What You Might've Missed: 'The Play' capped stellar night for Packers CB Rasul Douglas

Interception was the last of several solid plays by Green Bay’s recent secondary addition


GREEN BAY – Football is a funny game.

On "The Play" in Arizona, if Cardinals WR A.J. Green has any idea QB Kyler Murray is throwing him a fade, he can probably box out Packers CB Rasul Douglas and there's not much the defender can do without getting flagged for interference.

In that case, Douglas would have been perceived as the goat for allowing a game-winning touchdown, which would indeed have been a shame.

Because Douglas, who arrived in Green Bay three weeks prior from Arizona's practice squad, put together an all-around stellar performance in the Packers' dramatic 24-21 victory.

He had a number of rock-solid defensive plays en route to the finish, which became a grand finale to remember.

Here's the rundown.

Play No. 1: Third-and-4 from the Arizona 34, first quarter, 11:30 left

Result: Incomplete pass

The quartet of LB De'Vondre Campbell (59), CB Chandon Sullivan (39), S Darnell Savage (26) and Douglas (29) defends the Cardinals' route combination from a bunch formation very effectively to get off the field on third down. Green (18) comes from the middle of the bunch with the most dangerous route, and Douglas sticks right with him down the sideline. Even if LB Preston Smith (91) isn't in Murray's face, he can't really take the deep shot to Green here no matter how much he might want to.

Play No. 2: Second-and-16 from the Arizona 31, first quarter, 8:57 left

Result: 8-yard completion to Green

Here Douglas is split wide across from RB Chase Edmonds (2), and his reaction to Murray's quick look into the flat is superb, forcing Murray to pump and hold the ball. Unfortunately, LB Krys Barnes(51) also tries to jump a potential flip to Edmonds even though he doesn't have to, because Douglas is on it. That leaves Green open for the short gain.

Play No. 3: Second-and-5 from the Arizona 29, second quarter, 4:48 left

Result: Incomplete pass

Just good work here from Douglas on the deep crosser, staying in good position through the two-way contact on Green's break at the top of the route. Then the play on the ball is well-timed and smoothly done. One play later, the defense is off the field again.

Play No. 4: Second-and-6 from the Arizona 19, third quarter, 14:39 left

Result: 10-yard sack by DL Dean Lowry

On the second play of the second half, the Cardinals are going hurry up and snap it quickly. But Douglas is all over Green's in cut, with a little inside help from S Adrian Amos(31), and Lowry's bull rush finishes the play. On the next snap, S Henry Black gets his first career INT.

Play No. 5: Second-and-2 from the Arizona 38, third quarter, 10:34 left

Result: 3-yard completion to WR Christian Kirk

The Cardinals get the first down here, but given how the Packers are aligned – with Barnes blitzing, Amos a little delayed in rotating over, and plenty of space available in the flat – they're certainly hoping for more than 3 yards. It looks like Douglas is in no-man's land, but watch his lightning-fast reaction into attack mode and subsequent execution on the quick throw to Kirk. He gets to the right spot as the ball arrives, stays under control to keep outside leverage and funnel Kirk to the inside pursuit, and then fights through the block by Green to knock Kirk off-balance all by himself. An outstanding play, and Kirk's frustration with a missed opportunity is visible as he gets up.

Play No. 6: First-and-10 from the Arizona 41, third quarter, 10:05 left

Result: Incomplete pass

On the very next play, Douglas is back in cover mode, and there's not much to analyze. Just darn good coverage vs. Green on a go route along the sideline.

Play No. 7: Third-and-10 from the Green Bay 49, fourth quarter, 13:24 left

Result: 9-yard completion to Edmonds

Once again, Douglas' ability to read and react to a play in front of him is excellent. On the dumpoff to Edmonds, Douglas is 20-plus yards away from him when he catches the ball. But he closes quickly and effectively, getting Edmonds out of bounds short of the first-down marker. Unfortunately, the defense doesn't get the stop on the next play, but Douglas gave the unit a chance to get off the field.

The Play: Second-and-goal from the Green Bay 5, fourth quarter, :15 left

Result: Interception by Douglas

Nobody missed it, but it must be shown anyway, right? Talk about an aggressive call with the game on the line, the Packers send the house at Murray – a 7-man pressure, with everyone in coverage one-on-one. Whether Green is the hot route against the blitz and didn't read the defense properly, or if Murray made a check at the line he didn't get, the "not on the same page" moment becomes Douglas' time to shine brightest.


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