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We all know where this is headed, right?

If Cowboys win tonight, they'll be one game back


Luke from La Crosse, WI

Patriots fans booed the home team because they were tied with the Eagles at halftime. Vic, are spoiled fans the worst type of fans?

They're not the worst, they're the most unbecoming. I guess it's for the best they direct their frustrations to a football team, instead of to their family, friends or co-workers. Most of all, they need to check themselves. Nobody is above losing.

Matt from Mount Pleasant, WI

What can we expect to see against Dallas?

If Dallas wins tonight, we can expect to see a Cowboys team that's one-game out of the NFC East lead and getting that December feeling that can carry a team to the playoffs and more. December fixes everything.

Chase from Camp Buehring, Kuwait

Vic, you have taught me a lot about this game I've been watching for a long time, mostly how to not worry and enjoy every game, including the losses. But as a fan, I have the luxury of being able to look past a game (or two), because I'm really looking forward to seeing how the Packers play against that Cardinals defense. To me, that game is going to tell us how this season will turn out.

Why do you need to know? All you have to do is wait. Be that as it may, I don't agree the game on Dec. 27 is the one that'll tell us how this season is going to end. I think it'll be the second game between the Packers and Cardinals that does that.

Luis from Lincoln Park, MI

Vic, with four games left the team is running out of time to snap out of these offensive struggles. Our defense is good enough to make a run at this thing. At this point what should be done to get this offense rolling?

What, 235 yards in the second half isn't rolling? The rolling has started. Keep it going.

Robert from Madison, WI

Vic, I am the one that submitted the question at the end of the live chat regarding the Vikings/Seahawks game. Well, it turned out you got your wish. The Vikings will play a hot Arizona team this week and the Seahawks play a not-so-hot Ravens team. This is the time of year when the real teams come to life, and I can't wait for the drama to ensue.

I think we all know where this season is headed, right? Fate is the greatest player.

Conor from Milwaukee, WI

Even though the Saints lost, that blocked extra-point attempt really did keep that game interesting until the very end. Now that it's happened live, do you have any thoughts about how it is going to affect extra points in the future?

It wasn't just that play. Eight extra-point attempts were missed on Sunday; there were only eight misses in all of last season. This might be the best rules change in the 44 years I've covered the NFL. Conversion attempts, in my opinion, are the new frontier. As I've written, when you convert a two-point try, you do more than score one more point, you can also force your opponent to go for two, and if you deny it, that's a difference of two points. If I was a coach, I would direct a lot of attention to my two-point offense.

Jeff from Victorville, CA

The Patriots have just lost two in a row. I imagine their fans are now in quit mode and have thus given up on the season. Isn't that what happened in your inbox after the Packers' two losses back to back?

I wonder what happened to all of those heavy-congestion pass routes. That was the solution to everything, right? I guess they need a new play-caller (that's sarcasm, folks).

Todd from Rochester, NY

Vic, Brady's struggling without his top wideouts. The AFC is wide open and here come your Steelers, look out. I love football this time of year.

All of the weeks prior to December are a rite of passage. We made it! Now we'll find out who the real teams are.

Josh from Brooklyn, NY

"Execution fuels emotion." A genius quote by Chip Kelly on a day when his team pulled the upset. As fans, we often blindly demand more fire and emotion from players, believing it will fuel performance. Perhaps, we've failed to understand it's the other way around?

One of my all-time favorite players is Mike Peterson, a tough-as-nails linebacker who never quit on a play or a game in his life. During a game in Cincinnati when the Jaguars were getting clobbered, Mike went into heavy celebration of a sack. It was an emotional display and it didn't sit well with Jack Del Rio that one of his leaders elected to celebrate while the team was losing badly. Coach Del Rio called Mike out in a team meeting, there was an exchange and Mike was cut. It always bothered me because they are two guys of kindred spirit, and I blame the result on too much fire. First comes winning, and then comes expression. Just do your job.

Tom from Mount Horeb, WI

Vic, we are 13 weeks into the season now. What have you learned about the Packers so far this season?

The defense is developing, as I expected. Special teams are improved, as I think we all expected. I didn't expect problems in the passing game. What I've learned is something I've been taught over and over: Expect the unexpected.

Margo from Bloomington, IL

Vic, can you see any comparisons between the Packers' dreadful November and the Patriots' recent two-game slide?

I don't know, Margo.

Adam from Oshkosh, WI

How close do you think the MVP race is between Brady and Cam Newton after Sunday, Vic?

Adrian Peterson belongs in that race, too. It's up for grabs. The next couple of weeks will likely decide it.

Nick from Seattle, WA

Vic, what are your thoughts on Eddie Lacy's performance and situation with this team so far this year?

He was on a roll and then denied himself playing time. My expectation is for Lacy to resume his roll and pound out 100-yard games and first downs in the big games of December, beginning this Sunday against the Cowboys. There's no soap opera here. Coach McCarthy won't allow it.

Justin from Titonka, IA

Did they get the college playoff rankings right? I think they did.

I'm OK with it. I think Stanford should be No. 4, but they did it to themselves by losing their first game of the season to a Big 10 team. Michigan State is a model college football program, built on the discipline and dedication of three-star players. I sincerely hope they can hold their head up against Alabama, but I have my doubts.

Craig from Vancouver, WA

Speed kills. How can the Packers overcome their lack of speed at the receiver positions?

By being so adept in the short-passing game defensive backs will have to tighten their coverage, thus making them vulnerable to double-move deep routes. Antonio Brown doesn't catch all of those deep balls because of speed – Mike Wallace was the fast one and he was allowed to leave in free agency. Brown catches all of those deep balls as a result of all of those wide receiver screens he catches. They force defenders to come up.

Ben from Perth, Australia

Who should we be rooting for in Thursday night's Vikings/Cardinals matchup.

I don't think we need to have a rooting interest. The Packers can win the division title by merely beating the Vikings at Lambeau Field on Jan. 3, provided the Packers don't fall more than one-game behind the Vikings. I'm OK with the Vikings beating the Cardinals. It would create a nice homefield advantage storyline for the Packers game in Arizona. Merry Christmas to me, huh?

Steven from North Charleston, SC

If a No. 3 seed and a No. 5 seed team make it to a conference championship round, where is the game played?

It would be played at the higher seed, but I'm thinking more along the lines of a No. 3 facing a No. 6 in a wild-card round game, in Green Bay. Yinz know what I mean?

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