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Throw at Richard Sherman, or run at him?

Big Ten is on the way up


Dan from Madison, WI

Vic, I know you haven't forgotten, but in case some of the readers have: Richard Sherman, Richard Sherman, Richard Sherman.

Throw at him? I'd run at him.

Jack from Bellmore, NY

Vic, I'm hearing from a lot of people that the Cowboys had the win stolen because of that reversed call. Am I the only one who realizes there were four minutes left on the clock, with a red-hot Aaron Rodgers waiting on the sideline? Come on, Dallas fans, Rodgers would've won that game even if that was a completed pass.

You wanna go back and put that ball on the 1-yard line? I don't. Just win, baby. Let 'em whine.

Josh from Seattle, WA

After reading some of your articles this week, I can tell you really want to watch and write the story of a one-legged Super Bowl win. Have you ever witnessed others rise above injury to win it all?

I covered Super Bowl XIV when Jack Youngblood played on a broken leg, but the Rams lost. If Aaron Rodgers takes this team to a Super Bowl title, it will have been the most impressive example of playing hurt I have ever covered.

Gavin from Sioux Falls, SD

Vic, I think the only way Green Bay wins in Seattle is by the defense making one or two defining, game-changing plays. Thoughts?

I agree. You can't win big games without your defense making big plays.

Dan from Milwaukee, WI

Datone Jones seems to be steadily improving. What kind of impact do you think he is capable of, moving forward?

This is the game for which Jones was drafted. Dom Capers wanted a more athletic presence on his defensive front for games against quarterbacks such as Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson. Here it is. Much will be expected of Jones in the Packers' attempts to defend in space against Wilson on Sunday.

Jerry from Kent, WA

Coach Fox is out in Denver. Is this a case of being impatient about winning a Super Bowl, or the inevitable change of a franchise that knows the rebuilding process is coming upon them?

I'm bitterly opposed to the live-for-today approach to roster building, so it's difficult for me to explain what's happening now other than to say it was inevitable. When you live for today, what do you do tomorrow? Tomorrow has arrived.

Zack from Seattle, WA

Vic, I'm here in the Pacific Northwest as a representative of the Packers faithful with a Wisconsin bloodline that bleeds green and gold, and I plan to be at CenturyLink this Sunday doing whatever I can to support my team. Will there be a Packers pep rally or a pregame show that you'll be hosting before Sunday's matchup? I'd love to partake in anything that'll get me pumped up for game day.

The information is forthcoming on, but I'll give you a heads up: There will be a pep rally at the Mustard Seed bar in Bellevue, WA, at 4 p.m. on Saturday. I'll be there. Please stop and say hello.

Mic from Greenfield, CA

Last night's championship game between Ohio State and Oregon was a great game up until the last two minutes. Urban Meyer may be a great coach and knows how to teach players how to play the game, but he falls disappointedly short in teaching them character and sportsmanship. Oregon conceded the game by not calling their last timeouts, but that wasn't good enough for Ohio State, they had to score a rub-it-in touchdown. If football and adversity build character, Ohio State failed miserably. I could never see the Packers doing that or the coaches letting them do that.

College football has struggled with this issue for all of my life. I can't figure it out, especially when it's not about needing to impress the pollsters.

Les from Las Vegas, NV

Hope you can enjoy some salmon in the Pacific Northwest, Vic. Maybe, just maybe, shrimp in Mobile isn't on the menu any time soon.

Shrimp in Mobile isn't on the menu this year because I'll be in Seattle on Sunday instead of flying to Mobile for the Senior Bowl. I love the Senior Bowl and I'll miss sitting next to Tony Pauline at the practices and getting his take on the prospects, but the Senior Bowl is always something I want to miss because missing it means the team I'm covering is in its conference title game. I talked to Tony last night. He'll provide reports for us from the Senior Bowl practices next week.

Brett from Green Bay, WI

Vic, are you ready to go back to Seattle?

After the game in Buffalo, I got on the bus and I said to Mike Spofford, "Well, Mike, we're going back to Seattle." I've been ready.

Andrew from Sioux Center, IA

If Dez Bryant would have broken the plane of the end zone before the ball hit the ground, would it have been ruled the same?

Yes, I think.

Rick from St. Paul, MN

The Packers mostly lined Jarrett Boykin up against Richard Sherman in the previous meeting. He was targeted zero times in that game. It seems avoidance would allow the other cover men to cheat toward the other side of the field. This is probably becoming a habit, considering Sherman allowed 34 receptions all year. Rodgers needs to challenge him a lot.

Tony from Colorado Springs, CO

With Ohio State's national title and Michigan hiring Harbaugh, do you think there will be a shift in power on a national level to the Big Ten?

I think the Big Ten is decidedly on the way up, and Urban Meyer is leading the way. He brought SEC-type football to the Big Ten. Love him or hate him, he's the guy who's driving the Big Ten's resurgence because the rest of the conference is chasing him. Jim Harbaugh will bring to the conference an intense, high-profile personality that'll attract recruits and media coverage. James Franklin is another former SEC coach. He's a lights-out recruiter who will quickly bring Penn State out of its penalty era. Those three coaches are going to bring more talent to the Big Ten than it has seen in a long time.

Brenda from Waurika, OK

Vic, I just watched the "Countdown to Seattle" video with you and Mike. Knowing how much you like doing the "Final Thoughts" video outside, I was shocked that for this one y'all were inside. It's a tough reporting game. Shouldn't tough reporters work outside?

I never said I was tough. If I was tough, I'd still be working in that sintering plant. I became a sports writer for two reasons: no heavy lifting, and they give you free hot dogs in the press box.

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