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Inbox: That can open a lot of corridors for the offense

It’s the same vessel that’s continually kept Green Bay in the thick of things 

QB Aaron Rodgers

Richard from Madison, CT

Hey II, of all the players that moved before midnight Tuesday, whom do you think would have helped the Pack the most?

I wanted to see them make a move for Armstrong.

Doug from Lafayette, OH

I hope you're finding some peaceful moments during these unusual times. What is the general mood around 1265 Lombardi Avenue?

There's still optimism in the air. Aaron Rodgers talked at his locker on Wednesday afternoon about how this team isn't breaking. No one is turning on anyone. Kenny Clark mentioned there hasn't been a need for a player-led meeting or anything. They still believe in the vision and mission.

Jason from Sioux Center, IA

After reading all the trade consternation, maybe a brief lesson on opportunity cost is in order?

Like I said Tuesday, the Packers were either going to make a move, or they weren't. Those were the two possible outcomes, and both came with risk. But even if the Packers acquired a receiver, the direction of this offense was going to fall on the health and development of the young skill-position players already on this roster.

Jeff from Athens, WI

I get the frustration that fans feel about not getting a deal by trade, but that is not the only option to improve the team and roster. Free agents are always available, and I believe Brian Gutekunst is aware of who is, or will be, available. What is more important in my opinion is to have the players already there do some serious self-scouting to look for ways to improve their play. It takes everyone doing their part to win in this league and wins are never guaranteed. Best practice right now – Patience!

For all these trades that happened, there weren't many players I would've been interested in. D.J. Moore wasn't getting traded and Brandin Cooks' contract is an albatross. A lot of folks liked Chase Claypool, but to me, there wasn't an Emmanuel Sanders-type out there that could've complemented the pieces the Packers already have. Fans want action, but they also must ask themselves one question: Are you making a trade to get better or are you making a trade to say you got better? There's a difference.

Josh from Green Bay, WI

Maybe the mantra for this week is "Somebody's gotta pay." Hopefully, it's the Lions. Take all the aggression out on them and play a complete game. That's my hope. Go Pack!

The Packers need a victory more than style points right now. A blowout would be the cherry on top but ending this four-game skid is the goal at Ford Field. Just win.

Al from Green Bay, WI

In order to turn this ship in the right direction, we need a few players to take their game up a notch or two. I loved what Aaron Jones, Jaire Alexander and Romeo Doubs did against Buffalo, and I hope their impact will drive success. Which players on each side of the ball do you expect to make a bigger impact in the games to come?

Getting Christian Watson healthy would be a good start. The rookie brings an irreplaceable element to this Packers offense. It's not even just the deep threat. It's the jet motions and misdirections, too. Defensively, it's anyone involved in the pass rush getting home. The Packers have had so many pressures the past few weeks but haven't been able to get the QB to the turf. You saw each of the last two games what's possible when the quarterback is under duress.

Laird from Yelm, WA

The Packers always seem to find a great receiver in the middle rounds. I think Romeo Doubs could be another. What do you say?

Doubs is on pace for 63 catches, 630 yards and six touchdowns, putting him up there with Greg Jennings and James Jones for most production by a Packers rookie receiver over the last 16 years. As long as Doubs keeps learning and growing, the Packers appear to have found something special in the Nevada receiver.

Scott from Hamlin, NY

We seem to always hope for some explosive plays quickly. While this leads to a fast start when successful, it also leads to famine when not. If we set out to establish the run early, we give our defense a chance to stay fresh later in the game. Even if we don't start fast, it can help us finish fast against a worn-out defense. Can we please just once start off pounding the rock?

There were a lot of positives in Buffalo. The recipe was just off by a few teaspoons. That said, I liked the downfield opportunities later in the game and how the passing game built off running the ball well early. There's still a balance the Packers have to strike, but a 31-carry, 208-yard rushing day can open a lot of corridors for the offense.

Jamie from Manchester, UK

Hey Insiders! I know most of the talk will be about the trade deadline today, but I wanted to highlight a positive from Sunday: Samori Toure's first TD was fantastic! It reminded me of Robert Tonyan's first TD in Seattle a few years ago. All we can do now is watch and hope the receivers we do have can pull it together and turn this thing around and I'm here for the ride. Go Pack Go!

Rodgers mentioned on "McAfee" that he told Toure a few weeks ago, "You're too talented to be a healthy scratch every week," and he talked even more about the rookie on Wednesday. I'm hoping to write more on him later this week. But you can tell the kid wants it – and he didn't blink when the play was there to be made.

Kerry from Lakewood Ranch, FL

Some of the best offensive plays in the league are when QBs move out of the pocket and make accurate throws while on the run. Think Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen. But they have nothing on Rodgers, who has the arm and accuracy to make those throws on the move. We saw some of that against the Bills and hopefully there is more to come.

And more importantly, the receivers extended plays with him. It's going beyond just the X's and O's in the offense and feeling plays develop. Matt LaFleur's scheme has worked well the past 3½ years, but Rodgers' ability to create is still the secret sauce. Again, it comes down to balance and execution, but I liked what I saw Sunday.

Jay from North St Paul, MN

Hey II, longtime first-time. I absolutely love the Pony package, as it always seems to have the defense guessing. Is there anyone on the team to use this formation more without putting too much wear on Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon? Maybe the oft-maligned other A. Rodgers? Keep up the great work!

The Packers have only used Jones and Dillon in the package, but Kylin Hill could be a candidate now that he's back. Green Bay was looking for more ways to get the seventh-rounder involved last year before the ACL injury.

Mark from Bettendorf, IA

At 3-5, what will the Packers need to accomplish the rest of the way to call this a successful season?

Avoid the doldrums in all three phases. It is difficult to hit every key and stay on tempo for 60 minutes, but winning teams can regroup and march forward. That's what Buffalo did Sunday night. The Bills went three-and-out on their first series – and then scored on five straight possessions.

Jon from Laramie, WY

Call me crazy but trading a two for Claypool seems like an awful steep price. Plus, the Pack would have to have offered more than that to overcome the Bears' offer.

The trade makes sense for the Bears, who had a need at receiver and now have 1½ years of contractual control to determine whether Claypool is a long-term fit. The only part that threw me off was doing this deal in the aftermath of trading away two of your biggest locker-room leaders in Roquan Smith and Robert Quinn. I'm curious how that locker room responds.

Dustin from Kansas City, MO

Leave it to the Bears to be both buyers and sellers at the trade deadline. I may not always agree with Gutey's choices or understand why he does things the way he does, but I'm glad he seems to have a clear path he follows, and he sticks to it. It makes it much easier to trust the process from my point of view.

I think you hit the nail on the toe…You have front offices in the three other NFC North locations that are cooking with the leftover ingredients in the cabinet. The Packers have a process, and they trust that process. This ship wasn't built for one journey. It's the same vessel that's continually kept Green Bay in the thick of things for 15 years.

Michael from Pound, WI

Gents, after losing Davante Adams and coaches we knew this offensive production was possible. We knew that Joe Barry's defense had a handful of really good games last year, but that was it and these defensive miscues were possible. We knew that this OL issue was possible due to injuries and FA losses. We knew that there wasn't a lot of money left for game-changing FAs. We know it's hard to attract FAs to WI. One or two of these things we could weather, not all. No surprises here. It sucks, but it will pass, right?

The current state of affairs in Green Bay comes with the ebb and flow of a normal NFL season. The Packers hadn't faced much adversity as it relates to wins and losses during Matt LaFleur's first three seasons, but it's there now. The key is staying confident and mentally tough. If you let a strong tide engulf your spirit, that's when teams lose their bearings. The Packers must keep their focus to see what's on the other side of this rough patch.

Joe from Sarasota, FL

Any chance the Packers would use a two-tight end formation more often? To me it would make sense with all the tight ends they have and two good running backs. As I recall Mike Holmgren did quite well with it when he had Keith Jackson and Mark Chmura.

The Packers do quite a bit of that already, especially with Josiah Deguara's ability to line up as an H-back.

Levi from St. Paul, MN

Hello II, thanks again for this outlet. I also was disappointed that GB did not trade for a WR but if reports are true, they offered the same as Chicago, but Pittsburgh thinks Chicago will have a higher pick. And the Vikings getting that TE from Detroit almost looks like a rental like MLB. Either way this team is not one player away from greatness. They have the talent. They just need to execute and get that O-line healthy. Go Pack

I couldn't believe the Lions traded T.J. Hockenson. That's a great deal for the Vikings, with or without Irv Smith. Two days ago, containing Hockenson was going to be one of my keys to victory for Sunday. Now, Jared Goff is down one go-to target.

Caleb from Knoxville, TN

What's the state of Detroit's special teams?


Richard from Telford, TN

I was glad to see "12" compliment Toure for breaking off his route to get open. It gives receivers confidence. The prior week Doubs didn't, and the ball went to open grass. It's sad to think if this team had played like this every week, we could be 7-1 and not 3-5.

A record reflects consistent performance. The Packers have had moments – even strong moments in these recent losses but they haven't done enough consistently to win. This Sunday is an opportunity to get back on track and show this team is better than the 3-5 start suggests on paper.

Glen from Eugene, OR

Instead of putting Jordy Nelson into the Packers Hall of Fame, why didn't they sign him to a one-day contract, and then trade him to the Texans for Brandin Cooks?

Then, um, why wouldn't…the Texans…just sign Jordy themselves?

Lori from Cherry Valley, IL

Just wondering when we might play Detroit on Thanksgiving Day. It's been a while since like 2013? Go Pack Go!

Hopefully the year after I retire.

Tim from Atlantic Mine, MI

Hey Wes, if a Porsche is your thing, I was able to get a 2002 911 Carerra convertible with only 35,000 miles in perfect condition for way less than any new car on the market. Once I pull it out of storage after this winter, you're welcome to the UP for a drive, or the next time I'm through Green Bay…

You had my curiosity…but now you have my attention.

Jim from Cedar Rapids, IA

Is there an update on a pep rally in Detroit?

We already did our three regular-season pep rallies. As we've done in the past, the pep rallies will be back during a potential playoff run.

Bill from Mediapolis, IA

So, is Gute tipping his hand by not trading for another player? Could we see OBJ on our roster in a few weeks?

There's only one way to find out: Win. Have a great Thursday, universe.

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