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Inbox: He's the heartbeat. He's the soul.

The Packers’ coaches surely learned a thing or two from the virtual offseason program that they’ll carry with them

TE Marcedes Lewis

Phil from Oshkosh, WI

The seats at Lambeau boast a mighty view.

This year to be seen by mighty few.

And the Pack brass has asked,

"Please wear a mask,

for muffled cheers and cold-filtered brew."

Quoth the Phil, nevermore.

Jeremiah from Denver, CO

Hi Wes, the running game continues to be an emphasis for MLF and the big new rookie only adds to the intrigue. How do you see this specific training camp influencing the evolution of the Packers' run game and the running backs themselves?

It's paging over to the next chapter. It's taking all the positive things Aaron Jones, Jamaal Williams and the offense did last year and improving on that in Year 2 of Matt LaFleur's system. As impressive as Jones was last year, I still think the Packers have only touched the surface of what he's capable of in this offense. The Aaron Jones who finished 2019 was three times as dangerous as the Aaron Jones who started the season.

Josh from Denver, CO

If you could put two offensive players, two defensive players, and one special teams player that Aaron Rodgers was at one point teammates with onto this Packers team, who would they be?

I'll say 2014 Jordy Nelson, 2016 Jared Cook, 2014 Clay Matthews, 2010 B.J. Raji and Randall Cobb on special teams to squeeze him back on the roster.

Sam from Mankato, MN

For the biggest roar, that pass to Cobb against the Giants is a great memory. I was going to take my wife to the game but she unfortunately got sick. I was able to take my dad instead and my brother got a ticket next to us. We sat in the opposite end zone and had no real view of the catch. All we saw was a wave of arms and sound coming at us and knew we must have scored. Still get goosebumps thinking about it. Thanks for keeping on writing.

And there I was standing in the south end zone, ready to do the Culver's halftime report. Good luck following that, Wes. That game kind of gets lost to history because of all the drama the following week in Dallas, but that was a thorough beat down. It sent a message that the Packers weren't just happy to be there – they wanted to run the table to a championship.

Gary from Stevens Point, WI

Biggest Lambeau roar? Final touchdown pass and run in the 2018 opening game against the Bears. The place was deafening.

It's hard to believe that's almost two years ago already.

Kyle from Iowa City, IA

Watch Marcedes Lewis' touchdown reception from Rodgers against the Giants closely. Immediately after the play, he begins to celebrate with Rodgers' signature belt, and is subsequently mobbed by a leaping Rodgers bear hug. Love the culture of this team. Go Pack Go!

Matt LaFleur said it better than I ever could – you can't have enough players like Marcedes Lewis on your team. If you don't believe me, look at how much lamenting has been going on since Jacksonville cut him two years ago. He's more than just a good blocking tight end. He's the heartbeat. He's the soul. And the Jaguars miss that leadership.

Steven from Silver Spring, MD

Tim Boyle is being recognized as experienced due to his year of preseason game action in '19 in the MLF offense. Every year we are reminded that production in the preseason is not an indicator of in season success especially when the production comes against non-starter talent. Aren't we overselling the experience factor in the QB debate?

I don't think that's why Boyle is being recognized. For two years, Boyle has been in meetings with Rodgers and stood on the sidelines with him. There's a lot of value in that experience. Plus, his primary competition for the No. 2 job has yet to lift a single weight at Lambeau Field. There's more that goes into being a backup QB than how many regular-season snaps you've played. Just ask Ty Detmer and Doug Pederson.

Richard from Madison, WI

Watching the annual meeting, I was really impressed by Mark Murphy highlighting the "Enough Is Enough" video. Wanting to pass the link along to my PackerFans mailing list, I went to both the "Video" and "Social Justice" tabs on your website but couldn't find it in either place. Thanks a ton for even having a "Social Justice" tab, by the way, but would you be kind enough to put the "Enough Is Enough" video up on that page as well?

Yep. Here's the link to that video.

Bob from Riverside, CA

Hi Wes, I wonder if there is a chance that the year in review video from the shareholders' meeting will be posted for all to see. It was really well done.

And you get a link. And you get a link. And you get a link.

Nate from Bowling Green, KY

Assuming teams are going to have limited or no fans this season, do you all think the NFL might explore options for having broadcasts be more widely available? Like how they had TNF on Twitter/Amazon recently?

That's an interesting question because those games are already available in every local market under current broadcast agreements. So I don't know if the league would be in position to loosen those restrictions at all. I could see this leading to more Saturday games, though.

Bruno from Cape May, NJ

Can you describe what work the players will do in the upcoming week? Maybe something on their return to GB. Do you anticipate doing daily practice round-ups? Thank you!

Whenever players report, I'm sure it's going to be a few days of testing and physicals before beginning that "ramp-up" period. As strange as this whole thing is going to be, I don't think our coverage will be drastically different than prior years. We still plan to cover Matt LaFleur's press conferences, film "Three Things" after practices and have daily stories running on the site. There's a few other things we have in the hopper, too, depending on what the final camp schedule looks like.

Bill from Graniteville, SC

Why do you suppose none of the players or owners, or even league officials, clamored for an NBA/NHL-style bubble setup for this season? It carries the least amount of risk but admittedly would be very difficult on players and others who would have to isolate themselves from loved ones. Right now, I think the odds are not in favor of a complete season. This is a very fragile situation. Thanks for embracing the grind of II for us. You are appreciated.

I agree it's fragile but the NFL has more teams and larger roster sizes. That would put a huge strain on resources inside a bubble. It looks like we're going to have rosters with 69 players (53 active, 16 practice squad). That's more than 2,000 players – and we haven't even started with coaches and personnel yet. Even if you could keep the virus out, it's just not feasible to find an area to house that many human beings. It seems like it would have Fyre Fest written all over it.

Thomas from Cedar Rapids, IA

I may have a biased view but I always believed the Packers' scouting to be as good or better than anyone, their reputation for undrafted free agents making the team as proof. With there being so little chance for players to prove their worthiness this year, I see the Packers snagging more than a normal share of castoffs from other teams. Wes, do you anticipate a more fluid back end of the roster in 2020?

Yes and no. I expect more changeover in regards to the game-day roster since teams will have greater flexibility activating players from the practice squad. However, I expect the roster to be relatively stable once it's set coming out of camp. Either way, final cuts and waivers will fascinating to watch.

Mark from Naperville, IL

The quickest way to get back to "normal" is wash your hands, wash your butt, and wear a mask.

Davante Adams was ahead of the curve more than he could have ever imagined.

Rusty from Taycheedah, WI

If the player opt-outs do become a legitimate thing, what kind of implications would it have on next year's draft? Example: all the stars for the Packers opt out this year. The backups struggle and the Pack land a top-five draft spot. Is that fair knowing the caliber of players returning for the opt-out?

If MLB is any indicator, there will be a medical component to this for players to receive their salaries. So that consideration must be made. Once players opt out, however, it's all systems go. You play with your best available players and the chips fall where they may. And the draft will be determined by how everyone fared – no different than a contender who loses its starting QB for the season in Week 1.

Craig from Sheboygan, WI

Will there be anything that teams can possibly benefit from during this pandemic?

With the exception of players diagnosed with COVID-19, I would think this will be the healthiest players have reported for training camp since at least the 2011 lockout. The Packers' coaching staff surely learned a thing or two coaching during the virtual offseason program they'll carry with them, as well.

Kevin from New Milford, CT

What's your take on the Packers' asking season-ticket holders to opt in or opt out? That doesn't affect their ability to keep the tickets going forward into next year, correct?

Correct. It's just a one-year deal. With all the uncertainty going on, I don't think the Packers could've handled this any better. They postponed payment and then offered to refund the money of season-ticket holders regardless of whether they want to opt in or out. I know it's resulted in some long nights for Phil Caldwell, Sue Zernicke and all the ticketing folks, but they've embraced the challenge. They're tremendous at what they do.

Steve from Eau Claire, WI

Good morning, I like Washington Football Team - I wouldn't change a thing.

Why not Washington Football Club? Washington FC? I know Washington is getting slammed for this but honestly I don't fault them too much. This is a huge decision and not one to be made hastily. So take your time and make the best decision possible. It also allows the equipment folks a chance to catch their breath, and get these helmets and uniforms ready for camp. I'm withholding judgment...for now.

Adrian from Menomonee Falls, WI

"Washington Football Team" seems like a bit of a cop out, but the gold numbers on burgundy on the helmets look great. I wonder if they could embrace "Washington FT" the way soccer teams are named (like Los Angeles FC), maybe have a shield design for their logo?

Maybe I'm being naïve but this didn't come as a surprise to me. Frankly, I expected it – because you gotta get this thing right if you're Washington. The next name needs to win over fans, improve public opinion and also be marketable. It's going to be the team's moniker for probably the rest of our lifetimes. It may sound easy to just create a new name and logo but there's so much more that goes into that.

Eric from St. Paul, MN

"Just once I want to see a playoff spot come down to a coin toss, just for the sake of it, don't you?" Be careful what you wish for. This happened to me in a basketball tournament growing up. It's a pretty terrible feeling to miss out on the playoffs due to a coin flip.

Well, you better put some thought into what you call then.

Timothy from Saint Louis, MO

I'm honestly surprised I haven't seen this question yet. Maybe it has been asked, but not posted... But in regards to whether or not the NFL plays a full season (hopefully so), of the other leagues that are either starting up or back up, which do you think will have the biggest impact on the NFL? I'd say MLB, due to them still traveling, and the NHL, due to the physicality of hockey that comes closest to football. Which do you think will have the biggest impact on an NFL season this year?

It's probably baseball, because of the traveling that's required and the fact it's getting started now. There will be a lot of information to be gleaned from how things go for MLB in its first month back.

Scott from Sauk City, WI

Thanks, Spoff! Now, not only do I want to see a coin toss determine a playoff team, but I want that team to go and win the Super Bowl. Would that championship have the biggest asterisk in all of sports history? Or will the 2020 World Series winner get it? Or perhaps the Houston Astros still.

Nothing can top the Astros. They're the "friend" nobody talks to in your fantasy keeper league.

David from San Francisco, CA

I'm guessing this isn't the training camp to mail in a jersey hoping for it to be signed?

Not unless it's a Spofford jersey.