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Young corners have addressed need

Expect Peyton Manning to throw short, too


Roger from Chicago, IL

I was going back and forth with my dad during the game. He worships at the altar of the short pass game and was getting more and more frustrated. His perfect game is what Rivers did, saying why didn't Rodgers do the exact same dink-and-dunk routine?

Aaron Rodgers has done that when forced to do it. The problem with the ball-control passing game is it takes a lot of plays to matriculate the ball down the field, as Hank Stram would say, and one penalty or sack can kill the drive. The  Chargers had an 11-play drive that ended with a punt. Your dad wants that? I don't.

Mike from La Crosse, WI

Vic, would you favor scrapping the coach's challenge and giving the booth the power to review any play? It seems to work out for college better than the current system has for the NFL.

Yeah, but I go to bed early.

Bob from Mount Joy, PA

Philip Rivers seems to have an odd delivery to his pass. It almost appears like he's pushing the ball and it amazes me when he unleashes long balls because it doesn't look like a full motion. It is something you have noticed? It sure doesn't hinder him any.

He rolls his shoulder. It looks awkward but it's fundamentally sound. Dan Marino threw with a powerful shoulder roll, and he might've had the most beautiful throwing motion of any quarterback in history. Unitas also had a big shoulder motion. Rivers dead-arms the ball; that's where he gets his accuracy.

Richard from Madison, CT

Vic, Quinten Rollins intercepts two passes in a game and Damarious Randall has a great last-second pass defensed. Is it too early to say the 2015 draft was a huge success?

The Packers had to replace two cornerbacks. It was a must. I believe they found their guys. You can claim they were need picks and you'd be right, but neither player appears to have been a reach. This team's acumen for personnel amazes me.

Craig from Brookfield, WI

With the understanding Dom is an innovative genius, and I am but a simple fan, help me understand why our defensive backs were not jamming Rivers' receivers at the line of scrimmage to try and throw off the precise timing and fast release of the ball. Were we choosing to allow the 7-yard gains to avoid the 30-yard gains?

You don't need me to explain it at all.

Kyle from Spooner, WI

Vic, it's called a lanyard. You could hang your press pass from it. Plus, who doesn't need a bottle opener?

"The thing" is barely big enough to fit around your wrist. When I first saw it, I said, "We bought these?" It's totally useless, but everybody seems to like it.

Dale from Kettering, OH

Field position is treated with contempt now. Would you blame kicking specialization or anti-defense rule changes?

The rules have created a yardage explosion that has effectively turned the whole field into the other side of the 50. Punts are routinely fielded at the 5-yard line now. It's the new, wide-open game. The league created it because the casual fan wants it. The football puritans, such as myself, have no choice but to accept it and enjoy it, but I really miss the days of field-position football. That's why I like bad-weather games. In the wind and cold, every yard is meaningful. I enjoyed Sunday's game, but 503 yards is a long way to go for 20 points. The checkdowns to Danny Woodhead and Brandon Oliver were driving me nuts. I saw it coming a year ago, when the NFL gave us the major emphasis on the chuck rule.

Raymond from Marquette, MI

Vic; what are your plans for this bye week? Will you continue your column, get out of Dodge for a while, or both?

As you're reading this column, I am on my way to South Carolina for a few days. I'll continue to do all of the "Ask Vics," including the Friday chat.

Kevin from Dubuque, IA

Vic, you've become a teacher and the teacher's pets are coming out in bunches. I laugh at the large number of comments in your box telling you their perspective cause it's what you want to hear. Now that's power!

You want "the thing," don't you?

Dave from Lake Zurich, IL

Do you think Peyton Manning will be able to do, assuming he'll try, what Philip Rivers did on Sunday?

He'll try. That's Manning's game. He'll see what Rivers did and Manning will try to do as much and more. Get ready for a trip to rub off city.

David from Milwaukee, WI

Who's the last player you recall that wore eyeglasses underneath his helmet?

Chuck Muncie? He's one of the most underrated players in NFL history. He was a tremendous talent.

Jorge from Guadalajara, Mexico

Vic, I have Randall Cobb in my fantasy league. I am very disappointed of his performance. Why hasn't he stepped up this year?

He leads the team with 30 catches and he's scored four touchdowns. That's not good enough? This fantasy stuff drives me nuts.

Steven from Madison, WI

Vic, I had the chance to bring my girlfriend to her first Packers game this weekend. We were in the 700 level seats and had a great view of the last two defensive plays. I saw Clay go over to Randall and tell him he can't leave Woodhead open in the flat. One play later, Randall executed. It was fantastic to see, and something you can only catch if you're at the game. Do people take plays like this into account when they vote for DPOY?

Unfortunately, they don't. It's all about splash plays. Clay Matthews will make them and that's why I think he's the leading candidate for DPOY, but the other stuff he does is just as important. The coaches know. Dom Capers praises Matthews for the instincts he brings to the defense. I'm glad you noticed what he did on Sunday. That's what a student of the game does. That's when you're getting your money's worth.

Scott from Lincoln City, OR

Vic, did the Lambeau crowd seem a bit quieter than usual?

No way. The crowd was fantastic. The crowd was into that game. It was one of the best Lambeau Field crowds I can remember. The support was unwavering.

Larry from Antioch, IL

Vic, I do not understand why you go away from the running game when it is still working? Shouldn't you run until they completely stop you and then mix it up more?

Mike McCarthy said he regretted not running the ball more. For the second consecutive week, I think it was a lack of plays that caused the Packers to get away from the run. I think they felt pressured to move the ball.

Chuck from Tucson, AZ

We won! Now we rest.

And then it begins.

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