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Inbox: Perhaps the Packers tap into his versatility

Some solutions are too simple

LB Quay Walker
LB Quay Walker

Darren from Wakefield, WI

In my research that could be wrong, though I've been to Grafton, Wisconsin has roughly 4,000 more lakes than Minnesota. I just never knew how WI took the lake total title until now. The things we learn in the Inbox.

Glad to be of assistance.

Mike from Algoma, WI

As bad as the "trade that shall not be mentioned henceforth in II" was. As bad as the Vikings giving "5,000 lakes" and more for Walker. As bad as the Bears moving up in the draft to NOT pick Mahomes. The worst trade of all time has to be Ditka giving all 12 picks, plus two of the top three the next year to move up seven to pick Ricky Williams to play just three seasons for the Saints. Can anyone ever top that ridiculous trade?

Gary from Cross Plains mentioned the same one. For the record, it was six picks, not 12, plus the future two. I don't know, I still think the Walker trade was worse. At least the Saints got over 3,000 yards rushing and 1,000 yards receiving out of those three years with Williams. The Vikings got less than 3,000 rushing and receiving yards combined out of Walker's three years. Plus, Dallas used the proceeds from the Walker trade to draft a Hall of Famer (Emmitt Smith) and another HOF finalist (Darren Woodson), whereas Washington found just one HOFer (Champ Bailey) via the Williams haul. Flip a coin, I guess. They're both abominable trades. As an aside, somehow the other day I misstated when it'll be 50 years since the Hadl trade, which is actually next year. Must've been PTO hangover, but kudos to Bill from Raleigh himself for keeping me straight.

Andy from Kentwood, MI

Mike, Elgton Jenkins was the 44th selection in the 2019 Draft. Do you think he'd have been a surefire first-round pick knowing what we know now?


Dar from Mansfield, TX

Spoff, in past years I've marveled at the Packers' prescient (my big word of the day) ability to have their team needs align with the strengths of a given draft class. That said, the strongest position group in this year's draft is said to be cornerbacks, a position of strength for the team. Ted Thompson used to say you can never have too many good CBs. Despite the Packers' other needs, is it possible we'll see Brian Gutekunst draft a CB on Day 2 or 3?

Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.

John from Jupiter, FL

Morning gentlemen. Is asking for compensation if a player retires a year after being traded a common thing? Seems to me it's a you-want-him-or-not scenario. Why should the team he leaves be responsible for what he does after a season with his new team? Thanks.

I'm inclined to agree, though I understand this case is regarding a HOF player whose career is a year-to-year proposition at this point, and reasonable compensation for one year of his services versus more years is tough to gauge. The Packers don't really care how much longer Rodgers plays, but from the Jets' perspective, they're right back in this same spot next year looking for a franchise QB if he's one-and-done.

Jake from Decatur, GA

I'm sorry, but since we're talking about it again, didn't Gutey say last week that he's not asking for the Jets' top pick?

Not exactly. I'm sure he's asked for it, but he indicated to the media it's not necessary to get the deal done.

Joe from Wausau, WI

Could you see the NFL putting pressure on the Packers and Jets to get the Rodgers deal done from a scheduling standpoint? The Jets with Rodgers are a major primetime attraction. With Zach Wilson not so much.

Obviously the league would like certainty as it sorts out the schedule between now and the mid-May release, but what could the commissioner actually do? Tell the Jets he'll pay some of Rodgers' guaranteed money and hand the Packers draft picks produced out of thin air?

Margeaux from Tallahassee, FL

I think Chip from Bev Hills, MI, is onto something. As you suggested the Pack won't spill the beans but a major motion picture on the courting of Aaron Rodgers could fly in New York especially if the Jets win the Super Bowl. A prime example of something close to the same idea is in theaters right now, "Air."

I've got to find time to see that movie.

Kevin from Tinton Falls, NJ

Sorry if this has been discussed, but Mike's response to Ted from Findley, OH, said you think a rookie could start at TE. Do you not think Josiah Deguara could be a starting TE on this team? Does he maybe fill more of a Big Dog type of role where he's mostly a blocker and we still need to find a pass-catching TE? I know it may be hard to judge as we haven't seen a ton of him yet, but I'm curious what you think. Thanks!

Deguara is the starting tight end right now, most likely, and he still may be come Week 1 regardless of whom the Packers acquire in the draft. But I could see a rookie who's more of a downfield receiving threat than Deguara beat him out for that starting spot. It would be a legit competition. That's all I meant.

Mark from Westminster, CO

I would expect Keisean Nixon to be a key contributor in running the jet sweep. His ability to analyze his blocks and see running lanes makes him the perfect candidate for this play's execution. I'll bet you a double brat with mustard that Keisean runs the jet sweep at least once in the first six games (your choice of brat manufacturer).

I'm not going to take that bet, and gambling remains illegal at Bushwood anyway. Plus, mustard is prohibited on my brats.

Neil from Tunbridge Wells, UK

Well done Brice Turang on his first home game, home run and grand slam. Has a Packers rookie had such an impact in his first home game?

In Week 1 of 2007 at Lambeau, Mason Crosby made field goals of 53, 37 and 42 yards, the last one with two seconds left for a 16-13 win over the Eagles.

Michael from Mebane, NC

Mike, your answer to Michelle from Ringgold about rebuild seems like it might require more assessment than just whether or not a rookie is starting in that particular position. You mentioned rookies potentially starting in Week 1 at tight end, safety and edge rusher. Agree with those, but compared to last season, we have all three WRs as different starters from last year's Week 1 starters, as well as QB and K. Seems closer to rebuild than reload?

Only one of last year's Week 1 starters at receiver finished with more catches and yards than two of the receivers who will be starting this year. As I said, a new QB means a reset, or a transition, whatever you want to call it. When you're coming off 8-9, it's not a reload. But it's not by default a rebuild, either.

Dennis from Boise, ID

While watching a baseball game the other day, the announcer pointed out the home plate umpire wears a buzzer device to alert him to a pitch clock violation so he doesn't have to be watching the pitcher and the clock. Too bad NFL refs can't do that. Think that would ever happen? Either that, or let's stop showing the countdown on TV at least – save some aggravation for those of us at home.

Some solutions are too simple.

Nathan from Manitowoc, WI

With the Packers bidding on the 2025 NFL Draft, when will the NFL make a decision on who will host it?

We might hear something from the next round of league meetings in late May. Fingers crossed.

Nathan from Philadelphia, PA

Is there any (non-specialist) position you'd be surprised if the Packers draft on the first two nights of the draft? Given "best player available," this is a pretty short list most years. This year, I'd say ILB. Surely we wouldn't invest a high pick two years in a row at a non-premium position where we also have a recent All-Pro … right? Other than that, I'd welcome a future playmaker at pretty much any position.

Me, too, and I pretty much agree. Though just for grins and giggles I will say spending another high pick on an inside LB might signal thoughts or plans on using Walker as an edge rusher in some capacity. Perhaps the Packers tap into his versatility, we shall see. Drafting a QB on the first two nights would also surprise me, but famous last words, right?

Jeff from Omaha, NE

I've always been a stadium geek and found the quirks or hidden features most people don't know about fascinating. For example, Memorial Stadium in Lincoln used to have a crushed rock running track under east stadium for track practice, and Tom Osborne was known to jog under there nearly every day. Any such hidden gems like that at Lambeau Field that the common person may not know about but find interesting or unique?

I don't know of any luminaries' personal habits or routines (unless Wes's annual walk around the upper concourse before Week 1 counts). Those who have been on a stadium tour already know this, but during the 2003 renovation, they took some of the actual bricks from the previous players' tunnel and inserted them in the concrete toward the end of the new tunnel, marking them with a plaque to honor their significance. I think that's pretty cool.

Caleb from Knoxville, TN

Favorite Packers-themed sports book?

There are too many good ones to narrow it down. I will say I've been blessed with my best offseason of sports reading in quite some time. I've hit on a winner every time I've picked up a book. Since the season ended, I've read "Our Team" on the 1948 Cleveland Indians, "One Shot At Forever" on a 1970s high school baseball team from Illinois, "The Church of Baseball" on the making of "Bull Durham," Tyler Kepner's history of the World Series ("The Grandest Stage"), and last week I just started Jeff Pearlman's new biography on Bo Jackson ("The Last Folk Hero"). All good stuff.

Andrew from Burke, VA

Forget about Dak from Prescott. What are the chances a legitimate Mike from Spofford, NH, writes in with a question? Emphasis on legitimate…I don't think Wes needs any more scares when he is steering the ship on his own.

Apparently the late, great comedian George Carlin attended summer camp on Spofford Lake in NH, and his family scattered some of his ashes in the lake. For whatever that's worth.

Kelly from Kimballton, IA

Forget the New York press, do you think Rodgers will have any run-ins with the New York Bozo?

Nicely done.

Scott from Norwalk, CT

Hey, I can see Grafton from my back porch. Can I be VP of the II team?

Oh my. Wes is back tomorrow, folks, and the regular daily rotation resumes. Happy Wednesday.

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