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Inbox: We'll all be forever grateful for that season

And the 2020-21 Insider Inbox MVP is…

D-train celebration

11. What will you remember most about the 2020 season?

Jason from Austin, TX

Keeping it to football, I'll remember the uncertainty of the season and each game. I cherished each moment throughout the season from virtual training camp to the weekly practice coverage. Every week that went by I figured was the last one I'd be able to watch that season because the NFL would have to shut things down. But the season rolled on. It was such a break from the doom and gloom reality world that we lived in.

David from Appleton, WI

Hello Insiders! The lasting memory from the 2020 season was the ability to secure NFC Championship Game tickets. This gave my family the opportunity to have a get-together the night before the game ... the last time all six of us were all together as a family before my dad entered a memory care unit later this spring. I brought my son, brothers, brother-in-law, and nephew to the game. We had a blast! The score/winner is immaterial. The memories of the weekend are what matter.

Ryan from Milwaukee, WI

I will remember the 2020 season as the year that my attendance streak was broken. I had been to at least one game each year since 1994 (when I was five years old). Even though I didn't get to see any games in-person, I'm so glad they happened. With all that went on last year, we needed football more than ever. I appreciate all the work by so many people that went into giving us something to watch.

Spencer from Crystal Lake, IL

October 5, 2020, at 1:03 a.m., my daughter made her grand entrance into the world, already showing her spirited and feisty personality. What seemed like 24 hours later, the Packers faced the Falcons on Monday Night Football, played a solid game and came away victorious. That whole day feels like a blur, but it was a great day. (Editor's note: Congratulations!)

Donna from Darien, WI

What I will remember most about the 2020 season is how weird it was to watch the games on television with empty stadiums. It almost looked and sounded like a practice instead of an actual game. I cannot wait to watch the home opener this year and see and hear a full Lambeau Field once again. What a difference a year makes.

Brandon from Kronenwetter, WI

What I will remember most about the 2020 season was the joy that the team played with and just how much fun they were to watch. With the state of the world in 2020, I always had something to look forward to each week. Aaron Rodgers looked like he was having the most fun he had playing in a while. Jamaal Williams and Aaron Jones were a blast to watch, and the team had a lot of success. I am very thankful to be a Packers fan, and I was especially thankful last year.

Deb from Green Bay, WI

I'll certainly remember the silent stadiums, although I'm sure it was more pronounced for other teams compared to us watching on TV. The other thing I'll remember is how football got us through each week as something to look forward to. A time to stop thinking about positivity rates, death rates and the political struggle our country was going through.

Mackenzie from Fort Worth, TX

What I remember most about the 2020 season is being grateful I went to the playoff game against the Seahawks in January 2020 (although getting there was a nightmare due to the ice storm in Chicago) That was my first trip to Green Bay and it was the best day of my life. With the uncertainty of the 2021 season, I am more thankful that I was able to see AR12 in person. I'll be there in October when we play the WFT and I hope for a better travel experience this time around (and AR12)!

Micah from Princeton, NJ

The thing I'll remember most about the 2020 season is probably the game against Tennessee. Heading into the playoffs, I was nervous our rushing defense wouldn't be able to hold up a la 2019 NFCCG, so holding Derrick Henry to under 100 yards (and putting up 40 points) felt like a massive statement win. That game took away any and all fears that we weren't a Super Bowl-caliber team. It was also great to see AJ Dillon's potential coming out as well. It was just a very impactful win.

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Bret from Hertel, WI

The Packers had an excellent attitude and plan dealing with the virus of the century. They met COVID-19 and social issues head on with compassion, class, and dignity. With an MVP quarterback, a young, team-focused coach, and deep flexible roster, they came on drive or play away from making the Super Bowl.

Joseph from Ellsworth, WI

What I will remember most about the 2020 season is the playoff game versus the Rams – 32 points scored against the No. 1 scoring defense. Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey got highlighted on one replay each. Aaron for his personal foul after Elgton Jenkins repeatedly removed his influence from the game, and Jalen yelling at a teammate for failing to switch when Davante Adams' pre-snap motion roasted Jalen for an easy endzone catch. $42.5 million per year of the Rams' cap space (between Aaron and Jalen) relegated to non-factors.

Bob from Riverside, CA

Two things I will remember most about the 2020 season are the eerie sight of empty stadiums and the thankfulness to have Packers football during the pandemic lockdown. One thing I hope to someday forget is the crushing feeling after the NFC Championship Game — we came so far and were so close. Here's to hoping this season helps erase that memory.

Myles from Phoenix, AZ

The thing I will always remember about the 2020 season is how much I embraced the distraction. I cannot state how much I appreciated the NFL making the attempt and successfully completing the season. People who do not follow sports can say that it's not important, but in a year like 2020, the Packers meant everything to me. Although it did not end how we Packers faithful would have wanted, I will always be thankful for the ride.

Sal from Hailey, ID

One of the things I'll remember most about the 2020 season didn't happen on field – it was watching the "Packers Legacy" series. I watched it while my county was under lockdown and my retail store was closed. Each decade was an opportunity to forget the loneliness and anxiety of the present and get lost in the history of the team I love so much. It truly gave me so much joy. A huge thank you to everyone involved! Packers nation salutes you.

Bill from Forest Park, OH

That there actually was a season. Back around May 2020, I'd have bet real money that COVID-19 would end up canceling the season.

Aaron from Brooklyn, NY

My lasting memory of the 2020 season is the Inbox. I live more than 1,000 miles from my family. Due to the pandemic, I didn't get to see them for a year and a half. Every time I'd talk to my mom, she'd tell me about how my dad was so excited every time one of my questions was published in the Inbox. The season was exciting and heartbreaking just like any other, but the Inbox helped me stay just a little bit more connected to my family than was otherwise possible, and for that I'll always be grateful. (Editor's note: We'll all be forever grateful for that season, Aaron. Thank you for your touching comment).

12. Who is your pick for 2021 Inbox Fan of the Year?

Margeaux from Tallahassee, FL

So many great choices for fan of the year. And the winner is: the 3Ds: Dar, Dean and Derek as tri-winners! (Editor's note: Three good options, but as you know, Margeaux, there can only be one.)

Dar from Mansfield, TX

As it was my letter Spoff used to help tamp down an angry Ed from Appleton, let me be the first to rally behind Edward from Appleton, whose good name was sullied. As the expression goes, one bad Appleton can spoil the whole bunch, or something. Stay Inbox strong, Edward! Plus, I like the cool Scissorhands reference by using your full first name. (Editor's note: Ed from Appleton was not among this year's finalists, despite your best efforts, Dar. And with that…).

The second runner-up is…Dar from Mansfield, TX

Shannon from Ovilla, TX

I love Dean's poems and Derek's leads into said poems. Both are great regular contributors too. My vote for the Insider Fan of the year goes to Dar from Mansfield TX though. Consistent and thoughtful questions throughout the year.

And the first runner-up is…Derek from Eau Claire, WI

Keith from Andover, MD

I'm gonna go with Derek from Eau Claire. His questions were usually innocuous and on the tone of the Inbox of any given time, even if he did just comment on his own eligibility. Also, there are some of us down in the basement of the comments section who are hoping you can add a special category for II commenter of the year. Any of you readers up above, you should check us out down here.

And finally, your 2020-21 Insider Inbox MVP is…Dean from Leavenworth, IN

Matthew from Bloomington, IN

I had fully intended to nominate Dean from Leavenworth, IN, last year, before he had submitted a single poem. Now I figure it's practically a consensus pick. Congrats Dean!

Jordan from Virginia Beach, VA

How can Dean NOT win Inbox MVP. His poetic preparation for us every week nearly led us to a Super Bowl. I hope he continues in 2021. His poems get my blood flowing for game day just as much, if not more, than the trailers. I always reread them before kickoff. He also submits thought provoking questions that turn into educational responses from Mike and Wes. Thank you, Dean! And thank you Mike, Wes and the rest of your team. Keep up the amazing work and Go Pack Go!

Deb from Green Bay, WI

Dean's poem every week is also a fond memory from 2020. He's my pick for II fan of the year.

Brian from Twain Harte, CA

What I will remember most about the 2020 season is Dean's epic poems. He is also my pick for 2020 Insider of the Year. Thank you, Dean!

Andy from Verona, WI

With all due respect to the Men (and Women) of the Bay, Packers fans and II submitters, it's Dean by a landslide.

Bob from Grand Rapids, MI

Inbox fan of the year has to be Dean from Leavenworth! He was a consistent voice in a year filled with uncertainties.

Dar from Mansfield, TX

Rise up, Dean of the poets.

The fans of the Bay find you Leavenworth-y to be named one of the chosen.

Ascend to the place of the anointed,

and keep ready thy green and gold quill.

Another campaign lies just ahead.

Congratulations, Dean. Welcome to the unique fraternity of Insider Inbox MVPs. It's richly deserved during a challenging year for all of us. Thank you to everyone who participated in Outsider Inbox this week. I'm off next week but will be back on July 19 to kick off our position-by-position previews. Have a great weekend!


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