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What will be the storyline after the game?

Get ready for the big game with “Ask Vic Chat” today


Jeff from Sun Valley, ID

I don't get the revenge thing with Seattle. The Packers didn't play their best in those final minutes. I just want to see the team put together a full 60-minute game against the Seahawks and play them toe-to-toe for the whole game.

I think you're going to see that this Sunday. This team couldn't be more focused on a game than it is on this game. I know that because this has not been a good week for getting quotes and building ledes.

Jack from Concord, MA

Is there a magical free-agent linebacker pickup similar to the magical WR pickup of James Jones? Unfortunately, ILB is of little depth, opposed to WR. Who has to step up?

I disagree. I think the "woods" are full of run-stuffing linebackers. The "woods" are not full of linebackers of equal skill against the run and the pass; those are the Clay Matthews types and they are few and far between. Nate Palmer stepped up against the run in Chicago and his play improved as the game wore on. He's being counted on to step up again.

Kevin from New River, AZ

"The decision to renovate Lambeau Field is the second smartest decision in the franchise's history. I think we all know what the No. 1 decision is." I hope you meant getting Reggie White in free agency. Or did you mean trading for Brett Favre? Possibly drafting Aaron Rodgers? I have to know!

Time even dulls the memory of Vince Lombardi. If it weren't for him, White, Favre and Rodgers would likely have never played in Green Bay, for or against.

Tom from Grafton, VT

"That's my kind of football, pound and bomb." Yeah, baby! Daryle Lamonica to Fred Biletnikoff; now that's football.

Actually, it would've been Lamonica to Mike Siani, and eventually Ken Stabler to Cliff Branch; Biletnikoff was a possession receiver. Lamonica was known as the "Mad Bomber," but he never really had a legit deep threat at wide receiver until Branch came along, but by then Lamonica was being replaced by Stabler.

Jerry from Wausau, WI

Vic, now that the season is under way, can't you keep the questions and answers Packers related? I, and I'm certain others, have had it up to our eyes with questions about the Hall of Fame and other non-Packers questions. I realize you enjoy showing your knowledge about the history of the game, but let's keep it current with questions and answers like: What do you think will be the storyline after Sunday night's game?

I think the storyline after the game will be about the Packers' fast start. I hope that answer pleases you, because I'm sure this answer won't: I will continue to answer questions that are not Packers-related. That means you're facing a big decision. I have no doubt you'll make the right call.

Craig from Brookfield, WI

Forget revenge and rivalry. What really matters in this game is we may be looking at the two best teams in the NFC facing off. If they are the two best, the head-to-head has enormous meaning in December. Yes, it is Week 2 and the story of 2015 could take a different turn. Do you think it's premature to be thinking about playoffs and homefield?

I do. To do that would be disrespectful of the rest of the NFC. Smugness is a terrible disease. It'll destroy a team. Joe Greene was fond of saying "We're not above losing." Every victory must be cherished.

Roger from Chicago, IL

Vic, any worry on your end about the continued slow inflation rate of the dollar and the Fed pushing back its plans on raising interest rates?

My concern is that we've even turned banking into entertainment. Is anything sacred?

Ben from Brookings, SD

Vic, what are some games/matchups you're looking forward to this weekend besides the Packers-Seahawks?

New England at Buffalo is my feature attraction. I want to see Brady and Gronkowski against that Bills secondary.

Justin from Madison, WI

The way I see it, the Packers-Seahawks rivalry is not based on last year's game, but rather just an extension of the "Fail Mary." What angered me and other fans I've talked to most was the Seahawks' refusal to admit afterwards a call went their way. Now, every time they beat us, it reminds us of that. I think we mostly blame ourselves for losing the title game last year, but we'll never forgive the Seahawks for the "Fail Mary." I guess maybe that does make it personal.

So, you'd allow the Seahawks to keep the "Fail Mary" win, if they'd admit you won the game. That's ridiculous. The Seahawks have done nothing wrong. No team should apologize for winning. Mike McCarthy accepted the loss with strength and dignity. We should take our lead from him.

Rob from Washington, DC

Vic, what's with all of this romantic garbage? I just want to see someone hit someone else.

Do you have a time machine?

Dan from Wichita, KS

I didn't hear much at all during preseason about Jake Ryan's development. Now that he may be thrust into a key role, can you share any impressions of what you've seen thus far from the rookie?

Nothing jumped out at me. He stayed healthy and spent training camp learning his craft. I have a feeling we'll notice him more in the weeks ahead.

William from Plymouth, IN

Do you think Coach McCarthy felt the team was looking past the Bears to the Seahawks, when he made the comment to the press about kicking the Bears' (butts)? Was he trying to pressure or challenge the team to focus on the task at hand?

No, I just think he got a little fired up. Coach McCarthy is like that.

Karen from Everett, PA

Vic, let's say you're an advertising executive and your product is gum. Clint Hurdle or Pete Carroll?

Carroll; Hurdle makes my jaws ache.

Bryce from Raleigh, NC

No. 1 moment in Packers history? Letting Rodgers take the reins and not looking back at the past?

Letting Bart Starr run it and launch a franchise into immortality.

Vincent from Seattle, WA

Given your insights into the great game of football, have you thought about writing a book about high school football? I think it's the only game that can profoundly affect a teenager's life at that critical time of growing up.

It affected my life long before I was a teenager. My high school football team was the single-most important thing in my life. I will forever remember the Friday night I sat on the porch wrapped in a blanket – I was sick and didn't go to school the day of the big game vs. our cross-river rival – and listened to the crowd cheer and the bands play their fight songs, and I knew exactly what the score was from the sounds I heard, which the newspaper confirmed when it hit the doorstep early the next morning. High school football was everything to me. The loss to McKeesport in 1963 is the worst hurt I had ever felt.

Joe from Appleton, WI

Vic, I was absolutely absorbed by that "Get Loud" video. I can feel the energy for this game and it hasn't stopped. I don't even want a Packers blowout or comfortable win. I want a game that in the end I am saying my heart can't take this for a full season. Is that wrong?

No! That's the way it should be. It means you have the courage to invite excitement. Blowout wins are for the weak of spirit. I live to write about crunch time. Good for you, Joe. By the way, folks. Don't forget about today's "Ask Vic Chat." It begins at 1 p.m. CT. Let's get ready for Sunday's game with some spicy football talk.

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