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Inbox: It's a recipe that's worked for many years

Win or lose, there’s another game on the horizon

New York Jets DL Carl Lawson

Markus from Aurora, CO

Wes and Mike, enough lamenting about the loss to the Giants. Time to look forward (after taking to heart any lessons to be learnt!) and focus: Beat the Jets!

The Giants loss hurt, but it's time to make adjustments and move forward. The Jets will be feeling themselves coming off back-to-back wins. The Packers are 1-2 now away from Lambeau Field this season. You have to hold serve at home.

Kyle from Osceola, WI

Thanks for reviewing the film and sharing your observations, Mike. I noticed that Josh Myers got that big push on fourth down as well, which was frustrating to see by itself, but as you say that's football. On to the Jets and what should be a winnable get-well game. What are going to be the keys to success?

I see it as the same path to victory as last week. The Jets have more threatening receivers than the banged-up Giants did but also a young quarterback who's prone to mistakes. For Green Bay, you have to stop the run. If Breece Hall leaks out for explosive plays, this game will be much closer than the experts have it projected to be.

Hal from Lanesboro, MN

Given that both Zack Wilson and Breece Hall are emerging as talented young NFL players, can you speak to the Jets' offensive line and what our defensive linemen and 'backers need to do to win the line of scrimmage?

I don't know much about them other than Laken Tomlinson is there, and Duane Brown is off injured reserve after missing almost two months with the shoulder. The veteran tackle signed with the Jets after Mekhi Becton suffered a season-ending knee injury. The Jets are 24th in rushing but also starting to run behind Hall more. They're formidable.

Tom from Rochester, NY

Mike's response to the two pass plays after watching the film was "Spoff" on. But to say you don't run against eight-man fronts is obviously not accurate. ML chose to use a personnel package which has to pass against an eight-man front. Other teams would go jumbo and maybe even put in an extra OL to run get the two yards. That is what I take exception to. I would love to see AJ Dillon in an I-formation with a head of steam running on one of those two plays. Something we rarely see from our team.

The thing I liked most about the point Spoff has been making is just being mindful of how many times Aaron Jones and Dillon touch the ball. The Packers win plenty of times on run alerts. Shoot, they might not beat the Patriots if not for the adjustments to Romeo Doubs. At the end of the day, Dillon had six carries for 34 yards against the Giants. Regardless of formation, I think everyone would agree he should've touched the ball more.

Jon from Soldiers Grove, WI

Hey guys, thanks for all you do! Just a couple of observations that I would like to get your feedback on. Personally, I am a lot more confident that defense and offense will pull it together than I would be if special teams were struggling again. Also, I am encouraged to watch Rodgers when interviewed. There seems to be less of the "put the team on my back" mentality (of which he was very capable) and more of the "we need to figure this out" mentality. Thoughts?

I agree. I usually don't get to listen Aaron Rodgers in real time because of my commitments in the post-game locker room but I snuck in Sunday when Pete Dougherty was asking Rodgers about not running the ball during the three-and-out series. Rodgers was thoughtful and balanced in his responses. As disappointing as the loss was, Rodgers wasn't defensive and seemed confident the Packers had the players to figure this thing out. This is a talented team. It just needs to come together and keep growing.

Dan from Algonquin, IL

Hi Wes, the Jets can really get after the QB. Are they doing it with a four-man rush, or via the blitz? If they blitz, Aaron Rodgers historically relishes the challenge and feasts. Given that this WR corps is not hitting on all cylinders yet, what kinds of pass plays can we expect to see from the offense against that good pass rush?

Robert Saleh's defenses can win in multiple ways, but his best units have been the ones that can generate pressure with four rushers. That starts with Carl Lawson, who has 14 quarterback hits and 2½ sacks this season. Half of those QB hits came last week against Miami, with Pro Football Focus crediting Lawson as the No. 1 defensive end in Week 5. However, the Jets also have six other defenders with at least a partial sack this season. That's kind of been Saleh's M.O. and it's a recipe that's worked for many years

Al from Green Bay, WI

Zone defenses and soft underneath coverage have hurt the Packers at times. Does the coverage scheme help explain the lack of interceptions, or is there more to it?

Whether it's zone or man coverage, the Packers only have seven passes defensed this season. It's tough to snag picks when you're not getting your hand on the football.

Jeffrey from Eveleth, MN

A bloodied nose once in a while when you think you are pretty good can be a blessing in the long run. Would you agree, Wes?

I think so, especially against an opponent that was beaten up like the Giants were. There's no room for complacency with as many tough matchups as the Packers have left on their schedule, including Sunday.

Dave from Glenview, IL

Hello gentlemen, on that fourth-down play that ended the game, why was the defender NOT called for interfering with Allen Lazard? I believe we have seen other instances where that is called, even when the play did not go that direction. For example, if it was a run or a throw to another WR, why did it matter that the throw was batted down? You guys are the best... true professionals, but with great senses of humor. Keep up the good work!

Those are just the rules. The ball got tipped at the line of scrimmage, so the defensive player no longer can be called for pass interference in that instance.

Randy from Billings, MT

I don't understand why the Packers do not employ a "Jumbo" package for short-yardage runs. They have Yosh for an extra lineman? Put another lineman in the backfield for a fullback and you have negated the eight-in-the-box advantage? I think it is worth a try as they need to get creative in these short-yardage situations. Do you agree?

They don't really need it. Marcedes Lewis blocks as well as any tight end in the NFL. Plus, you're kind of tipping your hand when a sixth O-lineman is on the field.

Bill from Clive, IA

Greetings, gents! On "Unscripted" you both admitted to not being X's and O's guys, and I'm even less so than you, but maybe you can help me understand this: When you say that against a stacked box the Packers are looking at blocking 6-on-8, why is that? Don't teams have the option of running the 13 package and using those three TEs as blockers? When you've got the blocking receivers we do, why not load up and even things out at 8-on-8? And how about an extra OL on one side? These not in our playbook?

They are but putting eight in the box isn't necessarily as obvious as a defense employing "Jumbo" goal-line personnel with four defensive linemen and four linebackers. It can be as simple as the strong safety dropping down to the line of scrimmage, leaving one high behind a base front. In those instances, offenses have to adjust and determine the path of least resistance. In the RPO era, it often means "canning" the run and throwing.

The Green Bay Packers held practice inside the Don Hutson Center on Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2022.

Tim from Lancaster, SC

After the touchdown pass from Arod to Big Dog, does that make them the oldest combo of quarterback to tight end to do so?

That's probably a better question for Elias. With a combined age of around 76 years, it's probably high on the list of connections between a QB and TE.

David from Oak Hills, CA

With speculation as to when the Packers will play in the international series next, and if it will be either in London or Germany, don't forget about south of the border. Based on II submissions there is most definitely a Packer following in Mexico and Central America as well. The Packers brand is global and would be a huge draw regardless of where they play. GPG!

My guess is Germany, but that's still a long way off. So much could change, and the NFL could throw a curveball, too, like they did when Green Bay ended up playing a preseason game in Winnipeg three years ago.

Matt from Minneapolis, MN

I bet the defense will be working on covering crossers this week.

It'll be an emphasis. It's similar to the message Matt LaFleur delivered to Amari Rodgers about his fumble during the game. When you put something on film, opposing teams will target that. The Packers' defense must respond.

Eric from Oshkosh, WI

I didn't get a chance to watch the game until Tuesday night. I knew the score and read/heard all about it. When I watched it, I expected some sort of total collapse. It really wasn't. The Giants were a good ascending football team, had the same 3-1 record as us, and the game was a nail-biter. Defense could have been a little tighter. Offense needed to put one more score in the books. There were a few opportunities we missed. But this game was NOT the disaster everyone made it out to be.

I actually think that's what made this game so difficult for fans to digest. Because it wasn't like a comedy of errors or turnovers. It was sort of a boring comeback. The Giants executed. The Packers didn't. That was that. My biggest takeaway afterwards was the need for the defense to take the ball away. Green Bay is tied for 26th with four. The Packers have to make the opponent fear throwing to the middle of the field.

Brian from Twain Harte, CA

I noticed in Wednesday's II that a lot of readers mentioned the negativity in the Inbox following the loss to the Giants. I will typically not read the II until the Wednesday after a loss because I do not want to experience all the negativity (as I did this week). Is there a drop-off in the number of II readers and/or submissions after a loss?

I actually think it's more. That's definitely the case with submissions, at least. It's been hard to keep up the past few days.

Sam from Germantown, WI

Davante Adams catching an assault charge wasn't on my bingo card for the 2022 season.

The whole situation hurts my heart. Adams was wrong to shove the photographer. It just saddens me there's a lot of people out there who don't know Davante Adams, basing their entire opinion of the man on a regrettable, heat-of-the-moment decision. That's not Davante Adams.

Jim from Eau Claire, WI

I'm heading to Lambeau for the game on Sunday. The Packers are 10-0 on my previous trips. I don't want to jinx anything, but my plan is to get this train back on the tracks. I hope to see you guys before the game. I will be wearing a green "88" jersey with the name "Indubitably" on the back.

Seriously? That's incredible.

Richard from Woodstock, GA

I, too, was fortunate enough to be able to attend the game in London, along with my wife and our friends from Scotland. Saw people from all over, with Germans behind us. Great seats in the southwest end zone, 10 rows from the field. Had hoped to see Wes at the pep rally at Belushi's, but that was really a zoo! Question for Wes: Have you ever had the opportunity to try a Grampa Graf's Root Beer? Was a popular Wisconsin brand in the '50s and '60s. Don't know if it is still available.

No, I never had it. I Googled it, though. It looks like a sweet can. My apologies we weren't at the pep rally. It was a transportation issue. I can confirm Spoff and I will be at the pep rally at Franklin Hall in D.C. for GB-WAS game.

Brock from West Lafayette, IN

Good morning! Wes, I love that you are a wrestling fan at heart. Now that you've been to England, are there any English wrestlers you enjoy? I have always loved William Regal, whether booing his nefarious ways or laughing at some of his facial expressions or backstage vignettes.

Regal is amazing. To this day, I'm a huge fan of his. English or not, Will Ospreay is one of my favorite wrestlers. I finally got see Billy G.O.A.T. in-person this past summer in Milwaukee. Ospreay was everything he's made out to be live and more. I love everything about that dude.

Chad from Town of Middleton, WI

After reading today's Inbox I was reminded of how excited I was on Sunday morning to witness the Packers' first international game. I had just broken camp in the U.P. and was driving through some of the most beautiful fall foliage I've ever seen. Pulling over to observe bald eagles perched on treetops while hanging on Larry's every word. Explaining to my wife who the Big Dawg is after getting his first TD of the year… it was so special I don't think I can even remember the outcome of the game!

I hope fans enjoyed themselves regardless of the outcome. That London trip was a shooting star, a solar eclipse. Whether you were at Tottenham, sitting in a bar in Crivitz or watching on TV at home in Menasha, Sunday was a great opportunity to create lifelong memories. I hope you did.

Paul from Ledgeview, WI

Wes, I see the layout for II has changed. Fancy! Your grinning mugs at the bottom is an upgrade. Thanks for all the great work.

I was looking at packers.com recently and thought, "You know what we need? More of our faces on the website."

Patrick from Folly Beach, SC

Gosh, it's been a fun season. Ups and downs! It's wonderful entertainment. And the quality content from this site is amazing. With all the drama how do you guys ever stay centered? I have a hard time doing that. What's the secret?

Win or lose, there's another game on the horizon, Patrick.

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