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Inbox: That's where the Packers are trying to get

There’s been something for every player on this roster to learn from

WR Jayden Reed
WR Jayden Reed

Jeff from Cedar Rapids, IA

How are you?

Good, but maybe check on me again after today's column.

Doug from Eugene, OR

Gentlemen, I've written in a lot over the years, but never in the following tone. Hindsight is not 20/20. Hindsight is utterly useless because it makes one think they should or could have known something that they couldn't have possibly known before the fact. I like this team more every week. We are way ahead of the averages on injuries and games lost already and they still have met my preseason standard – be in every game with a realistic chance of winning. This is after all the NFL, is it not?

It is. The Packers are a feisty bunch. In all five games this season, there's been something for every player on this roster to learn from, rookie and veteran alike.

Mike from Baraboo, WI

What adjustments do all the Packers' coaches need to make?

If I knew that answer, Mike, I'd be a coach myself. What I can tell you is the Packers need to start faster on offense and do a better job of containing the run defensively. If the coaches correct those things, there's plenty to like about both sides of the ball. For the defense, the game in Las Vegas was a good example of that. A big reason Green Bay was so successful against the Raiders was its ability to contain Josh Jacobs. When Jacobs finally broke that 24-yard run, it led to a touchdown drive.

Bob from Rome, NY

Wes: Not sure if this was discussed but from your vantage point above did the Raiders do anything to limit Romeo Doubs' targets, catches, and production? Thank you!

I don't think Las Vegas did anything too out of the ordinary. I just think the Raiders pressured well enough that it limited the receivers' ability to get into their routes and Love to push the ball safely downfield.

Charlie from Waukesha, WI

Regarding the 49ers' success, they were doing great in 2017 and then Jimmy Garoppolo was injured in early 2018. The 49ers ended up with the second-overall draft pick in 2019 and chose Nick Bosa, and Deebo Samuel in the second. That injury has ironically paid off, much like Aaron Rodgers' 6-10 first season as a starter.

Like I often say, if a team is experiencing success, look at their past couple drafts and you'll typically see why. Productive draft classes often lead to postseason runs (e.g. the 2010 Packers).

Al from Green Bay, WI

Wes, what are your must-see games this weekend? I know Minnesota and Chicago are off to rocky starts, but I feel like we will learn something about our division this weekend.

As Mike and I talked about on “Unscripted,” Detroit-Tampa is an intriguing battle of feisty teams. I'm also excited to see Philadelphia's offense clash with the New York Jets' defense.

Dennis from Fargo, ND

The first few games I noticed Jordan Love was stepping into his throws and is throwing a great ball and the last few he was throwing off his back foot. I know it's some because of pressure but that last play he could have stepped into the throw to Christian Watson. Is this a problem because of the line or is this becoming a habit?

I'm sure those conversations are ongoing with Tom Clements in the quarterback room. Love faced more pressure in recent weeks, but there's always an internal clock in play, too. Jordan Love stepped up and scrambled on the throw to Christian Watson, which could have factored into him not getting as much depth on the ball as necessary.

Mark from Oxford, UK

So, 2-3 going into the bye isn't a disaster! After the bye week the next three games are against teams with losing records (so far...), giving a real chance to build some momentum. 5-3 after eight games would then leave us in a very good position to get the 10 wins needed to make the playoffs, which I'd say would be a pretty good return from such a young team?

To paraphrase an oldy but a goody from Mike McCarthy, the only thing I care about right now is getting win No. 3. You can't win 4 to 10 until you first win three. The Broncos are the next opportunity.

Brad from Scandia, MN

With all the talk of scheming plays, we lose sight of the fact that the run game (which opens up lots of other options) is very much about who wants it more! The offensive line play has shown me there is not that "dog" out there that wants it more than the guy across from them. Who is the "dog" on the Packers' offensive line that wants it more? Is he on the team right now?

That's fine if that's your assessment but Elgton Jenkins missed just two games after spraining his MCL, Zach Tom played on three days rest with his own knee injury, and Jon Runyan suited up against the Raiders despite barely being able to walk out of the locker room after the Detroit game. The run game hasn't been great. The offensive line has a hand in that. But spare me this "dog" talk.

John from Palmdale, CA

I believe our biggest problem right now is our battered O-line. When (if) they get healthy long enough to string together five or six games so our shiny new tackles and reshuffled guards can adjust to each other they will play to our high standards and the rest of the offense will have time to learn their jobs. Being able to sustain long drives will make life easier on the defense, too.

This is probably a more on-target assessment of where the Packers are. David Bakhtiariand Jenkins are the only offensive linemen whose injuries forced them to miss games, but Josh Myers is the only starter who hasn't been on the injury report this year. The Packers need better health and cohesion up front. Hopefully, the bye week helps them get closer to that.

Dana from Eau Claire, WI

I hope the extra rest gives this young team a reset and coaches time to put together a plan that works at Denver. Does the team travel early to get acclimated to the mile high air?

Doubtful. Recent studies have shown leaving a day early doesn't do much for acclimation.

Bob from Melbourne, Australia

Flagrant professional fouls to prevent scoring at the expense of safety are deeply frowned upon in every other code or sport. Rather than being regarded as good heads-up play and lauded by coaches they should be penalized to the utmost lest they become the norm in negating big plays.

Fair enough. Maybe one way to negate this is to remove the "half-the-distance" condition if a personal foul occurs inside the 20-yard line?

Duane from Oak Creek, WI

The parallels between the 2008 season and this season continue to amaze me. How 'bout you?

I don't really do parallels, but these one-score losses have a similar feel. That's how it goes for a young team learning how to capture the moment in winning time.

Rich from Grand Rapids, MI

Perspective. My daughter is a Division I college golfer in her final year of school. When she first started playing, this dad was a wreck (as are many dads that I see) watching and fretting over every ... single ... shot. Then I decided to just enjoy the show. I stopped watching with anxiety and started watching with interest. A subtle but important distinction. I have employed that perspective watching this year's Packers team and have found far more enjoyment as a fan. GPG.

Congrats Rich. One thing I learned from getting to know parents during my time covering prep sports is that you're going to miss out on the most important moments of your life if you complain and fret too much. This is just a pro football game, but I still think there are lessons to be learned from that perspective. If winning is all there is, then you effectively enjoyed one of Aaron Rodgers' 15 years as the Packers' starting quarterback. But his time in Green Bay was so much more than that – it's memories. It's the competition. It's the entertainment. It's OK to be mad. It's fine to be discouraged. But remember to still enjoy the process.

Ed from Windsor, CO

I am not sure where fans of other teams turn after a difficult loss, but I am sure they have several hot take artists and we have Inbox, the witty voice of reason. Also, we have a bye week, and we don't have an overreactive, loud-mouthed, crazy owner, so we have that going for us. Five down, 12 to go (Pack go).

Amen, brother.

Mike from Racine, WI

Hey guys, I've been a fan for a long time but never wrote in. What game after the bye week are you looking forward to the most? I personally love the division games but what about you? By the way thank you for everything you do for Packer nation.

New York. I always enjoy visiting the Big Apple. There's a wonderful Italian restaurant, Via Della Pace, in the East Village I absolutely love. Denver also should be fun with our Packers Everywhere pep-rally crew. And that's pretty much it. I'm not particularly thrilled about spending three more holidays away from home.

Scott from Wausau, WI

A couple points: First, on the north side of the two-minute warning against Las Vegas, you have to take the timeout even if it is your last. That forces them to play the third down and if they don't get it, they are punting at the two-minute warning. Second, isn't the age-old credo for stopping a good pass rush to run quick hitters, slants, screens and draws? The coaching staff has to be better and that includes Love's release point. Move the chains. Eventually you will get where you need to be.

And that's where the Packers are trying to get. Have a good Friday.

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