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Inbox: It's a time to reflect, recover and reset

There’s a lotta season left on the other side of this Week 6 bye

QB Jordan Love
QB Jordan Love

TK from Grafton, WI

Hickory Dickory deter

The Pack ran the ball better

Hickory Dickory dell

The defense played pretty well

Hickory Dickory Danes

These are the growing pains

Hickory Dickory dumming

We all knew they were coming

This is what I needed to start my day. Thank you, TK.

Jeff from Green Bay, WI

That flagrant personal foul inside the 10 to prevent the touchdown seemed to me just like a player on the sideline tripping a runner who's clear to the end zone. Ref should've awarded the touchdown.

Marcus Peters made a heads-up play. While you can't rewrite the rulebook, it's something the NFL probably needs to look at after the season. Horse-collar tackles are a penalty for a reason. That was a dangerous spot for Christian Watson to be in. In the age of "head-and-neck" emphasis, we must remember there's a human involved on that play and not incentivize an opponent to do something that could result in injury. Peters did what he had to do, though.

Bil from Stateline, NV

Anyone tries to throw the defense under the bus again this week and you'll hear my screams from here to GB. Pete from Caledonia, MI, I don't think "terrible" is harsh at all as it relates to our O-line play. I can't argue with Mike's point, "Opportunity has been plentiful on this team but in most instances, it has not been seized." Time of possession is what is absolutely killing this team and it's not because the D can't make a stop. Numerous times the O has been given the ball back only to punt it back or lose it.

Time of possession has been a problem for Green Bay. It's not a be-all, end-all statistic, but TOP often serves as the canary in the coal mine for overall efficiency. Through five games, the Packers rank 29th (27:01). They've never finished outside of the top five in the NFL in Matt LaFleur's previous four seasons. Green Bay is in a search for balance during this bye week.

Scott from Noblesville, IN

A small silver lining to Jordan Love's struggles for which to compliment – I really like the way Jordan carries out his "play-action" fakes after handing the ball off to our runners. Not all QBs bother to do it, quite frankly. Yes, it's a small thing, perhaps, but it tells me he is developing some great fundamentals into habits. It's difficult to celebrate baby steps when our ultimate desired destination seems so far away. BUT, to paraphrase No. 12: "P A T I E N C E"

First, I co-sign everything Spoff said and wrote on Love. The kid made mistakes but he's trying to make plays and part of that is his work on play-action. Love plays to win. I'll ride with that type of player every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Shanna from Colorado Springs, CO

What's the word on Quay Walker's injury? The Manningcast didn't address it at all, aside from a half-second shot of him entering the medical tent, so I don't even know what happened, much less prognosis.

Based on what Matt LaFleur said Tuesday, it sounds like Walker avoided a significant knee injury. We'll see how Walker is feeling after the bye week, but it sounds like Denver is a possibility. Walker has played well this season, especially during this stretch without De'Vondre Campbell.

Brian from Madison, WI

I didn't catch the game so wasn't able to see how a potential matchup between Jaire Alexander and Davante Adams went. How did that end up playing out?

They didn't see each other too often as Alexander lines up mostly on the defensive left, while Adams is traditionally on the offensive left. So, Rasul Douglas took most of the snaps against Adams Monday night and did a good job, though he lamented not getting that interception late.

Kevin from Tulare, CA

Super hard to find something positive right now… but here you go. Anders Carlson: 7-for-7 on field goals and 10-for-10 on extra points. How come no one is talking about this guy? I know it's early…But what a great start to the season for this rookie!

Regardless of his rookie status, Carlson has been one of Green Bay's early standouts. I feel we've learned a lot about the young man during his first month in the NFL in terms of both his kicking leg and composure. Again, it won't all be sunshine. There will be storms, but Carlson clearly has the temperament to perform at the game's highest level.

Jason from Rochester, NY

What? No love for Zach Tom's acting in the Inbox yesterday? I can't imagine the splash he would make if he did that in a pool.

Tom had the perfect response to getting shoved in the back. A lesser man turns around, retaliates, and likely draws the flag himself. If someone is brash enough to push another player in the back, then whatever happens next is on him.

Ryan from Sun Prairie, WI

I am sure "everything is on the table," but with the bye week do you anticipate a different starting five offensive linemen versus the Broncos than we just saw versus the Raiders?

I don't know, but the Packers gotta figure something out because the job doesn't get any easier. Over the next month, Green Bay has looming matchups with Denver's Nik Bonitto (5½ sacks), Minnesota's Danielle Hunter (six sacks), Pittsburgh's T.J. Watt (eight sacks) and the Los Angeles Chargers' Khalil Mack (six sacks).

Tory from Milwaukee, WI

Could it be said David Bakhtiari's injury has affected us more than some of the others we have mentioned? Other injuries seem clearer cut to me, and we could make decisions to move on and plan for the future. Bakh's has kept us/organization guessing and a lot of money on the cap for multiple years without much production. Thoughts on how this compares to post those other injuries? Thanks!

I don't mean to sound portioning, but it always amuses me how fans perseverate on Bakhtiari's contract but inevitably fail to mention he's one of the best left tackles the NFL has produced in the last 20 years. To me, this is all about the on-field implications of Dave's injury and the Packers' desire to get one of their five best players back.

Scott from Sauk City, WI

Alexander essentially said that if the D can't pitch a shutout, the Packers can't win a game (somewhat paraphrasing here, of course.) I worry that a comment like that could fracture a locker room that needs to come together. Does that light a fire under the offense, or divide the locker room? I'm a little afraid to find out!

I'm not worried about the locker room. I know a lot was made from that quote, but Alexander was just saying in his own way what other defensive players have said in the past – if you don't let the opponent score, you're gonna win.

Kent from Appleton, WI

What would the narrative have been on last night's game if Watson had high pointed that last pass in the end zone and caught it. He's still developing, too.

It would've gone down as another miraculous fourth-quarter comeback for Love and Co. Instead, it leads to questions about the season and future. That's how it goes.

Greg from Belvidere, IL

Now that there's plenty of tape on Love and defenses can scheme for him, what will the Packers and Love have to do to combat that?

Break tendencies, adapt, evolve, and improve. And once that happens, you do it over and over and over again. It's like what Tyrion once said to Daenerys, "You're great game now." That's how it goes at the game's highest level.

David from St. Louis, MO

When Aaron Rodgers took over the offense when No. 4 left, he had Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, James Jones, etc. I feel like Love matched with an extreme amount of youth at the skill positions wasn't the best idea.

Green Bay isn't using youth as an excuse. The roster is what the roster is and truthfully what other options were there? Were they supposed to trade for Chase Claypool last year? Which free agent were the Packers supposed to sign this offseason with last year's rookie class returning? The Packers are dealing with some pains now but hope it leads to a major growth spurt later this season.

Jake from Elkhart Lake, WI

Here is some humor for you. Yosh Nijman, an offensive tackle, blocked a field goal! That's some funny stuff right there. Talk about an athletic play for a 6-foot-7, 314-pound man. Yowzah!

He told Rob Demovsky it was his first blocked field goal since high school. With Nijman, Caleb Jones (6-9) and Luke Tenuta (6-8), Rich Bisaccia has some prolifically tall options.

Check out photos from the Week 5 matchup between the Green Bay Packers and Las Vegas Raiders at Allegiant Stadium on Monday, Oct. 9, 2023.

Dan from Wausau, WI

So aside from its resemblance to a Roomba, how would you rate your first experience covering a game at Allegiant Stadium?

It's a great stadium. The press box is a little too high but otherwise I have no complaints. Not to dive into NFL politics, but I was wowed by the grass playing surface inside such an immaculate structure. Vegas did it right. I can't wait to see SoFi next year and check another stadium off my list.

Graydon from Menomonie, WI

With the bye week ahead, what is the players' schedule? Do they get a few days off? Do you get a few days off?

The players were in on Tuesday to break down film but are off the remainder of the week. Per the collective bargaining agreement, players must be given a minimum of four consecutive days off during the bye. It's a time to reflect, recover and reset.

Phil from Scottsdale, AZ

It's been hard not to spiral at times with the play of this team, but one thing I hear from the players and coaching staff that has consistently come through over TV when I watch the games is that this group really wants to win. Nobody quits, there's not infighting on the sidelines, just 60 minutes of trying hard. To me, that seems like it might be just as important in this post-bye stretch as anything else.

They're fighting, and they'll continue to fight. I think what's made this 2-3 start frustrating is Green Bay has been in all these games. The defense came up short on two drives in Vegas but otherwise played well. Offensively, the Packers need to find something to hang their hat on when Aaron Jones isn't available – and once Jones is back, that experience can only make them better.

David from Janesville, WI

Gents, yes, the offense is young and inexperienced. Yes, there have been injuries. Yes, your all-world quarterback has moved on. Regardless, you have to think there is enough talent on the field and in the coaching staff to get something, anything, going with some consistency. You can see the frustration on LaFleur's face. Can it be as simple as getting a player back? Breaking a couple of big plays? The bye provides time to work on things but doesn't seem to be any certainty of what to fix.

I'm not saying it's as simple as "Just get Aaron Jones back and everything is fixed," but I think his return would infuse some needed mojo into this offense. The Packers have taken a significant number of hits through the first month. They need an equal-and-opposite reaction to help turn the momentum. Jones' return would do that.

Lori from Broomfield, CO

Are we reaching the concern that the talent level doesn't correlate with expectations?

Respectively, I told you where I stood on this in Week 1. Expectations are what you make them. I'm happy to discuss the disappointment of a loss with fans, but it's not my job to massage their expectations.

Paul from Ellensburg, WA

Hey fellas, do you think our collective lack of patience for this team and Love specifically is due to how he started the season looking so great? I feel like I was prepared for missed opportunities and INTs to start the season then got comfortable thinking Love was going to ball out every game. Now I feel like I need to reset to just enjoying the game come what may.

It probably has something to do with it.

Jesus from El Paso, TX

The struggles on the field weren't nearly bad enough to take away from the magic of taking my 10-year-old son to his first NFL game (my third game). It's mind-boggling that this memory of a lifetime is just another day at the office for you fellas and so many others. The gratitude I felt for all involved, from the ticket-scanning lady to the custodians to Jordan Love and Mark Murphy was overwhelming. While I can't thank everyone, I can thank you both for keeping us engaged and connected. Thanks.

I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to meet at the pep rally but one of our coworkers in brand and marketing sent us a photo of your Insider Inbox T-shirt. It brought a smile to my face. I hope you guys enjoyed the game, result notwithstanding.

Gretchen from Dousman, WI

I want to thank you both again. After a disappointing loss, your cool heads and well-chosen words keep this reader going. I know II takes a ton of energy to produce. It is very much appreciated.

In the face of adversity, react not with vitriol.

John from Byron, MN

I lost my dog of 12 years on the same day the Pack lost to the Raiders. So, this game served more as distraction than disappointment. I just wanted to thank you both for keeping us informed and entertained through all the ups and downs, on and off the field. The Inbox is a welcome place to visit, especially after a tough loss.

I'm sorry to hear about your pupper, John. May the good times help guide you through the sadness.

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

The season began with so many questions to be answered

Five games played and still so many questions searching for answers

Now a week to rest and reflect

Rest up, everybody. There's a lotta season left on the other side of this Week 6 bye.

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