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What matters is what the teams think

We’ll find out the schedule tonight


Al from UK

Who do you think will be our toughest divisional opponent this year? And what's your 1-4?

I want to see what happens in the draft, but the only team that would surprise me should it contend for the NFC North title is Chicago. I think the Bears are at least a year away from a serious push, but then again, nothing is that big a surprise in this league. That said, I expect the Lions and Vikings to be right there with the Packers in 2017.

Al from Green Bay, WI

OK, I'm sure this isn't an official NFL stat, but I believe A.J. Hawk is the Packers' all-time leader in losing his helmet in the midst of a play. Whenever my eyes would catch a helmet rolling on the turf, I knew the smart bet was that the helmet vacated the head of No. 50. Nobody could say A.J. was afraid to stick his nose into the action! Do you have any lasting memories from A.J.'s time in Green Bay?

My first year here was Hawk's rookie year, and before the Packers played the Jets, I sat down with him one-on-one to talk about the days he and Jets center Nick Mangold played on the same pee-wee football team together in Centerville, Ohio. Hawk was a running back (as well as linebacker) then, and the way he talked about taking handoffs and following Mangold's lead blocks, you could just tell he'd loved football his whole life.

Erica from Lincoln Park, MI

Has the 2017 shareholder date been announced yet?

No. Last year, the date of the meeting was announced the first week of May.

Brandon from Whitehorse, YT

I enjoy TT press conferences the most. His sly grin and cagey answers. Is there a specific way you present or prepare your questions for him? What do you enjoy most about his press conferences?

He's at his best telling stories about his playing days and his old coach, Bum Phillips. Unfortunately, he didn't share any of those yesterday. We have to do a better job of asking questions that lead him there, to see if there are stories we haven't heard yet.

Brandon from Tulsa, OK

I've had the pleasure of watching Samaje Perine play for my Sooners the past few years. Can you PLEASE do a Prospect Primer video on him? Packer fans will love what they see from Oklahoma's all-time leading rusher.

Already did one. Not bad when you can leapfrog Billy Sims and Adrian Peterson on that school's list.

Jake from Loveland, CO

Insiders, I don't know why I did, but I read the "trashy" NFL's most overpaid players article. I was furious to see them list Mike Daniels as the Packers' overpaid player! I cannot believe these sports writers picked Daniels. Their argument was because his sack numbers were low. Please tell me writers are smarter and know there's more than sacks?

Anyone who considers Daniels overpaid has never watched all-22 film of the Packers' defense. Based on the market for his position, he's actually underpaid. He signed an extension in December of 2015 that's now being dwarfed by the contracts handed out to top free-agent defensive tackles.

Grayson from Roseville, CA

Hello! Please tell me where I can get one of those T-shirts the Packers are wearing for the offseason program! They are legit. I couldn't find them on the Pro Shop website.

The team gives the players a new T-shirt every year for offseason workouts, but it's not publicly sold. I'm with you, though. It's a good look.

Lorant from Budapest, Hungary

Insiders, just wondering where you got the intro music for the "Unscripted" series? The reason I'm asking is because the same music used to be the intro for the NFL program on the sports channel that has the right to show games in Hungary. I'm wondering if the NFL has a music library where various media workers can select tunes, or if it's just pure coincidence. Cheers.

You didn't know that's me on guitar and Wes on the drums? The Hungarians owe us royalties.

Braden from Aurora, CO

When "grading" players for the draft, how specific do GMs get? Is it a matter of this player is ranked No. 1, this player is ranked No. 2? Or is it more broad, such as these players are all ranked as late first-rounders?

I think in the early rounds, say the first two or three, finer distinctions are made. In the later rounds, the grading is more broad-based, or at least the decision-making process is.

Drew from Waterloo, IA

Jayrone Elliott is announcing our third-round pick. Do you have a list of the people who are announcing the other rounds for the Pack?

Sometimes alumni get involved with announcing picks after the first round. I'll try to find out if something is in the works.

Emily from Madison, WI

Hi Mike and Wes. Just watched "Draft Day" with Kevin Costner. Aside from the usual Hollywood love interest, etc., how close is what they depict to the real NFL draft day?

Wes has told me it's way over the top, but you've reminded me I have seven days to finally watch that movie for the first time.

Chris from Milwaukee, WI

T.J. Watt would be a great pick for us, but don't you think he'll be gone way before then? He's got too much in common with J.J. for 28 teams to risk not picking him. I think he'll be a surprise top-15 pick despite one year at the position, etc.

You may be right, and this is one of many opinions in huge contrast to the post from yesterday. The truth is we don't know. All we know right now is what the draft gurus think. What matters is what the teams think, and they'll start telling us next Thursday night.

Grant from Kremmling, CO

Mike, you made mention when answering Brian from Fairfax that he forgot to mention, you also don't leave the game-changer (for other teams). I do not think this is where teams waste their thought process. They have enough on their plate already. My 2. Thanks.

I didn't mean it as an additional part of any team's thought process. It's an inherent part of the process when adhering to BAP philosophy.

Jesse from Bismarck, ND

Philly is hosting the draft at a museum? Well, if the Packers wanted to hold the draft at Washington Island, I'd understand why we don't have the facilities but come on, Mr. Commissioner, Titletown has what it takes.

Don't knock the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Rocky lore always has its place. In fact, I think they should announce the last pick, so-called Mr. Irrelevant, from a meat locker, in homage to his underdog status.

Joe from Appleton, WI

I am too cheap to pay for an elaborate cable or satellite package, but I subscribe to an app so I can listen to any of my favorite sports teams that aren't on local TV. The other day I was listening to Rockets-Thunder, and hearing the dull broadcast made me realize how lucky we are in Wisconsin. Seriously, is there a better group than Wayne and Larry (Packers), Uecker (Brewers), and Ted Davis (Bucks) calling games for one state?

I've never lived anywhere else long enough to know, but we're certainly blessed.

Ron from Lees Summit, MO

So, in light of recent news reports about ping-pong tables in the locker room, do the Packers have them?

They have one in the players' lounge, down the hall from the locker room. I hear Hundley is pretty good.

Aaron from Baton Rouge, LA

What are your thoughts on Cooper Kupp? I know the Pack is loaded at receiver, but this guy reminds me of Jordy. His route-running is superior, from what I've read. Just curious about your thoughts on him and if the Pack is peeking his way.

I have no idea on the peeking, but I've seen multiple mock drafts with the Packers choosing Kupp in the second round. There's a lot to like with him, and we have a Primer coming on him next week. I expect the Packers to add a receiver in this draft, I just don't know how high.

Brian from Schertz, TX

Is there a myth or misconception about the Insider Inbox or you would like to dispel?

That anyone ever tells me what to write. Some subjects are treated carefully, which I think most readers understand, but if I'm taking the time to give my analysis or viewpoint, rest assured it's mine.

Margeaux from Tallahassee, FL

Bucks or Raptors? I need to know, my fantasy basketball team depends on it.

I like the Bucks. It's too bad they couldn't finish the deal Tuesday night after coming back from down double digits in both the third and fourth quarters, but their resolve against a team that needed the win more spoke volumes.

Hansen from Waukesha, WI

Prediction: The Packers will trade down from the 29th pick, trading the pick to San Francisco for picks 34, 109, and 219.

Noted. The Packers drafted both Lang and Bakhtiari at pick 109, for what it's worth.

Tony from Eden Prairie, MN

I just saw quite a few quotes from Rodgers on the team make-up and how he feels. I notice that there are no comments currently about his break-up, or previously about his relationship about his family. Do the reporters covering him not ask these questions, or does he decline to answer?

He has made it clear over the years that he keeps his private life private. Those of us who cover him regularly respect that.

PackerPappy from Echo Park, CA

A.J. Hawk: Packer HOF, yes or no?


Monty from Seattle, CA

The Wright brothers lived in Dayton, Ohio. For a few years they moved seasonally to the Carolinas to test their experimental gliders and early aircraft. You're stripping Dayton of its global claim to fame, Mike.

I never knew how the Dayton Flyers got their nickname. Now I do. Thanks.

Kyle from Chattanooga, TN

I do appreciate your insight on not only do the teams have to pick their guy, they also are constantly evaluating whom they are leaving on the board. I still feel the sting of the 1998 draft when Moss was on the board when the Packers picked. The first time on the field against the Pack after being selected by the Vikings, he was dominant and it resulted in the change in how DBs were drafted going forward. Any other recent ones stand out to you?

Moss was a huge character risk, which becomes a separate discussion in draft rooms. That was 19 years ago, and scrutiny has heightened to such an extent I wonder if Moss would last even longer than 21 picks now.

Pat from Collierville, TN

Insiders, I have been waiting years to see Cobb throw an option pass during a game. He played QB in college so I would guess the Packers have a play hidden away for him. Have you ever seen the Packers practice this?

Cobb attempted an option pass against the Giants as a rookie in 2011. It was incomplete. Here's a good trivia question, though. Who's the only non-QB to complete a pass for the Packers in the Aaron Rodgers era?

Del from Sterling, IL

Is there any player in the draft that reminds you of a player on the Packers' current roster? If so, which player and why?

Kansas State's Jordan Willis reminds me a lot of Nick Perry. Maybe not quite as stout, but a guy with the power to set the edge against the run and the athleticism to rush the passer, who isn't close now to being as good as he might be.

Nathan from Minneapolis, MN

With the Packers being slotted last season to open U.S. Bank Stadium against the Vikings, what are the chances the Packers play Atlanta for the opening of their new place?

It wouldn't surprise me. We'll find out tonight.

Dale from Owatonna, MN

I am guessing thousands of Packer fans can relate to the early morning trek to their favorite deer stand, walking back to the truck at around 10 a.m. to get back home for the game at noon. There were many Thanksgivings where we put off eating until the game was over. Give me a Packer game on Thanksgiving, it's like an early Christmas present.

I've covered the game in Detroit four times and always been home in time for an evening Thanksgiving dinner. The Dallas game wouldn't work in that regard, so a midnight piece of pumpkin pie waiting in the fridge would have to suffice.

Greg from Hamilton, Ontario

I love beer. Do you like beer?

No. I love beer, too.

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