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Inbox: You gotta stay positive and learn from the experience

It’s taking the Packers a few too many beats to get into rhythm


Adrian from Oregon City, OR

Observation: The Lions came out and played like their hair was on fire until the score was 24-3. The Packers weren't ready and couldn't match their intensity. Football is emotional. How does ML fix this? It appears to be a pattern…

That's what this long weekend is for. The Packers' coaches will be studying the film and trying to break tendencies, while players heal the body and the mind. Once the team is back together next week, it needs to learn from what happened and make the necessary adjustments. Spoff made a salient point about the Lions handling success and the same is true about the Packers managing setbacks. You can't let what happened Thursday night break you. You gotta stay positive and learn from the experience.

Scott from Las Vegas, NV

It seemed like the majority of plays took several seconds to develop and by then the Lions were already engaging on the QB or runner before the play was executed. Was that because of weaknesses on the O-line, lack of quick slant or screen passes, or just because they can't execute those plays fast enough? I kept waiting for some quick slants or short pass plays and there were only a few.

Matt LaFleur shouldered the blame for some of the early play-calling. While Jordan Love played well in the face of pressure, I'm sure he'd say there were a few times he probably needs to settle for the bluegill instead of waiting for the bass. It's a rhythm-based offense. We all know that. Unfortunately, it's taking Green Bay a few too many beats to get there.

David from Nicholasville, KY

I thought prior to this season that if this team can have a .500 year the future is bright. I still believe that, as there is a lot of learning going on. I think the most recent disappointment with the Lions is one of those "pad-level" games. We all remember those. We were a little high this week but that has happened before, and we have overcome it. Can we ever compete until the run defense improves?

I still feel strongly about the defense's potential, but it needs to defend the run better to win consistently on that side of the ball. LaFleur believes some of those issues can be solved schematically. One possible adjustment he outlined was breaking the two-shell more and deploying an extra safety in the box to help against the run. That opens you open to allowing more big plays through the air, but that's the game defensive coordinators have to play. You only get 11 players out there. How do you use them to stop the opposition?

Joshua from Pineville, LA

What are your thoughts on the second interception last night? I'm honestly not upset about it. It seemed like an inverse of the Patrick Taylor miscue from the Saints game. Romeo Doubs could, and possibly should, have continued his comeback route and sat for an easy first down. Instead, he seemed to feel the DBs bite on a potential run by Jordan Love and went aggressive to get wide open for a potential TD. There will be many more growing pains this year, but the potential is definitely there. GPG!

It's another thing LaFleur touched on Friday – long story short, the scramble drill doesn't start until the quarterback breaks the pocket. Until that happens, the receivers need to stay on their route concept. It's little things like that still need to get ironed out in this talented but developing offense.

David from Florence, AZ

Nothing good in the II today. How about that throw and catch to Jayden Reed? Jordan Love dropped it in perfect and Reed made an over-the-shoulder catch. All we need is Love to do that more often.

Days after Reed's 30-yard catch help spark the Packers in the fourth quarter against New Orleans, I thought he might spur another unlikely comeback with that 44-yarder to end the third quarter. Reed is making a big catch like that every week and Love has led him perfectly on nearly all of them.

Michael from Berrien Springs, MI

Yes, injuries are part of the game, and no one feels sorry for you. But surprisingly, I wasn't that upset over the loss. The Lions are that good and we were that hurting with backups to the backups playing on the O-line. Makes it especially tough on a young QB when he's constantly under duress. Not great to be a game, worse when that game is to them who, btw, also beat Atlanta who beat us. Lots to fix, but I think fixing the O will greatly aid in fixing of the D, don't you think?

I think I would be sweating it more if it looked like Love was flustered. I never saw that. He saw more pressure on Thursday night but still stepped into his throws and delivered the football. There are mistakes but none were panic-induced errors.

Bob from New Britain, CT

An interesting factoid ... David Montgomery is the first Detroit running back to ever have three rushing TDs in one game at Lambeau Field. And how many Detroit coaches besides Dan Campbell can ever say they beat the Packers four consecutive times? I know the season is early, but the Lions suddenly have everyone's attention! I hope we'll do much better when we meet again on their home turf ... with lots of Packer fans in the stands!

You gotta give Dan Campbell and the Lions credit. Even when the run game wasn't producing big yards, Detroit kept feeding Montgomery and Jahmyr Gibbs. In the end, the Lions broke just enough plays to make it all worthwhile. Kalif Raymond's 40-yard run also helped boost those rushing totals.

Glen from Leesburg, VA

Good morning. Rough way to go into a Friday. I couldn't tell from watching on TV, but did the Packers use their TEs to try to slow the rush from the edge? I'm not sure how much it would have mattered as the pressure up the middle was tremendous all night. The second half looked better, but this was too little too late. I can't wait to see this team play an entire four quarters of football.

I didn't notice much chipping by the tight ends, but it also wasn't like the Lions were throwing overload blitzes at Green Bay, either. Detroit generated a fair amount of pressure with stunts and four-man rushes.

Kent from Lewiston, ID

Seems like the players for Detroit have taken on the personality of Coach Campbell: unflappable. I remember him as a player who never quit regardless of the situation. Other than Lombardi, can you think of another coach who changed a losing culture as quickly as Campbell? I'd go with Coach Holmgren, so would love your thoughts.

I have a lot of respect for the team Detroit has built. We've talked for years about how the Lions found the right man for the job in MCDC. What's more, I like the patient approach Brad Holmes has taken with the roster. The Lions didn't try to build Rome in a day. They've been very deliberate about how they wanted to build out their roster and it's working.

Lorah from Stevens Point, WI

Anders Carlson's 50-yard field goal seems to have gone relatively unnoticed. Sure, it had no impact on the outcome of the game but very impressive from the rookie, nonetheless.

Carlson strikes the ball so effortlessly. He banged in that 50-yarder like an extra point. We all know how this game is. You gotta keep hitting it through the uprights on a consistent basis, but Carlson is off to a great start so far.

Sam from Greendale, WI

I understand that the rule is meant to prevent players from jumping over linemen and injuring someone. But why is it allowed if you're lined up within one yard of the line of scrimmage? Wouldn't the run up give you a better chance of clearing the line? Why not just ban jumping over linemen period? It seems like they made it too difficult to execute so it's essentially banned without being completely banned.

That's not the worst idea. I immediately noticed Quay Walker jump over the line of scrimmage on the attempt and honestly had no idea if that was permissible anymore. If we're going to police the action that much, it's probably in the best interest of everyone involved to just outlaw it altogether.

Fans showed up to watch the Green Bay Packers take on the Detroit Lions at Lambeau Field on Thursday, Sept. 28, 2023

Jeffery from Brooklyn, WI

You said Quay Walker couldn't take a running start but isn't that exactly what the Patriot player did by running down the line and when the ball was snapped, he turned in to block it?

Yes, but he did it running horizontally. The key is staying within one yard of the line of scrimmage at all times.

John from Jupiter, FL

Morning Wes. That was an old-fashioned, in-the-trenches butt-whopping. Losing is one thing, everyone will face it sometime but being physically manhandled like that makes it much more difficult to move on from. You walk away knowing they simply took what they wanted. Let's get healthy and see where it leads. Thanks.

The Packers can play smash-mouth football. We've seen it, but the challenge is landing your counterpunch when the opponent comes out swinging. Detroit didn't do anything that surprised me on Thursday night. What did we talk about all week? This game hinged on one team executing its playstyle and controlling tempo. The Lions did that and ran with it in the first half.

Tom from Mt. Juliet, TN

Every so often a team receives an old-fashioned butt kicking and Thursday night was ours. Even the waterboy should be reevaluating his performance. We can all shout to the sky (and Inbox) about what we should have done but it is falling on deaf ears at 1265 Lombardi. We all need to remember this is a team looking for its identity. We know this team will need some time to jell. This team will provide us with a great deal of excitement and a great deal of disappointment. We'll be OK in the end.

The Thursday night games count just as much as Sundays, and you gotta get up for them. At the same time, I'm not going to draw too many conclusions about the Packers from a game in which both teams combined for like seven players being ruled out and another 12 questionable or whatever it was. Green Bay can't do anything about that result until Week 12. Instead, the Packers need to focus on conquering a favorable schedule over the next two months.

Matt from Waunakee, WI

Hi Wes, more of an observation than a question. On Rudy Ford's interception, he's running down the sideline. Jared Goff is about four yards in front of him and he steps out of bounds. You would think defensive player would relish the opportunity to run over the opposing QB and try to pick up some more yards. I believe it's the difference in mentality between the Packers and Lions. Thoughts?

That's another thing I keep going back and forth on because I don't think Ford scores on the play if he stays in bounds. So, is it just a matter of getting an extra shot in on the opposing quarterback? I don't know if I'd promote that, either. I think it's important to play physical football when the game calls for it.

Nick from Plainwell, MI

Good morning, Insiders! Were you surprised David Bakhtiari didn't end up on IR sooner in the season? Do you think he was trying to tough it out for the team after Week 1 at the Bears? I just want to see him back on the field for the Green and Gold.

I wouldn't say I was surprised because I didn't realize the situation had escalated to where it did until shortly before kickoff. I just hope Dave's all right. That's it. He's been on one hell of a rollercoaster for nearly three years. I just hope he finds comfort and hopefully some answers.

Rob from Kenosha, WI

Not a question, but a statement. I was there on Thursday night and there were WAY too many blue jerseys in the stands. Unacceptable. So, to those GOLD package ticket holders who sold their tickets, if you are not going to the game, please relinquish your season tickets to the 60,000-plus people on the season-ticket waiting list. We cannot have opposing fans in our stands especially when the demand for tickets by Packers fans is so high. Let's keep Lambeau green and gold on game day.

That was disappointing and probably something to look into. The Packers fans who made the trip were excellent. There was just too much blue.

Johnny from Nova Scotia, Canada

How many times in Inbox do you wish you could answer with "that's a BS question, man?"

More times than I care to admit. Hey, that's football. These guys are all competitors. Kudos to LaFleur, though. He went out of his way on Friday to apologize to Pete Dougherty for the remark. Predictably, Pete later tweeted that LaFleur "treats everyone with respect all the time" and his apology was unnecessary. It was still a classy move by LaFleur and speaks volumes about his character.

Ryan from Sun Prairie, WI

Three Ryans on the II today, but no Ryan from Sun Prairie. Guess I better ask better questions.

Or move?

Dean from Crawfordville, FL

I learned a long time ago that teams have ups and downs. The Pack will weather their downs and true fans don't badmouth their teams. Go Packer, Go.

The Pack is 2-2 with room for improvement. Onto the next one.

Kevin from Hermansville, MI

Just a comment. Young team with young players. Give this team a chance to find its way. Take a breath…relax.

And maybe get a few extra hours of sleep. Have a good weekend, everybody.

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