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Inbox: It's a tough list to assemble

Experience will be one of the Packers’ biggest strengths

Former Packers LB Julius Peppers

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

What interesting times we live in. What have you learned in the last four months?

How eternally grateful I am for my family and their good health. And learning to appreciate the little things again like pushing my son on his backyard swing, eating dinner as a family and playing video games late into the night.

Lee from Thornton, CO

First-time questioner and relatively new to II. First what is this Outsider Inbox you speak of? Secondly, would Wes answer a question proposed in pig Latin?

Esyay. I could speak it fluently when I was in grade school (wish I would've put that same energy into an actual foreign language). Anyway, Outsider Inbox is the once-a-year opportunity for readers to answer questions posed by me. The full list of questions will be in Saturday's Inbox. Answer as many as you wish and we'll pull the top replies.

Jeff from Belton, TX

Since you started covering the Packers, who would be your starting 11 on offense, 11 on defense and specialists. This got extremely hard for me since my first game that I attended was in 1977. Even in the bad years, we had some great players.

Great question (that I'm probably going to recycle for OI). It's a tough list to assemble but I'll go with Aaron Rodgers (QB), Aaron Jones (RB), John Kuhn (FB), Jordy Nelson (WR), Davante Adams (WR), Jermichael Finley (TE), David Bakhtiari (LT), Josh Sitton (LG), Corey Linsley (C), T.J. Lang (RG), Bryan Bulaga (RT), Julius Peppers (LOLB), Kenny Clark (DT), Ryan Pickett (DT), Za'Darius Smith (ROLB), Clay Matthews (MLB), Desmond Bishop (MLB), Casey Hayward (CB), Tramon Williams (CB), Charles Woodson (NCB), Nick Collins (S), Micah Hyde (S), Mason Crosby (K), Tim Masthay (P), Brett Goode (LS), Randall Cobb (KR) and Micah Hyde (PR).

Julian from Gastonia, NC

Team chemistry? What comes first the chicken or the egg? Does good team chemistry lead to more wins, or does more wins lead to good team chemistry?

Success is a self-fulfilling prophecy, so naturally wins often lead to more chemistry. What that ratio is, I'll leave that to you numbers people. However, what impressed me about the 2019 Packers was how they always pulled together after losses and moments of adversity. That's when you learn the most about a team's makeup and character. There's no statistic or percentage for measuring heart and resilience.

Barry from Angola, IN

With the proposed shortened preseason, do you see the proven starting players even getting a snap?

I'm not touching preseason playing time questions until we at least get to training camp. It's pointless to answer that on July 2 when A) I don't know and B) there will be a deluge of the same questions in Inbox one month from now.

David from Minneapolis, MN

Do you think QBs talk trash to each other like, oh yeah...well my hand's bigger than yours?

If they so choose…but I think there are other, more impressive things they can argue amongst themselves about than hand size.

Kevin from Grand Rapids, MI

What a great piece on NFL Network with Davante Adams. After watching that it's crystal clear why it takes WRs time to develop.

And you get such a great look into how complex the game of football really is. The game is so sophisticated beyond what we see from the press box, and what fans witness in the stands or watch at home. Everything that went into that double move Adams ran was fascinating, and how the offense needed man coverage to go his direction with three-TE personnel. It's a simple, yet complicated, game.

Dennis from Denver, CO

Do you think a lack of minicamp and shortened preseason will benefit the Packers compared to teams looking to assimilate a larger draft class of potential starters and free agents?

Yes. How many of you have had more than one job in your professional career? Remember how much better you were at said job after the first 365 days? After last season, experience will be one of this team's biggest strengths.

Dana from Eau Claire, WI

If the season goes forward with a shortened training period and minimal preseason games, will defenses dominate early or will it be more that teams with fewer changes in offense/defense stand out? Thoughts?

I think more of the usual – defenses dominating early, wearing down maybe a little earlier than usual and then the midseason offensive surge. If the NFL gets in a full season, the real question I have is how teams are going to look by December and January.

Dennis from Parrish, FL

So Josiah Deguara was a two-star recruit coming out of high school. Do you know what other NFC North player was a two-star recruit? Former Defensive Player of the Year Khalil Mack! So I can't wait for Josiah to run through Mack for his first touchdown!

The quote I ended the story on, from Cincinnati offensive coordinator Mike Denbrock, is one I felt perfectly summed up Josiah Deguara and many other overlooked prospects who thrive at this level – "You can't rip open an individual's chest and judge their heart." Mack has that quality and the Packers feel strongly that so does Deguara.

Angela from Brighton, MI

The St. Norbert streak is over. What is the next streak to end?

Another unfortunate, yet necessary, domino that's fallen in response to everything that's going on. Streaks may end but traditions never die.

Venny from Montgomery, AL

If Kevin King  plays at an All-Pro level this season, how imperative is it that he gets re-signed and stays a Packer? What would we get if we let him walk? I don't think it's that far of a stretch for him to be considered for All-Pro since he left a few INTs and maybe a pick-six on the table this past season.

King has all the tools and it would be great to see him put it all together this year. If King does, I have no idea what happens given all the roster decisions the Packers must make next spring. But I do know this, if King plays at an All-Pro level, the Packers' defense won't be one to be trifled with.

Mike from Fort Wayne, IN

If you added up all of the Packers' championship years, e.g.,1929, 1930, 1962, etc., what would the total be in dollar amount? Mike said he had difficulty resisting math-related questions. I'm just trying to be helpful.


Blayne from Blaine, MN

Did the font in the II change today, or do I need an appointment with the optometrist? P.S. wash your hands, wash your butt, and wear a mask!

Yes. We have a new font style for the website. Welcome to the new age, to the new age.

Ryan from Carmel, IN

FOR THE RECORD I ALWAYS KNEW DAVANTE HAD MORE IN HIM THAN THAT SECOND SEASON. I NEVER THOUGHT WE SHOULD GET RID OF HIM (P.S. I always picture Wes and All-Caps Guy chatting next to a chopper and an aircraft carrier. BACK TO YOU WES)


Jake from Lake Mills, WI

Gentlemen, with the Fourth of July upon us, I am wondering what your favorite holiday traditions are? I'm a big fan of the family time during Thanksgiving and Xmas; however, for me, nothing beats a grilled brat, cold beer, badminton, a parade and fireworks. Although, we will be without the badminton and parade this year. Hope you all stay safe and return to work on Monday with the same number of appendages you left with on Friday!

We've toned down our Fourth of July celebration since becoming dog owners again in 2014. Kevin is family, too, and he doesn't like the fireworks. But it is a great holiday. I'm excited to grill some steaks and hang out with the family.

Jeff from Wentzville, MO

Wes Gem No. 1: Some folks just want to watch the ending instead of enjoying the entire movie, and that's a shame. Wes Gem No. 2: If you get a ticket to the dance, you don't wish it away. In all sincerity Wes, thank you for your "pearls of wisdom" when answering fan questions. It really helps during these trying times!

I cannot believe it's already July. What a wild (redacted) year. Stay safe, and sane, everybody.