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Inbox: Everything comes full circle this Sunday

Bo Melton will have an integral part to play in a Packers playoff push

Packers vs. Bears Week 1 2023
Packers vs. Bears Week 1 2023

David from San Antonio, TX

Well, you guys pretty much nailed it on Final Thoughts. In hindsight, plenty of positives to choose from! Please get it right next weekend too!

You didn't need to be an NFL coach to know takeaways were going to be critical in this game and the Packers got the job done. The Packers converted the two first-half turnovers into 13 points, and it made all the difference.

James from Asheville, NC

As much an observation as a question but, due to New Year's Eve obligations, I wasn't able to watch the game. Looking at the highlights I was amazed how wide open the Packers receivers were and impressed with how this young group aggressively attacks the ball, going to where it's headed rather than waiting for it. Does the absence of having that one "go-to" guy make the receiver core a better overall unit? It sure seems like it.

Matt LaFleur is the last person to take credit for anything, but I thought LaFleur was cooking with his play-calling against Minnesota. Jordan Love was fantastic, Aaron Jones and Jayden Reed were electric, and the offensive line was a brick wall against Minnesota's pressure packages. Considering all the injuries at receiver, I came away from the game feeling that was the Packers' most well-executed offensive performance of the season and LaFleur had a big role in that.

Mark from Bristol, UK

We were desperate to get Aaron Jones back earlier in the season to help us. Watching the game Sunday, all I could think was how fresh he looked and how much more valuable it is to have him available to us now, along with a passing game that is coming together. Both the run and passing games working will only help our defense. More rested and refreshed.

Jones looked like a 24-year-old running back exploding through the hole against the Vikings. Like I tweeted during the game, it cannot be overstated how important his return has been for the Packers with all the injuries they've endured. Jones not only got things going in the first half but also keyed the successful four-minute offenses that drained clock in the second. Jones said he feels as good as he has all season and it's showing.

Keith from Yorktown, VA

The three games with a fully/mostly healthy Aaron Jones just happen to be the three highest scoring games for the Packers (38, 33 and 33). Oh, what might have been?

It's not about what might have been. It's what is still possible.

Chris from San Francisco, CA

As noted in the "Packers' long third-quarter TD drive put Vikings away" article, the 13-play, 90-yard drive is what essentially put the game out of reach. Two plays after the Jones' 25-yard run to start the drive, GB was faced with a third-and-8 and Love found Heath for a 13-yard grab. The position players on the field for what was still an important third-down play were Patrick Taylor, Tucker Kraft, Malik Heath, Bo Melton, and Samori Toure. In my opinion, that says all that needs to be said about the growth and character of this team.

And it speaks to the development of Love, both the quarterback and the leader. He has been nothing short of sensational during the second half of the season. It's not just the numbers. It's his consistency. I have no concern when the ball is in his hands. Quietly, Love has now thrown the third-most touchdown passes (30) in the NFL this season.

Check out photos from the Week 17 matchup between the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium on Sunday, Dec. 31, 2023.