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Who will surprise us on Thursday night?

Should the Packers use Vince Young in the read option?


Pat from Altoona, WI

Vic, who's your candidate to surprise, impress and earn a roster spot in Kansas City?

At the beginning of the preseason, it was Tyrone Walker. I still think he's a candidate for what you're describing, but Chris Banjo seems to be the hot prospect going into this game. He's the fast-rising surprise candidate, and it's at a position where there appears to be opportunity. I love the question because it's the storyline for Thursday's game. The field will belong to the desperate dreamers.

Jaime from San Cristobal, Mexico

Vic, you're receptive to brainstorming for coming up with ideas for dealing with the league's problems, so here goes: What if the league made best preseason record one of the tiebreaking criteria for postseason seedings?

I don't like that idea. Hey, if we're going to give meaning to these games to encourage teams to play their regulars and play the games more meaningfully, then let's just go to 2-18. That would solve everything because cutting the preseason in half would force coaches to play their regulars longer in each of those preseason games. Jaime, I don't have a creative solution to the preseason issue, but since you seem to want something off the wall, try this idea about training camp: Since the league is going to push the offseason schedule back next year, why not switch OTAs and training camp? In other words, do training camp first and the OTAs-like practices second. OTAs would have to leave the voluntary category, and I understand that the players would be unlikely to agree to that change in the CBA without a little something for the effort, but the intent of moving camp forward would be to give players more time to heal from injuries before the season began. If the game is going to be forced to live with the injuries that are occurring in training camp, then we need to provide more time for players to heal before the season begins. If we don't provide that time, training camps will keep getting softer. OK, folks, it's just wild thinking. Please, don't send me questions about how I would do this or do that. I'm just thinking out loud.

Nehemiah from Norfolk, VA

Jermichael Finley seems to have really stepped up his game. With Greg Jennings and Donald Driver gone, who looks to be that fourth wide receiver to step up.

Jarrett Boykin is that guy. He can cement that No. 4 spot on Thursday night.

Kevin from Superior, WI

If Vince Young makes the team and is the second-string quarterback, do you think the Packers might use him in the read option for maybe a play or two during the season?

I like it. Yeah, give your opponents something else for which they must prepare.

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