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This was the quintessential team win

David Bakhtiari is as good as they get at left tackle


Ricky from Metropolis, IL

It all started with win No. 5 on the road against those Bears, clearly a burden off the back for everyone. Here's an early-week toast to building off of this and looking forward to a Lambeau "W" against the Ravens this Sunday.


All three phases factored into that victory, which is what made it special. It took Hundley, the receivers, every active running back, the run defense, the pass rush and special teams to get it done. Mike McCarthy has said he's been pleased with the team's preparation. The Packers just needed it to translate on Sundays. They finally did. This was the quintessential team win. **

Brian from Green Bay, WI

I just want to share that it's fun and interesting to watch Hundley's evolution. His confidence is clearly growing, and thus those around him are growing in their confidence in him as well. I'm not predicting any big "things," but I do believe we will see him develop into a much better QB by year's end.


I thought Hundley showed more confidence and precision on his passes. As you play faster, passes will come out with more zip. This was another building block for him.**

Keith from Lake Geneva, WI

Hundley showed glimpses of being a good quarterback. However, glimpses won't win a lot of games. The strength of that win was on the three-headed rushing attack. Unfortunately two of those heads may have been lopped off. I hope Aaron Jones is ok and can return. Montgomery may need a week off or longer for those ribs. Looks like Devante Mays will get some touches next week. Also, it's time to unleash the third Aaron. That play-action FB pass for 12 was a brilliant call at that point in the game.

The strength of that win was balance. The Packers established the run and it help set up the pass, which ultimately clinched the victory. Green Bay invested three draft picks into running backs for a reason. You need options. We'll see what the forecast looks like for Ty Montgomery, but the cupboard isn't bare. Jamaal Williams and Devante Mays are ready and willing.

Daniel from Copenhagen, Denmark

I know the story after the game will be Hundley's development. However, the defense this time played strong and enabled him to play with a lead. Who and what were the difference-makers for the defense?


The Packers controlled the line of scrimmage from start to finish. Mike Daniels had a tremendous game, Nick Perry was active beyond his three sacks and everyone in the front seven stepped their game up. It wasn't flawless, but it was the kind of performance the defense needed. **

Mark from Byron, IL

Hundley continues to get better every week and except for a couple of early passes that his timing was off, he played very well and deserved a game ball. What surprised me was that we ran the ball as well as we did against a Bears team that was ready for us. What surprised you?

The Packers' run game nearly tripling the NFL's sixth-ranked rushing offense for the day (160-55). Talk about a key to victory – beating the Bears at their own game.

Mark from St Pete Beach, FL

I find the commentary about Hundley's chewing gum interesting. As I was watching the game I kept thinking that there was a rule that all players were required to wear mouth-guards. If that's the case, how is it that Hundley gets away with not wearing one?

As I said last week, most quarterbacks don't wear mouth-guards because it restricts their ability to make checks and calls at the line of scrimmage. It's entirely up to Hundley whether he chews gum. I chew gum when I play sports, so I can't say anything.

Kent from Appleton, WI

Did you agree with the call for a pass play on third-and-10 with 2:12 to play? It was a great throw and catch for the first down, but if not converted, I could see a lot of people complaining about the attempt and not forcing a Bears' timeout before the two-minute warning.

I loved it. Go big or go home. I know fans would have been upset if the pass was incomplete, but that's the risk you take. Plus, it's a huge confidence-builder for Hundley. That play was so much bigger than just a 42-yard pass. That's a huge moment for Hundley.

Kevin from Marlton, NJ

Hey Insiders, I saw people asking about whether Hundley sliding head-first on his rush in the fourth quarter was a bad move and it would have been safer for him to slide. I actually thought it was a good idea. He did it early enough where no one was near him to lay a hit on him, and doesn't him sliding stop the ball where he first hit the ground?

To be fair, Hundley said he doesn't like to slide. At least, he's honest about it. Quarterbacks tend to slide to avoid a major hit. I didn't have a problem with it since he wasn't in imminent danger.

Steve from New Britain, CT

It was rumored that only 52 Packers were dressed for the Bears game. With Ty's ribs being injured, some fans expect Mays to be activated and to eventually see him play some snaps. Will the Packers activate him for the next game or are there reasons why the team doesn't want him to develop sooner rather than later?


The Packers had 52 players on their roster, but you're only allowed to dress 46 on game day. That's why Devante Mays wasn't active. If the Packers are without Aaron Jones and/or Ty Montgomery, I'd expect you'd see him suited up against Baltimore on Sunday. **

Mike from Bella Vista, AR

When in the shotgun, Hundley stomped his right foot at the snap on almost every play. Is there a reason for doing that? Doesn't it help the defense to anticipate the snap?

That's Hundley using the silent count on the road.

Adam from Saint Louis, MO

I think the grieving period is officially over, and better yet I see three very winnable games out of our next four. Out of curiosity, what did you think of those direct snaps to Cobb? Do you think they were drawn up specifically for the Bears, or do you think we'll see more of that trickery?


I liked the wrinkle. Fans have been clamoring to see Cobb take a direct snap. Well, there you have it. I'm not sure how much we'll see it going forward, but I thought it was a cool unscouted look. It seemed like Cobb enjoyed it. **

Reed from York, PA

I'm making the trek to Lambeau for the first time this Sunday. I couldn't be more excited to see the team playing with some fire ahead of the Ravens game. If we continue stopping the run effectively, how do we shut down Flacco and those veteran pass catchers?

*Baltimore goes as Flacco goes. It starts with forcing him into turnovers. I was surprised when I opened the stat packet and saw he's thrown 10 picks in nine games this year. *

Jeff from Farmington, WI

Is it me or does the run blocking seem better this year?

It's difficult to compare offensive lines, but I agree this year's group has done a remarkable job blocking for the run considering the injuries they've endured. Those five guys came together Sunday afternoon and put together one of the line's best all-around performances of the season without Bryan Bulaga.

Adam from Virginia Beach, VA

This may not be the headline, but how good has David Bakhtiari been since coming back from injury this season?

Bakhtiari is as good as they get at left tackle. He's always been athletic and quick-reacting, but he's rounded out his game over the past two years. The scary thing is he's only 26. There are coaches out there who'll tell you offensive linemen don't get hit their prime until 28 or 29. He's only going to get better.

Al from Wollongong, Australia

All the people who call for TT's head and complain about the Packers' roster need only look at comparative jobs done by Justin McCray and the Cowboys' Chaz Green in backup work. Ted doesn't get the respect he so clearly deserves.

The fact the Packers have navigated the first 10 weeks of the season and the offensive line hasn't become a weekly media topic is a credit to the players, position coach James Campen and the personnel department for finding McCray to help stem the tide at so many positions.

Dave from Zimmerman, MN

Could you explain to me why the Bears didn't lose a timeout on the challenged call at the pylon that didn't go their way?

They technically won the challenge. They just didn't win it for the reason they challenged. If a ruling on the field is overturned, a team doesn't lose a timeout…even if it does lose possession of the ball as a result of it.

Subhadeep from Cincinnati, OH

On the John Fox challenge call that gave the Packers the touchback, my question is if the line judge did not call stepping out and gives the Bears a TD AND every scoring play is reviewed, will the call be automatically reversed since the ball was clearly coming out?

That's correct. The league office still makes the determination on touchdown replays. The only difference is it would've saved Fox some grief and a challenge.

Chris from Appleton, WI

I know you're very much against the touchback rule on an offensive fumble, but I want to stand up for it for a second. In football, you're protecting your end zone while trying to take your opponent's. If you're storming the castle, a mistake at the gate likely means everything you did up to that point was for naught.


That sounds like a good answer. I'll take it.**

Calvin from Jacksonville, FL

Have you ever seen a team win a challenge and be worse off for it? Or have a penalty carry over from one half to the other? I never expected to see either before this game, but with Packers-Bears anything is possible.

I've seen penalties carry over to the second half before, but that challenge was a new one for me. I can't recall anything quite like it.

Nolan from West Salem, WI

Do you think fans are overlooking the impact that injuries place on special teams? When a starter gets hurt the next man up on the depth chart not only is promoted to the starting position, but aren't they often promoted off a special teams unit? That can hurt the continuity of that unit as well.

There's always going to be some mix and matching on special teams given the prevalence of injuries in the NFL. However, the Packers' primary units have been a carousel for most of the season. That's the nature of the beast.

Brian from Baltimore, MD

The "mortar kickoff" seems to be catching on to force returns. Saw several Sunday, and during college games Saturday. These mortar kicks get near punt-like coverage, few I saw returned beyond the 25. I think the idea may spread, and mortar kickoffs are here to stay.

Were those mortar kicks in Chicago or "winter is coming" kicks in the Midwest? Either way, it's that time of the year. Kickoffs will be shorter as the temperature dips.

Nick from Chicago, IL

"When in Chicago, wear a little war paint." Ripkowski gets the GOLD for best Twitter post. Shows the true grit and battle of that victory.

If you want to quickly explain the Packers-Bears rivalry, just pull up that photo. Evan Siegle is the man.

When in soldier field wear a little war paint.

13.5k Likes, 114 Comments - Aaron Ripkowski (@aaronripkowski22) on Instagram: "When in soldier field wear a little war paint."

Timmy from Chicago, IL

Packers fan from Chicago here. It's lovely this time of year. 1) Benny Cunningham said Sunday they are coached to not reach the ball out unless it is fourth down. 2) That being said, the atmosphere in Chicago screams "Fire Fox!" How much blame is warranted of Fox? Of any head coach?

*It's going to be on the head coach when something like that happens. But we have the benefit of hindsight. It's a difficult animal when things are happening so fast in front of you. I'm not trying to make an excuse for it, but I can see why it happened. It's like when coaches used to throw the challenge flag on unreviewable plays. *

Gary from Davenport, IA

Do you think the Packers-Steelers game scheduled for Sunday night on Nov. 26 will be flexed out of that time slot? Without Rodgers, it appears the Saints at Rams game would be more appealing, though Green Bay and Pittsburgh typically draw a national audience as big as any teams in the NFL.

No idea. We should find out today, I believe.

Nick from Charlotte, NC

Am I crazy to think we can go 3-1 in our next four games? Ravens will be tough and the Bucs are better than their record suggests but I can see it. Sunday gave me hope, and frankly that's all I can ask for.


Not at all. While this team hasn't lost hope in itself and Hundley, I think Sunday could be the shot in the arm for fans to see the season isn't over. It reminded me a lot of Matt Flynn leading the Packers back to that tie against Minnesota in 2013.**

John from Duluth, MN

Please remind the haters that the goal Sunday was to beat the Bears, not win the Super Bowl. Cripes. It's a sad day when beating the Bears isn't good enough.

A win is a win is a win. There are no easy victories in this league. You have to cherish each of them. Plus, we'd never hear the end of it in Inbox had the Packers lost. So enjoy it.

Scott from Lincoln City, OR

Well, thankfully it didn't take long for Jeff from Woodlawn, TN, to be proven wrong. Here's looking to win No. 6.

So Jeff can't really be upset then, right? The Packers have exceeded his expectations with a single victory. Congrats man!

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