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Inbox: It's good to be home

It’s a new week and new opportunity with a hometown feel


Mark from Westminster, CO

Oh no…Palm to the forehead emoji. I can't think of any worse timing than asking fans to update their apps days before the home opener so their tickets work. WHAT!!! For the sake of all 70,000-plus attendees, I hope they get the message and have a phone that accepts the new update.

If Pa Hod can do it, then you can, too. We'll keep reminding everyone all week to make sure they update their app before gameday.

Jesus from El Paso, TX

I put everything I had into the Falcons game by yelling helpful things such as "Catch it!" and "Get 'em!" What can I do better to help beat the Saints? Complain about Joe Barry? Pretend I could've played and called a better game? Write mean things to friendly Packers writers? Or should I just enjoy watching games with my son, who finally started taking an interest in the game? It's a tough choice for some of us, apparently.

I did some reflecting this week and got to the bottom of why I was so perturbed in Tuesday's column. I think it comes down to my perspective on the game being vastly different from more frustrated members of a diehard fanbase. As disappointing as the game was on Sunday, I looked at it as a one-point loss on the road in Week 2 in which the Packers were without their top receiver, top running back and two top offensive linemen. At the same time, I acknowledge and appreciate how losing a double-digit lead in the fourth quarter can sometimes be more infuriating for fans than a 45-0 blowout. Whatever the case, the Packers must do better this Sunday. It's good to be home.

Bil from Stateline, NV

It's discouraging to read Mike's statement "The Packers have to get healthy..." after only Week 2. Ouch.

The Packers are generally healthy. Unfortunately, the hits they've taken have been at critical positions.

Thomas from Pensacola, FL

It is the middle of the week. How much have Aaron Jones and the others progressed in therapy?

Aaron Jones, David Bakhtiari and Elgton Jenkins didn't practice Wednesday, but the green-and-gold-lining was Christian Watson continued his participation after returning to practice on Friday. Lukas Van Ness also appears to have avoided serious injury, as he was on the practice field after leaving Sunday's game with an elbow injury.

Sean from San Diego, CA

Jordan Love's first start at Lambeau! I wish I could be there. Is there extra excitement this week leading up to Love's first start at home?

You can feel it. I'll have a larger story on the Love era on Friday but it's surprising he's only thrown 11 of his 135 career passes in the regular season at Lambeau Field. A vast majority of the fanbase has yet to see him play in person. So, I imagine Love will get a nice ovation.

Ed from Windsor, CO

If the Packers win, we can say we knocked off the undefeated Saints. Win or lose, there will be a few days less for Inbox to opine on the bayou and a Thursday divisional rival. Tough five days.

A win over New Orleans would be a big deal because it will be a stiff test for Love in his first home start. Dennis Allen's crew hasn't allowed more than 20 points in 10 games, while the Saints are also riding an 18-game streak of not conceding 400 total yards of offense.

Margeaux from Tallahassee, FL

Good morning, Wes! Which players on the Saints' defense are most disruptive? Additionally, the Saints' O-line was at one time very good but their offensive troubles this year suggest that may not be the case. Like the Packers, are they beset with injuries?

The Saints lost Trai Turner to a torn quad, but the rest is pretty much their O-line group with Trevor Penning and Ryan Ramczyk on the edges. Defensively, the Saints have playmakers all over. Cam Jordan is an ageless wonder and Marshon Lattimore is back and looks better than ever. His five PBUs lead the NFL and quarterbacks have just a 9.4 passer rating when targeting Lattimore's coverage, according to Pro Football Focus. Starting safety Marcus Maye was suspended for three games on Wednesday. That's something to keep an eye on.

Jeffrey from Eveleth, MN

Two games in five days doesn't sound good for a banged-up football team. At least no traveling. Can the city of Green Bay handle this?

Again, this was such a wonky schedule, but like you said, at least the Packers don't have to travel. It's Green Bay's only two home games in the first seven weeks, so both the team and the community have to make them count.

Paul from Ledgeview, WI

The Packers have plenty to clean up from the Atlanta game but winning would have put a different spin on it. Moral victories aside, do you gain more from a close win or close loss? Seems it would always be better to win, but maybe losing creates greater urgency.

Teams talk about being critical when they review the film after a win, but I think the bitter aftertaste of a loss allows players to grow more. I expect a young offense to learn from what happened and a veteran defense to respond. There's no time to sulk. The Packers gotta get back on the horse.

Troy from Westminster, CO

Through the first two weeks, it's fascinating to me the impact the youngsters are contributing to an extremely positive start to the season. While it says a lot about the scouting department, it says just as much about the significant culture in this organization, oozing through all levels from the front office to Matt LaFleur and his coaching staff to the veteran players such as David Bakhtiari, Elgton Jenkins, Aaron Jones, Kenny Clark, De'Vondre Campbell, and Jaire Alexander. This is exactly how franchises stay relevant for 30 years.

I snuck a line into Inbox during the offseason about how we'll know what the Packers think about their young roster based on what kind of veteran additions they make at the end of training camp. They pretty much stood pat, and you can see why. Lukas Van Ness, Luke Musgrave, and Jayden Reed haven't been flawless, but they are poised, prepared, and playing well beyond their rookie statuses.

Aaron from Brooklyn, NY

I understand why A.J. Terrell tackled Dontayvion Wicks on the opening play. It doesn't quite sit right with me that there's a situation where a player has an incentive to commit a penalty because it leads to a better result for his team. Do you think the league would look into modifying the penalty to maybe add 10 yards to the spot foul? I don't see it happening incredibly often right now, but I'd hate to see the league get to the point where DBs start immediately tackling the receiver if they get beat.

It is what it is. Terrell knew he got beat and minimized the damage. That's what veteran players do. Plays like that remind me of the importance of spot fouls, though. Imagine if that was just a 15-yard penalty instead?

Michael from Shawano, WI

Gents, wow, how a surplus of OL a couple weeks ago is now "Uh Oh" who's going to play where? Glad we had a "surplus" to start the season and its only Week 3. We are all critics to some extent, but we have to remember things that were thought out and planned for like the surplus of OL to start the season may save the season. We all see the 5% of bad things that are happening, but the other 95% looks good. Wish I had 95% smart guy rate in life. So do a lot of other teams.

And depending on what happens with Bakhtiari and Jenkins this week, the Packers may need to dip into that depth against the Saints. It is a statistical improbability you're going to go 18 straight weeks with the same starting five. Recognizing that reality, the NFL altered the rules for the gameday roster to encourage teams to carry an eighth offensive lineman.

Kevin from Rockton, IL

Is it safe to say Musgrave's opportunities may improve more dramatically than others when Watson returns? Luke has "seam route" written all over him. It seems (no pun intended) he may be most affected by Christian's presence in the offense as the primary deep threat.

All I want is for Watson, Musgrave, and Reed to be on the field together at the same time. That's a lot of speed, quickness, and size to stretch defenses and make them cover the entire field. I still think Watson is in for a special season. The Packers just need to get him back.

Zak from Huntington Beach, CA

I'm relatively certain I'm just "preaching to the choir" here, but the NFL should have a rule that every team has a home game in either Week 1 or Week 2. Since home field has a significant statistical impact on the win-loss column, starting a season with two games on the road is essentially giving the rest of the league a head start. Complete parity is not possible, but the scheduling can absolutely be improved to get closer to it.

It's not just the perceived advantage. I think hosting in Week 1 and 2 also helps stoke the fire within fanbases. The Packers are fortunate to have a fantastic game-presentation staff that make every game feel special and an amazing fanbase that'll show up in any weather, but some organizations aren't as lucky.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

How has Derek Carr looked so far? Can he bring the Saints' offense to another level this season?

Carr has been fine. He's more dynamic than Andy Dalton and protects the ball better than Jameis Winston. The Saints don't need 2009 Drew Brees. They need a QB that's going to complement their stellar defense. Carr could be that guy and he already appears to be on the same page with Chris Olave.

Jeff from Indian Lake, NY

I drafted Jamaal Williams for my fantasy team this year. Not only is he a heck of a football player but he is easily one of my all-time favorite Packers. The guy is hilarious and heartfelt all at the same time. Lost fantasy points aside, sounds like he won't be suiting up for this return to Lambeau and that's just a bummer. Without him and Alvin Kamara, it would seem our defense doesn't have much of an excuse to improve the run defense this week.

That's a tough break for one of the NFL's most durable running backs. The Packers' run defense needs a bounce-back performance, but the Saints are dangerous in their own right. Tony Jones Jr. may be on the practice squad, but he looked good two years ago in that opener against Green Bay (11 carries for a career-high 50 yards). And then there's Taysom Hill, who can papercut a defense to death.

Donny from Green Bay, WI

Not a question, but rather a recommendation: Further proof that Williams is a great personality, watch the video circulating online of him doing "Hand Sumo.”

Haha, that was too funny and totally on-brand for Jamaal. I missed that last week.

Joe from Hampshire, IL

Wes, with two games in five days coming up, do the coaches or players spend any time this week prepping for Detroit? Or is that something already done during offseason/preseason, and then Sunday and Monday postgame the coaches put in some OT hours to prep ahead of practice?

With Detroit being a division opponent, the Packers likely developed a tentative plan in the offseason of how they want to attack the Lions. They also might have some quality control assistants doing some advance prep, too. But as far as this week is concerned, it's all about the Saints. You can't worry about Detroit until you beat New Orleans. Sunday undoubtedly will be a long night at the office for the Packers' coaching staff. I remember talking to Dom Capers years ago about celebrating a Sunday victory and then going right up to his office to work on his Thursday game plan.

Dan from Kenosha, WI

Insiders, much has been said about Bijan Robinson's ability to make people miss in space, but what really impressed me was his ability to make them miss between the tackles. His body control is so subtle and instinctive. There is no doubt he is special. Glad he's not in our division.

It's one thing to accelerate in space. It's another to stick your foot in the ground, see through traffic and push up field. What impressed me wasn't just how Robinson saw holes developing – it's the way he kept his eyes downfield and calculated how to make defenders miss at the next level. Without question, the Packers needed to do a better job defending Robinson, but he is a special talent. The entire NFL will be trying its best to solve that Rubik's cube for years to come.

Jason from Austin, TX

I noticed something on Sunday that made me smile. Atlanta made a late substitution and Love hurried the offense to the line to get the "No. 12 special." Unfortunately, the offense was a tad too slow, and they didn't get the free play, but I loved seeing them notice the late sub and try to go for it.

The intention is there. You can see the signs. It just takes time. But that wheel is turning in the young QB's head.

Paul from London, United Kingdom

Perhaps the Week 6 bye will be welcomed after all?

I'd take that over Week 13.

Mike from Lisle, IL

When I open a browser on a laptop, navigate to, and accept all cookies, I am able to enjoy WYMM. If I reject the optional cookies, I am unable to view the WYMM videos. If I'm going to accept all the cookies, I'll use a "private" or "incognito" browser window to mitigate some of the tracking.

Maybe something else to consider on the WYMM front.

David from Henderson, NV

Good morning! In regard to those experiencing issues with the WYMM videos, I have noticed that for some time now. What I found is that the videos don't load in Chrome, but they do seem to work fine in both Edge and Safari, for what it's worth.

And even more to consider. Like Spoff said, I haven't experienced any issues with WYMM videos, but I also don't know what everyone's computer setup is like.

Jim from Maple Grove, MN

In response to Wes's "edge" and Spoff's admonishment, though I signed up for a "development year" mentality, it will always hurt to see a winnable game be lost. Though, mentally, I'm on board with Jim from Muskego, I did have to resist submitting at least a half dozen visceral Inbox responses after Sunday's game (you're welcome). I'll paraphrase a quote from my favorite book and say that the mind is willing, but the heart is weak. Thank you both for your patience and forbearance.

And thanks to you, as well. It's a new week and new opportunity…with a hometown feel. Have a great Thursday.

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