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The owners always make their voices heard

Are you ready for the suspense?


Lori from Brookfield, WI

Why would fans select Aaron Rodgers as the ESPYs Best NFL Player, while players in the NFL gave the MVP award to Matt Ryan? Why would there be such a difference of opinion between the two groups?

The Packers have some of the most loyal and dedicated fans in the NFL. That's not just a throwaway line, either. I've seen it. Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson and Jared Cook winning ESPYs didn't surprise me in the slightest. If you open it up to fans, the owners always will make their voices heard.

Carter from Moscow, ID

With Ty Montgomery having the No. 1 spot locked down, how many reps do you think he will take away from the others fighting for the No. 2 spot in preseason?

There will be plenty for the rookies, especially during the latter half of camp and the preseason. Eddie Lacy and James Starks handled two-thirds of the preseason snaps a year ago. Montgomery won't take all of them.

Mike from Lake Mills, WI

Other teams certainly have dynamic players that cause matchup problems as well, but having Montgomery and Cobb being able to motion in and out of the backfield, and Bennett/Kendricks to split out or stay on the line, it seems very difficult for a defense to decide if they want to treat that personnel grouping (with Nelson and Adams) as three WR, four WR, or even five WR. I think MM and Rodgers can have a lot of fun creating mismatches.

The more weapons in the arsenal, the more teams have to prepare for. I don't know what the depth chart is going to look like at a lot of these positions when the Packers open camp in a couple of weeks, which only adds to the suspense. Are you ready for it?

Jim from Bluffton, SC

This time of year, we're flooded with "opponent previews." Well, it is the best thing to be done in this worst NFL dead zone. Here is a question to match: Joe Callahan or Taysom Hill?


That probably will be one of the most entertaining battles to follow early in camp. Callahan and Hill are two entirely different quarterbacks with contrasting styles. I was impressed by Hill's arm in the offseason program, but everything ramps up in training camp. Stay tuned. **

T.J. from Tampa, FL

Regarding the extra point that concluded the "Fail Mary," what would have happened had not enough or no Packers come back out to take the field? I'm only talking game, rules, and official protocol here.

There was no way a Mike McCarthy-coached team wasn't going to return to the field for the extra point. I could only hope to show such sportsmanship if the same happens with Junior's Pop Warner football team someday. I'm not sure what the protocol would've been if a team chose not to return to the playing field. Maybe go down as a forfeit?

Shane from Coralville, IA

Insiders, how do you feel about the current roster format? Do you see a future change in the 53 man-46 dress roster? I would always enjoy seeing more guys on the team, but a smaller roster with more transactions would be interesting to see as well.

The active-roster numbers aren't going to change anytime soon, but I thought the expansion of the practice squad from eight to 10 players was a good move. The veteran-exemption rule also prevents second- and third-year players from falling between the cracks.

Mike from Stillwater, MN

Just an observation about the "Fail Mary" game and you're welcome to comment on this. I think two significant things came out of that game. The first was it created the rivalry with the Seahawks that we all enjoy so much now. And the second is that even though the game was taken away from us by a substitute official, it will always be one of the most famous Packer games ever. It's pretty hard to crack the top 10 with any category associated with the Packers and I think this game will always rate up near the top.

Rivalries are great, but I'd still rather have had the first-round bye and played the 49ers at Lambeau.

Joey from Groveland, MI

The loudest "GO PACK GO!" chant I've participated in was after Rodgers hit Rodgers for the Hail Mary. At least a third of the fans who stayed for the finish were Packer fans. I was so proud.

I've never seen a larger mass exodus from a sporting event than what happened at Ford Field after the referees' arms went into the air.

Ben from Chicago, IL

What's the rationale behind a relocating team paying a fee to other teams? That seems unnecessary to me.

It's a condition related to the owners approving relocation. As it's written, the transfer fee is meant to compensate clubs "for the loss of the opportunity appropriated by the relocating club and/or the enhancement" of the franchise as a result of the move. So yeah.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

What is the primary criteria for a HC to earn a spot in the HOF?

There are 22 coaches in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I think the common trend – aside from winning a Super Bowl and conference/league championships – is they did something to change the game. It's difficult to compare coaches from different eras, but you can measure the impact.

Tanner from Hilbert, WI

I was doing some reading on ESPN and it was stated that for the stretch of the Packers' consecutive playoff run (eight years) there has only been one season that hasn't had another NFC North team in the playoffs with Green Bay. What does that say for the strength of our division?

It's a lot better than given credit for.

Tony from Minneapolis, MN

Based on the short shelf life of running backs, do you think Ty Montgomery could play running back for three or four years and then transition back to receiver when he hits his late 20s?

I wouldn't get too wrapped up about positions in today's NFL, especially when it comes to a player like Montgomery. There are plenty of hybrid running backs – Darren Sproles and Danny Woodhead – who have been effective in their 30s.

Mike from Whitefish, MT

In response to Scott from St. Charles, IL, and the other pessimists, count me among those who are bullish on our Super Bowl chances this year. Barring another catastrophic concentration of injuries (we can't be that unlucky two years in a row, can we?), I'm confident the pass D will bounce back more than enough from last year's 31st ranking to push us over the top. We won't need a top-10 ranking like in 2010, just middle third. If the run offense improves a bit to help increase our time of possession, even better. Fingers crossed for a healthy 2017!

*Faith, trust and a little bit of Pixie dust. *

Brad from Golden Valley, MN

Does the team have high expectations for the tight ends, and if so, will they be utilized to check the rush? Tight ends are very valuable.

I think the Packers are realistic with all their players when it comes to expectations, but you could tell all offseason how excited Mike McCarthy is about how deep they are at the position. Tight ends are to offenses what safeties have become to defenses. Whoever prevails in the middle of the field stands a good chance to win the game.

Dan from Rothschild, WI

Re: The question as to why Packer fans don't yell "Geronimo." Trust me – it's coming. We already do that at our house. Give it time.

These things take time, but I could see "G-Mo" becoming a thing. Remember nobody was chanting Kuhn's name in 2007. If Allison keeps performing, it'll happen.

Jacob from Glendale, AZ

Hello Insiders, I've been to both of the most recent Packers vs. Cardinals playoff games with my dad. I would love to take him to a classic winter, snowy game at Lambeau this year. What games would you recommend? What should we plan to do to enjoy ourselves, for this would be my first Lambeau game experience and my dad's first in nearly 35 years?

Only two December games in Green Bay this year, so I'd say Dec. 23 against Minnesota might be your best bet. That's not to say there couldn't be a snow game against the Bucs on Dec. 3, but last year's chilly slush fest against the Texans on Dec. 4 typically is more common in early December than a snowstorm.

Monty from Hazen, ND

I'm glad Mike brought up that McCown-to-Poole play. Living in Viking TV land, my family and I were watching the game. We put a pot on the stove with hot dogs in it for dinner. In the euphoria of the game, we forgot about them and they burned to a crisp, setting off the smoke detectors. My daughters still talk about that! Nothing brings a family together like football!

Or charred sausages.

Scott from Palatine, IL

Who led the Cowboys in receiving this past year and with how many yards? Was it close to 703? They were within a whisker of the NFC Championship Game.

Cole Beasley – 833 yards. I know this because Google knows this. The Cowboys had four receivers with at least 594 yards, though. The Packers only had two – Javon Walker and Donald Driver – with more than that in 2003.

Joshua from Desert Hot Springs, CA

I've always had a passion for writing. Could either of you guys give me some advice if I were to pursue this passion?

Aim high, believe in yourself and don't listen to the doubters. I was taken aback by how many adults I once respected who didn't support me when I broke into newspapers and journalism. They'd tell me it's too hard to break in and the business is too volatile. I'm forever grateful to my parents, my wife and my mentors for standing behind me. People like to tell others how to live their lives. But you need to do what makes you happy because you're the one who has to live with the decisions you made that day when you're lying in bed each night. Best of luck, Joshua.

Alex from Indianapolis, IN

What are your thoughts on Lonzo Ball wearing Nike and Adidas shoes? Have you ever seen a Packers player stray away from the brand he represents?

You mean like when I wear Adidas socks with Nikes?

Jim from Howard, WI

If Rob from Buckinghamshire wants a good jersey, instead of 19 he should go with 88. Once Ty picks his new number, the old jerseys will become collectibles.

I'll say this – I respect how far you guys have taken this.

Cameron from Augusta, GA

Winter is FINALLY here. Wes, what is one big prediction you have for the season opener?

I predict Gendry makes his long-awaited return. Boy, what a weekend? Thrones on Sunday night and Vic's farewell Monday. I doesn't get much bigger than that.

Ron from Dakota, IL

If memories make us rich, Vic has made us zillionaires.

This was tough trying to pull together enough questions for an Inbox, but I forgive you guys. It's almost that time. The floor officially is yours, Vic.

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