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Inbox: It's a credit to everyone involved

This postseason gave you a greater appreciation for the importance of NFL left tackles

Fireworks are displayed before the NFL Super Bowl 55 football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021, in Tampa, Fla.

Jacob from Franklin, WI

Can you guys imagine if the Super Bowl was in Green Bay this year? Weather shows it feels like minus-30 with wind chill right now.

That was the first thing I thought about when I looked at my phone on Sunday morning and saw minus-14 degrees. The second was, 'Where was this weather two weeks ago?'

Sandy from Green Bay, WI

It was a very busy weekend for Packers news. What is the hottest topic of discussion for II: Aaron Rodgers voted a three-time NFL MVP, Charles Woodson first-ballot selection to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Joe Barry becomes the new defensive coordinator, or Rodgers announces his engagement? Inquiring Insider minds are anxious to know!

Honestly? The officiating in the Super Bowl.

Gretchen from Dousman, WI

That Tampa Bay defense is impressive. Losing by five now looks pretty good.

That's what kept running through my mind as I watched the game. Man, the Packers sure were close. And they still are close. That window is still very much open. But this was the Buccaneers' year. Yes, Tom Brady blah, blah, blah, but the Super Bowl boiled down to Tampa's defense dominating Kansas City from the jump. The Bucs' linebackers and secondary came as advertised, but Jason Pierre-Paul and Shaq Barrett imposed their will on the Chiefs' backup tackles. They singlehandedly wrecked the game. Sunday was yet another reminder defense still wins championships.

Jake from Franklin, WI

I think these last two games the Bucs played in have showed how important it is to have your best tackles protecting your star quarterback, huh?

You guys know I'm not big on hypotheticals…but the domino effect of David Bakhtiari's injury is something that's going to stick with me for a very long time – almost like Rollie Fingers and the 1982 Brewers. That's why left tackles make the big bucks. This postseason gave you a greater appreciation for the position.

Mike from New York, NY

After seeing how poorly KC's O-line backups played, it makes me appreciate the Packers' O-line even more. We were blessed with extremely talented depth in our O-line.

You do have to give all the credit in the world to Billy Turner, Elgton Jenkins and Rick Wagner for everything they gave the Packers when Bakhtiari was missing, both early in the season and near the end. Yes, it was a rough end to the season but those three made replacing a five-time All-Pro left tackle appear much easier than it really is. To give up only 21 sacks all year with all the injuries the O-line dealt with is quite the accomplishment. You gotta be both lucky and good to win it all and Tampa had the right mixture of talent and good fortune to pull this thing out.

David from Janesville, WI

Give the Bucs credit. I don't think they were the better team their last three games, but they found ways to play better than their opponent when it mattered. They forced unusual errors by some of the best players they faced. You don't have to be better, just better on game day. I wonder what the Packers could have done against this Chiefs team.

I think the Packers would've fared quite well. Frankly, I was kind of stunned how one-dimensional KC looked. Obviously, the loss of Eric Fisher was huge. But once Tampa blanketed Tyreek Hill, and you gotta be prepared for that possibility, the Chiefs didn't have a Plan B. It was Hill or nothing.

Brian from Grand Rapids, MI

It appears even in this offense-driven league that defense really wins championships.

Right. It doesn't matter how fast the car is if there's a boulder in the middle of the road.

Bill from Forest Park, OH

I didn't watch the game, so...what the heck happened? I figured it was conceivable Tampa Bay could possibly win, but never thought for a moment it would be a blow-out. How'd they do it?

Tampa Bay won the middle of the field on both sides of the ball. Offensively, the Bucs had success in the screen game, connecting on routes down the seam and simple north-and-south runs up the middle. And the Bucs' defense properly defended that area of the field, as well, en route to Tampa Bay defanging one of the league's most prolific offenses.

Randy from Clarksville, TN

Great Caesar's Ghost! Tampa's pass rush and tackling were A+++. I think our O-line with DB would have been severely tested. Without? Run over. Perfect example of what I think Joe Barry will instill in our defense. We need tough and swarm. Fired up for next year! Go Pack Go!

I think what I've learned the most about defensive football this year is it's one thing to be disciplined and high percentage, but there's also something to be said for seizing the moment. The Bucs' defense did all season long. That's a credit to Todd Bowles' scheme and the players buying into what he's been selling over the past two seasons.

Bill from Raleigh, NC

Hi Wes, Rob Gronkowski had one big catch against us in the NFCCG for 29 yards. He was a much bigger part of the Tampa Bay win in the Super Bowl. Did the Packers do anything special to try to limit him, or was he healthier after a two-week rest, or do you think it was something else?

Gronk may not be as good as he once was but he's as good once as he ever was. That was perhaps his best game of the season. Gronk actually has been more of an in-line blocker than pass-catcher as of late, seemingly taking a backseat to Cam Brate in the offense. But Gronk gave Kansas City all kinds of fits in the red zone Sunday. It also didn't help the Chiefs forgot to cover him down the seam in the third quarter.

Aaron from Scottsdale, AZ

I was never a Bulls fan, but always loved watching MJ and was mystified by his accomplishments and the beauty of his play. The NBA GOAT went to Washington and delivered a pair of middling ~.500 seasons around the age of 40. Never took the polish off his reputation in my opinion, in fact I think it enhanced it. But Brady just took the lowly Bucs and won a Super Bowl in season one (with COVID protocols) at 43 and won SB MVP. This just feels like a whole other level in the stratosphere to me.

I said it before, I think all Tampa needed was a quarterback with Brady's experience level who they knew would protect the ball a little better than Jameis Winston did in 2019. The Bucs were a good squad last season. It's not like this team was devoid of talent. Brady simply showed Tampa how to win again. This seventh Super Bowl victory is the ultimate feather in his cap.

Adam from Chippewa Falls, WI

Where were these refs two weeks ago?

Not anywhere near Brown County.

Ben from Burlington, VT

Anyone else suffering from OIV (Officiating-Induced Vertigo) after the game? To be fair, the hall of mirrors set during the halftime show may have been a contributing factor, as well.

Kansas City didn't do itself any favors, but I think it's time the New York office takes a long look in the mirror. NFL officiating really has become this box of chocolates where you don't really know what you're going to get from one week to the next.

Ralph from Mönchengladbach, Germany

After watching the SB, Tampa won the same way it won against us – Dominant and relentless line play on both sides of the ball. They went all in mentally and that's the only all in that really counts.

The Bucs were dialed in. They looked at home. Well, they were at home…so I guess that makes sense.

James from McKinney, TX

Worst. Super Bowl. Ever. #sorrynotsorry

Super Bowl XLVIII would like to have a word.

Ken from Cypress, CA

Watching KC struggle against TB makes me feel a lot better about our loss. At least, we were competitive and could score TDs. KC is getting thoroughly shut down. Glad this season is over.

I told Packer Report's Andy Herman before the game I was getting some Denver-Seattle vibes from this matchup. I didn't expect Tampa to play the role of the Seahawks, though.

Hugh from Sioux Falls, SD

OK, Wes. You had access to both locker rooms after the game. What questions do you ask in each one?

I'd ask Kansas City about the decision to abandon the run when it looked like Mahomes and the passing game was off early on. It seemed like those tackles could've used the help. As for Tampa, all you can really ask is how is Bowles not an NFL head coach right now? And Byron Leftwich, too, for that matter. Those two put on a clinic.

Joe from Rapid City, SD

Aaron Rodgers getting the MVP and married! WAY TO GO 12!

I had to dig pretty far into Inbox submissions to find a question related to Rodgers winning MVP. I think because it was pretty much a foregone conclusion Rodgers was going to win, but it's still an incredible accomplishment. We'll have more on his historic season this morning, but Rodgers was as good this year, at 37, as he's ever been – and that should excite Packers fans for what lies ahead in 2021 and beyond.

Bronwyn from Tampa, FL

MVP, we all knew that. The little engagement bomb came out of the blue! Any intel on that? He's so cagey!

I don't get tied up in all that stuff. I get why it matters to some people, but not me. As a private person when it comes to my own family (you'll never see my wife or son on my public social accounts), I respect Rodgers' decision to keep his engagement quiet. Rodgers seems really happy and I'm happy that he's happy. Everyone deserves to be happy.

Marjorie from Roseville, CA

Congrats to Aaron on a well-deserved honor. We love you! I also send my sincere congratulations to Matt LaFleur for an outstanding two years as an NFL coach. You have so deserved to be recognized at a league level the past two years. We know what we have and we rejoice as our honor as Packer and NFL fans. GO PACK GO!

It was good to see LaFleur get a little shine in the NFL Coach of the Year voting. I understand why Kevin Stefanski won but LaFleur was very deserving of the recognition. He's won 28 of the 36 NFL games he's coached. Not too shabby.

Mike from Lake Villa, IL

Good morning Wes. After watching the NFL Honors Saturday night, I think the NFL Comeback Player of the Year award should be renamed after Alex Smith. Do you think the NFL would consider making that change, if not right away, perhaps after he retires?

I think that would be well-deserved for everything Smith overcame to not only return to football, but also get his quality of life back. I still can't believe he returned to the football field. What an incredible testament to Smith's character, faith and resolve.

Eric from Stramproy, Netherlands

Charles Woodson's reaction was awesome. Just goes to show how much it means to the person, not "just" the athlete.

There will be plenty of time for more Woodson stories in the months ahead, but I just have to say Woodson officially is the first player I've covered to be voted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It's crazy how fast life passes you by. As I recollected on "Unscripted" last week, I've never covered another player quite like Charles Woodson. There was an aura of greatness that surrounded him on the field and in the locker room. Woodson had such high expectations to live up to and yet he still managed to exceed them all.

Gene from Anderson, IN

OK guys, what's the plan to get to get our man LeRoy Butler elected to the Hall of Fame? He is way past due and seems to be overlooked every year.

I struggled all weekend with how to answer this. Because, as those of you who follow me on Twitter already know, I was incredulous on Saturday night. You can't make a good argument to me about why John Lynch is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame over LeRoy Butler. You just can't. The numbers don't back it up. The Super Bowl titles don't back it up. A long time ago, Hall of Fame voters decided Lynch was more worthy than Butler – and they've kept them in that order ever since. My biggest gripe with the Hall of Fame voting process is it creates this grocery-store line for entry. Once Hall voters put you in a spot, right or wrong, it's very difficult to work your way ahead of the line. You just have to wait your turn. Butler has five more chances at being a modern-era selection (I originally had it at four). Hopefully, he gets the call next year.

Jamez from Chicago, IL

Well, queue up the "Will Charles Woodson go into the HOF as Green Bay Packer?" questions.

That's not a thing. In this sport, he goes in as Charles Woodson.

Kelly from Green Bay, WI

Will the Packers put Charles Woodson on the circle of honor in Lambeau?

Yes. Mark Murphy said the plan is to add Woodson's name to the façade sometime next season. He'll be the 27th man to receive that honor.

Keith from Mobile, AL

II, not really a question; just more of a statement to the Packers fandom. I'm in the Marine Corps, and got stationed in Mobile, AL. My daughter still lives with her mom in San Diego, CA. FaceTimed her earlier today, and she had on one of her Packers shirts that I bought for her. I never have been prouder, because I've been trying to raise her up knowing about the history and tradition of our illustrious franchise. Love you guys! Can't wait for the book about the Packers history!

Thank you for reading, Keith. And thank you for your service. That story brought a smile to my face. All the best.

Thomas from Oviedo, FL

Well, we made it through a full season. I want to thank you guys for keeping it fun and interesting. I would also like to thank my wife, Rodgers, the whole team, the coaches, my fiancée and the whole Packers organization. Gotta go.

Uh, um…uh…moving on, the 2020 season was wild. It still seems like yesterday I was covering the draft from my bonus room, wondering how this season was going to work. It's a credit to everyone involved the Super Bowl was played on time and the NFL got the entire 2020 season in. I may not have had my nose hairs scraped 180 times like Rodgers did (I only had 139 COVID-19 tests) but it was six endless months of waking up every morning and triple-checking that I didn't have the virus. I'm just happy I did my small part to make sure none of my colleagues missed a paycheck.

Eric from Glyndon, MN

Wes, what plans do you have for upcoming week of PTO?

Getting to enjoy my lunch.