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Offense has Mike McCarthy's attention

Entertaining clash of styles in NFC North


Shawn from Kissimmee, FL

It would be great to see a smile on Rodgers' face while drinking a grape crush this Sunday.

I would rather go gently into that good night. Only win; never celebrate.

Dave from Brookings, SD

When the Packers acquired Ketchman, what did the Jaguars receive for compensation?

It was a straight up Ketchman for Kampman deal.

Rick from Fall River, MA

Vic, these Vikings games are always special for me. My uncle, who passed away last year, was a huge Vikings fan since they joined the league.

I'm sorry to hear that about your uncle.

Stevan from Lubbock, TX

Volkswagen had "The Thing." James Arness was "The Thing." The "Fantastic Four" had thing. Boys and girls can have a thing for each other. The South has thang. I can appreciate you had a boxful of things of questionable origin and utility. What an incredibly versatile word we have here. My thing is, I sure hope Aaron doesn't aggravate that golden shoulder this weekend.

How about "The Thing with Two Heads"? Ray Milland's and Rosey Grier's heads were conjoined on the same body. The movie is so bad it's good.

Rashidi from Chicago, IL

Vic, long-time Packers fan in the city of Chicago. I want to know what do you think is the main thing the Packers must do to win this game? It seems teams are daring Aaron to throw the ball. Do you think the Packers should try to establish the run game early? I hope the boys come home with a win.

Here's the thing: I think this is a throw-the-ball, stop-the-run game.

Jon from Los Angeles, CA

What will Damarious Randall do this week? The goal line stand against San Diego, the interception against Denver, the interception near the red zone against Carolina, and the recovered onside kick against Detroit. I love watching this guy play football.

How about a return for a touchdown? That would be a great thing.

Marcos from Sucre, Bolivia

Vic, let's hear your case for challenging the offense to score.

Good crowd out there tonight, boys. Let's really try to win this one.

Dan from Houston, TX

Vic, I know how you feel about must-win games, but I get the sense you believe to be NFC North champions this is a must win for the Packers. Any truth to that?

It's not a must-win game to win the North. It's a must-win game to avoid talking about the wild-card race next week.

Eric from St. Louis, MO

What would it take for a season to be considered bad in your book?

If I died or missed a deadline, that would be a bad thing.

Jordan from Hartford, WI

I really like the idea of putting Lacy in at fullback with Starks playing halfback. I think this could open up some things for us and give us more options out of the backfield. What do you think?

Who's going to block? Those are feature backs. You're going to wear them out blocking, which is neither player's strength? Run the risk of them getting injured doing what they don't do best? Then who runs the ball? I think you're trying to find ways to scheme the Packers out of their funk. The idea reeks of desperation and would only worsen the situation. The plays are fine and so is the play-calling. It's time to play better. That's what will work.

Curtis from New Ulm, MN

I'm watching the mustard Jaguars vs. the Tennessee smurfs. The one who came up with the Thursday night uniform should be exiled to the CFL.

My inbox is in total agreement with you; I'm not. I think Packers fans are too stodgy when it comes to uniforms. I love the Packers' regular uniform and I don't ever want to see it change; it's the identity of one of the best brands in all of sports. Having said that, I see nothing wrong with splashing some color around and getting bold with throwback and special-occasion uniforms. I think we worry too much about being classy. Let's have some fun. The Packers' regular uniforms are their bold ones.

Jeremy from Falls City, OR

Vic, do you think the Packers will evolve in any particular ways given the changes made to our division opponents under coaches Fox and Zimmer?

The Vikings and Bears are built and being built to beat the Packers: Run the ball, bleed the clock and play to the strength of your defense. That's how you scheme to beat a high-powered offense, which the Packers have been for a long time. The Bears' time of possession is up to 31:32. It's confirmation John Fox is building the Bears his way. If you're building a team to beat teams such as the Vikings and Bears, you build it as the Packers are built, to up the tempo and press the envelope. The contrasting styles will make for some entertaining games, and the entertainment begins with two games over the next six days.

Garrett from Seattle, WA

Vic, Matt Forte just said he didn't care if he was thrown to the side because of the fans in Chicago, because he would play anywhere that paid him. What was it like before free agency?

It was like that before free agency. It's always been that way. It's professional football and I not only don't have a problem with that attitude, I consider it to be the charm of the game. It's play for pay. It's the American way. It's cold and intense and I like it. There's no hanging on in this league. If somebody can do it better, it's time to move on. I don't like fuzzy wuzzy. I like football with an edge. Clearly, Forte still has his. He'll be a motivated runner next Thursday.

Matt from Madison, WI

Vic, you have the power to change one rule in the NFL starting on Sunday. What would it be?

Offensive players may not assist the runner.

Mark from West Allis, WI

How about Rex Ryan's press conference remarks about the Patriots winning the AFC East? I love the comment, realistic yet unrelenting in his pursuit of winning. I'm guessing people will call it a soft move and concession of the division, but why hold up an expectation like that? I'd like to hear your thoughts.

What's the message next week? How many times will the message change? When a coach begins tailoring his message to the times, he runs the risk of losing his locker room.

Stuart from Madison, WI

After this Sunday's game, which way do you see each team's arrow pointing?

One game isn't going to change the direction of the Vikings' arrow. They've come too far too quickly for that to happen, especially for a team on a five-game winning streak. The Packers' situation is different. It's a team built to win now, but it finds itself on a three-game losing streak. The Packers are playing for their arrow.

Scott from Hudson, OH

Vic, Mike McCarthy said he is making the offense his No. 1 priority. What do you make of the comment and the implications?

Offense is his specialty. It's his baby. He built this offense into one of the most prolific in the league, and now it's struggling. It needs its creator to fix it, and Coach McCarthy has a reputation for fixing what's broken. Coach McCarthy's comments on Thursday that he's focusing his attention on the offense are the most encouraging words I've heard in a month.

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