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Inbox: We're witnessing a shift throughout the NFL

Josiah Deguara is a hybrid who can play practically anywhere

RB AJ Dillon
RB AJ Dillon

Mike from Somerset, WI

Wes, last year I questioned why Brian Gutekunst gave such huge contracts to two no-name OLBs. I was wrong. As for the draft, I am going with Brian and the Packers' scouting department.

This is my 11th NFL Draft. Not once in all those years has it played out exactly how I thought it would the first two days. Because as much as we talk about what the Packers might do, we're not in the meetings. All we know is the car is moving but you can't be sure of the destination until we get to next season.

Jimmy from Rockford, IL

One word. R-E-L-A-X.

Five more words (to some). S-T-E-P A-W-A-Y F-R-O-M T-H-E K-E-Y-B-O-A-R-D.

Phil from Portland, OR

I like the AJ Dillon pick. One of the things the Packers didn't do well last season was third- or fourth-and-1. Having a big bruiser back sounds like a great component to converting those short yardages.

Dillon weighs 245 but takes care of his body well. It's a four-quarter marathon trying to contain a bruising back like him. There just aren't many who run a 4.53 40 with a 41-inch vertical. He's a natural workhorse who's built to last. Listen, we all love Aaron Jones, and Jamaal Williams is a terrific change of pace. But you gotta have options and Dillon certainly adds the third head to the backfield beast the Packers have been searching for.

Mike from Oelwein, IA

Do you see the possibility that the Packers got an H-back, a short-yardage back and a potential three-down back in the future with the A.J. Dillon pick?

In his very first answer, Dillon talked about how much pass protection means to him. I don't ever recall hearing that from a running back on draft day and it was refreshing to hear. For that very reason, I think Dillon is going to play sooner than what fans are giving this pick credit for. And the fact a 245-pound power back is a nice commodity in the NFC North.

Christopher from Frederick, MD

Before the draft, I remember telling a friend of mine, "I don't know who the Packers will draft, but the two positions I know we for sure don't need early are quarterback and running back." Which of those two picks surprised you more?

The quarterback. If you've been following along this offseason, Matt LaFleur literally told reporters in Indy he wanted a third running back. Well, here he is.

Chris from Ontario, CA

Good Morning II? How will this year's backup picks help the Packers contend with the Niners?

I'm sorry did you think this was free agency? That was last month. It's the NFL Draft. And by the way, none of these rookies can report for a physical offseason program yet. So if you're banking on these rookies starting in Week 1 and singlehandedly closing that gap between Green Bay and San Francisco, I guess you alter your expectations – and your investment portfolio.

Dylan from Belgrade, MT

My reaction to our second and third picks was that we are starting to shift to the hard-nosed, NFC Central days.

It sure feels that way. We're witnessing a shift throughout the NFL. Offenses are changing and the Packers are adapting to that trend. The days of four- and five-WR spread offenses have given way to in-line formations and calculated misdirection. I believe these personnel decisions are a reflection of both that and the vision LaFleur has for the offense.

Alex from Skokie, IL

Two ILBs, RB, WR, DL in the top three rounds...I think the Ravens stole our draft. In all seriousness, for those of us not familiar with our Day 2 picks, what should we know about them to get us excited as they join the team?

Dillon is the bull this ground game has been missing since Eddie Lacy's second 1,000-yard season in 2014. He wears down a defensive front over four quarters. Deguara is a hybrid who can play practically anywhere on offense. He seems like a good fit for that role Jace Sternberger was filling after Danny Vitale's injury last season.

Jake from Madison, WI

So from these picks, apparently the great plan is to perfectly re-create LaFleur's offense from Tennessee? Not really inspiring a lot of hope for the future, given how that one performed.

You mean where Derrick Henry realized his potential and began running over defenses on a weekly basis? Yeah, that was awful.

Jake from Athens, GA

Look, I love all three of the guys we've picked so far. They look talented, capable, coachable, professional, all that good stuff. But I do not love any of them or even all of them combined as much as I love defense! Can I get some defense?!

The Packers have six more picks today, so you'll get your wish. But Green Bay has allocated a ton of resources to the defense in recent years, especially in the early rounds of the draft. That tree started to bear fruit last year but the Packers need more. It's up to the guys already on the roster to grow and make a sustainable market.

John from Salt Lake City, UT

Insiders, I was as shocked by the Jordan Love pick as anyone. But one thing I noticed before the pick was announced was how giddy ML was when Gute told him the player he was getting. I think it's safe to say he's excited to coach up a raw talent into his system. That makes me very optimistic for the future of the franchise! Thanks for your hard work during the draft.

I have to choose my words very carefully here because I've said time and time again how I didn't feel the Packers needed to draft an heir apparent to Rodgers right now. While I stand by that, I also understand why Gutekunst made this move. The Packers clearly are extremely high on Love's long-term potential. There is an old adage about the worst time to look for a QB is when you need one – that can lead to over-drafting, or worse yet, signing a below-market free agent to a crippling contract. Love has one job right now – learn from one of the best to ever do it and see where it takes him…and the rest of us.

Patrick from Valrico, FL

Everywhere I look the QB being talked about is not Tua or Joe Burrow but Love. Much of it positive although perplexing to most. Could the Packers have just set a new bar and impossible standard of elite QB continuation? We can only hope. Can you think of any teams that have hit the QB jackpot thrice in a row?

Fans are passionate and that passion sometimes leads to anger. That anger often leads to my frustration and we all get mad. All I ask is you step back for two seconds and appreciate the risk Gutekunst took. Much like Ted Thompson did in 2005, Gutekunst slid his chips as a scout to the middle of the table. He's trusting his eye and taking a chance. You can argue whether it was too soon to draft a QB but please remember no pick is a guaranteed. This is who he felt was the best first-round pick possible.

Dan from Catonsville, MD

If you believe in the BPA, why is the Love pick so difficult to digest for many? Even Mel Kiper had Love listed as the second-best player still available at the time when the Packers drafted him. I guess the words of Coach Bob Knight resonate with this issue. "People listen but they don't hear!"

Did the pick surprise me? Yes. I thought they were trading up to take Patrick Queen. But I was even more surprised to see the vitriolic reaction to the Packers drafting Love. And to every submitter who said "Ron Wolf would've never done that" – and there were several – bless your heart…and grab a history book.

Randy from Raymond, IA

I admit when I saw the Pack traded up, I was sure they would be selecting Patrick Queen. I was very surprised when they took a QB. But at the same time I am fairly certain that Brain Gutekunst knows a little more about all this than I do. We have to trust that he is the GM for a reason. Welcome Jordan, I predict the Packer nation will come to "Love" you!

I feel like we read this book 15 years ago and nobody remembers. Will Love complete the holy trinity of Packers quarterbacks? I don't know. But I also don't know whether Queen, Ross Blacklock or Tee Higgins will become perennial Pro Bowlers, either. Of course, it would've been so much easier for Gutekunst to draft any of those three guys I just mentioned. But he went with the guy he felt will be the best prospect. Agree or disagree, you gotta respect that.

Tom from Walnut Creek, CA

Been a Packers fan over 50 years. Everyone take a deep breath. Just something to think about. In March 1967, the Green Bay Packers drafted Don Horn in the first round at No. 24. Bart Starr was 33 years old and had just won two NFL titles and played five more years. No one was telling Vince to get Bart more help now. They own Love's rights for four years. Rodgers' contract is up in four years and he will be 40.

Full disclosure – I usually peace out whenever someone starts with "I've been a Packers fan since Curly found a football in his garage." Many will use that as a gateway to be disrespectful and belligerent. I stayed with this one and am glad I did. Tom has the right idea. It's an investment – no different than Rodgers was in 2005 or Jimmy Garoppolo in 2014. Let's take a breath and see what happens. Thanks for restoring my faith in the "Packers fan since forever" crowd, Tom.

Paul from Barnegat, NJ

With Rashan Gary our No. 1 pick last year, and his playing only roughly 25% of defensive snaps, coupled with the Love pick, I feel like we've thrown two first-round picks away. These decisions could set us back for years. What do you think?

I think you need to practice patience. Gary was playing behind two Pro Bowl-caliber edge rushers last year and Kyler Fackrell, who had a very specific role in the sub-packages. Gary likely will move up one spot on the depth chart this season and needs to take advantage of it.

Dave from King Ferry, NY

In Gute we trust! I had to think about it, but I can see that this is a great pick. He had several home runs in free agency last year, so I thing that we can trust his judgment and that of the scouts. We have a quarterback that they highly respect with a fifth-year option and hopefully a great backup should No. 12 get injured. It is a great insurance policy!

That, and there's also going to be interest, league-wide, in Love's development over the next few years. Gutekunst likes to diversify and maximize his options. He's certainly done that with the insertion of one of the league's top QB prospects into the Packers' pipeline.

Freddie from West Valley City, UT

Honestly, if we were living in normal times and expecting a 2020 season, would Gute have picked Jordan Love first round?

No doubt in my mind. If you're willing to risk wasting a year of his rookie contract due to the pandemic, then I think you take him when the world is spinning on its usual axis.

Lyle from Prague, Czech Republic

I am also of the opinion that the Packers got the Jordan Love pick wrong. Here is my concern. If I said the name Joe Burrow, one year ago to the day, what would you say? Or more likely, you would have to do an internet search to find out anything about the LSU first-year starter with only a modest stat line. Why would you draft a QB now and have him sit for likely three years? Any good QB of high ceiling needs a year (see Mahomes), not three. Silly pick...get the WR with highest upside. Gut-punch pick.

I also can think of another quarterback who sat for three years and it worked out OK, but feel free to pick whatever example proves your argument.

Michael from Madison, WI

Good morning, gentlemen! I really don't think this year's first-round draft pick was all that bad...just a couple years too early. But really, when was the last time Green Bay was truly loyal to a player? Bart Starr?

Do you not recall Donald Driver's last year in Green Bay?

Joe from Romulus, NY

How does the pick affect Tim Boyle? What's his role going to be? Have the Packers effectively given up on him?

Not at all. The Packers are still high on Boyle's upside. They've also kept three QBs on the 53-man roster more often than not over the past seven years, last season notwithstanding.

Patrick from Valrico, FL

Do you think there is any credence to the idea that Minnesota used its draft ammo specifically to sink the Packers' or their fans' hopes of a top WR selection?

I don't see it. They traded a Pro Bowl receiver for that pick. That selection was to replace Stefon Diggs, not to specifically block the Packers from getting Justin Jefferson.

Noel from Norwalk, CA

Howdy II! I'm curious. Who gives these draftees the hats? Are they given a range of possible teams selecting them? Inquiring minds want to know.

All the top prospects were sent hats and shirts.

Greg from Fairbanks, AK

After sleeping on it I decided to submit my resignation to my boss this morning. I'm in the process of updating my resume which I'll be forwarding to Kliff Kingsbury – for the position of his pool boy.

All of those coaches' houses were ridiculous but Kingsbury's looked like a five-star resort.

Clay from Goodyear, AZ

A lot of angst, but I'm not worried. Here's hoping Love is the most useless pick for the next three years and the most valuable after 15.

Now that's the spirit. Maybe it was a good morning after all.