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Inbox: His form is textbook

There’s never just one way

S Adrian Amos

Stephen from Tomahawk, WI

Would mock sarcasm font be kinda maybe redundant sorta?

Effectively well-stated.

Brian from Rochester, MN

If a player tests positive, would the entire position group be required to quarantine because they could have been exposed through meetings or practice? Or, is the rule that only the player that tested positive will need to quarantine and the other position players would be more closely monitored?

That would depend on what the contact tracing devices say regarding who's had risky/close contact with the infected individual.

Dan from Louisville, KY

When was civility lost?

Great question. Look, I made a regrettably generic and hyperbolic statement the other day about our country's handling of the virus. It rankled a lot of folks, some of whom felt I was insulting health-care workers and other first responders, and many more who instantly accused me of being political. First, if you actually thought I was slamming the front-liners who are giving everything they have to help us through this, you really don't know me at all. Second, I'll reiterate a point I've tried to make multiple times this summer – if your knee-jerk reaction to everything you read/see/hear is to affix a political label, you're not helping. Third, what I said wasn't political, it was emotional. Though I wasn't surprised, I was frustrated to learn a large segment of college football was scuttled for the fall, including the conference I've followed most closely my entire life. It was also painfully disheartening to see headlines earlier this week indicating our country has reported more than 1,000 deaths for 16 straight days (or more) – no less than five months after the seriousness of the pandemic became apparent here. Where does that rank the United States? Who knows? Arguing and comparing statistics and data is not the point. The point is our country's mishandling of the pandemic on so many levels is why some of these decisions that disappoint us, about sports we want to watch and/or attend, are being made. There's no arguing that. The virus isn't the only thing to blame. So no matter how poorly or emotionally I might have phrased my frustration, the bottom line is I expected better from our country. I sincerely hope all of us did. It didn't have to be this way five months later. That's all I was trying to say.

Carolyn from Greenlawn, NY

I just watched Darnell Savage's interview and enjoyed hearing about the relationship he had with Tramon last year. What a valuable experience it is having veterans as mentors and competitors on and off the field. Has Tramon officially retired?

Not to my knowledge.

Steve from Wabasha, MN

It looks like the Packer receiver with the greatest name, Geronimo Allison, played on the same team as Malik Turner. How did their stats compare from college? And were their measurables different or similar coming out of college?

Allison and Turner were teammates at Illinois for two seasons, 2014-15. Over those two years, Allison had 106 catches for 1,480 yards and eight TDs, while Turner's numbers were 64-766-4. Turner played two more years after that for the Illini and added 79-1,048-6 to his totals. Turner didn't really have any pre-draft data. He wasn't invited to the combine and was a very limited participant in Illinois' pro day due to a foot injury.

Theodore from St. Louis, MO

Mike and/or Wes, please let the fine folks of the II comment section know I'm alive and well. Have either of you been paying attention to the NHL? Bubble hockey is on to something. No COVID cases! Which two NFL cities do you think could pull off being hubs?

From the perspective of playing the games, I imagine it would be best to pick two indoor stadiums with artificial surfaces. As for the rest of the logistics, I have no idea.

Rob from Barrington, IL

With players about to start practice has there been any talk of placing plastic face shields inside of the face mask to reduce the spread of COVID? Would such an action be a player decision or a medical staff decision?

It's my understanding the players have options, and LaFleur said the Packers are leaving it up to the players to make their own decisions. They aren't mandating anything regarding their equipment.

Rich from Grand Rapids, MI

Who do you see as the best tackler in the secondary and in the linebacker position groups?

Well, I've never seen him play for the Packers, but Christian Kirksey's track record would indicate he's a darn good tackler. Ty Summers' college career would indicate the same. In the secondary, I think Adrian Amos is Green Bay's best tackler. His form is textbook.

Joe from Wausau, WI

Wouldn't the press conferences you guys attend be more interesting if some of you asked questions in a Scoops Callahan-type mode?

Interesting? Perhaps. Informative and helpful? No.

George from North Mankato, MN

Should we read anything into the message that David Bakhtiari wore on his shirt during his video?

Other than he's probably not interested in talking about his contract situation, and he'll let his agent speak for him? I don't think so, and I don't blame him.

Mark from Verona, WI

So yesterday you stated that one of the reasons the Big Ten was cancelled was because there are reports of players who have been diagnosed with heart issues post-corona. A very valid reason indeed, but why can't that happen to NFL players?

There's no reason it can't, but the NFL, or an individual team, won't be held liable for what happens to professional athletes in that respect. College/amateur athletics is a different ballgame.

Chris from Rochester, NY

When a young QB comes into an organization with a successful veteran QB, there is always talk about the younger QB paying close attention to and learning from the veteran, but I haven't heard this phenomenon discussed with regard to other position groups. For instance, are the less-experienced receivers coming in and paying attention to Davante Adams' footwork, route running, etc., and trying to emulate it, or do they come in with their own styles and approaches to these aspects of the game?

Both. Every player has what's gotten him this far, but being exposed every day to fellow players who have found success at the highest level can help anyone. There's never just one way, and it's more about the approach than the skills. Few receivers can emulate Adams' footwork at the line of scrimmage, but they can watch how he refines his craft and continues to work on even the best parts of his game.

Mike from Mount Prospect, IL

Gentlemen, my son is a sports communication major at Bradley. I'm wondering if you have a piece of wisdom to pass along. Here's your prompt: What surprised you in your transition from college to sports writer/commenter/analyst?

I wouldn't say it surprised me, but I'll share one lesson I learned very early in my career covering high school sports, which provided invaluable experience. No matter how much a given story for the writer is here today, gone tomorrow, because there's always the next one to get to, that's far from the case for certain subjects or audience members of those stories. It's important to keep that in mind at all times.

Gary from Cross Plains, WI

The K-Ball comment may be the funniest response I've seen in my several years of reading the Inbox.

It definitely ranks up there. Hat's off to the Hodster.

Skip from Rozet, WY

After Wes's response "use a nerf ball that Favre and Elway could throw 150 yards" to the question of, "How would you change the shape of a football?" I instantly wondered what would happen when Kenny Clark ripped half the ball away from a running back and took off downfield? Who would have possession? How would the refs respond?

The first practice is tomorrow. Finally would be the understatement of the year. Happy Friday.