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Inbox: It ranks as one of their most underrated strengths

The era will always be with us

Offensive linemen Billy Turner, Corey Linsley, Elgton Jenkins, David Bakhtiari

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

Woodson played one more snap after his injury in XLV. A true warrior who wanted to make sure he truly couldn't continue before exiting.


Joe from Venice, FL

Ok, so I noticed on "Unscripted" today that Wes has Packers merchandise in the background but Mike did not. What's up with that, Mike? Please tell us you have another room in your home where you show your Packers pride. Just kidding of course. Thank you both for the fantastic work that you do! It is very much appreciated.

My Packers stuff is spread out all over the house. There are several Packers-related books on that bookshelf behind me, "When Pride Still Mattered" and "Gunslinger" among them. There's also a Packers No. 12 nutcracker doll (acquired by my wife in her youth during the Lynn Dickey area, no less) that's just out of the shot.

Chuck from Gold Canyon

Thanks to Mike and Wes for helping to keep us sane in this insanity. While most fans would consider either the Bears or Vikings to be our main rivalries in the NFC North, would it surprise you that the Lions actually have the best record against the Packers in the past decade? This record could be even worse considering three of our 12 wins against the Lions came in games that we never led until the final play of the game. Is there something regarding style of play that brings these results?

If by style you mean who's quarterbacking, then yes. Five of Detroit's eight wins over Green Bay in the past decade came when Rodgers couldn't play or finish the game. The Bears have had only two non-Rodgers games and the Vikings just three.

Mark from Canton, GA

Is there a University of Wisconsin player that you would love to see the Pack draft this year, homerism aside?

I think Zack Baun and his versatility would fit nicely in Mike Pettine's defense, but I'm not sure he's going to be the best player available at 30. Green Bay might be able to get a higher-rated guy, but as I continue to stress, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There's also plenty like about Tyler Biadasz if the Packers want to hedge their bets on being able to re-sign Linsley.

Jim from Algoma, WI

You might as well put this year's Milwaukee Bucks in the same barrel as the 1994 Montreal Expos. They are the teams most likely to have won the championship, but were not given the chance.

Unfortunately that's probably true. The difference is that everyone knew the Expos wouldn't be able to keep their team together to make another run. If the Bucks can find a way to hang onto Giannis, then they'll get more chances.

Mikey from Niles, IL

The "Aaron Rodgers Top 10 career moments" brought back some really great memories. I think the No. 1 was spot-on with "Hail Mary King." I'll never forget where I was for each of those throws. That being said, I think Cris Collinsworth nailed it by saying, "That may be one of the great throws ever made." With what was at stake, rolling to his left, falling away, and launching a perfect throw 60 yards downfield, I'd have to say that was probably the greatest throw I've ever seen.

If the Packers had won that game in Arizona, it would be everybody's No. 1. It still might be mine, and shame on me for not remembering it before watching that video. It's definitely the most improbable and fascinating throw of his career.

Dallas from St. Ignace, New Brunswick

Do you happen to know how many times in the last 20 years the Packers have bagged a Day 1 starter in the last 20 years in the first round? One always hopes it happens, but how often does it?

These are the first-round picks this century I would consider Day 1 starters for the Packers: Bubba Franks, Nick Barnett, A.J. Hawk, B.J. Raji, Nick Perry, Jaire Alexander and Darnell Savage. That said, several others became starters/regulars during their rookie seasons as well: Javon Walker, Ahmad Carroll, Bryan Bulaga, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Damarious Randall and Kenny Clark. A couple of caveats – twice the Packers didn't pick anyone in the first round, and once they chose Rodgers. So take all that for what it's worth. Any team that focuses on needs could draft a Day 1 starter every year, but the Wolf-Thompson-Gutekunst Packers have never approached the draft that way.

Elliot from Minneapolis, MN

Wow, Caesars put the Packers line at 8.5 wins for next year along with the Bears. Is this due to tough scheduling or still a lack of respect for what they did last year?

Gambling is illegal at Bushwood, but the Packers' road schedule could have something to do with it, along with an expected regression to the mean when it comes to close games. Still, it sure sounds low. With the Bears it's probably based on Foles taking over at QB and the excitement that will generate in Chicago.

Sue from Tomah, WI

Slowly, Coach Lombardi is calling his greats back home. RIP Willie Davis.

Eighteen months ago, nine of Lombardi's 12 players enshrined in Canton were still with us. Now it's down to just four. The era will always be with us, though.

Mark from Bettendorf, IA

Any personal Willie Davis stories?

I wish I had some. I know I interviewed him by phone once or twice a long time ago, but that's about it. My lasting personal memory will be seeing him in the Soldier Field locker room as an honorary captain and part of the Halas Trophy presentation in January 2011. That had to be incredibly neat for him.

Mark from Canton, GA

Thinking of the Lombardi Packers and all the Hall of Fame members from that team, there's such a huge difference between then and now because they were able to keep so many members of the team together for so many years. When you look at the current dynasty of the New England Patriots, how many people from that team do you see heading to the Hall of Fame? Brady and Gronk are locks, as is Belichick as a coach. I don't necessarily mean the one-year wonders, but long-term members.

Well, Ty Law got in last year, and Richard Seymour has been a finalist a couple of times, so he's on the verge. I would bet Adam Vinatieri gets in. After that, there will be a decent case for Wes Welker, but that might be all.

Mark from Monrovia, CA

Hello gentlemen. I've been watching film of Isaiah Wilson OT Georgia. What are the chances he is on our radar? At 6-7, 335 and I believe single-digit body fat and a RT. What do you think?

Wilson weighed in at 350 at the combine. The other tackle from Georgia, Andrew Thomas, is the more polished prospect, but I think a lot of teams will have their eye on Wilson in the second round.

Corey from Bethlehem, PA

I know not to put too much stock in the Packers interviewing Jalen Hurts, but would you entertain the scenario of having a dual-threat QB like him for certain packages such as the Saints have done with Taysom Hill?

I could see that intriguing Matt LaFleur, but I don't want to speak for him. Teams will be looking to get good Day 3 value with Hurts and see what he brings to the table.

Nikhil from Washington, DC

Good morning II, my impression was that Chicago had already gone big in free agency the past few years and probably wouldn't have much cash to go big again this year. But it seems they have. Did they have more cap room than I thought due to a rookie QB contract, are they mortgaging their future, or is something else going on that I'm not catching?

Quinn and Graham were their only multi-year signings, but the Bears also don't have to save much cap room for their draft class. They have only two picks in the first four rounds – both in the second round. Then they have four picks in the fifth through seventh.

Rod from Chugiak, AK

Your first and second 2000-2020 offensive lines provides a great lesson. Looking back, the endless pre-draft clickbait offerings of player critiques, mocks, must-do-this-or-thats, as well as draftnik wish lists concentrate on candidates considered maybe the top 50 or so. Pre-draft, how little did pundits and fans know about any of those on your list except Bulaga? How far down the rest were selected just shows ta go ya how superior the acumen of the GM and his staff is to that of pundits and fans.

The Packers' ability over multiple regimes to build their offensive lines primarily from within I think ranks as one of their most underrated strengths. They rarely have been forced to go outside the organization to plug a hole long term in that position group. Billy Turner is the exception and not the rule. Other imports as weekly starters (Jahri Evans, Byron Bell, Jeff Saturday, Adrian Klemm) over the last 20 years or so have filled in for one season or less.

Marc from Aachen, Germany

What are the other games being immortalized? What about non-Lambeau Field games?

The hallway from the locker room to the tunnel has murals depicting 14 games now. They're all Lambeau Field games, beginning with the first in '57 through the '18 opener Wes referenced yesterday. There's also the '61 NFL title game, the '65 playoff game vs. Baltimore, the Ice Bowl, the '83 Monday night shootout vs. Washington, Favre coming off the bench in '92 vs. Cincinnati, the '96 NFC title game, Freeman's Monday night miracle in 2000, the Al Harris '03 playoff pick-six, the Ryan Grant '07 snow-globe playoff game, the Week 16 2010 blowout of the Giants to start the title run, and the Dez Bryant playoff game in '14. I'm missing one and it escapes me at the moment. Maybe Lombardi's first game in '59?

Julian from Gastonia, NC

If the Packers have to live in a hotel to play the 2020 season and you were offered to join them as a volunteer reporter for the duration in order to cover the team, would you do it?

I wouldn't "volunteer" and do it for free, if that's what you mean. If it were the best option to take care of my family, I'm sure I would.

Steve from Niagara, WI

Please share what you perceive to be the state of Green Bay's O-line backup plan at left tackle. Specifically, is Lane Taylor the best viable backup there if he remains on the roster in 2020, someone else already on the roster, or do you see the Packers drafting a player that could serve as a swing tackle for either side?

I anticipate the Packers drafting a tackle to compete with Wagner for the starting spot on the right side. Whoever's not starting could be the swing backup. I think Turner would play tackle in a pinch before Taylor, and Alex Light and Yosh Nijman will likely compete for another backup spot on the roster, as it stands now.

Thomas from Milwaukee, WI

What would you estimate the Packers would receive to move from 30 to 40, and do you think that would be enough to move from 62 to 52?

I think the Packers could pick up a late third (in the compensatory range) or early fourth to move back 5-6 spots, and then use their original late third to move up about a dozen and make two picks in the 35-50 range. Doable if you can find the trade partners.

Mark from West Bend, WI

Mike, I realize you just did your piece on the dynamic duo at running back, but in your opinion, is Aaron Jones worth the 18th pick in this year's draft? Given the McCaffrey contract and our list of 2021 free agents an extension seems difficult. That spot looks to be where Queen, Murray, Jefferson and probably two OT are still available. Wouldn't a first this year be better than a 2022 third? There still are several FA running backs available that could help plus the draft. Hate it, but ...

I get all the angst about Jones' future in Green Bay given McCaffrey's contract and the Packers' other veterans with expiring deals. And I'll preface this by saying I hope Jones lights the world on fire this year and comes back to the Packers. But if he's going to have the type of season that makes it very difficult to be re-signed, don't you want that production for the 2020 Packers, regardless? There's planning for the future, but there's also compromising the present. I'm not interested in the latter.

Dave from Las Vegas, NV

It's probably not a luxury they can afford this year, so when was the last time the Packers drafted a running back in the first round? How many RBs do you see going in Round 1 this year?

You have to go back to 1990, when the Packers took Darrell Thompson from Minnesota with a second first-round pick. Three years before that it was Brent Fullwood from Auburn. I could see two running backs going in the first round – Taylor and Swift – and I could see none.

George from North Mankato, MN

In your opinion, has there been a Packers free-agent signing that has had as big an impact as the signing of Reggie White?

In my opinion, there hasn't been an NFL free-agent signing that's had as big an impact on any team as the signing of Reggie White.

Nate from Pueblo, CO

Last year ML said you want your WR group to be kinda like a basketball starting five. Each position brings something unique. I think that gives us a pretty good indication as to what type of WR they'll be looking for. This is why I think BG will draft a fast slot type WR in the second or third round if a good one is available. Especially now that Allison is gone.

A tip of the hat for recalling that analogy. I agree, and I think the Packers would love to be able to wait until the third round or later, if possible, to get that type of guy.

Teagan and Keith from Andover, MN

I'm writing this on behalf of my daughter. She was very sad we are unable to ship you a care package of cookies this year. She wanted to send Wes a couple of extra packages of Thanks-A-Lots because they are being retired forever. She sends a special thank you to the "Insider guys" who purchased cookies online and wants them to know they helped her reach her 1,500-package goal. Finally, she says re-signing Mason Crosby is the "biggest deal of the offseason." Thanks for this lighthouse in the storm.

I'm lamenting yet another thing I'm missing during this unprecedented period, and smiling at the same time. Thanks for that, sincerely.

Michael from Portland, OR

I kept seeing a guy in the neighborhood store wearing a UW-Platteville hoodie. Having grown up in Wisconsin I asked if he even knew where Platteville was. He said no. I explained where it was and call him Platteville now when I see him. Just doing my part to promote the place.

It hasn't changed much, but that's part of its charm. Happy Friday.


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