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You want a prediction? OK, here it is

Why use rumors when you can have fun with the facts?


Mark from Stafford, VA

Vic, the Eagles lost the coin toss. Would you rather receive the opening kick and try to score first, or do you defer and rely on the defense to hold and keep from playing from behind early?

If I'm Mike McCarthy and I win the coin toss, I'm going to defer my option to the second half. The Eagles will almost certainly elect to receive the opening kickoff, and that's OK with me because I want my defense to get a look at the Eagles scheme and a feel for the Eagles' tempo as quickly as possible, so we can discuss it and make adjustments as soon as possible. I don't think it really matters one way or the other, but I'd like to make the unknown the known as quickly as possible. Also, getting a stop right away would give my team a win on which it might build some momentum.

Matt from Little Chute, WI

"By the way, he wasn't ruled out on yesterday's injury report. It just said he didn't participate in practice. That's not out. Just sayin'." Trying to start a rumor there?

That's not a rumor. Those were the facts. Today, he was ruled out. That's a fact. The facts are to be reported as they happen. Why tease yourself with rumors when you can tease yourself with the facts?

John from Chesapeake, VA

With all the doubt in Wallace to perform at a high level, I have a feeling McCarthy is going to come out throwing the ball against the Eagles. I believe it will help Wallace's confidence and help the fans' confidence in Wallace. What say you?

I think that's an excellent thought. It's consistent with Mike McCarthy's bold and aggressive approach to offense, and now that you've mentioned it, I'm gonna look for it to happen on Sunday. Good thinking, John.

Jonsey from Oconto Falls, WI

Will this be the first time the Packers have started an African American quarterback in a regular season game?

We are going to witness a seminal moment in Green Bay Packers history on Sunday. Seneca Wallace is about to become the first African American to start a game at quarterback in Packers history. I am intensely proud to witness this moment.

Nicholas from Superior, WI

Vic, I've heard enough from ESPN players-turned-analysts about the acceptable forms of hazing in the locker room. Their excuse? It's a tough game.

There are no acceptable forms of hazing. It's mind-boggling to think anyone would try to present a defense for abusing another person.

Joe from Fairchild, WI

Wouldn't a Packers win over the Lions in Detroit negate the effect of the Lions beating the Bears twice?

If you can guarantee that the Packers and Lions would finish in a two-way tie for the NFC North title, then a Packers win in Detroit makes everything else meaningless. Yeah, that would be the way to go. What I'm saying is that we have half a season left to play and I can't guarantee a win or loss anywhere on that schedule for anybody, so I'd rather that neither the Lions nor the Bears gain a division-record advantage on the Packers, which is what would happen this Sunday if the Lions beat the Bears. The Lions would be in the driver's seat. That's as deep as I can look at the situation at this point. I think we all need to calm down and enjoy the game on Sunday. If you want a prediction, here it is: If the Packers beat the Eagles, they'll make the playoffs. Let's start with that.

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