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Inbox: He wants them to take ownership of it

It’s up to the team leaders to keep their fingers on the pulse of it all

Head Coach Matt LaFleur

TK from Grafton, WI

Is there a sizable number of fans who underestimate the difficulty of "play-calling" because of their success in Madden?

C'mon now. That's like asking if Curt is from Westby.

Curt from Westby, WI

With only a couple weeks until their first game, do you think the "final 53" are already on the roster, or is there a chance of signing or trading for a new player?

I wouldn't rule anything out, but with no preseason games and therefore no current film available on other teams' prospects, this year appears to be leaning toward teams sticking with their own more than usual.

Al from Green Bay, WI

One-third of training camp has passed. What has surprised you the most thus far?

How well some of the rookies, particularly AJ Dillon, Josiah Deguara and Kamal Martin, appear to fit right in when taking reps with the veterans, despite not having a normal offseason or intro to the NFL.

Ryan from Lisle, IL

In the latest Rock Report video I saw a No. 41 Amos running around. Is there another Amos on the team or did Adrian Amos change his number?

That would be DaShaun Amos, a DB who didn't make it with the Giants as an undrafted rookie three years ago out of East Carolina and then spent two seasons in the CFL with Calgary. The Packers signed him last January.

Jim from Beverly Hills, FL

Great coverage during hard times. Thanks! However, this ambient noise thing. I think most of us want to know if they'll be able to play that gawd awful horn in U.S. Bank Stadium in September. Can we get a ruling?

I haven't heard a ruling, but I fully expect to hear the horn. Unfortunately.

Carolyn from Greenlawn, NY

Did the Packers release the training camp schedule (practice days, off days, padded practices, etc.)? I'm having trouble finding it online.

No. It was not released, in part because no fans are allowed to attend, and in part because it's not set in stone due to potential adjustments that might have to be made.

The Green Bay Packers practiced inside Lambeau Field on Tuesday, Aug. 25, for the second of three scheduled times in this training camp.

Malcolm from Fennimore, WI

Regarding protecting four practice-squad players, do the teams protecting them have to give a bump in pay if someone else tries to sign them? I have heard it is a significant raise to be on a roster for three games vs. being on the practice squad.

It certainly is, but the whole point of the protection rule is so other teams can't contact or negotiate with them. Only an unprotected player would be able to field an active-roster offer from another team, which could lead to the current club bumping up his pay to keep him.

Doc from Sheboygan, WI

Hey Mike, why is it fantasyland to imagine Casey Hayward and Micah Hyde on this defense? Maybe the real problem is you are so afraid to criticize management. Management is your fantasyland.

Congratulations Doc, you're the newest member of the lowest hanging fruit club, which is chock full of folks who either don't read me regularly or can't read between the lines of subtle commentary. Either way, if that's your response to my reality-based explanation from the other day, I can't help you.

Jared from Blue Bell, PA

Even though the Wisconsin-Notre Dame game at Lambeau was cancelled, it got me thinking...what field modifications are (and aren't) made to support the college game at an NFL venue? Do they use the NFL uprights or bring in ones that are to NCAA regulations? What about field marks? Do they paint the hashmarks to college standards, and then turn around and remove that paint/repaint for the NFL? The Packers were originally going to host the Falcons just two days later after all.

College and pro football have had the same goalposts for many years now. They do paint the wider hashmarks for a college game. Some fields leave both sets out there. Others have a way to transition the look quickly. I don't know the specifics of what the Packers had planned. When Lambeau hosted the Wisconsin-LSU game in '16, the next Packers' home game was three weeks away.

Russ from Henrico, VA

Speculation, I know, but I wonder if what Aaron Rodgers picked up from the tape was a mechanics issue? The period he refers to is pre-"all the injuries." It's not only possible, but likely he developed compensations due to those injuries. Sometimes we get healthy and forget we have compensated. Maybe the tape has allowed him to reset back to factory settings.

I really don't know. Rod from Chugiak, AK, had a similar take. Rodgers' comment was intriguing as all get out, but it's very difficult to speculate. As I noted on "Unscripted," it could be something mechanical, with his footwork, his eyes, a timing device. Who knows? Maybe at some point he'll share it with us.

Jennifer from Middleton, WI

Oooh, Aaron with the 2010 hint and intrigue...not to read too much into it but we know he is deliberate and measured on everything he says, so I found that delightful. You know guys, I have to admit I've entered this season with the expectation of a cancelled season so as to ward off disappointment later. But all of your coverage is just so good that I feel it brewing and it's time to break it out: "Optimism without expectations." Funny how that has a double meaning this year.

Whatever works.

Thomas from Appleton, WI

To me, 13-3 wasn't the fluke, our injury luck was the fluke. That record was just attainable because we always had most of our guys. Doubt that happens again, but it would seem the young guys that were just potential last year are starting to become real players. Are you also finding more confidence in this team's depth?

At some positions, yes. Others, not so much. I still think there are a lot of questions as to just how deep the Packers are on the defensive line beyond Kenny Clark and Dean Lowry. I'm not saying those other guys can't do it, but they haven't proven it over the long haul. I'd also feel better about the depth at offensive tackle if Billy Turner ends up starting at right tackle and a veteran like Rick Wagner is a swing backup. But we'll see how it ends up.

Sreedharan from Pewaukee, WI

I'm so glad Molly is OK. If she was not, Mason Crosby would have done the right thing by his family, with the consequent huge loss to the team. I'm hoping that Crosby is with the Packers not just this year, but for the next five years. I'm sure that he would still be in the top half, if not the top third, of kickers even after five years.

I wouldn't put it past him, and yes, hearing him talk about all the family-related discussions with the doctors in a positive light was great.

Scott from Salem, OR

Mike, is Wes, in reality, to your left when you tape "Packers Unscripted"? In any case the producer, director or someone makes you look bad at intro and sign-off when you mention Wes and point your finger to your left – because on screen he is to your right.

Ha, good to know. Zoom is weird.

Cheri from Joliet, IL

I'm very impressed by coach Jerry Gray, as are the DBs I've listened to. How was he available for the Packers to acquire him?

All that was reported after last season is the Vikings and Gray decided to "part ways." Gray has not addressed it.

Patrick from Gulf Breeze, FL

Saw a mixed bag of comments on the Packers' statement post regarding what happened in Kenosha. Yes, more investigation and facts will come to light, but I'm hopeful people who say the Packers should "stick to football" understand that the Packers aren't just an "organization," they're people. The transparency on their part is greatly appreciated. It's interesting how people are fine with a player endorsing a name-brand product but not their humanitarian perspectives.

I, too, want to let the investigation run its course and uncover all the relevant facts. But I warned everyone about this months ago – if you're going to insist on "sticking to football" and want your favorite game to be a total escape from the real world, the Packers and the NFL, in 2020 at least, are not for you. Accept it or reject it, your choice.

Murphy from Salt Lake City, UT

Packers AppleTV app is great! Just watched the Steelers/Packers Super Bowl game. Can we draw any similarities to this year's roster for fun? That secondary was something else, not to mention our wide receiving group. If I had to make any comparisons, I'd suggest our secondary and edge rush. Thoughts?

This Packers team has a talented secondary and is better at the second safety spot than the '10 team, but that unit a decade ago had a HOFer (Woodson) and another one on that track (Collins). So there really isn't a comparison. The current team has more depth at edge rusher and loads more talent in the offensive backfield.

Douglas from Binghamton, NY

Mike, did you pop your collar for "Three Things"? Righteous!

If it was up, it was totally unintentional. Those shoots at the practice field are just grab-the-mike-and-go. They can be a hot mess sometimes, and I'm easily distracted by uncomfortable weather.

Chris from Milwaukee, WI

I love watching and listening to Larry, but after Monday's "Three Things" segment, I'm just a bit uneasy. He was picking on Mr. Spofford about the Brewers. Larry's an Illinois guy, even though he's lived a big part of his life in Green Bay...could he be a Cubs fan?

I doubt it. That's the first time I've ever heard Larry even mention the sport of baseball.

David from Minneapolis, MN

How many times did Matt LaFleur actually publicly use the words "illusion of complexity"?

A few last year, though I haven't heard him utter the phrase at all this year. He'd much rather talk about his players than his system. He wants them to take ownership of it.

Bill from Des Moines, IA

Jace Sternberger was recently discussing his TD catch from the end of last year, and he was quoted as saying: "I just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and I got the signal from Aaron." What does that "signal" look/sound like, and when during the course of a play is it given?

Usually right before the snap. It might be a hand gesture, a tap of the helmet, a verbal check … something that I presume either adjusted Sternberger's route and/or made him first in the progression on that given play.

Sandy from Green Bay, WI

Last year it was well documented that players and coaches alike credited team chemistry as a factor that helped the Packers deal with injuries, adversity, and other challenges as they battled their way through the season and into the playoffs. Do you feel the use of proximity trackers, physical distancing expectations, etc., will impact team chemistry this season, and if so any creative ideas observed thus far to encourage a similar cohesiveness among the players and coaches?

This is a popular question to which I have no answer. Wes and I have zero interactions with the players right now except for asking an occasional question in a Zoom interview. We have no idea what the environment is like in the locker room, in the hallways, between meetings, etc. My understanding is players can get together outside the facility within their position groups, but that's about it. I think it was going to be challenging enough to re-create the type of team atmosphere the Packers had last year regardless. In any case, you can't force it. It happened organically and that's why it worked. It's up to the team leaders to keep their fingers on the pulse of it all.

Kevin from Starr Pass, AZ

Mike, how would you compare and contrast AJ Dillon to the young Eddie Lacy?

Interesting question. Lacy always struck me as fairly light on his feet for a big back, and I see similar shiftiness in Dillon despite his size. Dillon is definitely faster in the open field. What I came to respect as Lacy's best attributes were his vision and his toughness. I won't be able to get a read on those with Dillon until the carries and the games are for real.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

Anyone visiting a comment board to announce that they are "done with the NFL" should start by not visiting the comment board.


Jim from Sulphur Springs, TX

No question just a comment. I have no opinion, no ax on the wet wheel getting ground, no complaints, no past draft complaints, no what were they thinking, no second-guessing, etc. All I want is some FOOTBALL. What's wrong with me?

T-minus 18 days and counting. Happy Wednesday.


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