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Inbox: They'll get their due in 2022

When has one ever been delivered?


Paul from Minneapolis, MN

Regarding digital vs. physical tickets: I personally take a screenshot of the e-tik on my phone, email it to myself, then print it. That solves my need to have ticket stubs for my collection. Just an FYI in case curious minds want to know!

I would imagine you're not the only one.

Grant from Grand Forks, ND

My son has ticket stubs from EVERYTHING he has been to except the movie from his first date with his (now) wife. He still looks for it from time to time.

I have the ticket stub of the first baseball game I went to with my future wife, which might have technically counted as our first date. Brewers-Orioles in Milwaukee. My dad once commented that seeing Cal Ripken, who owns the longest consecutive games streak in the history of the sport, that day was probably a good omen for the relationship.

Robert from Verona, WI

When attending a sporting event on your own time, are you more of a "just get me in the stadium and I'll enjoy the experience," or a "if my seat doesn't provide a great view, I'd rather watch the game on TV" type of person? I'm excited to bring my son back to Lambeau this season for our first in-person game since 2019. We've sat all over the stadium in the past, from the third row on the 45-yard line to the upper rows of the end zones and we're generally just happy to be there.

I've never gotten hung up much on my view. Plenty of times at old County Stadium I sat near or around grandstand poles and just rolled with it. If I want to be there badly enough, I'll take whatever I can get.

Mike from Lake Mills, WI

Good morning gentlemen. We've already seen speculation on what the final depth chart will look like and how many receivers and tight ends will be on the roster. Does Allen Lazard's blocking ability allow Gute to keep seven receivers and only three tight ends, at least until Robert Tonyan is back? I remember him lining up in what was almost an inline tight end spot last year.

The Packers are going to keep the players who deserve a roster spot and can help them win, whatever position they play. Numbers-wise, yes, most likely that'll mean six or seven receivers and three or four tight ends, but the final decisions will be based more on the competing players' merits than on others' abilities.

Mike from West Bloomfield, MI

I have seen several articles discussing Christian Watson dropping catches daily in practice. I know he is in the spotlight because of all the circumstances of the last couple of months. But doesn't anyone else drop passes in practice? Is he the only one or is it just the microscope he's under by the media? Seems there are people out there who want him to fail to prove BG should have gone after someone with a first-round pick. Thanks for all you do to keep us informed and reading.

The media has had access to just two of the (I believe) seven OTAs so far, so anyone reporting he's dropping passes "daily" is declaring something they haven't seen themselves. Have I seen him drop a pass here or there, going back to rookie minicamp a month ago? Yes. Are more consistent, reliable hands something he has to work on? Yes. Do those statements apply to every rookie receiver I've seen try to make it in this league? Yes. The microscope Watson's under is inevitably large given the trades involving Adams to the Raiders and moving up in the draft to select him. He's got plenty to deal with and deserves some time to settle in and figure it all out.

The Green Bay Packers held practice on Tuesday, May 31 at Ray Nitschke Field as organized team activities continue.

Larry from Sheboygan, WI

How do guys who move between the regular team and the practice squad get paid? I'm assuming they get a game check for games they are active and then they revert to practice squad pay when they return. Is that about right?

That's not about right. It's exactly right.

Bronwyn from Tampa, FL

I've lived in Tampa for 15 years and the only times I ever cheered for the Bucs was when Ryan Fitzpatrick was at QB. The only QB from his draft class to throw for more career TD passes than Fitzmagic is AR12. That's kind of mind boggling. He definitely had an interesting and varied career. Happy retirement, Fitz!

I wonder if we'll ever see a quarterback start games for nine different teams again, and win games as a starter for seven of them. His 59-87-1 record as a starter doesn't look great, but to win almost five dozen games in this league playing for that many different teams is remarkable.

Doug from Neenah, WI

Good morning, Insiders. How did the Packers fare against Ryan Fitzpatrick during his long career?

Incredibly, Fitzpatrick never took a snap against the Packers, either as a starter or off the bench. The closest he came was in 2017. He had started the Buccaneers' previous three games prior to their Week 13 visit to Lambeau, but Jameis Winston came back from his shoulder injury that game. According to my research (which could be wrong), the only other team against whom Fitzpatrick never played was Tampa Bay.

Troy from Madison, WI

Is there any reasonable way to argue the Packers have the best running back tandem in the league? I see no limit to where Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon can take this offense. Dillon getting hurt was almost as devastating as our special teams against the 49ers.

The only duo that compares, in my mind, as far as both the balance and production is Williams and Gordon in Denver. The Packers use both guys interchangeably, and sharing the workload keeps them both fresh for the long haul. I believe if all goes well, they'll get their due in 2022.

Mike from New Orleans, LA

When kickers are warming up, whether before the game or at halftime, do they get access to both directions or is each kicker stuck on one half of the field?

Before the game they'll go both ways, getting their kicks in before the full squads come out and take over their respective ends of the field. The coin toss hasn't occurred yet, so they don't know which way they're starting. At halftime, they'll usually just test the direction their team is going to start the second half because that's all they'll have time for.

Ray from Phoenix, AZ

Who are leading candidates so far for returning kicks and punts?

It appears Bisaccia is trying out all sorts of options in OTA drills, and I don't anticipate having a good feel for the frontrunners until well into training camp. Perhaps the first preseason game will give us our best read.

Cliff from Alexandria, VA

Mike, I hope my phrasing is tactful; my question is difficult, but I believe it is fair. Aaron Rodgers reportedly asked David Bakhtiari to come back for that game at the end of last season. Do you think that was proper? We'll never know whether it set his progress back. We do know, however, that Rodgers is not Bakhtiari's doctor, and is the leader of that locker room. I would never ask one of my employees to make a decision that was best left between them and their doctor and I don't see how this differs.

You're right, we will never know. There's no way to tell if taking two more weeks before playing in a game would have made a difference. What I do know is Bakhtiari would not have been out there without the blessing of Dr. McKenzie, no matter what Rodgers asked. I'm also pretty sure his knee would've shown signs of difficulty during the two weeks of practice prior to the playoff game if he hadn't played in Detroit. They would have been prepping him for 60-plus snaps with a heftier practice regimen than the one he was on to play a couple dozen snaps in Week 18.

Andy from Mount Pleasant, WI

Hi Mike, not a question but comment. I'm so busy but I got behind on the Insider. When trying to catch up scanning questions and replies, I saw one was a question about going into or coming out of halftime, coaches replying (to an interview) on the sidelines. You said you can do without it, along those lines, it doesn't matter. I agree but this day and age (we're about same) they are waiting to want the Jim Mora end-of-game talking about PLAYOFFS, just losing it at the podium, I think.

Of course. They're looking for a memorable soundbite of any kind. But when has one ever been delivered at halftime? When? The interview has become obligatory for the networks, obligatory for the coaches, and they do it to just do it and get it over with. Let the sideline reporter talk to the coach off camera and relay the thoughts. That's sufficient.

Al from Green Bay, WI

Matt LaFleur has wrapped up three years of his five-year contract. If you're Mark Murphy, when is the logical time to begin working on an extension (or maybe they already are)?

Maybe. All I know is the Packers aren't letting LaFleur get away anytime soon.

Jeff from Indian Lake, NY

Hey Mike, great article on Juwann Winfree. I think he could be the forgotten man in this whole WR competition. To nitpick if I may, didn't the Packers draft three WRs in 2018 as well? Moore, MVS, and EQ? Thanks for all you Wes do for us II fanatics!

Yes, but the reference to the size of the draft investment at receiver was more about the rounds in which the receivers were taken. In '18, it was 4-5-7. This year, it was 2-4-7 (and two picks from a 1), much more significant and in line with '14 (2-5-7).

Eric from Kenosha, WI

Good day. I don't think I'd want to grab London game tickets even if I could. This forum makes us more like an extended Packers fan family, and for our brothers and sisters across the pond, this is their shot. I do expect Wes and Mike there doing "Three Things" with bad imitation Monty Python accents, though.

Ha, no. I don't do accents. If Wes wants to try, he can have at it, flesh wounds and all. Have a great weekend, everybody.