeat this year? Conversely, with the much more unknown quality to this year's draft, maybe the fourth-rounders are important for getting as many at-bats as possible. What say you?


Chuck from Gold Canyon, AZ

Top of the morning Spoff. Only one more day until we know (or don't). In my opinion, there are three players based on most mocks I could see Gutey trading up for: Jenkins, Newsome or Farley. Regarding Farley, with lack of medical information gained this year due to no combine, how do the teams get reliable information on injuries to make decisions? Is it shared or team-based? BTW, Southern Illinois' QB is a 5-foot-10 junior so we won't be drafting a Saluki TE this year.

Teams will gather as much information as they can and make the right decision for them. I still think a team will take a chance on Farley in the first round. He sat out for the right reasons this past year and his ceiling is just too high.

Joel from West Des Moines, IA

Gentlemen, given the Packers were so opportunistic in signing Allen Lazard off the Jaguars' practice squad near the end of the 2018 season, has anything ever been revealed, particularly by Brian Gutekunst or Lazard, about the Packers' interest in him going into the 2018 draft, how he initially ended up on Jacksonville's practice squad rather than Green Bay's, or why the Packers moved so decisively to snap him up when they did? Thanks very much!

I can't recall how much interest the Packers showed in Lazard leading up to the 2018 draft but Jacksonville put the full-court press on signing him. The Jaguars guaranteed a portion of his rookie salary and told Lazard he'd be the only receiver they signed as an undrafted free agent. Lazard was OK starting the season on JAX's practice squad but felt like he should've been promoted by the time December came around. When Green Bay called, it was a no-brainer to sign to the Packers' 53.

Dennis from Beavercreek, OH

I read a few years back that players would rather not get drafted than to be drafted in the seventh because then they could pick the team they wanted to go to. Have one of you two ever asked a seventh-rounder drafted or UDFA that question and what was the answer?

Undrafted free agents always say they like the freedom to choose where they play – and I believe them – but Mr. Irrelevant's signing bonus last year was $71,538. That's a decent chunk of change considering there's a decent chance you'll at least land on the team's practice squad.

Packers S Adrian Amos celebrates his birthday Apr. 29. Take a look at photos of him from the 2020 season.

Steven from Balsam Lake, WI

Quick follow up regarding the rest of the NFC North/Central Mt. Rushmore of QBs. I nominate Jay Cutler for all his contributions to Packer wins over the years.


Julian from Gastonia, NC

Last year the Packers used their first three picks on offense as well as six of their first seven. Intuitive thinking suggests a lot of defensive selections this year especially on days one and two.

Mark it eight, dude.

Cedell from Bloomington, MN

What are the chances Cheeseman is on the Packer roster within 10 days?


Jim from Fairview Heights, IL

So, we're almost on top of the hill. Which is worse for you two, dealing with all the pre-draft hype or all of the angst/joy over the selections?

When fans react to the pick like their mortgage was riding on it.

Matty from Durango, CO

If they DID make a draft-day documentary how many years would it have to be sealed before release? Imagine the ratings if we could see the inside machinations in 2005 as Aaron Rodgers kept falling to No. 24.

I'd say clips from Vainisi's 1958 draft would be released in the next year or so, give or take.

Matt from Dyersville, IA

Out of the players who opted out of the college season, which position group do you think had the easiest work staying game-ready to make the jump to the NFL?


David from Appleton, WI

What would you think if Green Bay made a draft-night trade with Tampa Bay, and as part of the package Tampa threw in Mr. Irrelevant?

I would think, "Well, I'm not getting home in time for dinner."

Shawn from Blaine, MN

Wes, which guy were you this morning: The guy writing "*player name* No Matter What" on a piece of paper, or the guy enjoying your early morning pancakes?

Always "No Matter What," Shawn. Who do you take me for? Some good receivers out there and this guy may be out of the Packers' reach at No. 29, but Teven Jenkins is my official pick. Let's see how I fare.

Scott from Minneapolis, MN

Bring on a smart, safe pick in round 1 with little to no injury history at a position of need. This fan base needs someone to get excited about this year, not someone to gripe about! That would be refreshing.

That's why I'm so high on Jenkins. He just seems like a safe, smart pick to me who fills a spot in the offensive line for the next eight years. But we'll see what happens.

Venny from Montgomery, AL

Just a comment. There are tons of great photos on this site, but I love the II cover photo of Krys Barnes with the grass in his helmet just covering his eyes, and him in an action position charging like a bull. Awesomeness. Draft Day is here!

Our intern, Madeline, did a great job with that one.

Robert from Verona, WI

What Day 1 scenario is going to make writing II on Thursday night/Friday morning the most painful? A trade that drops the Packers out of the first round? Drafting a QB? Something else? Also, what Day 1 scenario will make it the easiest? Drafting a WR? Moving up to grab a top-tier talent that fell down the board?

Nothing would compare to last year.

Tom from Wauwatosa, WI

The line is from "Fletch." Chevy Chase's character charges pricey food and drink to the tab of the wealthy jerk member of the tennis club. I didn't remember either and had to look it up.

Hey, someone got it.

Doug from Neenah, WI

Good morning. There are plenty of "mock draft simulators" out there on the Interweb. For a professional wordsmith, isn't that term a redundancy? You could have a mock draft or a draft simulator but who wants to simulate a mock draft?

Someone with a lot more time on their hands than I do.

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

The stadiums empty. The crowds silent

The plan is set

The annual re-stock of young warriors at hand

Decisions to be made that will shape your team for a decade or more

Clear mind and wisdom are needed

Know when to attack, when to hold your ground, and when to retreat

Rise up leader. The time is at hand

A year ago, I closed this final Inbox before the draft with a few thoughts on the pandemic and how "I don't need to climb the whole staircase. I just need a step." One year later, I'm so thankful to be here and proud of all the work we've done at despite the most challenging year of my professional career. We've come a long way and I'm excited for what 2021 has in store. After everything each and every one of you has been through over the past year, I implore you to enjoy this night. You've earned it.