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Inbox: New additions can provide more options

It sure beats the alternative

WR Romeo Doubs
WR Romeo Doubs

Tom from Ashland, WI

If Aaron Rodgers leaves the Packers, does he have to give up his ownership of the Bears?

Let's hope it's transferable, as it was with Favre.

Brandon from Summerville, SC

I highly recommend all Packers fans start mentally preparing for Jordan Love to be a Jet in 2035.

Hey, if Love's career is going to mirror his predecessors' and include multiple MVPs, a Super Bowl title and all manner of playoff heartbreaks, sign me up.

Craig from Brookfield, WI

As a GM, Gutekunst has to solve the problem of choosing between a HOF all-time great with MVP potential, and a first-round prospect they're high on, have been grooming for three seasons, and who appears to be ready. No guarantees, of course, and it doesn't make decisions easy. But...may the Packers ALWAYS have such problems!

That, too. It sure beats the alternative.

Gary from Davenport, IA

If you had told me in 1992 that I would be around to see the Packers win two Super Bowl titles over the next 30 years, I would have been thrilled. Now looking back, I feel two titles weren't enough. I keep thinking about all of the lost opportunities such as Super Bowl XXXII, the missed call on the Jerry Rice fumble, fourth-and-26, the PI penalty vs Tampa Bay, the SF blocked punt and of course, the game that shan't be discussed. Am I greedy for wanting more than two titles?

No, you're not greedy. You're a fan. It's perfectly natural to want more, but the question is whether there's at least some level of appreciation for what you have, or solely longing for what you don't. There's nothing wrong with not being satisfied, but perspective matters.

Matty from Durango, CO

Does Aaron Rodgers' waffling affect our team this time of year? In particular, would scouts and front office personnel be doing things differently if he announced after the last loss that he was either leaving or staying?

I don't think so. As I've mentioned before, I trust the decision-makers have put plans in place depending on how this plays out and will pursue the appropriate plan when the dust settles.

Jim from Mundelein, IL

So grateful for Favre taking GB from mediocrity into greatness. So grateful for Rodgers for raising that bar. So hopeful that Love can be the next big thing in GB. Please help us understand the key dates facing GB in the Rodgers decision timeline. Thanks for creating a positive experience each day for Packer fans.

There's really just one key date – Wednesday, March 15. That's the start of the new league year and the day any trade (even if agreed to in advance) becomes official. It's also the day free agents can begin signing with other teams. The Packers have said all along they want the QB situation resolved by then, and I fully expect it will be.

Aidan from Atlanta, GA

In regards to the schedule, do you think the amount of primetime games the Packers have this upcoming season will vary depending on who QB1 is?


Dean from Leavenworth, IN

You mentioned the cap hit if the Packers trade AR before June 1. According to OTC the Packers are currently $16.4M under the cap and trading Rodgers now would add about $8.7M to their cap liability this year. That would seem to leave about $7.7M available to sign their draft picks and whatever other signings they may do and that doesn't seem like enough. Am I missing something? Are there other ways they can find to stay cap compliant this year?

Restructuring David Bakhtiari's contract would clear a decent chunk of cap space for this year, and there are a couple of other veterans whose deals could be reworked for smaller portions of cap relief if needed.

Evan from Durango, CO

Mike, as you mentioned if we trade Rodgers we have a significant dead cap hit this year, but after that it's all off the books. If Rodgers returns we will have huge dead money for years to come, and in all likelihood no future prospects at the most vital position. Do you know if there's a way Rodgers could sign a new deal or do a restructure before a trade that would alleviate some of the concerns for both teams?

Not so fast on the "no future prospects" idea. The Packers wouldn't be forced to trade Love if Rodgers returns. I've said all along another year of the status quo remains a possibility, though it's growing more remote by the day. Regarding Rodgers' contract, as far as I know, there's nothing the Packers can do about their immediate cap hit in the event of a trade, because that hit reflects money already out the door and/or previously restructured. In fact it might get a little larger if, in order to close the deal, the Packers are forced to absorb some of the bonus money a new team would owe him. If Rodgers were to restructure or redo his contract, the new team's cap would benefit, not the Packers'. If he stays, both parties have indicated reworking his deal to help Green Bay's cap would be considered.

Ed from Racine, WI

If AR is traded how do see the QB room filling? Signing a veteran such Andy Dalton or drafting a rookie or both?

As I've said before, I think the Packers would have to sign an affordable veteran backup and draft a developmental QB in the mid to late rounds.

Lori from Heredia, Costa Rica

Hey Spoff, I know, I know. There's no math at Bushwood and no gambling in the Inbox. But what kind of percentage chance do you think there is for the Packers and Jets to repeat the preseason extra practice days again this August?

Those practice arrangements come together when teams have a preseason game scheduled against one another. I have heard nothing in regard to 2023 preseason opponents.

Jason from Friesland, WI

Looking at a cap website I noticed the Eagles have over $54 million in dead money this year. I understand the Packers are going to have some high numbers coming up but the Eagles' numbers seem crazy to me. How can they field a competitive team when nearly one-fourth of the budget is paying men working for other teams?

Their quarterback is still on his rookie contract. Not for long, though.

Randy from Arcola, IN

Mike, your answer to Eric on the FB question covered most of the points. One I think you missed though, is why do I need a fullback to run the ball when my entire offensive line can push the RB down the field?

Hopefully that's not an option much longer.

Dave from Comer, GA

Every offseason brings change to the team. Hopefully it will be positive change. From bringing in new players through the draft or FA, new coaches, star players recovering from injury, losing players through FA, retirement or trades, changes to the locker room makeup is inevitable. How much does that "atmosphere" or "chemistry" really matter?

Plenty. Football, more so than any other sport, is about trusting the guys next to you to do their jobs, even when all players have their own careers and contracts to worry about. Winning always helps chemistry, but an atmosphere of accountability breeds winning.

Josh from Long Beach, CA

With the non-exclusive franchise tag, if the team opts not to match a contract, does the team get the two first-round picks from the signing team or the league? What year or years do they get them? Are they given at the end of the round or when the team is slotted for their selection?

The two first-round picks are surrendered by the team signing the franchised player, and they are that team's first-round slots in the upcoming and subsequent drafts.

Take a look at photos of Green Bay Packers CB Rasul Douglas during the 2022 NFL season.

Jeff from Omaha, NE

Do practice-squad players share the same locker room, meeting rooms, training and rehab facilities, etc., as the roster guys, or do they use different areas? Is it consistent across the league or do teams handle that differently?

Practice-squad players use all the same facilities. In Green Bay, they have a small auxiliary locker room connected to the main locker room.

Bruce from Jackson, WI

Mike, you were recently asked who would get introduced at the extra odd game this year between the offense and defense. I respectfully submit the we-fense earned the right for that game the way they played last year! Especially when you consider at different times during the year the offense and defense were far from stellar. Some of these players may never get the opportunity to experience being introduced and run onto Lambeau Field. Thoughts?

Several readers have brought this up over the past week. It's not my purview, but assuming they're re-signed, the franchise's all-time leading scorer and a first-team All-Pro returner getting introduced and running out of the tunnel wouldn't be a bad thing.

TK from Grafton, WI

Can a bad team have great uniforms? Or does the association with losing ruin any positive judgment?

I think an overall lack of success can limit the degree of appreciation. Until about a dozen years ago when they went to newfangled fonts that make their uniform numbers borderline unreadable (at least from the press box), I always thought the Lions had really sharp duds.

Scott from Sauk City, WI

With all due respect to Mr. Kuhn, his block of Julius Peppers (you know which one) remains the best block in franchise history, and I love that it was a fullback that made it.

Uh, Jerry Kramer would like a word, Scott.

Chris from New Canaan, CT

IMO, inefficiency in the red zone is the reason GB missed the playoffs. The data regarding RZ inefficiency is undeniable. The problem needs to be fixed. In your opinion, is that a specific situational skill set that can, to some extent, be addressed in the draft? Is it even a consideration or is this getting too granular? I can imagine, for example, scouts evaluating how WRs perform when the end zone boundary comes into play and the field gets short. "Or am I being obtuse? ..."

You don't draft for a specific situational skill set, as you put it, but new additions to the perimeter group on offense can provide more schematic options in red-zone and goal-to-go situations. That said, it's a lot to ask rookies to make that level of impact right away, so it still mostly falls on the coaches' plans and the players' execution to improve in order to realize better efficiency.

Anthony from Sturgeon Bay, WI

II guys, what exactly defines "tampering"? Take Rodgers and Hackett, obvious good friends that like to keep in touch. The NFL is littered with relationships that clearly go from team to team simply because of the constant roster and coaching changes. Does the NFL have the right to invade personal relationships when determining tampering?

If the league determines there's been communication that could constitute tampering and needs to be investigated, it'll look under every rock. But it's not constantly looking into personal communications unless a formal investigation has been launched.

Shannon from Ovilla, TX

While I agree the offense was a big part of the five-game losing streak I think maybe the defense is being let off the hook a bit. They played decently in the Washington and Jets games but ultimately couldn't stop Taylor Heinicke and Zach Wilson in crucial situations. Part of the inconsistency all season long.

Very true, but I was asked to point to the biggest reason for the five-game losing streak. The defense allowed the Jets only three points on their first eight possessions, scored a TD (almost two) at Washington, and held the Lions to 15 points at Detroit. That side of the ball was far less culpable during that rough stretch than the offense.

Mike from St. Louis Park, MN

Revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night...thanks Spoff! You made my day! No matter what happens,

We get down, but we never get tired.

We're gonna make it through the night.

Even if the calliope crashes to the ground. Happy Thursday.

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