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Dallin Leavitt is the 'Tasmanian Devil' on Packers' special teams

Key comments from Green Bay’s coordinators

S Dallin Leavitt
S Dallin Leavitt

GREEN BAY – The Packers' three coordinators met with the media on Wednesday prior to the team's trip to London. Here's a sampling of their key comments.

Special teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia

On punter Pat O'Donnell:

He's a pro's pro. I mean, he's in supreme physical condition, he's really a bright guy, he's into what we're trying to do, he's been a calming factor I think with his ability to hold for Mason, especially with a rookie snapper. So he's got a tremendous demeanor, and he and Mason and Jack have developed a common respect for each other's work and the way they go about their job and I think what you've seen is some of the results of the hard work that those three have put in. So I think he's exactly what I expected and then some, to be honest with you.

On Dallin Leavitt:

I mean, he's THAT GUY, right? He's the Energizer Bunny, he's the Tasmanian Devil, he's just one of those guys that has a great sense of his job, has a great sense of his role and what he's being asked to do. And he plays in a way in which I think people respect his work. He's an angry worker but he's really a bright guy. Some of his things I think are probably calculated, he's well-prepared, and I think the players, especially the younger players, see how he prepares and he gets to make a lot of the calls in the meetings so I think the guys get a certain level of comfort, I know Pat does, that he's going to put them in the right protection at the right time and hopefully he can keep doing that.

Defensive coordinator Joe Barry

On the defensive performance vs. New England:

I think the biggest thing is consistency. We're still looking for obviously just that complete game. There were 11 drives the other day and I think nine of them were pretty darn good. The opening drive they got three points. They punted seven times. We got a takeaway. But those two drives, we had some lapses. They got after us a little bit. We turned it into much more of a dramatic game than it needed to be.

On Rashan Gary:

I think Rashan Gary is as complete a football player as there is in this league. To me, he's a dominant player every down. Rashan Gary is as violent and physical an edge player on first and second down as he is a violent and productive pass rusher on third down. I think he's as complete as there is in this league.

Offensive coordinator Adam Stenavich

On how Elgton Jenkins is playing at RT:

One guy I'm not worried about is Elgton. Just the way he prepares every day and his mindset, I think he's only going to get better every week. You're always looking to put your best five out there and right now, I think Elgton's for us, the best at right tackle. For him, it's the challenge of left tackle or right tackle, you're going to be playing against the best D-linemen on every team, those edge guys. He's an alpha. He's a dog. And he's going to approach it every week, he wants that on his shoulders.

On David Bakhtiari's progress:

That was really encouraging. He did a great job. You can still see he's building back to where he was, took almost all the snaps. It was good to see in the second half, he was like 'Yeah I just want to play.' We're like, 'All right man, get out there and go.'

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