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What if the Packers had drafted Jim Brown?

One play began the NFL's contemporary dynasty


Dan from Houston, TX

Priest Holmes and LaDainian Tomlinson were pretty good goal-line and short-yardage backs. Not because they were big, but just because they were good. Take the BAP runner. And dude, don't forget the Nigerian Nightmare! I'm a sucker for alliteration.

I'm with you on all counts.

Steven from Beavercreek, OH

I for one hope we can find a shutdown corner with speed.

Shouldn't be hard to get one. I'm sure no other teams will be interested.

Chad from Tarpon Springs, FL

How different would Packers' history have been had they drafted Jim Brown at No. 1 in the 1957 draft over Paul Hornung?

They could have taken him at No. 4 as well but picked Ron Kramer instead and Brown went No. 6 to Cleveland, so the Packers passed twice on the greatest running back ever. Had they not, I doubt the Packers go 4-19-1 in 1957-58, and maybe Vince Lombardi never comes to Green Bay.

Aviad from Calabasas, CA

NFC Championship. On the road. Packers at Cowboys. The score is 27-23 Cowboys. There's 4 seconds left and the Packers are in goal-to-go. You get to pick the play call and the personnel. What do you do?

Throw it to the open guy.

Gary from Oostburg, WI

Any of you Insiders find any good deals at Eddie Lacy's moving sale?

It was postponed until the weekend. Wes was crushed.

The Packers finished Day 4 of the Tailgate Tour at a Tailgate Party in Rhinelander to benefit Northwoods Alliance for Temporary Housing. Photos by Matt Haberkamp and Aaron Popkey, packers.com.

Bill from Menominee, WI

Is there a past breed of player that may not have the same impact on today's game? One of my favorite past players that I don't see a market for in today's game is Aaron Kampman. One very good attack at one position doesn't seem to cut it anymore.

I disagree. I think there's always a place for a classic two-way (run-stopper, pass-rusher) defensive end in a 4-3. Kampman dropped weight to try outside linebacker in 2009 when the defense switched schemes, it wasn't a good fit, and then his knees betrayed him, both here and in Jacksonville. He was one of the best locker-room and media guys in my first few years covering the team. I've always had a ton of respect for Kampman.

Michael from Wausau, WI

What is your favorite controversial call in your time covering football? It doesn't need to involve the Packers, but the Packers have some good ones.

They do, but I have to go back to my newspaper days covering preps here. State semifinal, early 2000s, Kewaunee vs. Lancaster, overtime. Down 7, Kewaunee scores TD and decides to go for 2 and the win. Running back takes the pitch right, tries to turn the corner, and reaches the ball out diving for the goal line as he's being tackled. I'm standing a few feet away, right at the pylon next to the official, and see the ball hit the ground square on the goal line, bounce up and go flying out of bounds past me and the ref, who inexplicably waves his arms no good and sends the wrong team to state. The most unjust ending to a team's season I have ever witnessed. I can say unabashedly it was the wrong call because I had the exact same view as the guy who botched it.

Ryan from Madison, WI

Spoff, after reading Cliff's piece on first-round disasters, I think I've come to a full appreciation of what's on the line during the draft. You can really make or break your franchise, especially if you're in the top 10 picks. I sure would not be able to handle that pressure.

That's why fans don't get paid the big bucks, GMs do.

Jimmy from New Richmond, WI

Hey Spoff! What's your favorite part about the draft? And where are you and Biff going to be enjoying it at? Do you get to go to the draft? Or do you report it from Green Bay?

I just love the anticipation in the first round, seeing who goes off the board, and who's available when it's Green Bay's turn to pick. We'll be covering it from the Lambeau Field media auditorium, where we get interviews with Thompson and others, as well as conference calls with the picks. The two guys you see at the draft at Green Bay's table are the only individuals from here who actually go there.

Stephen from Menomonee Falls, WI

Does anyone else find it excessive that Goodell gets booed every time he comes to the mic? I get that people aren't happy with his past decisions, but show some respect.

I think it's gotten a little old, yeah.

Kirk from Lakeland, FL

When will the Packers' schedule, with dates and times, be released?

Most likely the week before the draft, but it could be anytime now. We don't get much more than a one-day notice from the league.

Greg from Danbury, CT

"There isn't another Inbox like this." The greatness of our fans is great.

That's one interpretation.

Jon from Seattle, WA

I'm a longtime Packers fan that has lived in Seattle for the past three years. Aside from missing our great fan base, one thing I've picked up on in these parts is how fickle the love for players can be. It seems the general feeling of Seahawks fans around Richard Sherman has done a 180 over the past six months and they want him gone. Do you see the Packers making a move for him? Also, what kind of offer do you think the Packers would make if they did have interest?

Of the endless Sherman questions, I posted this one because the local fan perspective is interesting. That said, I think the cap hit with Sherman's contract is the tougher element to a deal, for any team, than the trade compensation.

Ana from Brasilia, Brazil

I noticed there isn't much information in media about which players in this draft the Packers hosted in visits or talked to during the combine or pro days. Why is that? Is it because the Packers don't really have many young players visiting, or is this team just really good at hiding it?

The Packers never release that sort of information. Some gets out via players on social media, or agents through reporters, but we usually find that stuff out from the Packers' picks after they've been drafted.

Joe from Appleton, WI

I'm in 100 percent agreement that the NFL is a quarterback-driven league, and a team needs "The Man" in order to be a winner. That being said, if you were picking for a QB-starved franchise, do you take the highest rated QB, who you aren't highly confident in, and hope he becomes "The Man," or do you take a safer bet on an impact player at another position?

If you believe the QB can be the guy, you take him. If you're hoping but don't really believe, you're just trying to buy time.

Malte from Odense, Denmark

Is our next RG already on the roster?

At this point, I believe Don Barclay and a draft pick will be the front-runners in a training-camp battle for the starting job. I'm not ruling out Lucas Patrick or Kyle Murphy, but I'd put better odds on Barclay right now.

Jeff from Farmington, UT

I like the current format for how many challenges you get. If the two-strikes rule were in place, the game would be filled with so many immaterial challenges. I often see plays where if they challenged they would be granted another yard, but they don't challenge because it isn't worth it.

I disagree with your premise. The rules are pretty clear what can be challenged and what can't, and the spot of the ball can't be challenged unless it relates to a first down. With turnovers and scoring plays already automatically reviewed, I don't think immaterial challenges would fill the game.

Eric from Mullica Hill, NJ

Hello guys. I recently watched the replay of the first "Lambeau Leap." Was Reggie out of bounds before tossing to Butler?

Very likely. A tradition born of a blown call. It's part of the mystique.

Mike from Appleton, WI

Regarding the draft, do scouts view Demarcus Walker out of Florida State as a potential 3-4 outside LB? He reminds me of Nick Perry. Potential to be stout against the run and bring push-rush potential. Not sure if he can cover, but could be a candidate to develop.

It seems there's more talk about Walker bulking up and playing on the interior if he's not at defensive end.

Dominic from Plymouth, UK

On the current roster, is there a player who you believe could have a breakout year this season? Martinez was looking like a real talent before injury, but I'm really looking forward to seeing more of Trevor Davis now that he's had a season of learning the system.

McCarthy's comments at the end of last season about Davis were interesting. He was almost apologetic about having him as a gameday inactive so often, saying those decisions were not an indication of lack of readiness to play. He's a guy to watch.

Juan from San Antonio, TX

Insiders, I've read Vic many times write one of the hardest things for a young running back to do is learn to pass-block. With the Packers going young at running back, who do you think gets the job on obvious passing downs?

Ripkowski, followed by Montgomery, who should improve this year. A larger stable of tight ends also provides another option. You could line one up back there and send him out on a route if nobody blitzes.

Bruce from Green Bay, WI

You stated Walter Payton was your favorite player. Why? What about Barry Sanders, a true gentleman and athlete? John Riggins, Jim Taylor, The Bus … why Sweetness?

I grew up in Platteville, and the Bears brought their training camp to my hometown when I was 11. Walter was one of a kind.

Ryan from Platteville, WI

Hey Mike, is the restaurant with the sign on the wall Uno's? And which do you prefer Steve's or Uno's? I love me some Steve's.

Love 'em both.

Jon from Bloomfield, NJ

Ego Ferguson finally gives you a clear example of why packers.com is always last to report on transactions. Will people stop asking about it now?

Let's hope.

Brandon from Appleton, WI

In regards to the best pass-rusher coming from the QB's blind side, I always wondered why Reggie White seemed to line up on the opposite side most of the time. Was there some other factor that came in to play for him?

He was also one of the best run defenders in the game, and in his day teams ran to the right a higher percentage of the time, so White played left end.

Jason from Green Bay, WI

Recently, there was a question about if it's better for rookie QB to sit and learn for a few years, or to start from Day 1. Has anyone asked Aaron about this, or if he feels that sitting for his first three years had that significant (positive) of an impact on his career? If so, what was his response/opinion?

Like any true competitor, Rodgers wanted to play right away. From what I recall when he's discussed this topic, he understands the benefits of waiting, but he also feels he would have learned on the job just fine, too.

Dan from Golden, CO

If you could go back in time and change one play from any game in NFL history, what would it be? Mine would be not having Bostick on the field during the onside kick.

Woodson-Brady, the "tuck rule" play. The Patriots' dynasty started with a call that defied common sense.

Del from Sterling, IL

Mike, no best question ever, I just wanted to give you props. Last summer you predicted the Falcons were the team to look out for in 2016 and that Gunter would be the surprise impact player for the Packers. Nailed 'em both. Any predictions for the upcoming season?

I should quit while I'm ahead. Check back when Week 1 gets closer.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

Happy Masters' weekend! I hope we are treated to dramatic moments and a tight finish, but we are guaranteed to hear the soft piano music and soothing commentary and see the blooming azaleas and the incomparable views of "Amen Corner." It's like coming to Lambeau Field. You hope to see a win, but you know you will get to see the grass and the Green and Gold uniforms, smell and taste the brats, hear the roar of the crowd, and feel the aluminum on your backside! Enjoy everyone!

I'm going to anger all the people who want "only football" in this column by posting this, but yes, I will be hoping for some back nine drama on Sunday. Vic's Jon Rahm pick is in the hunt. Have a good weekend.

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