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Inbox: If it's on film consistently, that's the proof

All of those will tell their own part of the story

LB De'Vondre Campbell
LB De'Vondre Campbell

Jarred from Enterprise, AL

Insiders, is your joint reintegration a hug fest "I missed ya bro?" moment or a "How 'bout dem Bears" John Candy moment?

Yet another movie that never gets old. But it's more like this: "Ya good?" "Yeah." "Welcome back." "Thanks."

Gary from Davenport, IA

The third clue revealed on Friday's "Jeopardy" episode was, "Spelled one way, it's a pile of treasure; spelled another, it's a crowd coming to take it." None of the contestants knew it. But Todd from Owasso, OK, gave an even better definition of the difference between horde and hoard. Coincidentally, it was in Friday's Inbox. How weird is that?

Just another example of how infinitely connected to the universe the Inbox is.

Jim from Eau Claire, WI

From Jeffrey finishing his minicamp, to "no peacocking in June," to "It's real and it's spectacular," and finally, "You're either in or you're out." Weston was on a roll Tuesday. Well done.

The few days' break I gave him after the long solo stretch in my absence paid off. You'd much rather read "Seinfeld" and "Ocean's 11" references than about me in a bodybuilding competition, right?

George from North Mankato, MN

After reading the story about Kylin Hill, I wonder if you think having another teammate rehabbing a similar injury sustained in the same game could help get Hill and Robert Tonyan back to health in a shorter amount of time? Seems like having a rehab partner could work the same as a workout partner.

I'm not sure about shortening the time frame. But as Hill noted in Wes’s story, I'm sure it helps from a motivational standpoint, to keep you going through the long rehab grind.

Douglas from Bemidji, MN

Where do they print the salary cap money? Any answer that isn't Sofi Stadium will be unbelievable.

Aaron Donald's new deal actually lowered his cap hit for 2022 by a couple million. When Cooper Kupp gets his new contract, that'll free up more space this year, too, if they choose to structure it that way. Like the Packers, the Rams have some sizable cap charges coming due when the new TV money enters the equation and the cap skyrockets.

The Green Bay Packers held their first practice of minicamp at Ray Nitschke Field on Tuesday, June 7, 2022.

James from Appleton, WI

If the Packers' all-time top five QBs are Aaron Rodgers, Favre, Starr, Herber, Dickey and the Bears' top five QBs are Cutler, McMahon, Luckman, Harbaugh, Kramer, how would you rank them together on one list?

I'm not going to split hairs on specific spots, but Luckman would crack the top five somewhere, and the Bears' other four would be 7-10 as far as I'm concerned.

Mike from Franksville, WI

Which Packers season do you wish you could have followed that was before your time?

I saw plenty of it unfold on TV as a youngster, but as far as covering every game as a writer, I'd say 1983. Without a doubt. Five overtime games, five others decided by four points or less, including the 95-point MNF shootout vs. Washington. 429 points scored, 439 allowed. Pure entertainment.

Jake from Lansing, MI

Insiders, thanks for all the great content during OTAs. However, in my desperate thirst for Packers news, I clicked on the PFF rankings. As a result, I'm in this vortex of wondering whether or not last season's surprise stars (Campbell and Douglas) will be one-hit wonders. In your opinion, how do we know whether or not De'Vondre Campbell and Rasul Douglas are the real deal? Obviously the front office thinks they are because both players were given new deals. And I'll stop taking the bait.

I like what Jerry Gray said a few weeks ago. Anyone can get lucky here or there. But in this league, nobody can get lucky game after game after game. If it's on film consistently, that's the proof. Now, other factors can always change the outlook – injuries, teammates, coaches, etc. – but a steady presence on film is the best validation.

TK from Grafton, WI

If (when) the special teams show marked improvement this year, will the success (and struggles of prior years) be directly attributed to coaching?

At least partly. How much will depend on any new personnel we see in the mix. That's TBD.

Paul from Ledgeview, WI

Based on my assessment of Coach Matt LaFleur, I expect he takes it as a personal challenge to improve the offense year over year. This year will be no exception, especially given the change in weapons. What metrics do you believe he will focus on to judge the performance of the offense next season?

He'll look at plenty. Explosive plays, third-down conversion rate (which is directly correlated to yards to go on third down, which speaks to production on first and second down, etc.), red-zone efficiency, time of possession. All of those will tell their own part of the story.

Daniel from Green Bay, WI

Given the not unreasonable hype the Packers' defense is garnering this offseason, how would you expect their opening day opponent to try attacking them on the first drive? Smash-mouth runs up the gut? Play-action deep shot?


Sue from Three Lakes, WI

Seeing the piece on Tramon Williams got me thinking … What Packers were cut/traded and then later returned to the team? Oh yes, got Cobb too. Others?

In the last 25 years, the list also includes Antonio Freeman, Doug Pederson, Keith McKenzie, Craig Nall, Ahman Green, Charlie Peprah, Matt Flynn, James Jones and Davon House.

Joe from Swansea, IL

Top of the morning, II! Wondering how much "alone time" Aaron Rodgers is getting during practice with his new receiver corps. Is there more time built into drills for that group to get more accustomed to each other? Or is it standard operating procedure – the offensive rollout as always? Thanks for all you do: We Packer fans get more news and insight in early June, I'm sure, than some teams' fans get during the season.

Practice was business as usual, just with Rodgers and other veterans we hadn't seen yet participating. I did my best to summarize Rodgers' thoughts on a lot of topics in my post-practice story.

Sal from Hailey, ID

Which stage of panic is appropriate for No. 13 not showing up to mandatory camp? Asking for an overly anxious friend.

Maybe Rodgers' words from Tuesday will make you feel better: "Excited about Allen Lazard. He's been our dirty work guy for most of his career here. Now he's getting an opportunity to be a No. 1 receiver, so I'm not worried about him at all stepping into that role. I've talked to him a lot. I know how he takes care of his body and I know he'll be ready when he's here."

Jeff from Brooklyn, WI

With Allen Lazard a no-show for camp does it look like he will hold out for a long-term contract, and do you believe they will give him one?

I don't believe this is a holdout situation of any kind. I'll stand by what I said before. It would make little sense for the Packers to give Lazard a long-term deal right now when they just drafted three new receivers, and it would make even less sense for Lazard to negotiate one now when his career highs are 513 yards and eight TDs with a huge opportunity to boost those numbers. So the question remains why he hasn't signed his RFA tender, and I don't know the answer.

Mark from Madison, WI

Who is the greatest special teamer in Packers history?

If you're not counting the spotlight guys like returner, punter or kicker, but referring to core special teamers who don't touch the ball, Travis Jervey is the only one I'm aware of to be selected to a Pro Bowl. I'd put Jarrett Bush right up there with him, too.

Ed from Green Valley, AZ

As to your answer about special teams, just how do you go about "creating stress on a coverage unit in the return game"? Who do you want to be where/when/why?

I'm no X's and O's guru, but generally speaking, returns are set up to stress the coverage in a particular area of the field. Maybe it's in the middle because the film has shown interior players slower to get downfield, or on the edges because the gunners (on punts) or wings (on kickoffs) are vulnerable to losing containment. Attack an area and make the coverage respond appropriately.

Bill from Clive, IA

Greetings, Insiders. After watching the latest "Unscripted," I came away a little confused on one subject. You both used the phrase "jog-through" to describe the pace of practices. Is that strictly for installs during OTAs, or for any activity pre-pads? And by jog-through do you mean that receivers are not attempting to run routes or make cuts at full speed, and with no hand-checking from DBs?

For the most part, the 11-on-11 work we've seen has been full speed at the snap, but then slowing to a jogging pace as the play develops. That allows everyone's initial movements and reactions to be normal, but the rest of the play isn't competitive between the offense and defense. There was some 11-on-11 at full speed Tuesday, minus tackling of course, and we'll see more of that in the early days of training camp before the pads go on.

Greg from Perkasie, PA

In regards to Paul from Ledgeview's question about the Packers' culture, this may be different than what you were asking about, but as a Packers fan far from Wisconsin, I can say the Lambeau/Packers mystique is very real. I went to the Christmas Day game last year with my girlfriend, who could not care less about football, and at halftime she turns to me, smiles, and says, "I get it now." There's a certain feeling you get from a Lambeau experience that you can't get anywhere else.

That line needs to be on a T-shirt in the Pro Shop, no?

Ed from Fort Bragg, CA

Hi you two. One of my favorite baseball memories was being at a game between the SF Giants and The LA Dodgers. Sandy Koufax was pitching for the Dodgers and he shut out the formidable SF hitters that included Willie Mays. I was sitting two rows up from the catcher and Koufax's curveball started out way over his head and came down in the strike zone. What's your favorite game to have attended?

I have too many to recount, but a few that come to mind include seeing Teddy Higuera take a no-hitter into the eighth inning, watching Steve Woodard in his Major League debut outduel Roger Clemens 1-0 when the Brewers turned a triple play (I've seen three triple plays at MLB games, by the way), and then two from last year – the Brewers giving up seven in the top of the first to the Cubs before rallying to win 15-7 in late June, and Daniel Vogelbach's walk-off grand slam vs. the Cardinals in early September.

Dave from Long Beach, CA

I would have loved to hear the San Diego stadium announcement: "Now catching for a couple innings – Mike Spofford."

Ha, that's pretty good.

David from Janesville, WI

Insiders, I just wanted to give you a heads up that I have a question hung up in the server/storage. Not sure how long it will be there, but when it drops you'll love it. It's a doozy!

Also nicely done.

Glen from Leesburg, VA

With the Packers coming to London, I can assure you there is already a huge fan base. When the NFL Europe was still in existence, I went to a game in Germany. I walked in with my Packer shirt and hat on and I was mobbed by German Packer fans. I couldn't understand everything they were saying, but they were all wearing Favre jerseys and were buying me beers. They had a true love for the Packers and appreciated my passion for the team as well. London will be no different.

I really am going to have to pace myself over there. Happy Wednesday.