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Inbox: Simply unthinkable

Once that group settled in, it controlled the game

WR Romeo Doubs
WR Romeo Doubs

Phil from Santa Rosa, CA

Well, I guess they weren't "just happy to be there."

You guess correctly.

Steve from Colorado Springs, CO

I am kind of speechless but feel a need to be part of this. That was pretty fearless.

Good word for it.

Tony from Davenport, IA


It wasn't an upset to the guys who did it.

Glen from Leesburg, VA

Wow, what a great win for this young team, this organization and this fan base. Take a day to enjoy this and then it's on to San Francisco.

Will be hard to take even a day with the Niners game on Saturday. Back to the airport four days from now.

Scott from Salem, OR

Packers undefeated at AT&T Stadium. Maybe the Cowboys should make Green Bay wear their road whites when they play in Arlington?

What a special building that has become in Packers history. Just incredible memories.

Jim from Tempe, AZ

What an incredible team win. Congratulations to all the young men and coaches that stayed the course during a difficult start of the season and rough patches down the stretch. Super Bowls notwithstanding, this has to be the best playoff win since the 1995 game at San Francisco.

The one in this same venue seven years ago ranks up there, too.

Donald from Big Flats, WI

WOW Mike, I think we all heard the question about, could ML win without a Hall of Fame QB. I think we know the answer. I think it only gets better as these guys keep getting more experience.

Where this offense is now compared to three months ago was unfathomable back then. Simply unthinkable. It's a credit to all involved – players, coaches, everybody.

Darren from Oklahoma City, OK

Wow! That did not look like a bunch of inexperienced young players in their first playoff game.

When LaFleur quit talking about the "young guys" storyline at midseason, he really meant it.

Dave from Hollywood, MD

Since Jordan Loves passer rating fell to 157.2 with that last incomplete pass, does that leave him room to improve against the Niners?

Careful, that could be construed as chortling.

Bud from Boyceville, WI

Why didn't we run the ball on third down right before the two-minute warning? That dropped pass not only stopped the clock, but also cost Love the perfect passer rating that could never be broken?

LaFleur wanted the first down to be able to run the clock out. I wondered initially but the more I thought about it, it made sense and was the right call (I doubt he had any idea on Love's passer rating). Miss on the throw and you're punting it back to Dallas with 2:35 left. Run the ball and you're punting it back with 2:00 left. Totally worth the risk given a conversion ends the game.

Keith from Bakersfield, CA

Imagine what this team could do if it had a Pro Bowler or two…

With seven teams in each conference getting in, the playoffs are more definitively a second season than ever before.

Ken from New York, NY

My head is still spinning! I just wish it wasn't Mike McCarthy on the receiving end of that.

I don't know where things go from here for McCarthy, but unfortunately, other than his Super Bowl title, a portion of his playoff legacy continues to be his defense no-showing with the highest of stakes.

Bones from Ripon, WI

Simple question: How are our receivers getting so wide open all of a sudden?

Lots of reasons. The run is setting up play-action. The route concepts are building off one another. When not under duress, Love is deftly buying time and finding throwing lanes. When facing a blitz, he's standing in, backing up just enough to get the throw off, and taking the hit as he delivers with the coverage compromised. Love is showing if you can't get to him with a four-man rush and seven in coverage, he's going to find an opening.

Mark from De Pere, WI

What an outstanding victory! I want to give a little love (no pun intended) to Luke Butkus and his big boys. This team wouldn't go anywhere without that steady O-line play! Props guys!

A couple moments in the first quarter, it looked like Dallas really got after them up front. It seemed to snap the unit to attention. Once that group settled in, they controlled the game.

Andrew from Wheaton, IL

I can't have been the only one to see the ghost of Tramon Williams running down the field with Darnell Savage …

Not at all. Popular post for sure. The reaction within the building was the most reminiscent part of it for me.

Steve from Bradenton, FL

The tone and belief was set when LaFleur said we want the ball. And, boy, did this team respond.

When it works, it's like magic. The Cowboys had the chance to double-up on either side of the half and almost got right back in it. I thought a hugely underrated moment from the defense was forcing the field goal on the opening possession of the second half – 27-10 felt way different than 27-14.

Austin from Appleton, WI

Aaron Jones needs to be on this team next year. The difference in this offense with him on the field is startling.

We've talked so much lately about Love being at the peak of his powers, but what a run Jones is on. Most productive stretch by a Packers running back in my time here, hands down. Grind, grind, then explode. He's capable at any moment of slashing through a hole to put the defense on its heels.

John from Belleview, FL

So if Aaron Rodgers owns the Bears, is it safe to say that Aaron Jones owns the Cowboys?

I made that very declaration on the stage at the pep rally Saturday night. I'm going to take credit for calling it.

John from Elgin, IL

What about the "horse collar" call? It appeared to be incorrect and could have been costly in a closer game. Could ML have challenged the bad call?

Nope. The safety rules are not reviewable, and my face can't get any bluer.

Trish from Columbus, OH

Not a question but wanted to draw your attention to Lori Nickel's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel story comparing Love to LaFleur as quarterback. Interesting and well done, I thought.

Agreed. It's really neat to think their Coach-QB relationship is in its infancy.

Brandon from Kansas City, MO

Hi Insiders, how hard is it for opposing teams to properly scout the Packers' receivers? It seems that a different guy shows up with a big game and it makes me wonder if there just isn't time in the day to really get to know the nuances of six different receivers that might line up across from you.

It's proving to be a problem. The Packers didn't have a 100-yard receiver for 14 games. Now they've had three different ones in their last four contests. LaFleur seems to have specific routes he likes certain receivers to run, but the defense can't know when he's going to call them.

John from Madison, WI

Did Romeo Doubs just have the game of his life?

Best game of his pro career, so far. Not a bad time for it. If you had told me before the game Christian Watson and Reed would be minimal players and the Packers would score 48 points, there's no way I would've believed you. Speaks to the commentary above.

Keith from North Muskegon, MI

Good morning, Mike. Have you noticed that Romeo Doubs simply sets the ball down after every one of his plays, even monster plays? There is NOTHING excessive about this kid except his talent as a receiver. His demeanor reminds me of No. 20 in Honolulu blue.

You didn't see Doubs chuck that TD ball way up into the stands in Carolina? Ha. Speaking of Honolulu blue, congrats to the Lions on a hard-fought win. No home playoff games for 30 years and now they're getting two in two weeks. I figured the Rams would be a tough out and they proved to be. That's a massive win for Detroit.

Dan from Wausau, WI

Reading the social media posts about Jordan Love offering to help someone with their vehicle stuck in the snow on Friday, is it any wonder why his teammates love him so much? Good quarterback, even better person.

There are times for those in his position it must be refreshing to be seen as just another person like you and me.

Cassidy from Carlsbad, CA

Do you think many highly drafted QBs who became starters Year 1 and ended up "flops" may have fared better had they been allowed to sit behind a veteran QB for a few years first?

Maybe, but we'll never know. The circumstances into which a player is thrust always influence career trajectory. It's just that much more magnified at quarterback.

John from Poipu, HI

Aloha Mike. I'm wondering when the last time was that Wayne called "dagger" in the third quarter. Any idea? I was nervous that he'd called it too early.

I would never call it in the third quarter, but that's me.

Joe from Hampshire, IL

Spoff, I believe Wes and I have discovered your next ghostwriter gig, though collaborating with two authors. The topic is the physical recovery and self-care methods of durable NFL players Marcedes Lewis and Preston Smith.

I'll take it under advisement.

Barry from De Pere, WI

Please don't fix the live blog just yet. I see a correlation with the win streak.

It worked the best it has with the new format. I was able to chat with y'all throughout. I know some folks talked about it freezing up a lot. My only suggestion there is to continue to refresh. It seems to kick back in pretty well.

Sam from Janesville, WI

OK Mike, can you please promise not to leave the blog that early again? As far as I can tell that was what gave Dallas the spark they needed.

A popular sentiment it seems. I'll take that under advisement as well.

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