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Inbox: It's right in front of him

Anyone who thinks they know …

QB Sean Clifford
QB Sean Clifford

Terry from Green Bay, WI

Good morning Dr. Johnny Fever and Venus Flytrap! (Would that make Larry Les Nessman or Herb Tarleck?) Enjoy Cincinnati!

We will do our best. If I can find a WKRP souvenir, I'm bringing it home.

Margeaux from Tallahassee, FL

"It's amazing how time flies when you're not the one practicing." Another gem from the Rock that brought a chuckle but speaks to the amount of energy, physicality and motivation required to reach the top of the profession.

That might be one of my favorite lines Rock has ever delivered on "Three Things," because it says so much coming from a player who had to grind his way through a month and a half of two-a-days with six preseason games this time of year.

Ryan from Ripon, WI

I am curious if the defense is going to go back towards a natural 3-4, or will the base defense be more of a 2-4?

That depends on the offense. If they line up in a standard two-receiver set on first down, the Packers will most likely be in a 3-4. But as soon as that third receiver comes out, so does the fifth DB.

Sean from Helena, MT

When our defense manages to get an opponent into a third-and-long, seemingly obvious passing down, I'd really love to see a variation of the NASCAR package come out. Hercules, Preston Smith, and Rashan Gary all lined up ready to cause mayhem, with Kenny Clark promising to wreak havoc; makes me think Strap City will be getting ready to pounce.

Wes was just talking about that on our latest "Unscripted." As I've said all along, the possibilities are intriguing. But everyone has to get the job done on first and second downs to be able to explore those possibilities.

Jacob from East Troy, WI

With Tariq Carpenter making the quiet move to ILB, any concerns with his size there? He has the athleticism and his speed is a huge benefit, but he seems small for the role.

He is, but he's also too big to play safety. The Packers are working on finding a role for him on defense, to maximize on his athletic talents aside from special teams. Matt LaFleur often utters the phrase "being mindful of what we're asking these guys to do." They're going to carve out something Carpenter can do, not something he can't.

Keith from Appleton, WI

How do you believe that Jordan Love is doing in training camp?

As expected. Ups and downs. Some mistakes and struggles along with stretches of smoothness and efficiency. Occasional "yikes" as well as "wows." Every day in his shoes there's something to process and learn.

Kurt from Long Lake, WI

Hello Mike, I noticed there were some designed running plays on Saturday night where Love made last-second decisions to hand off the ball to the RB versus keeping it and running himself. That option play didn't appear to be used in the offense with 12 in the lineup. Do you see this as a staple in the offense this year?

I don't see the zone read or read option (take your pick of terms) as a staple, but it'll definitely be available as a change-up or misdirection with the running game. I suspect LaFleur and Love will use it judiciously to not let the QB exposure get out of hand.

Keith from Truro, Canada

Hi Mike/Wes, I see that Dallas cut their main kicker and only have one left on the roster. Said they may be looking for a veteran help. Do you think they would consider going after Crosby?

I've been waiting to hear about a McCarthy-Crosby reunion for months.

Dennis from Sylvania, OH

Hello, so glad to see Grant DuBose get going but he has some ground to cover. Can watching practice and staying in the playbook afford him enough leverage to catch up to others vying for what likely is one more 53 spot? Or is he destined to prove himself on the practice squad given BG's propensity to keep draft picks regardless? Thanks, love the daily II nuggets from readers and writers alike.

If he can get cleared for 11-on-11 work by next week, he'll have two joint practices and two preseason games to make his best impression. That's tight, but enough time, though he's got ground to make up on guys like Malik Heath and Bo Melton. What will he have to do? Ball out and produce.

Jason from Hartselle, AL

The chemistry that AR12 had with Davante Adams was nothing short of telepathic. Expected, perhaps, between two guys with exceptional football acumen having played together a long time. In yesterday's II, Wes mentioned a rapport between Malik Heath and Danny Etling. Obviously they hadn't had much time together, so I wonder what you think it is that allows for quick chemistry between a QB and WR? Playing similar schemes in college? Similar personalities? Or is it more of a certain je ne sais quoi?

Guys in their shoes don't get a ton of reps, so when something clicks, they're going to get everything they can out of it. Then one thing leads to another.

Lori from Broomfield, CO

What one characteristic from Love translates most to a successful career at QB?


Chris from Milwaukee, WI

I suppose the ultimate answer to the question of when No. 52 plays is still "he'll be ready when he's ready," but is it fair to guess they feel he's progressed in his rehab to the point that he's likely to be ready to play on opening day? I hope so, as adding him should help the defense to keep early-season games close while the offense hits its stride.

With a month before the opener at Soldier Field, I'd say the odds are decent provided there are no setbacks. He'll be watched closely, as he has been all along. I'm not sure he can be ready to play 60-plus snaps in his first game back, but it's all wait and see.

Andy from Wisconsin Rapids, WI

The Rock mentioned on the telecast of Family Night that if we think Daniel Whelan is here as a camp leg, we have another thing coming. With the obvious youth movement this year, would it surprise you to see BG continue the trend at punter?

Not at all. If Whelan handles the brighter lights of the preseason games well, he could give Gutey a very difficult decision. Pat O'Donnell's experience as a holder and in the cold weather can't be discounted, while the strength of Whelan's leg is undeniable.

Phil from Marietta, GA

There has been a lot of discussion about players watching film to improve technique or plan for an upcoming opponent's particular playstyle. Can the all-22 film really capture the detail needed to scout, for example, a lineman's hand placement on a given running play? It seems to me that it would almost require close magnification and slo-mo film speed to be of optimal value. Does the film really give the players the info they need or is there some other tool utilized in pre-game scouting?

All-22 film provides a minimum of two viewing angles of every play, one from the sideline and (at least) one from the end zone. Focusing on a specific player or detail is generally possible.

Dave from Gwinn, MI

When was the last time Green Bay kept two UDFAs?

Wes has that list in front of him. It was 2018, when they kept four. Tim Boyle, Raven Greene, Alex Light, and James Crawford. Only four have made it since then, one each year: Darius Shepherd, Krys Barnes (promoted permanently from the practice squad the day before the opener), Jack Heflin and Jack Coco.

David from Janesville, WI

Mike, I understand Sean Clifford is a rookie and the NFL is a big step up, but I'm surprised at the amount of angst about him backing up Love as the No. 2 QB. It's not like he only started three games at Bifford Community College, he played in over 50 games (46 starts) for a major Big Ten program. If a first- or second-round pick can be expected to start for some other teams, I think we can handle having a fifth-round pick hold a clipboard during a transition year and taking some snaps if he has to.

I'm not going to make any proclamations about Clifford before he's even played a preseason game. But for a rookie fifth-round pick he's got an opportunity any Day 3 draft pick at QB would die for. It's right in front of him. The Packers are going to throw him into the fire in these games the next three weeks and see how he does.

Barbara from Jackson, WI

Enjoying Packer practice on Monday, we noticed Aaron Jones among the dedicated who stayed after practice to work on punt returns. I admit to being surprised that someone so integral to the offense would even be considered for that role. Would you explain the thinking behind that?

I'm guessing he's only an option on punt return in an emergency. He was probably just taking the reps to work on his hands/catching skills in a different way.

Bill from Wilmington, DE

Mike, I think some people are overlooking the Packers mostly due to the loss of Rodgers. Do you feel like I do that a few games or moments of games could have changed our entire season last year? I believe if a few players make strides this could be a great season!

I believe a few moments of games can change and even define seasons in this league because the margins are forever small. In 2022? The last play in London, a head-scratching flag in Washington, and four straight failures from the 1-yard line in Detroit. In 2021? The last 37 seconds in San Fran, field-goal palooza in Cincy, Rasul in Arizona, the two-point play in Baltimore … I could list them for every single year. That's how this league works.

James from Sidney, MT

Have there been any signs of the defense turning the corner to possibly be as productive as they were predicted to be all of last season?

Anyone who thinks they know that before the real games begin is kidding themselves.

Kevin from Chemung, IL

Most sports have outcomes that are determined by inches, and by officials who have a tough job. Sports fans, even those who appreciate that the officials are human, are incensed when they miss the call. I'm sure a majority of fans would be happy to see the implementation of the automatic strike zone, GPS ball tracking, laser goal posts, and any other technology to mitigate blatant officiating errors. But how do the players feel about this kind of automation?

I believe the players want the calls right. They want just results. They put in too much work and effort to feel OK with outcomes determined by wrong decisions that can be easily and efficiently corrected.

Justin from Los Angeles, CA

Packers' rookies will have a hard act to follow after the performance of the Brewers' rookies this year. Mike, you're a baseball guy as well as football: Have you ever seen a crop of rookies this good in Milwaukee or, for that matter, Green Bay?

Not all in the same season.

Matt from Waunakee, WI

Hi Mike, I just read Mike Brown the Orioles announcer was suspended for comments about their lack of success at Tropicana Field. I was wondering what your thoughts were as a journalist and team employee.

It's disheartening to say the least. If the reports I've read are true, that he was suspended for pointing out Baltimore's previous struggles in games/series at Tampa Bay – and I've seen the broadcast clip in question – that organization has some soul-searching to do. Back in 2010, before the season opener, I wrote a story about how the Packers hadn't won a game in Philadelphia since 1962. I've written prior to my last two trips to Buffalo (2014, '22) how the Packers have never won a regular-season game there. Making straightforward historical references somehow off limits or taboo conversation only reveals weakness and a pointless, futile agenda on the part of management.

Randy from Highland, IL

Gentlemen, I read Inbox every day (and you guys do a great job) but I still may have missed this. How do you pronounce McGough?

It's ma-GOO. As in Mister, to many of us. Happy Wednesday.

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