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Will Packers fans take over Dallas this weekend?

What should a fan say to Jerry Jones this Sunday?


Kevin from Jacksonville, FL

Vic, since you love between-the-tackles, pounder running backs, how did you feel about MJD when he came to Jacksonville?

I knew I was gonna love him the moment I saw him. He's a great back, a deserving and distinguished rushing champion. He plays the game the way it should be played.

Jim from San Antonio, TX

Vic, I just found out our group of six has field passes for the pregame warmups at the game in Dallas on Sunday. I've been told a friend of Jerry Jones will introduce us to Jerry on the field. As the only Packers fan in our group, what do I say to Jerry while decked out in my Packers jersey and hat?

Tell him, "You're going down, Jones." He'll love it.

Peter from Polonia, WI

Vic, you seem to have a lifetime of knowledge about football, and a lifetime worth of ideas about football. How much influence does a guy like you have on the sport?


Jason from Rochester, MN

Vic, I'm reading your column again, even though you told me not to. Sorry, you're addictive. My question is why are you being so obtuse about the Lacy halftime play? You surmise that a deep pass would be just as risky to Nelson/Jones as a run is to Lacy. I don't agree. The risk/reward on a deep pass is lessened, as most likely the ball will be incomplete. If it's incomplete, nobody gets tackled; very unlikely anybody gets hurt. If it's complete, we score. Lacy taking one to the house is very unlikely, and if he doesn't, he gets hit and tackled. This isn't flag football. I'm confused how you don't see that.

I'm obtuse? This is the end of the line on this issue. The Packers had to run one more play. I probably would've taken a knee, though that would not have helped me sell my message of aggressiveness during halftime. Most fans also support not taking a knee, therefore, they have two options: They may call a running play or a passing play; either one would likely have expired the final seconds of the first half. I can immediately think of two walk-off interceptions that ended the first half of games: Tramon Williams' in the 2010 playoff game in Atlanta, and James Harrison's in Super Bowl XLIII. In other words, there is multiple precedent for risk in a passing play, and there is absolutely no Hail Mary potential because Matt Flynn couldn't have reached the end zone from where he was on the field, his 32-yard line. So, if you don't want to take a knee, and you don't want to risk a walk-off interception return, to whom do you want to give the ball for the purpose of that player becoming injured? Starks? Kuhn? That new guy they signed? Wait, he wasn't even active. What does McCarthy do, turn to his running backs and say, "I need a volunteer to get injured?" It is what it is. If you don't wanna risk a walk-off pick and you don't wanna take a knee, then somebody has to run with the ball and risk getting injured. I'm done with this. This is stupid. It's video-game garbage. It's goofy time for the play-calling obsessed. A play was run. A guy got hurt. It happens often in a sport that carries with it a 100 percent guarantee of injury. If on Friday this is still a major issue in your life, you need to do something about your life.

Mez from Janesville, WI

Geez, Vic, enough with the lashing out at the fans about questioning the coaches. We get it, they're infinitely wise and we have no right to judge small mistakes but, honestly, anyone making that kind of money, on that type of stage, that wields that kind of power, is bound to experience intense scrutiny. Granted, it's not all deserved, but it should be expected. Fans pay the bills, Vic, and we want Eddie Lacy running the ball on meaningful downs.

Janesville, huh? You're banned, too. I'm banning Janesville and I don't even know where it is.

Christian from Aberdeen, SD

The Green Bay Packers record against the Dallas Cowboys is 14-16 and their record at Dallas is 5-12. We haven't won at Dallas since 1989. Do you believe the Cowboys will have a homefield advantage this weekend?

Yes, I believe the Cowboys will have a homefield advantage, but I have a feeling the building will be full of Packers fans. Texas is a big relocation state and the Cowboys have often found themselves playing uphill against fans of visiting teams with huge fan bases. I can remember Steelers fans taking over Texas Stadium a few years ago. I'll betcha Packers fans are going to do the same thing this Sunday. I'm really looking forward to the “Packers Everywhere” rally on Saturday night.

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