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One play was the difference in the game

Should the Seahawks have given the ball to Marshawn Lynch?


Ryan from Fredericton, NB

Players, not plays, but that was an unbelievable play call. Thoughts?

It wouldn't have been my choice, but the play was selected because it was believed it would work. What if it did work? What would we be saying today? Would the popular opinion in my inbox today be that the Seahawks stayed aggressive and that's why they won the game? Instead, the people who said the Packers lost in Seattle because they didn't stay aggressive are saying the Seahawks lost to the Patriots because the Seahawks were unnecessarily aggressive in not giving the ball to Marshawn Lynch. Whatever you do, make it work.

Noah from Brisbane, Australia

Vic, do you think Tom Brady was the right choice for Super Bowl MVP?

Yes, because he got it done at crunch time. Brady played his best football of the game when the pressure was the greatest.

Steve from Ramsgate, England

Who's the better cornerback, Sherman or Revis?

Darrelle Revis is the definition of a shutdown corner because he is used left or right. He draws the most difficult assignment and it is how he is used in the scheme that defines the scheme. Richard Sherman is a great one-side corner. Revis is a great shutdown corner. It's more penal for an offense to avoid Revis than it is to avoid Sherman.

Kelvin from Kenilworth, UK

The Seahawks benefitted from muffed onside kicks and some fortunate catches in the postseason. Was it a case of luck runs out that made the difference between two very good teams?

It was a case of the Patriots made one more play. Don't look for the hidden reasons. Look for THE reason. The game was on the line. All the Seahawks had to do was make one more play, but the Patriots made it. That play was the game. It happens that way, and when those moments present themselves, you have to make the play.

Robbie from Charlotte, NC

Vic, the 2014 season is now in the books. What do we do now?

Take a break. Wind down a little. Take time to think about the season and your memories of it. How will your history book record it?

D.J. from Bristol, WI

Brady's performance would have probably been identical had the Patriots lost, yet, the chants of best ever would be much softer. Do you have a problem with how best ever is defined by some? How do you define it?

You make a good point. That's what winning does; it defines greatness. In my mind, Tom Brady should have six Super Bowl titles, but his defense let him down twice. Should that count against him? I define greatness by playing your best football when it counts the most, and Brady almost always does. Think about his performance yesterday vs. Peyton Manning's performance a year ago; it might provide some perspective on greatness.

Tom from London, England

Vic, Seattle at the 1-yard line; question the play call or just make the play and win?

Make the play. If Russell Wilson had made the play, the Seahawks win and Wilson is Super Bowl MVP and on his way to the Hall of Fame. That's the difference between making the play and not making the play.

Shaun from San Bernardino, CA

Tom Brady sure tilts the field, doesn't he? I know it's sophomoric to rank QBs, but I've got Tom right behind Unitas and Montana, and right ahead of Bradshaw and Starr. Where do you think he falls?

I've had him at No. 3 for a long time, right behind Unitas and Montana. Maybe I need to rethink that. Maybe Brady is the greatest quarterback ever.

Matt from Rockbridge, WI

Vic, what type of fan does it make me that seeing the sight of Seattle's heartbreaking loss is as satisfying as a Green Bay victory to me?

That's an emotion that's the result of hurt. Learn to live with your hurt without wishing hurt on others. Maybe you can use this season to learn that lesson.

Scott from Hudson, WI

Vic, I did not watch the Super Bowl game and will attempt to see how many hours or days I can go without knowing who won. No radio on, no TV and no looking at any newspaper. I will try to avoid people or take calls from people who may mention the game. My neighbor came home from a Super Bowl party and I was in the yard taking down Christmas lights and I had to tell him to not tell me who won. You may believe I am dysfunctional, but the set of circumstances that put the Seahawks in the big game is difficult to swallow. The little dash that will be on our tombstones represents our earthly existence and the quality of my dash has been enhanced because of the Green Bay Packers. So, to not see them in the Super Bowl as the result of the circumstances in which it failed to happen is hard. I never thought I could forget fourth-and-26, but the debacle at the end of the NFC title game vaporized the painful memory of fourth-and-26. Do I need help, and have you been able to turn the page?

Forget about that dash on your tombstone and start living.

Tony from Burbank, CA

Aaron Rodgers wins the MVP and Ron Wolf is elected to the Hall of Fame. It was a good weekend for Packers fans.

It was a very good weekend for the Packers and a great way to end a wonderful season that provided treasured memories. That's one way to look at it. I prefer it to the other way.

Sam from Golden, CO

Vic, what do you think the Patriots fans' reactions would have been had they gotten the ball back with no time left as a result of Belichick not calling a timeout before Marshawn Lynch runs in for a touchdown? Fire everyone?

Fans are always looking to assign blame in defeat. The Patriots didn't lose. Bill Belichick is a genius for having done nothing. Just win, baby.

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