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This is an information business

Never assume how a season will unfold


Derek from Eau Claire, WI

It has been so long since I have seen a Packer game I can hardly remember what color their jerseys are…Monday night still feels like an eternity away.

It's been 10 years since the last time the Packers played a Monday Night Football game after a bye. Here's hoping for another 10 after this season.

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

I don't understand the talk of simplifying or limiting the playbook for Hundley. I do understand tailoring the game plan to best use his strengths or minimize his weakness. Hundley has been in the building for 2½ years, he's had the coaching, worked with and studied film with AR, should know how to read defenses and he obviously has talent. Is this the week where the coaches let him play and see how much he's learned?

Precisely. Hundley said as much when speaking to the media Thursday. He knows the system and is comfortable in the system. You don't have to rewrite anything. You simply must find what fits well in his game and emphasize that. This is an information business and the Packers learned a lot about Hundley during that game against the Saints.

Jay from Woodstock, GA

My wife and I shared a dinner table the other night with a nice woman in her 90s. She saw the Packers shirt my wife was wearing and told us a story about when she was a girl in Fayette, Ala., a popular and handsome young man who played football for Alabama and then for the Packers came to her house as a friend of a relative. They threw the baseball around in the backyard one evening. It turns out it was some guy named Don Hutson.

It's amazing how little memories like that create a lifetime of memories.

Chuck from Ishpeming, MI

To pressure and sack the quarterback, what is the optimum personnel group to do that with our existing team? Would Vince Biegel be one of the 11?

The Packers' dime package usually consists of four linebackers (three outside, one inside) and one defensive lineman. Can Biegel work his way into that rotation? We're going to find out. A lot of the opportunities for Kyler Fackrell and Chris Odom have been dictated by Ahmad Brooks' status.

James from Toronto, Canada

So with Biegel and Spriggs back, does that mean Green Bay is no longer able to bring back Aaron Rodgers this season?

Biegel was on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list, which is for players who weren't medically cleared for the start of training camp after sustaining a football-related injury. So he doesn't count toward one of the two designations to return. It's a different deal.

Dave from Edina, MN

Chase from Fort Huachuca, AZ, pointed out that Brady, Big Ben, Eli, and Peyton have had more seasons with a top-10 defense than Rodgers. He failed to mention they've also played many more seasons, period.

Wait, fans drawing conclusions with incomplete information and improper sample sizes? Never.

Ruble from Sioux Falls, SD

I listen to all conference calls from opposing teams. In my opinion, T.J. Lang has the best call as of this point of the season. Did you guys enjoy it as much as I did?  

Lang was a blast to cover. I've said this before, but he was as real as it gets. I think you got a small taste of his personality and humor during that conference call. I wish him the best in Detroit. He's a true pro. Whenever his career comes to a close, he'll have a bright future in broadcasting if he chooses to go that direction.

Connor from Murray State, UT

Sorry this question is a couple days late, but with the release of Ricky Jean Francois does that mean that Montravius Adams is ready to be part of the D-line rotation?

Adams might need to be with Quinton Dial not practicing so far this week due to a chest injury. Adams played four snaps at the end of September. He missed most of training camp, but Adams has a lot of ability. He and Biegel could provide a lift down the stretch in their respective rotations.

Jessi from Sterling, KS

It was great to see and hear Aaron break the silence with an interview. He looks well-rested, and he hasn't lost any quip with his, "I wasn't done yet" when answering and being interrupted. I couldn't hear you guys very well when asking the questions. Did Mike get in his "How's the arm?" I should have counted how many times he said, "We have to see how the bone heals" no matter how the question was asked.

Rodgers was in good spirits, which was great to see. After some initial frustrations, he appears to have come to terms with everything and reset his focus. That's what champions do. That's what competitors do. As soon as he's healthy, Rodgers will be back. Only time will tell.

Andrew from Adelaide, South Australia

We are going to have two top-class quarterbacks by the end of the season. In the future, is it feasible for Aaron to play three games and Brett the fourth each month so Brett keeps his hand in? Go Pack Go.

I don't care who the backup is – Tom Brady or Mike Spofford – if there are 70 offensive plays in a game, I want Rodgers on the field for 71.

Benjamin from Bear, DE

There's been a lot of talk, even before Rodgers went down, about wasting too many of Rodgers' prime years because of a less-than-effective defense. I don't want to see Aaron become the next Dan Fouts. What is it going to take to get Mr. Murphy to see all of the Packers' eggs have been in one basket too long and get some defensive help? I'm a loyal fan, but enough is enough.

Fouts never won a Super Bowl. Marino never won a Super Bowl. Kelly never won a Super Bowl. Tarkenton never won a Super Bowl. Aaron Rodgers has WON a Super Bowl, so your comparison is flawed. There currently are three active quarterbacks who have won multiple Super Bowls. Three (don't Garoppolo me). There are seven starting quarterbacks who have won one. That's exclusive company. Rodgers obviously wants to win another, but your narrative is old and tired. I'm a loyal writer, but enough is enough.

Jeff from Green Bay, WI

How shortsighted is it of some fans to think this team has no chance to stay in the playoff hunt in 2017 with a 4-3 record and a backup QB? Wallace, Tolzien, and Flynn kept the boat from sinking in 2013 to give Rodgers a chance to get in at the end of the season with a lesser OL and defense at their disposal. Win pretty, ugly or anywhere in between, just win (at least a .500 record from here out gets us eight or nine wins and a chance at a wild card).

I don't want to keep referencing the 2013 season because they're two entirely different campaigns. However, that year should tell you anything is possible. The deck was stacked against the Packers without Rodgers, Cobb and Perry, but they endured. Never assume to know how a season will unfold.

Jeff from Green Bay, WI

No one has a crystal ball. Defeatist attitudes don't help. Cheer on the Pack, have a beer, R-E-L-A-X. You'll have a better time hoping for success than thinking they're defeated before they even play the games.

Jeff is on fire. He gets another comment. This is a great point. It's always better to hope for the best. You'll enjoy the games more than seeking negative confirmation bias.

Don from Cedar Rapids, IA

Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers were said to be more effective than many other quarterbacks in cold weather because their big hands allowed them to grip the ball better. How does Brett Hundley compare in the area of "hand-size-matters"?

Hundley's hands were measured at 10½ inches at the NFL Scouting Combine, putting him in the same ballpark as Favre. Anything larger than 9½ is considered large.

Mike from Racine, WI

Do you think Janis will get an opportunity to play with Hundley? Janis and Hundley have a chemistry and it was proven in the preseason over the last few years.

I don't have an answer for that, but it wouldn't surprise me to see Janis, Geronimo Allison and Richard Rodgers get more opportunities. When Allison got on the field against New Orleans, Hundley immediately looked his way.

Andrew from Tujunga, CA

How does Hundley's remaining schedule compare to Flynn's in 2013?

Flynn became the starter midway through the Minnesota game. The combined record of the teams he started against was 27-37 (.422). The Packers' last eight opponents (plus Detroit a second time) this year combine for a 32-37 record (.464).

Nick from Lancaster, PA

You made a reference to the "Dougherty System, which accounts for both total yards and points allowed in one statistic." Can you post a link, or tell us where we can find that statistic? Also, I've always thought "The Life Aquatic" is one of the best Wes Anderson films. Thank you for validating my sentiment.

It doesn't exist anywhere unless Pro Football Focus or some analytics site keeps tabs on it. It's something you kind of have to find yourself through the NFL.com team stats. "The Life Aquatic" is a treasure. "You fight your way. I'll fight mine."

Matthew from High Point, NC

What needs to happen for the pass rush to get home? And, can't wait to see you guys in Charlotte. Been looking forward to a Packers Everywhere experience. Where is it taking place? I shouldn't be hard to miss. I'll be in the Mike Daniels jersey leading the Go Pack Go chants.

Consistency and finish. It's as simple as that. The Packers have been able to get pressure on the quarterback, but need to finish. The Packers Everywhere pep rally will be at Whisky River in Charlotte. I hope to be there, but it's probably contingent on my heir being born into this world.

David from Cincinnati, OH

Any news on what Taybor Pepper's injury was? Luckily, Crosby and Vogel have some familiarity with Hart from the offseason. Should we be a little worried about bad snaps on punts and field goals, though?

Pepper got hurt in practice Tuesday during a punting drill. You can't help but feel for the young man. Talking with Hart on Friday, he mentioned how his familiarity with Vogel and Crosby should help the operation. After all, he was the one snapping to those two for most of the summer.

Kristopher from Shorewood, WI

So what is the scoop on Derek Hart's "Long Snapper Story"? What type of odd job was he in the midst of when he received his phone call?

He actually was playing golf when he got the call back to the Packers. Hart was working at a gym and a potato farm (cutting French fries) since he was released at the end of training camp.

Marcus from Greenville, TX

What happens if a player is designated to return and the two weeks pass? Does the team lose the designation or does it still have two?

From what I understand, you lose the designation and the player stays on injured reserve.

Steve from Broadstairs, England

Why do the Lions and Cowboys always seem to play games on Thanksgiving?

It's tradish…to steal an old hockey term.

Harry from Phoenix, AZ

Two more on IR. How does adding people to the IR and bringing others up or signing new players to replace them affect the salary cap?

A wise man once said, "You pay it, you cap it." That applies here, though most new signings are playing for the league minimum.

Tom from Minneapolis, MN

What do you make of the Ezekiel Elliott situation? I can't believe he hasn't missed a game yet. If the six-game suspension happens, could it extend into the playoffs?

I'm at a loss. I don't understand it. I have a running joke with my friend, Todd Archer, who covers the Cowboys at ESPN.com, saying the company doesn't pay him enough. There also is confusion about whether Elliott could serve his suspension during the playoffs. It was my understanding he could, but now I'm not so sure.

Conner from Tucson, AZ

Another rule question (love these). On a long field-goal try, could the defending team send a player to the end zone to jump and try to block the kick from going in? Maybe a really tall receiver with some hops? If the ball is low enough I bet someone could knock it down.


David from Portland, OR

As a lifelong fan and shareholder I would really like to provide comments to the head office. Unfortunately the website only has email contacts for tickets. Can you provide me an email for Ted Thompson or the head office? Thanks.

No. You're welcome.

Sandra from Lewiston, ID

I raised four boys who played a lot of sports and they all drank milk, resulting in no broken bones! As a concerned Packer Backer, do you think Aaron's lack of dairy products in his diet contributed to these injuries? It's my motherly instinct and I bet your moms agree with me! Drink milk Packers!

Have any of your four sons been torpedoed into the ground by a 6-foot-5, 255-pound Pro Bowl linebacker?

Dick from Los Lunas, NM

The math says? What does the math say about a defenseless player getting pounded into the ground?

Nothing to see here…probably.

Andrew from Memphis, TN

Actually, following your logic, at more than 60 percent of the season, the math suggests a preponderance of injuries will occur in non-division games.

It was my understanding that there would be no math.

Tony from Oak Lawn, IL

Whenever Packer fans freak out about the season, I just tell them, "I'm calmer than you are, dude."

I'm perfectly calm, dude…

Kramer from Rochester, MN

Insiders, if one character from "Seinfeld" could transition and ultimately help the Packers make the playoffs, who might that be and why?

Keith Hernandez? An athletic background with a touch of magic.

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