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Inbox: Many have expressed they do

It’s a good group that can keep getting better

Defensive Line
Defensive Line

Arn from Kenosha, WI

It feels like the Outsider Inbox achieved full consistency. Would you agree?

Kudos to Wes on another fantastic midsummer production. The clock on the dead zone is now ticking under two weeks, so let's proceed.

Patrick from Forest Lake, MN

Mike, Wes, distinguished readers: I've tailgated a handful of times at Lambeau but really would like to nail down the perfect food/sides/beverage lineup. What are some of your favorites and how can I achieve the same gameday greatness as our beloved team?

Sounds like the first question for next year's OI has already been submitted.

Steve from Baraboo, WI

The Outsider Inbox questions were a fun treat to read (as always) and stirred memories of great plays from the past, some of which were "Hail Mary" passes. This made me wonder about JL's arm strength for completing such a pass. I do not recall seeing JL making a pass of this nature yet, albeit we have a small sample size. Have you seen what his abilities are for heaving a "Hail Mary" bomb?

Well, on that first play in Detroit last Thanksgiving, his pass to Watson traveled about 60 yards in the air and he barely stepped into the throw. I don't think arm strength is an issue.

Caleb from Knoxville, TN

Prayers go out to Khyree Jackson, his family, and those who died with him in that awful crash. Such an immense tragedy, at such a young age.

Absolutely horrific news. The pictures I saw of the cars left me speechless.

Guilherme from Porto Alegre, Brazil

Hello there! Am I crazy to imagine a front five with Rashan Gary, Kenny Clark, Devonte Wyatt, Preston Smith and Lukas Van Ness in some situations? BTW, I strongly recommend you guys try some Brazilian hot dogs. Cheers and GPG!

I could see a pass-rushing sub-package with such a front five, but it would be used rather selectively I would think. I'm up for anything in Brazil that isn't too spicy. I'm not a big fan of spicy.

Ross from Summerville, SC

Gents, Quay Walker seems to be a great fit for this new attacking defense. Do you feel there will be a lot of guys loving this new defense?

Many have expressed they do. If they're successful, they'll feel even more strongly about it.

Al from Green Bay, WI

We know there will be several intriguing competitions in training camp (kicker, cornerbacks, O-line in particular). Beyond those, which position group competition will you be watching very closely?

Backup quarterback could get interesting, and the pecking order at running back will be worth following as well.

Michael from Baraboo, WI

Is there a chance that AJ Dillon could still be a cap casualty?

If Dillon doesn't make the team, it won't be for cap reasons. He's got a league minimum cap charge for a fifth-year player. Could MarShawn Lloyd and Emanuel Wilson both leapfrog him? Maybe. But I suspect Dillon's experience in this offense, particularly as a pass protector and in hurry-up situations, will prove valuable.

Doug from Neenah, WI

Good morning. Isn't the job of defensive backs coach as much about instructing players how to bend the rules of pass defense without getting caught as it is about teaching proper techniques? Thanks.

If that's how a DB coach approaches his job, he's doing his players and team no favors, and he won't last long.

Julian from Las Cruces, NM

Are there any updates on the negotiation of Jordan Love and the GBP? I am wondering what would happen if they don't reach a deal. GBP of course would be without a potential all-star quarterback. For Jordan, if he plays with the current contract would be a great risk. Both sides have so much to lose and win. Share your thoughts?

No update, but my thoughts haven't changed. I have zero concerns. This deal will get done.

Paul from Ledgeview, WI

According to PFF, the Packers have the 14th best OL (fourth best in the NFC North). How significant a concern is this? Without knowing the rosters of other teams, or understanding our overall rankings within that position group in the NFL, it has been my impression our OL is talented and deep. Is that an inaccurate perception?

If PFF's rankings are based on a collectivizing of individual player grades from 2023, being middle of the pack league-wide is no surprise. This team was 3-6 with a scuffling offense, remember. Detroit's O-line is one of the best in the league. I won't argue that. But I wouldn't take Minnesota's or Chicago's unit over Green Bay's. Elgton Jenkins is the top guard in the division, Josh Myers came into his own last year, while Zach Tom, Rasheed Walker and Sean Rhyan are young, up-and-coming players who almost certainly haven't played their best football yet. Plus a first-round pick was added to the mix. It's a good group that can keep getting better.

Terrance from Sun Prairie, WI

What game will be the biggest one for 2024 season?

Hopefully one not on the current schedule.

Richard from Menasha, WI

Do you know when the Packers Pep Rally locations will be announced? We are going to the Packers/Titans game and we're hoping to attend the party in Nashville.

My sources have indicated this year's rallies will be announced by the end of July. Make sure you're following Packers Everywhere in the social media sphere for all the details.

Jeff from Puyallup, WA

Is there a mandated or negotiated limit on time the players can spend "at work"?

As far as being required, yes. There are different offseason and in-season stipulations, but they're all spelled out in the CBA.

Jim from Prairie du Chien, WI

With the new kickoff rules, will the league now separate/recognize the new kickoff return records from the old?

I sincerely doubt it.

Mary from Pewaukee, WI

With all the special equipment and knowledge, why are there still so many injuries?

Bodies collide with ground. Bodies collide with other bodies. Bodies are straining to get an edge on other bodies. Play this game anything less than all-out and you will lose – the game and perhaps your job.

Ryan from Sheboygan Falls, WI

Will Jordan Love be our next MVP?

He has the best chance, considering none of the last 11 and only three of the last two dozen league MVPs haven't been QBs.

Craig from Appleton, WI

When calculating the salary cap is it based on gross revenue or net revenue? If the league ends up paying the fine for the DirectTV verdict will that cause a ripple effect on the salary cap for a few years?

The cap is a percentage of gross revenue, but there are certain revenue sources excluded from the calculation. In short, it's complicated and I don't pretend to know all the details. A judgment as substantial as the DirectTV verdict would absolutely impact the cap, but there's a long appeals process ahead before anything is settled.

Jeff from Mequon, WI

Well, the 4th is over and we are officially that much closer to the bologna stopping, but not yet, so here's a question regarding next year's draft in Green Bay. With the amount of people expected it's been said people will be housed in places as far away as Milwaukee and Madison. There's only one problem – the road work on the major interstates that get you there. Have you heard any chatter about possibly ferrying people on boats up Lake Michigan?

Haven't heard, but if all ice is clear by late April and it's deemed safe, then maybe? Dunno.

Mariano from Cerritos, CA

NFL Films has a two-part series about the history between of the 49ers and Cowboys, "A Tale of 2 Cities." The highs and lows of each franchise going back to the '70s. The history between us and the 49ers as well as the Cowboys has many highs and lows from Majik's win over the 49ers to the wins in the '90s to recent playoff losses. The losses to Cowboys in the '90s only to dominate them in 2000s. What Packers games against those teams since the '80s stick out to you?

The list of ones that don't stick out is much shorter. The last three decades are absolutely jam-packed with significant Packers-49ers and Packers-Cowboys contests. Those two rivalries constitute a good chunk of the NFC's history of the last 30-plus years.

Julian from Gastonia, NC

My slogan for the new Packer defense this season is "Stop the run and the sacks will come." See how it rhymes? Clever yes?

No and no.

Dale from Prescott, WI

Mike, how about the Brewers just make it through a week without an injury. Geez.

No kidding. I thought Sunday's victory at Dodger Stadium (where they'd won only once in their previous dozen tries or so) to end a tough road trip was one of the more significant wins of the season. Hopefully it sets them up for a strong final week at home before the All-Star break.

Nathan from Abingdon, MD

Are we there yet? Not sure where there is, but it seems to be taking a while to get there.

Soon enough. Happy Tuesday.

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