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This game will always surprise you

Opening series successes show the offense can get it done


Brian from Shadyside, OH

The QB I would want to see from the past in today's NFL...Lynn Dickey. The guy could sling the ball with the best of them, but injuries always derailed him. With the protection QBs are given today, would love to see the numbers he would put up.

Anytime we can start an edition of Insider Inbox with a Lynn Dickey reference means it's going to be a good day. Tougher than a two-dollar steak and a cannon for an arm, I wish I could have watched Dickey play live. I've said it before, I'll say it again – the man doesn't get nearly the credit he deserves.

Dan from Golden Valley, MN

Any feel for Jerry Kramer's candidacy for the Pro Football HOF, as we are nearing the January selection by the Veterans Committee? A potential bright spot in long fall and winter as the Packers struggle on the field. Thank you.

It's time. This no longer is on Kramer. It's on the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The court of public opinion has spoken. The man deserves to be enshrined in Canton.

Steve from Wheaton, IL

Aaron Rodgers' status.

Injured reserve.

Mark from Bettendorf, IA

The scripted first 15 plays have seen the most success in each of Hundley's games. Can you script more? 25? 50?

It doesn't really work like that because of how the game situation evolves. However, the Packers should have a good amount of information now on what helps Hundley build confidence and momentum. Those opening series successes show the offense can get it done. It just comes down to making throws on time and establishing the run early.

Nate from New Berlin, WI

I'm not trying to create expectations, just invoke some hope. Did you see what happened on Kareem Hunt's first NFL carry? I wouldn't be too concerned for Mays.

As Rocky Balboa once said, "It's not about how hard you hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward." I know it was a tough day for Mays, but he needs to remember he's here for a reason. The Packers may need him this Sunday depending on the outlook for Ty Montgomery. Flush it and move forward.

Randy from Highland, IL

Hey Insiders, this is certainly a frustrating season but I often wonder how frustrated you get when you have to answer the same question several times. It seems some readers only check out the Inbox once a week. Have a great Thanksgiving.

I'm always happy to address questions. I get frustrated with long-winded diatribes just shouting into the void. This isn't Insider Take-box. If you have a questions, let's talk. If you have an opinion, the comment section is below. Please tell T-squared I say hello.

Sean from Waukesha, WI

Any plans for using at least one of the speed guys in Janis or Davis on offense in a meaningful way? Kind of feel like neither has been given a fair shot to show what they could do if given the chance. Only asking since teams like the Eagles and Patriots seem a lot more eager to mix up their personnel groupings (using everyone) and it seems to help with keeping the defense off-balance and guessing.

The Packers have used Trevor Davis in a few of those deep packages. He just hasn't been the target yet. The offense has those options in the playbook, but there's more to it than just chucking the pigskin 60 yards. It has to make sense.

Bo from Cleveland, TX



Paul from Farnborough, UK

Detroit/Minnesota, who will you be rooting for?

I'll be rooting for my brother-in-law to pass the gravy, but I think Packers fans should be behind Detroit. The closer to even the NFC North is by the end of the regular season, the better it's going to be for Green Bay's chances.

Nathan from Baltimore, MD

Is there any reason for the Packers to use their second IR designation on anyone but Aaron? If they wait and he's not healthy yet by the end of the season, there's no time to bring someone else back, and if they fall out of contention before then, there's no point.

With only six games left in the regular season, I don't know of anyone currently on injured reserve who has a chance to play again this year other than Rodgers.

Bob from Abilene, TX

As hard as it is for me to say this and especially as a lifelong Packer fan, I am silently rooting for Minnesota. Case Keenum is from my hometown, is a personal friend and is as good a man as you could find. They all said he could not win at this level and look at what he's doing. If we make it great, if not, then I am all for the Vikings.

I came away impressed with Keenum and his wife after hearing their story on "Hard Knocks" last season. They seem like wonderful folks. Best of luck to your friend.

Dan from Saint Louis, MO

Does the faulty reasoning of the college football selection committee (and the media surrounding it) make anyone else want to pull their hair out? Every game feels like a lose-lose for Wisconsin. Whenever they beat a ranked team, that team drops out of the rankings, and the "Wisconsin hasn't beaten anybody good" narrative continues. No one mentions that Alabama has actually had a weaker strength of schedule to this point than Wisconsin; instead, the consensus is that Alabama deserves to be in the final four even if they lose this weekend.

As Mike Spofford and Vince Biegel said Tuesday, the Badgers have a clear path to the playoffs. A perfect regular season in the Big Ten should get Wisconsin in, especially with Miami and Clemson still needing to play each other in the ACC Championship. Is it frustrating Bucky isn't already in the top four? Of course, but it'll happen if they take care of business.

Josh from Oshkosh, WI

I have a crazy idea that I don't think most Inboxers would like if it is true. Isn't it possible the Packers are sticking with Hundley and not getting a free-agent QB because that would mess with the cap money they had plans for otherwise? Maybe taking a chance on missing the postseason is worth it in order to sign guys like Linsley and Adams.

Fans speak with their hearts. Personnel departments act with their heads. Take a look at what some of these "top-tier" veteran backups are making. You need space to absorb those costs. I've never had a problem with how Green Bay handles backup quarterbacks.

Dennis from Minneapolis, MN

Are you serious? The Steelers are going to crush the Packers. You and your buddy Wes can wish all you want but the Steelers have superior talent and superior coaching. That's the facts.

So how did they lose to the Bears then? Show me a fan who knows all and I'll show you someone ripe for being wrong.

Anthony from Kewaunee, WI

If the Packers lose out and don't make the playoffs, there needs to be some accountability, right? Right?! If the gap between this team going to the playoffs and not winning more than two games is only Aaron Rodgers, it makes me question the necessity of keeping the current coaching staff and front office around. Or is the attitude to plug your collective ears and whistle through the graveyard as has been done since Aaron has gone down?

Take Brady off the Patriots. Take Ryan off the Falcons. Take Roethlisberger off the Steelers. Take Wilson off the Seahawks. They'll all suffer. As Spoff said to me Tuesday night, Drew Brees has missed two games over the last 10 years and the Saints still went 7-9 in each of the past three seasons with no major changes to the general manager or head coach positions. Green Bay lost the best player in football and there's a segment of fans who haven't changed their expectations. That's fine. That's their right. It's my contention this is the wrong season to assess the state of the Packers. Ten months ago, they were one game away from the Super Bowl.

Amy from Richmond, VA

Has Aaron Rodgers thrown a three-INT game? Perhaps back in his first year as a starter?

His second season as a starter in 2009 (Tampa Bay in Week 9). Dak Prescott, the league's reigning rookie of the year, just had his first three-INT game. It happens.

Take a look back in time at memorable photos from prior Packers-Steelers matchups in Pittsburgh. Photos by AP, Harmann Studios and

Gina from Waukesha, WI

Just a statement. Not a question. Piggybacking on what Justin from Los Angeles said. I did not see the fans do the wave. But when they boo or show any other disrespect to the players who are putting their bodies on the line with every play, I say why even come to game if you are not going to support the team/players.

I'm starting to wonder if we need a presentation before games instructing fans on proper decorum. Cheer loudly on defense. Be quiet on offense. Have some respect when a player is being carted off the field. Luckily, it wasn't a significant injury for Kenny Clark. Jeepers.

Brad from Mounds View, MN

So is it hypocritical that Mays fumbles and doesn't see the ball again for nearly the rest of the game, but Hundley can give it away over and over and gets to stay in the games? Callahan was available to QB was he not?

Your conclusion is too simple and convenient. You're judging turnovers by a point guard the same as turnovers by the center. Quarterbacks touch the ball on every single play. There's more risk involved at that position. Did the Steelers bench Roethlisberger after he threw five picks? Have the Ravens benched Flacco?

Chris from New Canaan, CT

Following up on the question from Lisa from the UK. You took a look at the tape. What did you think? What I saw, watching it live, is a guy exactly as Lisa described. The intent was to injure the QB of a team that stands in the way of MN's road to the Super Bowl. This needs to be dealt with and the time for payback draws nigh.

I went back and watched the play after reading Inbox on Wednesday. Wow is all I can say. This is how reputations are formed. The flag came out for two reasons – it was a blatant misuse of the crown of the helmet and the hit occurred inside the pocket where the quarterback has more protections.

Barry from Hayward, WI

What should I be expecting for a game with a 14-point spread?

Surprises. I think we all can fall into the trap of predetermined outcomes. This game will always surprise you. Just a little something to consider this Thanksgiving.

James from Ottawa, Ontario

Insiders, the Autocomplete Interview segment was a good laugh! It is fun to see these guys' personalities off the field. The content on this site is always top-drawer. Good job to whoever thought this up! Can we expect more Autocomplete Interviews in the future?

Pretty cool, right? Duke Bobber, Ryan Hartwig, Kregg Shilbauer and Matt Arvin did a tremendous job of pulling that together. We'll be rolling out some more segments with Jordy and Randall soon.

Daniel from Chautauqua, NY

My wife and I will be traveling to Pittsburgh and after the last few games I think we're most looking forward to the Pep Rally. I saw somewhere "entrance not guaranteed" so I'm wondering if you have any tips to make sure we get in, and to make the most out of the experience. We did already pay for the hotel and all.

The pep rally begins at 6 p.m. EST at Hough's Taproom & Brewpub. It's a smaller venue than many of our other pep rallies, so I'd suggest getting there early if you want to ensure entrance.

Kyle from Los Angeles, CA

When did the Cowboys and Lions start playing at home on Thanksgiving? Are they locked in for the next "X" number of years in writing or is it just an unwritten rule?

The Lions have been doing it going back to the 1930s. I believe it started as a ploy by the Lions' first owner, George Richards, to get fans to go to games and to benefit his radio station, which broadcast the games to NBC. The Cowboys starting hosting games in 1966, as well. I'm not aware of any "written" rules, but it's obviously become a tradition.

Mike from Socorro, NM

Responding to the ketchup on a brat...I, too, favor ketchup on a brat, but I suggest you also try substituting a warm tortilla for the bun. Unreal difference!


Bill from Wilmington, DE

Happy Thanksgiving Wes! Thank you for the great Inbox and articles!

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.

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