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Herb Adderley redefined what it meant to play cornerback

QB Aaron Rodgers and Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer

Al from Green Bay, WI

It's in the faint recesses of my memory, but when I first became an avid football/Packers fan, Herb Adderley was "the man" at the corner along with Willie Wood. It was just after the glory years, which wouldn't return for 30 years, but I still remember playing backyard football, trying to emulate those men. RIP, Herb Adderley.

Adderley is one of the greatest players to ever wear a Packers uniform and his legacy will live on forever in Green Bay. Adderley wasn't just a Pro Football Hall of Fame player and a six-time NFL champion. He redefined what it meant to play the cornerback position. How Vince Lombardi initially tussled with where Adderley should play at first only adds to his story. What an incredible life well-lived.

Glen from Leesburg, VA

RIP Herb Adderley. He won Super Bowl rings with the Packers and the Cowboys, but I believe he said the ones with the Packers meant more to him than the others. He was a superstar and one of the players from that era that could certainly have played in today's game. The Packer faithful lost a great one today.

Adderley went on to a very successful career with the Cowboys but always spoke most passionately about his time in Green Bay. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Jacob from Mason, OH

Who are the key players to beat the Vikings?

This game comes down to the running games. The Packers are almost back to full strength on the defensive line with Kenny Clark off the injury report and Tyler Lancaster returning to practice this week. Dalvin Cook and Alexander Mattison present a big challenge for any defense but this is the type of test I feel Green Bay's front needs right now, especially with Kamal Martin back in the lineup. If you can contain the Vikings' run game, it sets up the Smiths and Co. to go to work against Kirk Cousins.

Jeffrey from Eau Claire, WI

Will Aaron Jones be suiting up?

No. The Packers will be airing another episode of the Jamaal Williams show again Sunday, featuring guest star AJ Dillon.

Sandy from Green Bay, WI

Would you say the NFL season played under COVID conditions is going about how you would have predicted at the onset of this endeavor? From your perspective, what adjustments would you recommend that might allow the games to be continued to be played with limited/no interruption?

For the most part. I haven't liked seeing the cases bubble up over the past month, but it's somewhat unavoidable with the spikes throughout the country. The NFL and NFLPA made the right call from the start with daily testing. Extending that into the regular season was the right adjustment to make. That, with players and coaches following proper protocol around their facilities, enables teams to isolate positive cases in an efficient manner.

Lee from Leesburg, FL

How has not having fan noise affected the play?

I'll let Mike Zimmer handle this one. This was his comment when asked about the start Aaron Rodgers is off to: "His hard count is unbelievable. He hard-counts somebody every game. He's gotta be loving this no-fan thing, I'm sure." As much as I know he misses the fans, Rodgers has feasted on silence this year. I've personally enjoyed how complimentary Rodgers and Zimmer always have been of each other over the years. That's what this game is all about.

Michelle from Ringgold, GA

Who comes out with the best offensive numbers in Sunday's rematch with the Vikings?

Rodgers, Williams, and as my good friend Taylor would say, "No. 17 Davante Adams" should have the best shot at it. If the Packers are to win on Sunday, big days from any of those three likely will factor into the decision.

Sal from Hailey, ID

Any news on the Kevin King front? If he's unavailable, who's your pick for covering Justin Jefferson?

King is out, so it likely will again be Josh Jackson starting on the perimeter. Jackson played well last week but Mike Pettine has a decision to make with how he wants to utilize Jaire Alexander against the Vikings. I think Spoff might have the best theory, though – line Alexander up across from Jefferson in between the 20s to shield against explosive plays and switch him to Adam Thielen inside the red zone.

Connie from Madison, WI

Yesterday someone praised the play of Elgton Jenkins, but can we give a shout-out to Corey Linsley? Dude has been rock solid since we drafted him.

This actually was the premise of the story I wrote on Linsley at the beginning of the month. He's been everything the Packers have wanted and more in a starting center over the past seven years – tough, athletic and durable. He's only eight starts away from 100 for his Packers career.

Pete from Sheffield, UK

Hi Wes, Mike referenced the huge TD on a screen to Eddie Lacy against the Bears back in 2014. Although the receivers' blocking was great on that play, the most impressive thing for me was the offensive line. If memory serves me right, three of them were banged up going into that game, and I think the injuries Josh Sitton and T.J. Lang had were pretty significant foot injuries that would hinder someone's ability to get downfield.

That was such an athletically gifted offensive line. And tough, so tough. I'm pretty sure Bryan Bulaga's one missed start represented the only time that starting five wasn't together all season, but those guys played through a lot to stay on the field. I remember Lang and Sitton both needing to take a golf cart from the visiting locker room at Mercedes-Benz Stadium to get across the field to the buses midway through that year. That group was exceptional at screens and Lacy was the perfect complement.

Lloyd from Rancho Cordova, CA

Without preseason, we are seeing many new players get their big chance during live regular games. Are there any new players you are waiting with great expectation to see get their chance?

Josiah Deguara. I loved watching him in practice this summer and you saw it briefly carry over into the opener against Minnesota. You hate to see any player go down with a significant injury but that one, in particular, was tough to watch because of all the work Deguara put in to being a Year 1 difference-maker for the Packers. There is so much to like about Deguara in LaFleur's offense.

Meagan from Wausau, WI

How often does it happen that the Packers are done with a divisional opponent by Week 8? And haven't even played against another.

It's rare, especially when you consider the Packers are still a month from playing Chicago for the first time (though they did play the Lions in Week 2). But this is the first time since 2009 the Packers will have their season series with Minnesota wrapped up by Week 8.

Josh from Chicago, IL

Can we please get a You Got Lucas'd clip every week? It doesn't need any sound or graphics, just the All-22 of Lucas Patrick putting someone on their ass! Pretty please?

How great is Larry (and Tyler's voiceover)? If you haven't checked it out yet, the video is absolutely worth your time.

Nathan from Lino Lakes, MN

Can you update me on the status of Jordan Love? Can he play in a pinch if needed? Is he inactive completely? If both QBs get COVID, is Love available on short notice?

Yeah. Love is on the 53-man roster. He just hasn't been active on game day.

Nathan from Philadelphia, PA

Are we sure the Vikings aren't that good when they nearly beat the Titans and Seahawks, who clearly are good?

Outsiders love to toss labels like "good" and "bad" on teams but I promise you Matt LaFleur and his coaches aren't thinking in those terms. The Packers need to beat the Vikings Sunday and they're ready for Minnesota's best effort. That's it. The rest is noise pollution.

Arthur from Altoona, WI

I have a helmet question. Why do some helmets look like they have a trapdoor on the crown? Is that an access to make adjustments or for something else?

They used to refer to those as the "Speed Flex" helmets, which started around 2013 or so. I'm not sure what they're called these days but that modification provides more give in the helmet to help prevent concussions and serious head/neck injuries.

David from San Francisco, CA

Maybe I'm alone on this one, but I'd rather see the Seahawks win and give us an opportunity next week to squarely knock SF out of the playoff picture early.

That doesn't make any sense to me. You wanna knock a team out of the playoffs that you've now proven you can beat?

George from Beaverton, OR

If Mason Crosby was ever hurt in-game, who could take over the kicking duties?

First, I have to say I've been to Beaverton. Lovely place. I took a photo at the welcome center. JK Scott would handle kicks if Crosby were ever unable to finish a game.

Jeff from Belton, TX

Do you think this is going to be the busiest trade deadline for the NFL? What is the rule involving teams releasing players after the trade deadline? Are those players eligible for the playoffs or is there a deadline like other sports?

I expect it to be the typical trade deadline – a few trades. Nothing earthshattering. And any player released after the trade deadline is subject to waivers. That's how the Packers got Jared Veldheer last season.

Barry from De Pere, WI

Powerful interview with Bill Curry today on, speaking of Willie Davis, Lombardi, and others enlightening him on the field and off during civil rights struggles then and today. Judy Battista nailed it, much like you guys with your long-form stories. Makes me proud of my team and its history.

Anytime there's a story or video on Bill Curry I make it a point to click on it. I love his backstory and his posts on social media.

John from Charlottesville, VA

Not a question just, wanted to share my favorite hustle play of all time by my favorite player of all time: 2006 Packers vs. 49ers, Al Harris from the back side of the play runs down Frank Gore to push him out of bounds at the 1-yard line saving a 75-yard TD run. The defense holds on the goal line to hold SF to a field goal and set the tone for the day.

And here we are in 2020…and Gore is still a starting NFL running back.

Rod from Chugiak, AK

How about Rodgers' tackle of Urlacher, following the interception AR the only Packer between BU and end zone?

I do remember that one.

Steve from Winnebago, IL

Metcalf's chase down of Baker in that 'Hawks/Cardinals game was great but I remember Robert Brooks chasing down and knocking the ball out the back of end zone from an intercepted ball in Minnesota back in '96 or '97, great hustle play.

And that one, too.

Eddie from La Crosse, WI

The best hustle play I've seen from a Packers player happened many years ago. The Favre-led Packers were very close to the Lions' end zone. Speedy WR Corey Bradford was lined up on the right. Favre threw an interception to the left side...D'OH! The Lions cornerback ran untouched straight down the sideline, but Bradford went on a full sprint, straight down the diagonal of the field, and forced the cornerback out of bounds. He made Barry Allen proud!

OK, now you're starting to outpace a little. I don't recall that one.

Brian from Sussex, WI

Bears at Packers on Dec. 1, 2002. Five seconds left in the half with Bears up 14-6 and Brett Favre throws an interception in Bears territory. The CB is running it back for a TD but Javon Walker runs him down, not allowing the TD with no time left on the clock. The Packers come back to win the game in the second half, 30-20. That's my most memorable Packer chasing down someone to save a TD.

OK, now I'm officially lost. Seriously, how do you people remember this stuff? I already forgot what I ate for breakfast this morning, let alone a Javon Walker play from 18 years ago.

Ron from Superior, WI

If the Packers make a trade before the deadline, does the player have to go through the same testing and waiting as a free agent does due to the pandemic?

The player would need to test negative five times and then pass his physical for the trade to go through. Everson Griffen's trade to Detroit finally was approved Friday.

Jeff from Chandler, AZ

I was pleasantly surprised with how healthy the Pack was last season. It seems karma has caught up to us. Has the Pack ever had as many injuries to key players at this point in a season? If they can equal or exceed their record from last year with all the injuries that would be very impressive indeed.

I love how the curmudgeons always ding me for being too hyperbolic and yet these are like 54% of the questions we get. It's football. Injuries happen. I'm sure the Packers had longer injury reports at some point over the past 102 years.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

Poetry is back,

Lambeau awaits, brisk and bare,

There's no place like home.

Roses are red

The division is black and blue

Jamaal Williams wants to dance

How about you?

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

Foolishly Norsemen approach from the West

Looking to seek revenge from an early defeat

Rise brave men of the Green Bay and drive them back

Defend your homeland

Great challenges lie ahead

And with that, Week 8 is here. Enjoy the game, everybody. Oh…and Happy Halloween!


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