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Inbox: That's the kind of moment

There’s a long list of candidates

LB Krys Barnes

Geoff from Omaha, NE

So how did you get your teacher back?

Ha, good one. No, I was not the class clown, but social studies was a much calmer hour of the day after that.

James from De Pere, WI

Good day Wes and Mike, my question is how does a head coach or a GM know that a position coach is ready to be promoted to be a coordinator? Is it fresh ideas? The ability to motivate? Ability to relate? Why do some coaches make the jump easily while others struggle mightily?

It's all those things you mentioned, but also generally possessing a big-picture mindset and the ability to communicate effectively to a larger audience. Position coaches have their guys, their responsibilities, their techniques, etc. A coordinator's "guys" are everybody on one side of the ball, so broader leadership skills and knowledge build a foundation for the next step.

Brian from Sussex, WI

The winner of Davante Adams vs. Jaire Alexander is the spectators.

True that.

Michael from Burnsville, MN

Will the cap grow enough to sign both Adams and Alexander with some nice maneuvers?

I believe that's the plan.

Dennis from Parrish, FL

James Harrison made "THE" greatest play in Super Bowl history, not "one of"! If you have one better please share!?

The Tyree helmet catch, which started with a Houdini job by Manning in the backfield. The Edelman catch, which was integral to the comeback from 28-3. The Holmes tip-toe TD in the same game as Harrison's play. Jones' tackle on Dyson at the 1. Butler's goal-line INT for the snatch-back win. There's a long list of candidates in my mind, and plenty of reasons any number of them could rank as the greatest.

Gary from Sheboygan, WI

Insiders, I have always wondered what kind of name David Bakhtiari was. Much to my surprise, while reading the June issue of the Smithsonian Magazine I discover that it is the name of a tribe from ancient Persia, modern-day Iran. He comes from some tough nomadic stock.

I don't know all the details, but he is at least partially of Iranian descent. His given name is David Afrasiab Assad Bakhtiari.

Geoffrey from Rosemount, MN

Don't sleep on the Cowboys as a non-playoff team that will be in the mix this year. That team is a lot different when Dak is playing.

I won't rule it out, but I'll need to see vast improvement on the defensive side of the ball in Dallas before I concur entirely.

Ronald from Panabo, Philippines

Insiders, I know there is no word on locker room interviews yet. But when they are allowed (positive thinking) who of the last two years of rookies are you most looking forward to interviewing while the juice is still flowing after a game?

It really depends on what happens in a given game. But to pick a young player we haven't interviewed in person yet, I think back to last year's Carolina game and the play Krys Barnes made forcing a fumble on Teddy Bridgewater's attempted leaping QB sneak at the goal line. That's the kind of moment you like to get a young player to reflect on in the locker room right after the game. I remember being at Micah Hyde's locker his rookie year after he just missed the interception of Kaepernick late in the fourth quarter and the 49ers drove down for a walk-off field goal in the wild-card game. Difficult circumstances to be sure, but it was a great interview.

Mark from St. Pete Beach, FL

What's the word on the street about the Raiders DE coming out? The NFL gave him a wonderfully supportive statement. Any word from the front office or players? Inclusion lives.

I haven't heard or seen much, but I'm kind of glad, actually. While I understand any first is news and I applaud Carl Nassib's courage, the closer this is to not being a major story, the better.

Rob from Louisville, CO

Regarding what Bakhtiari said about the wear and tear of playing 17 games, it seems like the O-line never gets to rest, even in blowouts. Obviously, it's a big risk putting someone else in the game, but you have to consider the risk of wearing out your starter as well. So how big of a lead would you have to have before you put in your second-string offensive linemen? Does anyone ever do that?

When they put in their backup QB, sure, but the starting QB isn't staying in the game if his starting line isn't. Also, in most instances only eight offensive linemen are active on game day, so there isn't a substitute for every spot across the front anyway.

Stan from Merrill, WI

I've been a regular reader since the "Ask Vic" days. I honestly feel like Vic helped me become a better sports fan, coach, father and person overall (I'm nearly perfect now, but my wife would have something to say about that). He helped me see that the journey IS the reward. Can you think of a thing that you have retained from Vic's influence on you?

He taught me two important lessons when it comes to the vast majority of stories I post on this website. The shorter the better, meaning keep it tight. And never lose track of the big picture, as in, don't get lost in the petty details.

Paul from Minneapolis, MN

Can you please explain what you mean by how Eric Stokes and Jaire play the corner position "differently"? Is it like: One plays more physical, one is more fluid? One is better in press, the other is better a few yards off? One is better in coverage, the other a better tackler? Curious what you mean.

At this risk of misinterpreting Wes, I'll give this a try. It's hard to explain without seeing it for yourself, but different-sized corners play the position differently. Their jams and techniques at the line of scrimmage are different because their arms are different lengths. The way they play outside or inside leverage varies due to their height or how they run most comfortably. For example, a shorter corner might position his outside leverage to be able to undercut a route and avoid getting boxed out, while a taller one might be more comfortable staying over the top and still able to make a play on the ball. Hope that helps.

Steven from Wilmington, NC

What is one thing that surprised you about working for an NFL team when you first got hired by the Packers?

Wes's answer to this made me chuckle. I recall being struck by how complicated everything is at this level – the X's and O's, the salary cap, draft boards, you name it. I didn't really appreciate the complexity of it all until I was immersed in it up close on a daily basis.

Christopher from Largo, FL

Who is your favorite Packers player of all time?

My favorite to watch growing up as a kid was James Lofton. My favorite that I've seen play in person and covered is a tougher call, but probably Charles Woodson.

Mike from Madison, WI

Mike/Wes: When I am out and about, people will look at my hat, or shirt, or jacket and see I am a Packers fan. They will say, "What's going on with Aaron Rodgers?" My response has always been, "Until I see who walks out of the tunnel on Sept. 12, everything else is just talk." Is there a better answer than this?

At the moment, not really.

Julian from Gastonia, NC

Of course it's understandable that you don't have photos of everyone. However, one of the photos you should have is Lionel Aldridge.

Without getting into all the details and to clarify Wes's answer slightly, it's not about whether we had the photos at one time but whether we have access to them now. Just trust me when I say it's complicated.

Robin from Ashburn, VA

What are you most looking forward to seeing in training camp?


Ultimate Warrior from Parts Unknown

Wow, sorry Mike. Wes did it to you again. How many submissions have you got today with this name? I guess someone's not getting any lunch today…

Your boys are goin' down, Danny. I can't stop it anymore.

Dale from Prescott, WI

Well Mike, you're right on the Brewer trade. Gotta give something to get something and I think they came out OK. As a former athlete, what's your take on all the injuries in baseball this year?

I have to believe the shortened season last year has something to do with it. No one's bodies endured the usual rigor a year ago.

Jeff from Eveleth, MN

Spoff, now I feel better. Bakhtiari will be back to start for opening day. He chugged that beer the other night in 2.5 seconds, and his knee never buckled.

A prodigious effort.

Kevin from Grand Rapids, MI

I'm wondering your opinion on the recent Supreme Court NCAA situation. Other than football and men's basketball, I'd guess the other sports do not pay for themselves. After gender equity is addressed do you see widespread cutting of non-revenue sports in the future?

That's a potential fear, because I don't see all the successful college coaches who have become independently wealthy suddenly taking major pay cuts. The more likely initial remedy, though, is higher ticket prices and broadcast rights fees.

James from Asheville, NC

Do you foresee a time in which the NFL adopts a similar lottery model as the NBA, in which the five or six teams with the worst record vie for the first pick?

No. Please no.

Matt from La Crosse, WI

Hi Mike/Wes, you said in Thursday's Inbox that teams choose their preseason schedule. That got me wondering how they choose, what a team would look for in an opponent for those games. Also how much negotiation happens between teams to get a specific team they want to play against? Thank you for keeping us Packers junkies entertained during the summer doldrums!

Teams used to build their own preseason schedules. Now the NFL does it with input/requests from teams. Most often you want to play a team from the other conference that isn't too awfully far away. Beyond that, I don't really know what goes into a team's preferences. As joint practices in training camp (tied to a week-ending preseason game) continue to become more common, past connections amongst various coaches likely will factor into the equation.

Brenda from Waurika, OK

The location of the combine is going to change every year, starting in 2023, apparently. I know y'all liked the Indy venue, but it would mean great revenue for Green Bay. How does the bidding process work for cities wishing to host? Thanks.

A lot of folks asked about the combine and its potential future locations. I'm not sure what all will go into the bidding process, but a massive amount of hotel rooms in close proximity – way more than for the draft, perhaps not as many as for a Super Bowl – would be required. That could make it tough for Green Bay to be a viable bidder, I don't know.

Flavio from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hi folks! Dead zone comment and question: A few years ago, my wife and I were hiking in Chile's Torres del Paine National Park in extreme southern Patagonia. It was an overcast day with temperatures below 10C (50F) and few people on the trail. I had a Packers fleece hat on, and near the end of the trail a gentleman came up to us and introduced himself and his wife as Packers fans from Michigan. Nice folks. Which is the weirdest/farthest place where you've encountered a Packers fan?

For me it would be the one time I was in Alaska, but while that's not overly exciting, I posted this for Wes to consider as a possible Insider Outbox/Outsider Inbox question.

David from Appleton, WI

Hello Insiders! The Packers moved on from Christian Kirksey – who was on a 1-year prove-it deal – and have signed De'Vondre Campbell to a similar deal. What are the strengths Campbell has over Kirksey? Was Kirksey's release due to Pettine's non-renewal? And was Campbell signed in part due to his familiarity with Coach ML?

For the record, Kirksey signed a two-year deal last year and the Packers have some dead money on their cap due to releasing him, which had nothing to do with Pettine. They needed to find a less expensive veteran to free up cap space for other moves, and I think they like Campbell's coverage ability. The mutual familiarity helped make both sides comfortable with the move.

Bob from Mazomanie, WI

Hey Mike, have you ever noticed that there is a ticker symbol "SPOFF," and that it is a gold mining company? Prophetic or coincidence?

More like a branch of the family tree to which I am not connected.

Tom from Two Rivers, WI

The period between OTAs and training camp is not a void. It's baseball season, and Mike, you ought to have to recognized that since it's just about the only time you get to attend a game.

And I have plans to attend two games next week and two more later in July. Can't wait. Happy Friday.


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