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Talk about a busy news day

Change at punter, injury in Minnesota and looming roster decisions all converge as Packers close training camp


Stefan from Rock Island, IL

Cue Pot Roast mania.

The best way to describe the Pot Roast mania that had overtaken the Inbox is to note that I read only one email referring to the fact that Cullen Jenkins, who signed with the Redskins, was available. Then the real news started to break.

Ron from Rockford, IL

Well, it looks like Mr. Thompson learned nothing from 2008 when Jon Ryan was released to sign Derrick Frost. Schum's stats look no better than Masthay's, but now Crosby gets a new holder. Please tell me how this isn't a boneheaded move!

Well, I'm not going to indict Jacob Schum for the sins of Derrick Frost. I'll be honest, I don't know anything about Schum except for the stats you've all read, and I can guarantee you the Packers looked at more than stats in making this move. The only real immediate concern I have is for Crosby, who's been in an impressive three-year groove and now must adjust to a new holder this close to the start of the regular season. On a personal note, I'll miss Masthay. He's a really good, thoughtful, down-to-earth guy who always had time to chat whenever I asked. I wish him well.

Justin from Milwaukee, WI

Taking Schum over Masthay gave us a younger player, with seemingly slightly inferior stats, at a $700K discount to this year's cap. How much of this was trying to acquire a more reliable kicker, how much was trying to get younger, and was the cap really a concern here at all? They clearly wanted someone who had some playing experience, so reliability was on the list.

I can't answer all those questions, but I don't believe the cap was an issue. If Masthay had been doing the job to the Packers' satisfaction, they would have happily paid his salary.

Phil from Cimarron, KS

I hate to see Bridgewater injured like that. It happens, and it could happen to our signal-caller. I was looking forward to the two times we face the Vikings. I'm not saying it'll be an easy win, either, but having Teddy hurt takes away from the rivalry in my opinion.

I agree. Those were the two games I was most looking forward to this year, and they likely won't feel the same, depending on what the Vikings do at the quarterback position now. But I'll never count out Mike Zimmer, even if that's the one spot anybody in the league can least afford to lose. The guy is a hell of a coach, and he's still got a top-tier defense and a Hall of Fame running back. Zimmer's not going to let them fold the tent.

Cindy from Los Angeles, CA

Hi guys. How do the Vikings look without Teddy Bridgewater? Also, is it common for a team to cancel the entire practice when one player gets injured?

Veteran Shaun Hill and former Wisconsin QB Joel Stave are Bridgewater's backups, for now. It's a big step down, as it would be for almost any team. Many are wondering if the Vikings' QB situation will impact the Packers' thoughts on keeping Joe Callahan, but I don't think so. I would expect Minnesota to acquire another QB with NFL experience, not a rookie. As for canceling practice due to an injury, I'm not sure I've heard of that happening before, but the fact that it was their last workout of training camp probably had something to do with it.

Anthony from Glen Allen, VA

A lot of people want us to keep seven wide receivers, but that seems excessive to me. I also keep reading we should trade someone like Adams to keep Allison. While I think Allison is talented and has had a good camp, I don't believe he's as good as Adams. It doesn't make sense to me to trade a better player just to keep an extra receiver. Thoughts?

Fans' thoughts are all over the board on this one, as you can imagine. Aaron Rodgers' thoughts yesterday on the camp Adams has put together spoke volumes, I thought. Even aside from that, I just don't see Thompson trading or cutting a second-round draft pick in his third year, as many are suggesting. The Packers' coaches and personnel department are privy to far more information and much deeper evaluation that we can ever know. It's time to trust the process to the people who do this for a living, and who know they will have to answer for the moves that don't work out. In everyone's rush to judgment and have a take, though, let's not forget about the moves that do work out.

Joe from Hartford, CT

Hi guys, big fan of draft and development. TT and MM do a great job. But isn't it time to go off the rails and shake the DL tree?

That may be the emptiest tree in the entire backyard. It rarely bears any fruit, and now it's sprouting beef, for cryin' out loud.

Espen from Auckland, New Zealand

How long do you think we can keep Coach Whitt in Green Bay? He seems destined for a DC job.

I have no doubt Joe Whitt will be a defensive coordinator someday, and I can see him as a head coach, too. As a reporter, he's a treat to talk to, and selfishly I hope he stays in Green Bay a long time, but I expect him to have other opportunities.

Brad from Great Falls, MT

Alright Insiders, this question is for both of you. What does Jordy Nelson have to do to be part of the all-time Packers greats?

He's pretty close if not there already, isn't he? He has the franchise record for receiving yards in one season (1,519 in 2014). This year he can move up several of Green Bay's all-time career lists. With 89 catches, 810 yards, and nine touchdowns, he'll climb to fourth in each of those categories. Nothing's a given, but if he stays healthy and plays long enough, I can see him challenging Donald Driver's career records for receptions and yards. The only mark that might be out of reach is Don Hutson's 99 TDs.

Steve from White Bear Lake, MN

Just curious, but who are the two interns that assist Larry McCarren with his daily "Three Things you should know about training camp" segment? They both look to be 5-foot-6 standing next to Larry and both look like they're a couple days away from returning to Green Bay Preble High School for fall classes. Just wondering...Thanks!

Appreciate the reminder. School starts Thursday, and I need to get my parents to sign that note I'll be in Kansas City. 5-foot-6? C'mon, man!

Tony from Corvallis, OR

Mike, I do not appreciate your smart-aleck response about the question regarding Colin Kaepernick's refusal to stand for the national anthem. The next time why don't you work on a constructive answer and see it from a fans' perspective who love their country. Way to go on perpetuating the liberal bias even on the Packers' website.

OK … Vic would quit there. I won't. Hey, look, I don't agree with what Kaepernick did. I think the national anthem before a sporting event is a time to reflect on the freedoms fought for that allow all of us to play, work in or enjoy our sporting culture. If Kaepernick felt this was the best way to make a statement about a social issue, that's his right, and it's also everyone else's right to criticize him for his choice of time and place. The question I answered suggested that a player should be punished or disciplined for not standing during the anthem. A handful of readers didn't get my sarcastic response, and I laughed so hard I cried, and then I cried some more. If a team or the league wants to regulate anthem procedure, that's one thing, but outside of a conduct rule to be followed, to believe there should be repercussions for exercising a basic freedom is about as un-American as it gets in my book.

Dylan from Amery, WI

Are weekly live chats still on the books? Please keep the "Major League" quotes coming.

I plan to conduct my usual live chats once a week during the season, probably on Tuesdays again. Love that "Major League" was shot at ol' County Stadium. Lot of memories of that place.

Jake from St. Cloud, MN

How is the order of the waiver wire determined? Is it similar to draft order?

The waiver claim order in a given league year is the same as the draft order through Week 3 of the regular season. After Week 3, the claim order is determined by teams' current won-loss records.

Andrew from Los Angeles, CA

After yesterday's cuts, it seems the Packers "stashed" a number of players on injured reserve. Do these players get paid full salaries, practice-squad salary, or is there usually an injury settlement? I find it hard to believe all of them sustained season-ending injuries. Do players prefer this or would they rather be cut?

A player gets an injury settlement if the team wants to release him. He's just placed on IR until that settlement is reached, and after the length of the settlement, he's free to sign with any team (except the one he settled with, for an additional designated period). If the team wants to keep the rights to the player, he'll be kept on IR all year and receive his full salary, or the injury-split salary if his contract is written as such.

Chad from Germantown Hills, IL

With the Packers trading McCray to the Bills, how does that affect compensatory picks? Like he was never a Packer?

Pretty much. But McCray wouldn't have factored into the compensatory-pick calculations even if he had stayed, because he was non-tendered by the Broncos and was a street free agent.

James from Brooklyn, NY

We signed McCray as a free agent, then traded him for a draft pick. It seems like a free draft pick to me. Am I missing something?

If the draft pick is conditional, the player has to make the other team's roster or play in a certain number of games in order for the original team to actually receive the compensation.

Josh from Canmore, Canada

In a follow up to one of Spoff's answers, how often have compensatory picks been awarded for second-string players that left in free agency? I wouldn't guess very many.

All kinds of procedural questions today. But that's OK. In the compensatory-pick formula, the value of the contract a free agent signs and his performance with the new team are factored in. If Hundley were to leave as a free agent and start at QB elsewhere with any modest level of success, the Packers would likely recoup something.

Justin from Rochester, MN

Mike, can you tell us a little bit about how the rules regarding radio helmets work on defense in regards to sub-packages? Is only one player on the team allowed to have a radio helmet, or just one on the field at a time?

Only one player on the field at a given time can wear the radio helmet. It's marked with a fluorescent green dot so the officials can make sure only one is on the field. That's why the player selected to wear it almost has to be an every-down player. If that player gets hurt and leaves the game, another player usually has a spare helmet on the sideline with the radio and green dot.

Mike from Jacksonville Beach, FL

Wasn't Aaron Brooks No. 2 as a Packer?

He was, but his one season in Green Bay (1999) was spent as the third QB, and he never appeared in a regular-season game. So the No. 2 was not officially listed in team records as having been worn since 1926 until Crosby came along.

Jake from Los Angeles, CA

There was a quote from TT in the cut-down article by Wes regarding Ted's phone ringing. "If we were in the draft room, that would cost me 50 cents." Elaborate?

The GM must have rules regarding cell phones causing distractions in the draft room. The fines for players if their cell phones ring in the film room are a bit stiffer, for sure. I do find it funny, though, that on the day Thompson's phone kept ringing during his press conference, he made a trade. Maybe it was Buffalo GM Doug Whaley on the line.

Jeff from Eveleth, MN

Going back to the question on the most cowardly act we've ever seen in the NFL, can't help to think it would have to be when Charles Martin body-slammed Jim McMahon and essentially ended his starting career.

I'll always wonder if that Bears team from my youth would have won another Super Bowl had that not occurred.

Col from Ludlow, UK

Hi, Mike. Wes let in a "What say you?" yesterday. Vic banned these. I say the ban stands. What you say?

It's a generational thing, I guess. I say just limit the typos and I'm happy. The less I have to edit, the more winsome I'll be.

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