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What gets a kicker into the Hall of Fame?

Some fans don't want to know about the cap


Craig from Brookfield, WI

If you had to make a tackle and saw one of these running backs in their prime coming straight at you, which one would you fear the most: Earl Campbell, Larry Csonka, John Riggins, Bo Jackson, Jerome Bettis or Marshawn Lynch?


Steven from Lilburn, GA

No Reggie White on your hybrid team?

I wasn't covering the Packers when he played for them.

Andy from Chino, CA

What's your take on the coaching staff changes?

It's the evolution of a staff. It's no surprise to me Luke Getsy and David Raih were promoted. I had heard good things about them. Promoting from within is Mike McCarthy's way of maintaining continuity, which I think is critical to the success of any staff, but sometimes you have to go outside to find replacements, which Coach McCarthy did in hiring Brian Angelichio and Ben Sirmans. I've heard good things about Angelichio; I'm not familiar with Sirmans. I can tell you this: These hirings were the result of a long interview process Coach McCarthy conducted immediately following the end of the season. While we were lamenting the conclusion of another season, and especially the heartbreaking way it ended, Coach McCarthy was already working on changes for next season.

Craig from Brookfield, WI

Vic, can you please ban all salary cap questions? They're boring and confusing.

It saddens me you and so many others feel that way, but it's a fact. Here's what I would say to those who don't want to know about the cap: Don't say sign him if you don't know what it'll mean to the team's cap, because the cap runs the team.

Jack from Concord, MA

Vic, what do you think of drafting/signing a safety and converting him to an inside linebacker? I see Mark Barron in free agency, but do you see someone in the draft who can fit a similar mold? Deone Bucannon was a massive success in Arizona.

I would rather the Packers assemble a secondary so talented that it can cover everybody man-to-man and, thus, be able to commit an extra and unblocked defender to the box, which is essentially what the Cardinals did with Bucannon.

Kurt from Dubuque, IA

Vic, who is the most underrated player you have covered in your career?

Fred Taylor.

Tim from Danville, IN

Vic, do you think it would be a good idea for the Packers to go after a free agent like Dwayne Allen from Indy, since he may come on the cheap and is young? I know the draft will have some talent available, but Allen has shown when healthy he can catch, block and stretch the field for a big man.

I agree with you that Allen would be an intriguing prospect, but I don't think he'd come cheap. Some team or teams will fall in love with him and the price will go up, especially as the free agent market dwindles in talent, which it almost certainly will do as the tags go out and players are re-signed.

Quinn from Richmond, WI

I noticed Randy Starks was cut. I wanted the Packers to sign him last year, and now we have another opportunity. Seems like it would be a quality addition similar to the Guion signing a few years ago. What do you think, Vic?

Starks has been a quality defensive lineman for a long time, but he'll be 33 next season and has 12 seasons under his belt. I'm also getting a lot of love in my inbox for Vernon Davis, Ben Watson and Matt Forte. Folks, it's a young man's game. Even more to the point, it's a young roster's game.

Weston from Lake Geneva, WI

If I were the Broncos, I would use my franchise tag on Brock Osweiler. That way, I get an entire offseason and season to see how he handles being my starting quarterback. Does GM Vic franchise Brock Osweiler?

GM Vic is unlikely to pay nearly $20 million of guaranteed money to find out if he has the right quarterback. GM Vic would only pay that kind of money when he was absolutely sure he has the right quarterback, and he still might cry.

Martin from Grafton, WI

Vic, if retiring young becomes more of a trend, what impacts, if any, would it have on getting into the Hall of Fame?

Players are judged within the era they played, so I don't think early retirements would be a big deal as they would pertain to Hall of Fame selection, but I think early retirements could become a big deal as they would pertain to signing bonuses. If I sign a guy to a five-year contract with a $10 million signing bonus, and he retires after year three, he owes me $4 million. Teams are going to go after that money, and there could become a reluctance to pay signing bonus. We might see something more creative, to guard against early retirements.

Steven from Milwaukee, WI

I'm an enormous draft nerd, and it drives me absolutely nuts I'll never know what the Packers and Ted Thompson were thinking on certain players or what they would've done in certain situations. I know GMs would never go for this, but wouldn't it play into the NFL's attempt to have the sport pervade our entire lives if they obligated teams to release their draft boards following completion of the draft?

You're dreaming; it's not going to happen. I would, however, favor disclosure of teams' salary caps. I think it would promote cap education and create greater understanding of what teams face in building their rosters.

Ivan from Veracruz, MX

Do you believe the USFL would've lasted without Trump?

I think the USFL would've merged with the NFL by now if the USFL's owners had been of the same rugged quality as the men who founded the NFL and AFL.

Tudor from Saint Augustine, FL

So now that you work for the Packers, you're just taking shots at the Jags left and right, huh? The Packers will turn EverBank green? I eagerly await the day following the game so you can eat your due crow. It will be a sea of black and teal.

You have my attention. I got yours.

Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy and members of his staff met with the media Thursday at Lambeau Field to discuss the latest coaching moves. Photos by Jenna Smoot,

Matt from Rochester, MN

Vic, as a Packers fan, why should I even concern myself with cap rules? I know the organization will have it handled and put a top-quality product on the field.

That's a sensible approach.

Kevin from Germantown, WI

Vic, love the column. How was the walk at Cherokee Plantation from the 13th green to the 14th tee box?

It was a long drive through a swamp that was punctuated by cypress knees, which the course uses as tee markers. The 14th hole features a series of tee boxes that appear to be floating in a swamp big enough for a par three. I really liked it. I'm waiting for an invitation to join.

Chris from Lexington, KY

How much cap space can be carried over? Could a team gut one year to load up the next?

Yes. What year would you like the Packers to surrender, this year or next?

Bobby from Madison, WI

As the reigning NFC North champs, are the Vikings the team to beat this coming season?

I don't need to make that kind of proclamation to know the Vikings are going to be a team to beat for a long time.

Matthew from New Berlin, WI

What gets a kicker into the real Hall of Fame?

If a kicker has the body of work, I think he needs to have made pressure kicks in big games for him to be considered for the highest honor football can afford an individual. I would consider Adam Vinatieri to be worthy of consideration, when his time comes.

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