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Inbox: It needed to happen…and now it finally will

Everything is coming together for Rashan Gary…and it’s terrifying

QB Aaron Rodgers
QB Aaron Rodgers

Dar from Mansfield, TX

Hello Guv'na!

Why hello Dar! (Get it?) Top o' the morning to all of you!

Brandon from Pleasant Prairie, WI

What is your view as you answer this? Enjoy the trip!

It's currently 5 a.m. back home. I'm in my hotel room with my window cracked open and I can hear the Red Hot Chili Peppers playing over at the Packers' practice field. I am tired, really tired – like that kind of tired where you feel sort of nauseous – but we are ready to do the darn thing.

Dave from Huntsville, AL

How's the weather, gov'ner?

Eerily similar to Suamico, WI. It started raining right after we did Packers Preview, too. So, that was awesome.

Paul from Hewitt, WI

Mike and Wes, the photos of the Packer practice field in London reminded me of my high school practice field. Did you and the players get the same feel? The basics of football are simple: tackle, block, run, throw and catch. Enjoy the experience.

It's a beautiful practice field and setup. But I joked with Spoff before Packers Preview that it felt like we were doing the Q&A from Coleman (WI) High School. It was something straight out of Wisconsin's Northwoods.

The Green Bay Packers held practice outside The Grove Hotel in London on Friday, Oct. 7, 2022.

Mark from West Des Moines, IA

What is the key for the Packers to defeat the Giants?

It's pretty simple – protect the football and don't let Saquon Barkley beat you. Oh, and get some sleep.

Mark from Missoula, MT

While Romeo Doubs' development is obviously good for the team, isn't it also a good thing for Christian Watson? He gets to come off a limited training camp/preseason without any outside pressure for him to perform. Not to say that he couldn't deal with that pressure, but it must be easier not having to, I imagine. A game will come where the defense forgets about Watson and has no answer for him. And suddenly there's another thing to worry about when facing the Packers' offense.

Thanks to Doubs' early impact, Randall Cobb's consistency and Allen Lazard's all-around capabilities, there's less external pressure on Watson to walk in the door and be WR1 on Day 1. But internally, I don't think Watson would be affected either way. He's a confident young man with lofty goals for himself. As I've stated many times before, his talent and ability are so obvious to even a novice like me. Watson is a rare breed.

Izzi from Raleigh, NC

How 'bout we look at it this way: the preseason is over, and we finished 3-1. Now it's time to play some real football.

It's no small feat to win three of your first four to start an NFL season. Only one team (Philadelphia) got through September unscathed.

Kelly from Kimballton, IA

Is it safe to assume the Giants will have the same difficulties with the overseas trip our Packers will? Will our size and speed at linebacker be enough to slow down Saquon Barkley? Are the Giants receivers a threat to our Packers secondary? Does anyone else picture "Toad in a Hole" similar to "Prairie Doggin'"?

It's not even just the trip overseas. The Giants are hurtin'. They have 14 players on their injury report right now. This is a difficult turnaround for even the healthiest NFL team. On paper, the Packers are the superior football team, but we all know this game ain't played on paper. They must impose their will Sunday.

Arleen from Antigo, WI

Who is the Packers' MVP on defense?

It has to be Rashan Gary. He's been one of the best defensive players in the entire league through the first month of the season, with 19 tackles and five sacks, including his strip sack and recovery of Brian Hoyer's fumble last week. Everything is coming together for Gary…and it's terrifying.

David from Parkersburg, IA

I saw some pictures on Friday and noticed No. 45 in several pictures. I was intrigued and had to look up his name. Eric Wilson looks jacked or is just the way the pictures make him look? Reminds me of what Travis Jervey looked like in the past. Have a great day. FYI, I was formally from Platteville, WI, grew up 30 minutes away in Fennimore, WI.

I spoke with Wilson before we left on Friday. He mentioned how much he's into nutrition, sleep, hydration, etc., and I believe him. Dude is chiseled from stone. We'll see whether he plays Sunday but Wilson originally made Minnesota's roster as an undrafted free agent five years ago because of his contributions on special teams.

Lori from Heredia, Costa Rica

Please pass along a friendly message to Ian in Kirkwhelpington that there are a good few Insiders named Lori, in addition to The Lori from Brookfield. So excited to watch the game this Sunday. Would love to see a successful Hail Mary by "12" on English soil but would settle for Aaron Rodgers showing his belt after a big play to the fans on that side of the pond.

Rodgers isn't just one of the greatest players in NFL history. He's one of the league's biggest superstars. It only makes sense for a living legend, who's still at the peak of his powers, to play in London before it's all said and done. It needed to happen…and now it finally will.

David from Parkersburg, IA

I watched Rodgers' interview in London. Out of curiosity were there a lot of London reporters in attendance?

Yes, there were rumblings from NFL people the Friday news conferences for LaFleur and Rodgers were two of the most well-attended during the international series.

Kyle from Osceola, WI

Have the Packers ever played against back-to-back QB3s?

I'm sure it's happened before, but my brain is too scrambled to delineate between No. 2 and No. 3 QBs right now. I do know the Packers played Nick Mullens (San Francisco) and Jake Luton (Jacksonville) in Weeks 8-9 in 2020. According to Spofford Stats & Info, Green Bay also jousted with backups in consecutive weeks in 2010 (San Francisco's Troy Smith and Detroit's Drew Stanton) and 2009 (Detroit's Daunte Culpepper and Cleveland's Derek Anderson).

Woody from Kill Devil Hills, NC

I was up until 2 a.m. listening (thanks to the website for the broadcast) from my son's house in The Czech Republic. I'm headed to London for the next game. My question is about the pep rally – do we need to sign up, buy tickets, or just show up to partake of the festivities? Looking forward to meeting you.

The good news is you do not need a ticket to go to a Packers Everywhere pep rally. Just show up, drink and be merry. The bad news is Spoff and I won't be there. Based on where the team hotel is located, it wasn't feasible for us to make it into London. Thankfully, you have John Anderson, Mark Murphy, Hall of Famer LeRoy Butler, and several other Packers alumni to keep you entertained.

Steven from Ladysmith, WI

What's up with ESPN's John Anderson doing Packers video?

I asked him nicely. Nah, John is hosting the pep rallies and very graciously doing some video work for while we sleepwalk around the hotel.

Tim from Rosario, Argentina

Not only is it the Packers' first game in London. I read that this will also be first matchup of winning teams in the London series (32nd game). I fancy a Packers win in this first matchup of winning teams in London. Cheers!

I don't disagree, but you cannot take the Giants lightly. They're feisty.

Shilo from Murrieta, CA

Last week, we faced New England in Green Bay. This week, it's New York in England. Next week it's New York in Green Bay! Have a great trip, guys, and Go Pack Go!

And that's the friendly stretch. It's gonna be a long march to the December bye.

Tom from Douglassville, PA

Doesn't the league schedule a team's bye week after they have them play a game overseas?

The Packers had the option to take their bye next week, but Week 6 is also the earliest open week on the schedule now. The Packers were hoping for a bye week that was a little more centered than Week 14, but it is what it is.

Mark from Big Bear City, CA

Good day, my friends. How's the other side of the pond? I looked at the departure photos and I was wondering, "Where the heck are the boys? Larry, Mike and Wes? What the heck?"

Already on the bus…I had to make sure they didn't Kevin-McCallister me.

Jack from Black Mountain, NC

Does the team return to the U.S. immediately after the London game, or will they have some opportunity for local sightseeing?

The only sight we'll be seeing is the buses and airport. As soon as this game ends, the Packers have another New York team to prepare for.

Pete from Hillsborough, NC

Wes, you are slipping. Besides the Packers' busy schedule, I'm surprised you didn't point out to Keith it would be impossible to meet the queen. If by some miracle one were able to, I doubt she would have anything to say.

The best part about me failing to correct Keith on that is the fact nobody mentioned the use of the wrong "site." I'm sorry, Keith. I failed you…twice.

Mark from Bradenton, FL

Has the archdiocese of Green Bay considered Sunday mass attendance and collections will be down significantly this week?

Saturday night masses should be bumpin', though. So, the priests have that going for them…which is nice.

John from Beverly Hills, CA

Any chance you and others from the Packers crew will return from London to Green Bay as Tottenham supporters after playing Sunday's game at New White Hart Lane? The Pack is 103 years old. Tottenham FC is 140 years old. Two teams with rich traditions and strong community-based support. Here's hoping the Pack can adopt the Spurs' motto, Audere est Facere ("to dare is to do"), on Sunday. COYP (Come on you Packers!)

Someday, I would love to. I've been blown away by everyone's hospitality and passion here in London. The roads are confusing as all heck, but I'd definitely like to make it back to a match someday.

Marc from Hamburg, Germany

Referring to Vinny from Arlington's question there is no conclusion to draw from a look in the stands this Sunday when it comes to international Packers fans. I tried so hard to get tickets but had no chance. It has been great luck for those who will be in attendance. Or maybe they sold their cars in order to afford the second-market tickets. So, no matter how many green-and-gold jerseys we'll see around, be assured there are A LOT of Packer Backers over here in Europe.

Both Preston Smith and LaFleur talked this week about their previous experiences in London, and how the stands featured practically every jersey imaginable. That said, I still feel the crowd will have a green-and-gold tint to it.

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

Week 5. A journey to jolly old London. A 3,852-mile trip for a "home game." The G-Men and their league-leading rushing attack await. Our Packers have much to improve on. Time for a total commitment to stop the run. Consistency for four quarters. Stop the run. Protect the football. Stop the Giants.

…and brew more coffee.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

4,000 miles, 60 minutes, 1 opportunity.

And four pillows I'm (finally) ready to rest my head on. Enjoy the game, everyone.