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Thursday's a good day to loosen up and have some fun

Simple game plan: Win on Sunday, hunt on Monday


Brandon from Fort Wayne, IN

I have a feeling we're going to find out what this Packers team is made of Sunday. Backs against the wall, in a must-win game, it's time to go. I understand why you love this time of year so much, Vic.

Forget that spider y-2 banana baloney. Let's find out what's under the hood.

Mike from West Bend, WI

I meant Hall of Fame list.

Oh, list, not lust. Yeah, it's a good list. Lust is better.

Brandon from Litchfield, MN

Vic, I'll be watching the game on Sunday from the cabin in Northern Wisconsin. If the Packers are unable to stack success vs. the Vikings, how do I keep my fellow Packers fans calm and realize the sun will shine another day, as you have taught me?

You have to stay focused, Brandon. Win or lose on Sunday, you have to get up early on Monday, get out in those woods and kill something. I'll be right there with you.

Henry from Jackson, WY

Vic, did you grow up hunting or is hunting something you found later in life after moving to Wisconsin?

I come from a long line of hunters. Hunting is huge in Natrona.

Brian from Fanwood, NJ

Will Ray Guy ever make it into the Hall of Fame?

A punter? You wanna put a punter in the Hall of Fame? Before Jerry Kramer and the most famous block in football history? Before L.C. Greenwood and the 14 back surgeries that killed him? Before Jim Plunkett and the two Super Bowls he won? A punter?

Ryan from Oshkosh, WI

Vic, I have a controversial statement that Packer nation will not like. I am in belief that we will not make the playoffs this year, no matter when Rodgers comes back. Therefore, I propose we put him on the IR list and let him get fully healthy and ready for next year. I think we consider doing the same with Matthews. His game is very much affected and I think the healing process will not take place this year … letting it heal properly so they will not have a higher potential to break either body part that is injured on their person. Thoughts?

Ryan, they don't pay these guys to be healthy.

Simon from Mountain View, CA

Is there an example of a team you can remember that had "look out" in December but was already eliminated from playoff contention?

The 1991 49ers. Joe Montana was out and Steve Young got hurt at midseason, but the 49ers won six straight to end the season and were on fire under Steve Bono, but missed the playoffs. It happens.

Gilbert from Mission, TX

According to's Dan Hanzus, you are one of the "Wisconsin-area reporters."

You're darn right I am.

Ethan from La Crosse, WI

Your answer to Lyle yesterday was just what I would expect from a professional marketing copywriter. Keep up the great work! Love reading your stuff.

I am the walrus, I am the marketing copywriter.

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