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What is the impact of Vikings' loss?

December friend here to stay


Aaron from Phoenix, AZ

Vic, do you still eat the free hot dogs even after colon cancer? My mother beat colon cancer a few years back but she now has a special diet she has to adhere to, like eating gluten free.

I'll eat free gluten. Free is me and I'll take three.

Jim from Des Peres, MO

What did Brett Hundley think of the performance of Aaron Rodgers in the Lions game, including the last play? I'd be interested in his view of things from inside the NFL now.

What did Brett Hundley think of Aaron Rodgers' performance? He threw for 193 yards and two touchdowns in the second half and you want to know what Hundley thought of Rodgers' performance? I mean, Rodgers led an 84-yard drive and capped it with a 17-yard touchdown run to cut the Lions' lead to two points, and you want to know what Hundley thought of Rodgers' performance? He threw a 61-yard touchdown pass that nearly brought rain from inside Ford Field and you have the nerve to ask what did Hundley think of Rodgers' performance? I'll tell you what I think. I think Hundley thought it was pretty good.

Larry from Stanley, WI

Vic, I like how you select someone daily to throw to the wolves. You're letting your comments section do your dirty work for you, eh?

I'm just trying to get by.

Mike from North Hudson, WI

Vic, it's that time of the year again. What is your NFL wish list this year?

If I had three wishes, I would wish for peace to all men (that means women, too), health and happiness for my family, friends and "Ask Vic" readers, and a free hot dog at halftime in the press box at the Super Bowl.

Richard from Madison, CT

Certainly there must have been years when your December friend was not going to show. What was that like?

There have been a few, and they always felt as though I had lost my best friend. It's miserable covering meaningless games in December. The rest of the football world is abuzz with conversation about big games, and the games you're covering don't even make SportsCenter. There's an overall feeling of unimportance that makes you feel detached from the rest of the league, the part that matters. You don't have to fight traffic on the way to the game because there isn't any. All of the pregame talk in the press box is about something other than the game you're covering. That hasn't happened in Green Bay for a long time, and it's only happened a few times in the last two-plus decades. I'm thankful for covering this team during a magical run of winning, and I'm tingling with excitement for the four games that remain on the Packers' schedule.

Mike from Kalamazoo, MI

At an average of 16 games per year, for 44 years, that's about 700 hot dogs. Average about $4 each and that's $2,800 dollars of free dogs. Even more incredible is the fact it equals to about 352 feet, or 117 yards of frankfurter. That's over the entire length of a football field, including the end zones. That's impressive, Vic.

You're forgetting preseason and postseason games, except I remember not eating a hot dog during a preseason game at The Vet a long time ago. They served donuts and beer.

Scott from Lincoln City, OR

Vic, I read a quote from Bengals receiver Marvin Jones saying the game against the Steelers was "going to be bloody on both sides," and I thought of your experience with the Raiders-Steelers rivalry. If you had been the reporter speaking with him, would you have responded to his statement in any way or just kept your thoughts to yourself?

I would've asked him his thoughts on facing the Steelers in the playoffs. This is the Bengals' chance to deliver the knockout punch to the Steelers. They better do it on Sunday, or they might have to do it in January.

Guilherme from Curitiba, Brazil

I don't like playing the shoulda, coulda, woulda game – and if they had scored a TD we wouldn't be even discussing this – but should the Vikings have kicked on third down?

It would've been a 48-yard try. You'd like to get a little closer for your kicker, but the risks were considerable, especially against the No. 4 defense in the league. I probably would've kicked, but the confidence Mike Zimmer expressed in his quarterback and Zimmer's play-to-win attitude will have residual value for the Vikings.

Alex from Chicago, IL

In's summary of last night's game, it was written "Turner called an excellent game, giving his quarterback clear looks on play action." Clearly, Norv Turner sure can block a lineman and move Bridgewater's feet for him. Did the obsession with plays over players start with the media or the fans? Where does it end?

There's nothing wrong with that opinion, as long as we understand a good plan has to be executed. I don't think throwing a pass on first down from the 1-yard line when you have Marshawn Lynch in your backfield is a good plan, but it can be overcome with execution. A good plan can be executed fuller and more easily. That's what you want.

Paul from Minneapolis, MN

Vic, as you well know, they don't run steeplechase in Natrona.

Well, they should. The slag dumps are perfect for it.

Adam from Niagara, WI

Vic, Thursday night's game did not disappoint. Now, more than ever, I believe Week 17 will be for the division title.

As I wrote in my 10 things editorial, with a win on Sunday the Packers will guarantee they can do no worse than play for the division title at home on Jan. 3.

John from Auckland, New Zealand

Vic, you often refer to parts of the game as the most important/ biggest/ best in all of pro sports. Please refrain from using such exaggerations, as it doesn't add any impact when we know there are a lot of big sports that you have no knowledge on.

No, I'm going to continue doing whatever it is I'm doing.

Eli from Fergus Falls, MN

Madden is a fun and accurate stimulation of football. Your information about the game and people who play it is wrong and embarrassing. Can you please stop being old and presumptuous for once?

No, I'm going to continue being old and presumptuous, too. Why? Because it feels so good. By the way, you're banned. In fact, everyone from Fergus Falls is banned. The same with Auckland, New Zealand. Banned!

Colin from Lansdale, PA

So what is the best/worst hotdog you've ever had?

They had a hot dog/bratwurst machine in the press box at old Cleveland Stadium. It was the strangest-looking press box in the league. It was as though somebody had parked a bus between the seats and the roof of the upper deck. It also contained the world's highest outhouse. Anyhow, one of the selections in that hot dog/bratwurst machine was a grey-colored dog. I was never quite sure if it was a hot dog or a brat; we called them greyhounds. I'm not sure why I ate them, except I felt I owed it to them.

Josh from Saint Cloud, MN

Rain may fall, torrents come, pour down like a beating drum. But, softly first, the "Go Pack Go!" in the distance starts to grow. Now resonates across the field, all opponents surely yield! The Cowboys hear the sweet refrain, knowing soon they shall be slain. Surely now their doom is nigh, Rodgers' passes pierce the sky! In terror must the Cowboys flee, for Sunday marks a victory!

Hi diddle diddle, Lacy up the middle.

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