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The coaches are always working


Jered from Baton Rouge, LA

Missing me some Packers Unscripted. When can we expect its return?

I'm heading into the studio shortly after this posts to get it rolling again. We'll have our next podcast available tomorrow morning.

Colin from Tripoli, WI

Would it be safe to say Aaron Rodgers' first duty as minority owner is to talk Giannis into staying with the Bucks and getting him to sign a lengthy extension? There is an interesting dynamic having AR in the mix, wouldn't you say?


It is interesting, but I doubt he'll have any say in personnel. Money talks in the NBA, just like it does in every sport. Fear the deer.**

Dan from Tomah, WI

Good morning, guys. My family and I were at Lambeau Field today (Sunday) to eat and go through the HOF (awesome by the way). We also saw Ty Montgomery and I believe Ahmad Thomas in the Packers Pro Shop. Ty looked like he was ordering something or picking something up, or something like that. I didn't want to bug them so I just said, "Good luck this season, guys," and Ty replied back with a "Thanks." So, that was pretty cool. The question I have though, is do players have to order sideline gear through the Pro Shop, or would they just order stuff for their family and friends through there?

The latter. Anything they would wear on the sideline or for workouts, etc., would be issued by the team.

Matt from Sea Girt, NJ

Hey Insiders, out of curiosity who was your first No. 12? Although a Packers fan for almost 50 years and living in NJ/NY, No.12 is Namath for me. Such an iconic number. I am curious if I'm tainted by where I grew up or is Namath the first true No. 12.


Namath was a tad before my time, but your question for my generation is an easy one. Lynn Dickey.**

Martin from Apple Valley, CA

It is unlikely the Pack will be able to pick an elite CB or ILB without moving up. I believe they will be able to pick an elite TE, though, without a move up. I prefer an elite anything over a typical prospect. How about you?

That's not the way I would look at it. Almost no tight end comes out of college with a well-rounded game these days (blocking and catching), so I don't know about calling any tight end elite enough to be worthy of the 14th pick. I still contend the Packers will have their choice of multiple attractive defensive options at 14.

Mike from Keshena, WI

With the crazy travel and game times in the middle of the schedule when do the coaches start working on the plan to manage all the stress? Is football operations involved?

Quality control coaches are always doing advance scouting reports, and other assistants will often start working on their segment of the next game plan before the current week's game is played. Nothing is presented to the players until the week of, so as not to muddle their preparation, but the coaches are always working.

Chris from Minneapolis, MN

Talk about a December friend: Five games, all outdoors in the elements. A mix of division foes with one of our new DC's old teams and a recent Super Bowl participant.

Get there in the hunt, and I like the Packers' chances.

Tucker from Wauwatosa, WI

How is it decided who is the home team for those inter-division, same-place-finish games on the schedule?


Take a look at previous matchups between Green Bay and their upcoming regular-season opponents. Photos by AP, Evan Siegle, Corey Wilson and Matt Becker, packers.com

You get one home and one away, and it's part of an overall rotation based on which divisions are involved in a given year.**

Arthur from Chippewa Falls, WI

It always gives me a laugh when someone asks if the team executives will make a move because of fan pressure. I guess the fans are obtuse or full of self-importance. What term works best for you?

Obtuse has been one of my favorite adjectives for a little over 20 years now.

Aumed from Minneapolis, MN

Would you consider Equanimeous St. Brown from Notre Dame too much of a reach at Round 3? He's listed at 6-5 and ran a 4.48 40-yard dash. Simply a freak of nature with that size and speed. I could only imagine what he could do with Rodgers.


I did a Prospect Primer on Brown earlier this month. He intrigues me. You'd love to be able to get him on Day 3, but I wouldn't say the third round is a reach. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder in the draft.**

Darrin from Las Vegas, NV

So I see that they have the 14th pick in the first then the 13th and 12th picks in the rounds after that. Why do they move up picks in the rounds, and not the 14th pick in the second and third rounds?

This topic was previously covered but we can refresh everyone. It's due to tying with two other teams at 7-9. Tiebreakers establish the order for the first round, and then those picks rotate through the rest of the rounds. I learned something new this year. The Packers had been in the playoffs so many years in a row their draft slot was always set.

Ron from Waukesha, WI

Guys, let's take a look at our pre-draft roster. We need a corner, some rotational depth at edge rusher and some youthful talent at tight end and wide receiver. Now close your eyes and imagine Kevin King not being there. I think this Thursday would become a lot more challenging for Gutekunst. Would you agree?

Of course it would. Take any team's top pick from the previous year away and you get the same answer. But I'm not looking for "rotational depth" and "youthful talent" at the positions you mention. I'm looking for future mainstays at those spots, all of them. With 12 picks to employ in some form or fashion, that's what this draft is for.

Louis from Warrington, UK

Hi Insiders, I spent yesterday at the Pro Football HOF and it was amazing to see how many Packers are in there, especially compared to other teams. Apart from Rodgers, do you see anyone else on the current team who could eventually make it into Canton?


Matthews would need a really strong finishing kick, and Bakhtiari would need to keep stringing together the All-Pro mentions, but otherwise, no, not at this point.**

Nathan from Tampa, FL

Is Jordy Nelson a future Hall of Famer? My initial thought was no, but then I looked at the career stats of other HOFers like Michael Irvin and Keyshawn Johnson compared to Jordy's and changed my mind to a firm maybe.

With all due respect to Nelson, he's not getting into Canton. Irvin had five straight years of 1,200 or more receiving yards (sometimes a lot more) on a dynasty that won three Super Bowls in an era before 4,000-yard passing seasons by QBs were routine. Johnson is not in the Hall of Fame and provides no basis for comparison.

Eddie from La Crosse, WI

Hey Mike, should the Packers make a trade to get Jesus Aguilar from the Brewers? THIRTEEN-PITCH at-bat ending in a walk-off homer! The Packers could use another Mr. Clutch!

I was at a wedding reception Saturday night and, while my lifelong dance partner was in the restroom, my son and I happened to follow that 13-pitch at-bat on my phone. Timing is everything.

Ryan from Sturgeon Bay, WI

With Ted Thompson stepping aside, do you think we will see a reduction of UDFAs making the team? The Gute has already shaken things up quite a bit in Green Bay.


I've stated before, based on his and McCarthy's comments, that the Packers would like to have more experienced depth on the roster for when injuries strike. That's easier said than done, but I'll be very curious in that regard how Gutekunst's first Week 1 roster looks.**

Marty from Cuenca, Ecuador

I imagine the most anxious person awaiting Thursday night is the new GM. Can you imagine? It's his first draft, which always gets over-scrutinized; it's a particularly important draft for Rodgers' back nine; and at 14, with the Cards drafting behind them, someone may turn The Gute into a last-minute riverboat gambler. Can you feel the tension in that part of the building?

There's anxiety and excitement for sure, but if I know Gutekunst and the Packers' preparation process, they'll have gone through every conceivable pick-or-trade scenario prior to Thursday night, and he'll be able to make a calm, cool, collected decision. He won't be shocked by anything, because he'll have thought about all the possibilities.

Howie from Saint Ignace, MI

Please tell where you will be located and what the Insiders will be doing during the three day draft process.

Wes and I will be in the media auditorium at Lambeau Field, along with the rest of the Green Bay media contingent. As soon as the Packers make a pick (or trade), we'll have a bulletin update on packers.com with the bare bones info. Then as coaches, scouts, Gutekunst, etc., stop down for interviews (which will be live-streamed on the website), and the players are made available via conference calls, we'll be writing more detailed stories on the picks and their thoughts. Larry will also be getting on-camera one-on-ones with the Packers personnel who meet with the media. The rest of our crew will be posting video highlights, photo galleries, and more, of each player the Packers select, every day. I'm not naturally a self-promoter, but we'll have more draft coverage than anyone could conceivably consume. If you stay with us for all three days, you'll get more than you could ask for.

Al from Green Bay, WI

We know things can change quickly in the NFL. With the Browns' activity in free agency, combined with their enviable draft options, is it realistic to believe they will finish with a winning record this coming season?


Team Photographer Evan Siegle shares some of his favorite images of the 2017 season.

It all depends on the QB position in Cleveland. Dorsey has to find his guy. I've stated I believe the Browns can be in the playoffs in two years. I'll stick to that for now.**

David from Rogers City, MI

Insiders, not a question, just a comment: I bet Wes and Mike have to clean the draft room, but are too embarrassed to admit it. Kinda like folding your sister's laundry.

A custodial disguise, slide my way into the cleaning rotation Wednesday night … now you've got me thinking.

David from Marinette, WI

Dom Capers did a lot of things to "disguise" our pre-snap defenses. On film it looks like it did more harm than good, confusing players and their assignments. Do you keep doing those looks less, more, or not often? What are your thoughts about disguising plays, plus or minus?

It's not disguise that confuses players, it's the communication when calls or responsibilities change during pre-snap. That's when things got out of whack, in my opinion. We'll see what system of communication Pettine has and how he puts it into practice. The worst defense on a given play is not having everyone playing the same call. You can play the wrong defense, but if everyone is playing the wrong call, you still have a chance.

Matt from Appleton, WI

In all your time following the draft, who is the most hyped-up prospect ever?


In Packers' history in my lifetime? Probably Tony Mandarich.**

Markus from Aurora, CO

While the Pack will be celebrating the 100th season in 2018, it is noteworthy da Bears could claim the same, having been started in 1919 by the A.E. Staley food starch company – though Halas took over in 1920, which is where the history seems to start even on da Bears' website. But the one early team nugget that sticks out to me is the 20-plus history of the football Cardinals before either the Pack or da Staleys/Bears came into existence.

From a fan and historical perspective, though, so much is lost with the multiple relocations. It's like every move is a restart.

Bach from Grand Rapids, MI

With all the discussion about player safety issues such as eliminating kickoffs, helmet-to-helmet contact, etc., I see almost no discussion about still having OT for exhibition games. Why have OT for games that do not count? There is a much higher risk of player injury with OT. Seems to be a double standard.

While overtime in a preseason game is not ideal for jobs like mine, it's an opportunity for young players fighting for roster spots to get more game snaps. They haven't played the whole game, like in the regular season, so preseason OT is not really a safety issue.

Mike from Exeter, PA

I've seen a few articles recently stating the Packers really covet Denzel Ward. It hasn't been GB's reputation to trade up for any players, but if he's there at the 8, 9 or 10 slot do you pull the trigger?

If you think he's the next Darrelle Revis, yes, absolutely.

Rory from West Midlands, England

Living abroad, approximately what time would the Packers be picking in the first round?

First rounds in recent years have lasted in the range of 3-4 hours, which would put the 14th pick at around 8:30 or 9 p.m., Wisconsin time. That means, I believe, 2:30 to 3 a.m. where you are.

Greg from Franklin, WI

Trades happen more often in baseball due to the long season more accurately defining what stage various clubs are in. If the NFL evolves to all analytical GMs that pull the plug when they meet a metric, will the league turn into the tanking cycle that MLB and the NBA are in?

An NBA team can turn itself around with a couple of high draft picks. In MLB, you've got your minor league system plus six years of player control at the major league level before free agency. How teams are built and maintained is vastly different in those sports. I just don't see it.

Kevin from Crawfordsville, IN

Good morning, Insiders. Every year the Inbox falls in love with a prospect that we just have to draft. Ragland, Watt, or whoever. I don't get that sense this year. Why do you think that is, or am I wrong?

More potential satisfying options at 14.

Tim from Charlotte, NC

Propane? That ain't grillin', it's merely cooking outside. Give me some Kingsford and my Weber.


John from Oxford, UK

Hi Insiders. I'm currently holed up in the air conditioning ducts above an interior conference room at Lambeau. Great view. I have a supply of sticky notes and highlighters. Anything you'd like me to add for you in the dead of night?

Do you have Albert Belle's corked bat up there, too?

Keith from Dearborn, MI

Happy draft week, Insiders!

T-minus three days and counting …

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